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Who would do it?

Now I only report on gossip that holds water. Not the petty stuff where everybody and their grandma and their dog is pregnant or on crack. With that being said...

Beyonce, Jigga, and Kelly leaving a hotel in Miami

And the sex tape bandwagon strikes again!
According to V103 out of Atlanta, they have reported that a Jay-Z/Beyonce sex tape is bout to hit the DVD wave. A guy set them up by putting a camera in their hotel room and now he's threatening to release the 2 minute footage. Jay-Z and B are working to stop him from doing so with legal action. Wow! Why is this tape only 2 minutes?? Somebody's NOT about to look so hot on this tape.
Speaking of our favorite mogul couple, they vacation a whole lot it seems. Here's some pics of the Jigga and B at a secluded hotel.

There's that fro on the side/top of my girl's head again. Oh well...she will always remain fab to me. And I must say...the Jiggaman is definitely lookin fly and sexy these days.

Trina is definitely my fave female rapper, but she is NO desperate housewife. Check out this pic of her re-enacting Eva Longoria's infamous lawnmower scene for an upcoming video:

You know what...how bout ya'll check out a few more pics from the Desperate Housewives inspired video shoot just for laughs.

Ok. That's enough torture. Sad.

And on to a funnier subject, someone requested that Condi Rice get a Beyonce style makeover. Here's the pic they came up with:

That's funny.

Awww look. It's date night for the new couple. They look bored.

Aint it funny how the camera can turn a bored celeb into a happy-go-lucky celeb? By the way, these pics were taken back in February. So someone was keepin sumthin a lil secret for a while. Hmmm...interesting.

Joy Bryant at the Teen Vogue Live! event looking fab as usual.

Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah, and Jill Scott performed at the Sugarwater concert last night in Cali.

I would have LOVED to be there. Hey E...u may wanna get that pit stain under control.

Once again, Michelle of D-Child has ruined the group pic.

Destiny's Child at London's Heathrow airport during their World Tour

Now Michelle, you make too much money to be lookin the fool in EVERY picture. Please work that out...take a class...sumthin.

Is it just me or does Marc Anthony have a horrible fashion sense? I don't care how cold it is. A fur trimmed hood is NEVER OK for a man.

But the fabulous J-Lo is rockin that big gold bag. Love it.! I want more J-Lo! Where is she???Wait, are J-Lo and B wearing the same coat??


Hey...for my trend report...send me your comments on what should be included. What trends do you think are hot???? Leave some comments!





Danielle ~ Anyways...'s picture

i think that marc anthony

i think that marc anthony looks like a crack head and has aids.
Anonymous's picture

can someone please send me

can someone please send me the link for the tape, thanks ateerahs@hotmail.com
ateerahs's picture

Seems to me like Beyonce and

Seems to me like Beyonce and Jayzee just needed a quicky.and that was the reason for the two minute tape. However come on these people are human just like to rest of us. They sleep,shit,and fart like everyone else. And besides they are business people. Probaly was the only time they had available at that moment. Everybody mind their on business please,and put more time into your own.
Anonymous's picture

The first pic looks like it

The first pic looks like it might be Teairra Mari, instead of B. I rather check for miss.q, anyway, anyhow.I need to see you for something,ma.
Anonymous's picture

The email address is

The email address is loumarley@yahoo.comTibor
Anonymous's picture

Hello Everybody!Can somebody

Hello Everybody!Can somebody send me an exect web address where the sex video is! I just can not find it or download it! Thnx in advanceTibor
Anonymous's picture

I don't think that's Beyonce

I don't think that's Beyonce in the first picture. It looks like Christina Milan to me.
Beatloaf's picture

Natasha, you are too funny.

Natasha, you are too funny. I visited your site with a referral from D*ana's Dirt. Keep up the good work!
batts56's picture

Somebody need to tell Trina

Somebody need to tell Trina it's cool to have a big ass and all, but she need to go on the no-carb diet ASAP!
Gloria's picture

Tell you what's not hot. The

Tell you what's not hot. The fur! Come on people, stop wearing that stuff and get some compassion. So NOT hot. Love the animals, don't slaughter them for vanity.
Anonymous's picture

Hmmm the boots are out!But I

Hmmm the boots are out!But I love the gold bag!! Not to fond of the skunky coat either~!
Elizabeth's picture


MeanPromQueen's picture

it seems like B and Jayz are

it seems like B and Jayz are always on vaction!!!And two minute sex tape..thats funny.2 minute man...maybe..wouldn't picture Jayz being that
Miss.Q's picture

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http://joeylohan.com - the hottest black women in entertainment
Joey Lohan's picture

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