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Fabulous Benefits

The mother of all hurricanes has sent her main 2 bad azz kids to follow me and other New Orleanians. Katrina and Rita are straight trippin. They need to calm all these p.m.s temper tantrums down and let me live my life. Obviously...my plans to move to Houston are now halted. Damn that Rita.

Ok ya'll...this is the last time I'ma mention Jada's scaryness...but this is funny.

Now ya'll know she look like Rick James. Ok...movin on...

The Versace (pronounced "Ver-sah-chee" for those of ya'll strugglin) store in Great Britain had a fabulous re-launching party this week. I woulda been in heaven.

Ms. Mariah was there looking decent..I guess. Wait...what is that ice on her 4th finger left hand about?? Hmmm..My faith in her is such a rubberband right now. She stretches me to my limit of annoyance then bounces me back with a few acts of fabulousness. *Sigh.*

Kanye West and Donatella Versace

Donatella looks ridiculously plastic. It's just not even discussable at this point.

Yup...we goin internationally fabulous now ya'll! This is UK R&B singer Jamelia. Oooh-wee girl. You need to gon head and lay it down in the house cuz that just looks painful. Congrats though!

And that's UK black singer/actress Aret Komsly. She's got a fab look.

Mariah and Kanye at Versace's Great Britain Store Re-Launch

Watch out Em. K-Dubb tryna take ya girl.

The Hurricane Relief benefits were pretty much the place to be these past coupla weeks.

The Fashion For Relief benefit during Fashion Week was hosted by Naomi Campbell at NY's Bryant Park Tents and it looked pretty fab.

Brandy at the Fashion for Relief benefit

I decided to post a pic of Brandy from behind cuz 1) it's a much better angle for her than her Mrs. Potato Head front, 2) you ca catch a glimpse of the tat of ex-fiancee Q's FACE on her back (was she on that s*it when she did that??) and 3) ol boy in the background is hilarious. He seriously thinks it's his time to shine but he is sadly mistaken.

And to think I was gon give some credit to Janice for changing her hair color.

But that heffa changed it to this nonsense! Diddy...you are in the same place as ya momma at this event. Please assist her before you get sued again, but this time for negligence.

Beyonce' made a surprise appearance and walked the runway for Relief. Well ain't that just grand. Fabulous as always.

Amerie and Gwen Steffani stopped by to show some support.

Whoa... Foxy Brown has come out of hiding ya'll.

I guess since Kim was gettin ready to be locked up she felt much safer to roam the streets. I'm lovin those shoes though.

Supermodel Iman

She still got it.

Damon Dash and his chick Rachel Roy

Damn Dame...either you real short or she's real tall. Now ya'll know anywhere B is Jigga is...but not here. Guess they didn't wanna confront that beef while at a charity function.

And Naomi decided to be photographed with EVERYBODY for the paparazzi:

Naomi and Diddy

Naomi and Chris Tucker

Damn Chris is still cute.

Naomi and Veronica Webb

David Banner's Hurricane Benefit Concert at NYC's B.B. King looked crunker than an actual hip hop concert.

Oooooh David, honey. We can really do without your shirt being off. I know you curunk for Katrina and all...but gon head and calm that down a bit if this is what it makes you do.

E! Reporter and MTV VJ Amanda Diva

Amanda Diva was up in that piece. I've kicked it with Diva before...real cool chick.

Now I know I talked about Keyshia Cole having unnecessary 3 tone hair...but even this 1 tone color aint that cute (yes....that's her and I got other pics from the event to prove it). Oh well...she tried. And Remy Ma lookin real rough...her usual.

I KNOW Dave ain't leave his show to go kick it with some rappers. Everytime I turn around that boy out kickin it. Oh well...come back soon Dave.

Memphis Bleek came to kick it and perform.

Talib Kweli came and wrecked shop.

And Q-Tip was chillin in the cut. I love me some him.

Our favorite couple B and Hov were spotted attending the Jon Bon Jovi listening party for Bon Jovi's new album this week.

Now I don't know why ya'll tryna hide up there in VIP.

The "Big Apple to the Big Easy Benefit" was held at Madison Square Garden yesterday.

Aaron Neville was sangin his heart out. Everytime I hear that song he made for New Orleans post-Katrina, tears well up. So I have to turn off the tv.

Lenny Kravitz was gettin his Ray Charles on.

Biiiiiilll. I love you so and I always will....(It's a song ya'll). Pres. Clinton stopped by and spread some hope. Bill...come back and save us...please.

And finally...is it just me or is Kelly Rowland lookin uberly pretty these days.

La La, Kelly, and Michelle at Hotel MTV

Kelly and Michelle chillaxin at the Ritz Carlton pool

Kelly outside the Mandrin hotel in London

Yep...simply fabulous.

The Randomness:

  1. "If the ride is mo fly...then you must buy." That Snoop cracks me up on the Buick commercial.
  2. Alicia Keys will kick off the new season of Unplugged on MTV. Her Unplugged album is gonna be HOT. "Unbreakable" is the first single off the LP. Story
  3. I just still can't believe Phil came back. And Kobe talkin a whole lotta mess that he don't believe himself. Story
  4. For everyone wondering/e-mailing me bout where Lil Kim's sentence will play out, it's at the Federal Detention Center in Philidelphia. Here's where to write: Kimberly Jones 56198-054 Fdc Philadelphia Federal Detention Center P.o.box 562 Philadelphia, Pa 19106
  5. Since Martha Stewart's new show has absolutely nan a black person up on that piece...I'm now boycotting the show. Boo.


Fab tip o' the day: I apologize for talkin up the new Baby Phat perfume. That mug does not smell all that great and is not worth the $50. The sales lady at the perfume counter today even told me a whole lotta people are disappointed when they try it. I agree.

I'm a Chanel girl...can't go wrong with any of those fabulous perfumes.




You are a very smart person!

You are a very smart person!
nosmoking's picture

thanks !! very helpful post!

thanks !! very helpful post!
nosmoking's picture


×Dªnielle×'s picture

wow its great to look back at

wow its great to look back at all the pics of celebs the way they were,for example look at david baner he was a h.a.m.,hell now the brother is allgq and lookin very tasty with his fine self,exercise is a hell of a thing,it definatly does a body good,bigga wasn't married yet,remy ma was not in prison yet,lol,keyshia was still ghetto fab,hood ratish,la la hadn't traped camilo with that baby yet,foxxy brow hadn't went to prison yet,michelle wasn't lookin crackish then she was at a healthy weight,cris tucker was still fine and hadn't gotten fat yet,damn time really flys fast
sheri872's picture

yes! I buy alot of baby phat

yes! I buy alot of baby phat so naturally I thought I would try the perfume, because I love Kimora Simmons. When I bought it though and got it home it smelled like shit! I paid $65 for that bottle of perfume and I was so disappointed. but because i paid for it I wore it anyway util the whole bottle was gone. p.s. I don't know who this site belongs to.... but I just discovered it and I have been reading it and laughing my a$% off all day. I love you and this is my new favorite site.
Krystal's picture

LMAO. This site is sick. I

LMAO. This site is sick. I found all the shit funny EXCEPT for you clownin my girl Keyshia. We can't have that. But keep up the funny ass work.
Cory's picture

I love Kelly Rowland! She is

I love Kelly Rowland! She is all that!You said enough under each picture LOL! But...why is Lenny Kravitz hair looking so darn rough?tyra and Mariah make me ill.Iman is beyond fabulous. She is so beautiful! I wonder what her kid looks like?
Mealone's picture

FYI:Brandy no longer has the

FYI:Brandy no longer has the tattoo of Richardson's face. She covered it up with some butterflies.
Anonymous's picture

To Cortney...I love me some

To Cortney...I love me some him is a song by Toni Braxton! Get it together fellow bloggers!
Anonymous's picture

Kanye needs to leave the

Kanye needs to leave the extra smedium shirts alone. That is not and never will be a good look.Butta
Butta's picture

Come on now Nat-E Lite, you

Come on now Nat-E Lite, you have a degree and "I love me some him," is NOT a sentence!
Cortney's picture

what happened with Brandy and

what happened with Brandy and Quentin? She is one of my favorite younger singers but she is looking a little too skinny lately. she's still a cute girl,though but dang speaking of breakups,Kelly Rowland is looking great these days. Her and Roy Williams made such a cute couple.what a shame
Anonymous's picture

Aret KomlosyShes a singer

Aret KomlosyShes a singer actress in brit..not so much socialite..I actually saw here and Lee Ryan (the guy shes pictured with) out and about in London a few weeks ago..
Jasmine's picture

LOL...georgia now you know

LOL...georgia now you know you wrong!!!!u sure thats Keysia cole? i didn't know she was so busted...don't look like her album cover...oh welland that damn, brandy...are you tellin me he beat that laughy taffy up that good that she got him tatted on her back so he can see himself when he toot that booty up?....a mess!and janice.....I just give up too...hell her stylist already did
Anonymous's picture

I'm happy to see Michelle

I'm happy to see Michelle wasn't messin' these pics.
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

Did you really think that

Did you really think that Baby Phat mess was gonna smell good?? It smells like the stench that is Kimora; cheap and nasty!
Georgia's picture

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