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Another Extravaganza

The media agents that work for Jamie Foxx contacted me a little while back about reviewing his new album Unpredictable. They sent me a copy to tell all my fabulous readers about it. I know it's been out for a little while now, but it's NEVER too late for publicity. My thoughts:

1. *Unpredictable: Ya'll already know this is a hot one.

2. Warm Bed: Nice chill song with a slower Ying Yang twins beat (Mr. Collipark is one of the producers). Something different than we're used to.

3. *DJ Play A Love Song ft. Twista: One of those songs you need to play when you tryin to do the damn thang. Grown and sexy.

4. With You ft. The Game and Snoop: Snoop makes pretty much everything hot, and if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't like this one. The Game sounds kind of out of place on this track.

5. Can I Take You Home: Laid back track good for just chillin with ya girl or ya man.

6. *Love Changes ft. MJB: Ya'll know I love me some Mary...so this duet is most definitely hot. A remake of a classic and I must say it's done very well. Their voices mesh perfectly together. This is one that stays on repeat. Hopefully it'll be his next single.

7. *Extravaganza ft. Kanye West: Already a hit and rightly so. A track good for ridin'. It's laced with Kanye's flow and adds that extra that makes it hot. Loves it.

8. *Three Letter Word: Another sexy track strictly for the bedroom-or the car after the party if you rollin like that. I'm tempted to call it a better version of Kellz's Half on a Baby.

9. Get This Money: Basically a song about J tellin a stripper what she needs to do in order to get his money. Well ladies...if you lookin for a song to do a "strip tease" for your man to...this is it.

10. *VIP: There's a real smooth old school feel to this track. It's all about how to party with Jaime in VIP in a laid back and chill way-if that's even possible. I'm all about the sippin champagne for free though .

11. *Do What It Do: Of course the intro of the song is a spin off of his Ray character and voice. And he definitely does what does on here. This is 2006's version of LSG's My Body. HOT.

12. Storm (Forecass): Very sweet song-slow and seductive.

13. *U Still Got It (Interlude) ft. Common: This song is about a man letting his woman know she is still beautiful while she's having his baby. A track to make any pregnant woman feel fabulous even on her worst day. My only complaint is that this should have been a whole song.

14. Heaven: A beautiful song where Jaime talks about his daughter. Shows the "Jaime" sound we all know and love.

15. Wish U Were Here: Sweet song about Jaimie wanting his grandmother to be here to share in his success. Let's you see into his heart just a bit. His voice is incredible on this one.

* indicates one of my favorites

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Overall...one fabulous album. I can pretty much listen all the way through and it brings back that Jamie voice I remember from years back with his other songs.

If you want to sample some of the tracks for yourself-check out
Jamie's official site to get that in ya life.

The Randomness:

  1. Why are all the New Orleans rappers locked up right now? Mystical for tax evasion, BG for drugs, and Juve supposedly just got out. What's the deal man?
  2. Speaking of the N.O....to all my New Orleans readers....who are all these new DJ's on Q93? They all sound like wannabe Wild Waynes. Boo.
  3. Anybody else watching South Beach? I'm surprised I'm actually feelin it.

Keep it funky people.




I havnt heard the JF album,

I havnt heard the JF album, but Ive heard good reviews. AS for the south beach, that show is a whack attack. I dont know who thought came up with that concept but they need to be fired ASAP! Its so incredibly horrible. They say now its cancelled because Vanessas dad died, I say that was just a convenient excuse to end a horrible show that was going to hit the bricks anyway.
Anonymous's picture

Keepin' it allllllllllll the

Keepin' it allllllllllll the way real, Jamie Foxx's CD is, at best. . .aight. The brotha fell short of greatness and has sold so many records off the notion that it COULD be hot. I admit it, I bought it, but was disappointed. This album sounds like he was trying to please people other than himself. It drips sex, which isn't bad, but lacks substance in other areas. It's grown on me, yes. But there has to be more from this talented man. For a man who has the potential to be so Grown and Sexy, and as the hunger of a new artist, dude sounds like someone who just got in the biz and is horny as hell. Not hatin', just saying. . .
Anonymous's picture

Wayne is too old to still DJ.

Wayne is too old to still DJ. I'm 28 and I remember him being a DJ at Q93 when I was in high school. There are about 30 DJs on at one time on 104.5 during the morning mix.
Nolagirl's picture

Hey I'm glad you're back. ur

Hey I'm glad you're back. ur one of my fav's. Anywho, I don't know jack about sports but I'm lovin the "menses" you post. I wouldn't even know all these hotties were out there if it weren't for you. Keep it comin, especially "best dressed" Loves it!
Anonymous's picture

I just heard on the radio

I just heard on the radio that south beach got canceled due to vanessa william's father's death!
Anonymous's picture

I love love love South Beach,

I love love love South Beach, but I have it on good authority that it gets worse. I hope this isn't the case, seeing that the show actually has characters anyone can vibe with...But what she told me, the episodes get worse and the writing is at all time low even for UPN standards...
Anonymous's picture

Honey, I am so glad I am not

Honey, I am so glad I am not home right now. I could not take multiple Wild Waynes.
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