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Going Too Far

Oh yes. The gossip...

Trina has taken this publicity stunt relationship entirely too seriously...

Trina @ the Jingle Jam in Dallas last month

She lost mad cool points for that damn tee. Aint sh*t cute about wearing ya man on your chi chis. BOO. By the way, that's my friend Leslie in the pic. Thanks chick for the pic!

Awww Viv...

Did your plastic overflow and rip your little dress? WORK THAT OUT WAXY CHICK!

That sh*t just looks painful.


Image hosting by TinyPic

Sisqo out in Collins Beach Miami on Friday

Get a damn job.

Oh helllll no...

Patti Patti Patti. So wrong for so many reasons. Just make it stop.

I usually don't talk about Michael...but lately he's been crazier than usual...




Maybe he hadn't put his nose on yet.

Tony and Eva are becoming the new Star and Al:

Eva and Tony P. out in Hollywood Friday

They have reportedly bought house together and are ready for marriage. And they'l be on Oprah really soon too telling all about the relationship. Story

It's Superhead Part Deux peoples. Carmen-Nas's baby momma and ex-has penned a book talking all about her sexcapades. And even names some names.

{Click Pics}

Crazy ass Dennis Rodman got kicked off Celebrity Big Brother in England this weekend. Then he had an agreement to play one game on the Brighton Bears team in England. Is Dennis serious about this?

Apparently so.

Obviously you can tell it's a slow news day.

The Randomness:

  1. Isiah Thomas is doin waaaaay too much these days. Story
  2. Word is gettin around that Bobbi Kristina is gettin her hoochie on all up on MySpace. The lingering question of the day is....is this really her? Hmmm.... Check out pics here and go here to get her MySpace page.

  3. Make sure to enter your info for the Digital Camera Giveaway. Go here for the details.




Did anyone check out Bobbi

Did anyone check out Bobbi Christina Web address...It says www.myspace.com/nimpho_babby.First of all she is tooo damn young to be anybodys nimpho.And she need to learn how to spell the word baby..God help her..lol Her momma need to check her..lolShe is going to be a little fast one.
Anonymous's picture

Bobbi needs a hobby, badly!

Bobbi needs a hobby, badly! See what happens when kids have too much time on their hands?
Anonymous's picture

The Brat has lost her mind.

The Brat has lost her mind. Please comment on this.http://www.togawp.com/main/2006/01/ewwww_da_brat_d.html
Anonymous's picture

That is not Bobbi

That is not Bobbi Kristina.... Not unless she has had a nose job...
Anonymous's picture

carmen need to sit down and

carmen need to sit down and shut up. just because people want to know all your business doesn't mean you gotta give it up. i'm tired of these hollywood ho's tryin to justify their lifestyle. i don't see why kelis would get mad about anything, carmen is in the past.
holla's picture

obviously i'm the only one

obviously i'm the only one not in the know -- whose trina's man that's on her shirt?vivica makes me sad. I like her. I think she had one surgery too many. Do you think she realizes she went too far? Poor thing....and oh, by the way, nice spot you got here. I'll be sure to return!
summer's picture

***IM NOT HER***could be but

***IM NOT HER***could be but that couch she on looks some kinda dusty. I assume its a random hotel. But they stay at some pretty fabulous places. But hey maybe the ritz carlton is starting to embrace their shabby chic side.
Anonymous's picture

That girl on myspace is SO

That girl on myspace is SO NOT Bobbi Kris. I mean, come on...nah. not even close. She kinda favors, but not to the extent that everyone is tryna carry it.
Reese's picture

ur blog keeps me rollin!!!!

ur blog keeps me rollin!!!! its like u take the words right outta my mouth....keep it up!!!!!!
Mrs A.'s picture

That really is Bobbi

That really is Bobbi Kristina. She actually did thin out. If you see the Christmas episode of Being Bobby Brown, when Bobby and Whitney make fools out of themselves dancing to the Carolers, she looks like this. I guess all that cheerleading and dancing thinned her out, finally.By the way, I love your site! It has inspired me to start my own blog and of course I added a link to your site from mine. Good lookin' out on letting us know what's really going down.
The L's picture

Wooo! Thank God little Bobby

Wooo! Thank God little Bobby Kristina grew out the little girl uglies. I can't say much else, how a child gonna know how to do right when she doesn't have proper examples. Hopefully she don't get caught up like her parents.
Shawn's picture

Wait, she's 28 and she has a

Wait, she's 28 and she has a 11 y/o daughter? and she started dating Nas in 1992? So, she was FOURTEEN??? I really hope the 28 is a misprint, otherwise that would be extremely creepy. Not to mention illegal. And, who would hire a 14-y/o receptionist? I really hope she is actually 38, that would make her starting at 24. Anyone know her real age?
Anonymous's picture

why can't that dumb bitch

why can't that dumb bitch camren bryan just leave the planet already? i dont mean to sound so angry, but it's damn shameful and embarrassing that this silly bitch is writing a book about how she's a slut attention whore , and on top of that teaching an 11 year old daughter. i bet she will sadly dedicate this niggorance to her daughter as well...what a sad sad life.
yasmin's picture

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