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Another Great One Gone

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ATLANTA - Coretta Scott King, who turned a life shattered by her husband's assassination into one devoted to enshrining his legacy of human rights and equality, has died at the age of 78. Get the rest of the story here.

More and more everyday I think about just who OUR generation's black leaders are. And it shouldn't be this difficult to assess, but sadly it is. It feels like everyday we lose our great powerful leaders, yet we have very few, if any, leaders to pick up where they left off. What I'm saying is...LET'S DO SOMETHING PEOPLE. It doesn't matter what, just do SOMETHING productive for your community. Marinate on that.



It just saddens me that we

It just saddens me that we feel NO sense of solidarity today that is even close to what existed during the Civil Rights Movement. Do most of us feel we have a CAUSE anymore? I think a lot of us feel no connection to the struggles that our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents went through. To us, that's like watching something on television.
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Barrack Obama.

Barrack Obama.
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So true. I completely agree

So true. I completely agree with the comments and this blog. The problem is that no one cares about our history and are more concerned with hip hop music. We are losing those who helped to get us this far in America and they are being replaced with 50 cent and Diddy who are probably doing more harm to our communiy then good since hip hop music in not just in our own community but in white communities too who don't know or refuse to know our history.
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I completely agree. With all

I completely agree. With all those people who participated in the civil rights movement and brought along change dying, what is going to be the state of black america now? We are lost. Heaven forbid anything should happen where we as a people need strong black leaders to speak up on our behalf, who would do it? I have no clue.
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Very good question Natasha!

Very good question Natasha! Just who are our children's great black leaders? "Fifty-cents", "Snoop", "Lil-Kim"...? Look at what our children have to emulate. I was born in 1966. One of the problems is that these "parents" who were born in the 80's have no sense of struggle to pass on to their children. So you are correct...We ARE losing all of our TRUE black leaders!
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I believe all of these people

I believe all of these people are great including Mrs. King, but if you look at the mess that goes down in the black community every single day amongst our very own children, WHO is making an impact PERIOD these days?we are in shambles more than ever before if God is forfront to you, because our morals are in shambles . black people need to get right with God, stop indulging in this mess called "hip hop culture" which is nothing but sex drugs and violence these days...and be great again.black people need to get right with themselves and God first and stop playing the equality race card and constantly tying whites into the mix(that hate you ANYWAY) as the reason for all our problems(which is many)...go pray somewhere and build yourself before you try and build something with ANYbody else.
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It just breaks my heart.We

It just breaks my heart.We may not have many to pick up where they left off but we have there history and all we need to do is, teach it to our kids and stress that we have come a long way because of people like Mrs King and others ;and that we as a people must strive to continue to fight for our rights and the rights of everyone to live as eguals; and that the only person that can judge you is you and God.She will be greatly missed....how very sad!
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I thought the same thing this

I thought the same thing this morning when I heard the news. We are losing our true great leaders. This is a wake up call.
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I did the same thing the

I did the same thing the other day. We have no GREAT leaders in our community anymore. Exuse me, we have a few, but those making a REAL impact are few and far between. Love your blog!
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