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Come and Get It

Gossip time...

Check out AK's spread in this month's Jane magazine:

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I'm definitely feeling the back and white pics.

Remember the other day when I told ya'll about Beyonce' looking at a phat $14.7 mil mansion in the MIA? The one she reportedly wants to buy with the Jiggaman? Oh yes...I've got the pics:

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I just wanna know what days and times I can go visit...not them...just the house. Lemmme stop.

Oh hell to the yessss. ANTM is BACK in full effect....March 8th. Here's a pic of the new girls:


Hmmm and I see no members of CGU. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Denise Richard's hosted a Pre-Grammy party in NYC this week to celebrate John Legend's 8 noms:

Star and Al were spotted at the party too:

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I'm not gonna front...STALe is lookin better than usual. And Star was looking borderline fabulous at an event last week:

But why did she have to go and get all up in Gospel Today magazine:

I swear that woman opens herself up to criticism. {Thanks you know who}

Kobe was spotted outside his NYC hotel yesterday:

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Speaking of ballers, here's a random pic of Shaq and Shaunie with Emeril:

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Shaunie looks cute. And I just got mad again that Emeril's restaraunt is still closed here in the N.O.

Yet ANOTHER example of chicks taking their publicity driven relationship a bit seriously:

Why people? Why?

Benny Medina had his birthday party at his home the other day:

Bet you can't guess who that is on the right.

It's Big Boy. Formerly known as...

Yeah. Drastic. Get the rest of the party pics here.

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Tyra, Benny, and Lenny
Hollywood Tuna gave us a closeup of Tyra's "hairy" underarm:


That may have been TMI.

You know somebody had to make a ghetto fabulous event called the Hair Superbowl:

These chicks have taken their hair game entirely too damn far. Go here for more pics. Boo.

Kelly was spotted out and about this week:

SO fabulous.


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Terry is probably somewhere STEAMING right now. But why can't I stop laughing?

I can't wait to see Halle's new movie:

There she is on set again.

Shanti and sis Shi Shi (or whatever the hell that girl's name is) were sittin courtside at a b-ball game recently:

CLOSE YA DAMN MOUTH! Is it really that funny if NOONE around you is laughing? Wonder if she thinks her messed up feet are hilarious.

The Randomness:

  1. At least something's going right in the world. Huey, Riley, and Granddad are coming back for a second season. Eat that Al. Story
  2. Kanye's dad HATES his lyrics. He's speaking out about how he wants his son to stop degrading Black people. Story Hmmm...apparently Ray West has never seen Uncut.
  3. The twins are here! Angela B. and Cortney B.'s twins were delivered by the surragate mother last Friday. Story
  4. Diddy is throwing his usual ridicuolusly lavish SuperBowl party. Story $28,000 for a weekend ticket? B*tch please.
  5. Dave Chappelle will be on Oprah Friday talking about his reasons for leaving Comedy Central and the show.
  6. Don't forget to enter the YBF/For One Night sweepstakes here.




By the way, I am mad about

By the way, I am mad about that Tyra/armpit shot. SO MAD!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
nicole's picture

A friend of mine just

A friend of mine just forwarded me a link to your blog. Definitely adding it to my list of reads!!!
nicole's picture

ashaniti is so fake and

ashaniti is so fake and annoying looking. UM A.Keys looks very becky in the pictures. its like she looks one way but when that chile opens her mouth is like big tim from uptown
Anonymous's picture

Dag! It never ceases to

Dag! It never ceases to amazes me how celebs, for example Ashanti, will cover sh*t up using execuses such as:"I have two bones in my foot which are growing out of place from wearing pointy shoes. "It really hurts, so my doctor made me custom moulds for my shoes. "Your feet get damaged when you wear heels every day." = Bunions!!!!
Lysette826's picture

Great site! Don't know how

Great site! Don't know how you find the time to keep us abreast of all things (black) pop culture -- but THANK YOU!!
breezy's picture

"Jonathan Plummer tells all

"Jonathan Plummer tells all about how 'Stella' lost her groove" Ah, the infamy. This man will do anything for publicity, he's talking about emancipation and he's wearing a t-shirt with the slogan 'mama's boy'. Who' he calling mama these days?, What a lush...
Allysia's picture

WHAT!!!!Where are the COLORED

WHAT!!!!Where are the COLORED ppl on ANTM? Tyra how could you?
Anonymous's picture

jonathan plummer was waiting

jonathan plummer was waiting for a long time to be out there like that. i just wonder how come terry didn't see the flames all the while. big boi... glad he's tryin to get healthy but that pic looks like jim carrey in the mask! shmokin'! LMAO!
Anonymous's picture

I looooovve Lenny Kravitz,

I looooovve Lenny Kravitz, thank you for posting that pic!
Anonymous's picture

it's getting too obvious when

it's getting too obvious when people have gastric bypass surgery.. they don't look the same as when you do it naturally.. downgrade for big boi
Anonymous's picture

Uhh it's on the right hand

Uhh it's on the right hand side of the webpage titled YBF Dictionary.CGU: (n.) Acronym for Curvy Girls Unite. An organization started by myself that is composed of the fabulous chicks who are thicker than your average Jan
Anonymous's picture

Yeah, what is CGU anyway?

Yeah, what is CGU anyway?
Black Girl Superstar's picture

why'd you post those a.keys

why'd you post those a.keys pics twice?
Anonymous's picture

Tasha,Can you scan the

Tasha,Can you scan the Jonathan article? It looks like the article will be hilarious.
MissBrowneyes's picture

Tasha I have to agree, I do

Tasha I have to agree, I do not see any members of CGU on the next cycle of ANTM either.
duvaldiva's picture

Is Big Boi gay...I use to

Is Big Boi gay...I use to love him.
shay's picture

What does CGU mean?

What does CGU mean?
Anonymous's picture

Oh My GOD!!!!...So many

Oh My GOD!!!!...So many comments...What is up with that fugly coat Kobe has on...I really need celebrities to try and lose weight the old fashioned way because the gastric bypass is becoming way too commonplace...not to mention that some of the results are horrifying...Jonathan Plummer should not be made a martyr in ANY way...emanicipation???...are you serious...Natasha, there MUST be a law against it somewhere...he bamboozled the modern-day Alice Walker!!!
openexpression's picture

Shaq is SHAAAARP! Is his wife

Shaq is SHAAAARP! Is his wife really preggers again?
Anonymous's picture

ok, i KNOW i know who that

ok, i KNOW i know who that dude is with Benny, but who the hell is it?
Reese's picture

Tasha you never let me

Tasha you never let me down... I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!! What the hell is Johnathan doing?...LMAO
duvaldiva's picture

God, I want that Fendi bag

God, I want that Fendi bag Kelly is toting around!
TheIdleReceptionist's picture

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