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I'm sooo happy the weekend is here.

Vivica and Tyrese announced yesterday the nominees for the Soul Train Awards:

And I must say...she's looking pretty fabulous here. Maybe it's the 5 coats of makeup instead of the usual 25, but regardless, this look suits her.

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So has anybody seen Anapolis? Oh, and Tyrese was looking GOOD in Keyshia's new video for "Love". Nice.

Speaking of awards, T. Howard has been nominated for Best Actor for Hustle and Flow in the Oscar arena.

Image hosting by TinyPic

I have my qualms with T due to his sometimes ignorant statements. But, I will always support my people (term used loosely) when needed. Congrats!


Image hosting by TinyPic

I just want to run up to Tocarra, snatch that bow out her head, and get ghost. pparently she's been takig muh unneeded tips from Neicy "flower-in the-hair" Nash. Boo.

Here's a pic of all the Superbowl performers for this Sunday:

Well this looks like it could be interesting...kinda...sorta...maybe....yeah. Let's just hope there are NO wardrobe malfunction up in that piece.

Serena was out and about this week:

No comment.

For all my fellow ladies (and fellas if you fit the bill) who could give a damn about SuperBowl Sunday:

Something New comes out today. Check out what Sanaa had to say here about interracial dating and her name and movie being all up in the rumor mill. Time is of the essence these days, so if this movie is whack, it's gonna be on and poppin. Get the trailer here.

Diddy launched his new fragrance Unforgivable...again...in NY this week:

And Ashanti and Nelly were quite lovey dovey:

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but all ths cakin is quite sweet. Bigga may need to take some tips from them too. Let them know it's not against the damn law to let yourself show affection in public. Now if only Nelly could seperate from her for 30 seconds, I could slip my sneaky self right underneath his nose....

Nas and Kelis was there too:

Something aint right with that girl. I don't know what it is, but it just aint right.

Tons of other celebs were there too:



Image hosting by TinyPic

The collection plate has come out of remission to collect funds to buy Janice "Foolywang" Combs a new face, wig, stylist, makup team, and a coupon for "how to pose for a pic" class. Since both Diddy and FEMA are oblivious to this disaster, we must take it upon ourselves to work her sh*t out.

Get lots more pics here.

So are Kelis and Ashanti BFF now?

Kelis and Ashanti at the Miss Sixty Jeans event this week

Jeezaaay was on TRL yesterday...

...lookin slow.

Ja Rule and Stephon Marbury were together at the Knicks Poetry Slam Series yesterday

Image hosting by TinyPic

I'm scared to ask how that went.

Check out MJB and her stepkids:

This isn't a very recent pic, but super cute nonetheless.

Oh hells no:

Ed Lover at his b-day bash this week

Why did Ed Lover draw and color in part of his beard? I'm so mad at that.

Obviously Bow Wow didn't get my first memo:

Bow Wow at taping of MTV2 Hip Hop at the studios in NY yesterday

You are not hard.

The Randomness:
  1. Nick Cannon clears up the rumors about him and Brandy here.
  2. If you missed Dave Chappele on Oprah today, check out here why he walked away from a $50 mil contract.
  3. Destiny's Child will be performing, yet again, at the NBA All-Star game.



lol. did you see toccara on

lol. did you see toccara on the cover of king? i wanted to go gain about 50 lbs. right then. i love kelis' jacket in that pic. janice. i'm so mad diddy feels obligated to relieve others of their fashion mishaps but not his own momma. somebody should nominate her for ambush makeover. i bet if someone on the show didn't know who she was and saw here on the street, they would ask her.
jameil1922's picture

i love kelis but i think she

i love kelis but i think she kind of crazy too. she look like the kind of girl who would burn down her cheating boyfriend's house. anyways she is lookin prettier. ashanti looks really nice. mary's kids are so cute.
imnew's picture

Does anyone else think that

Does anyone else think that Ashanti looks like those kewpie (sp) dolls? She has a rather broad face. She is a cute around the way type girl but she isn't hitting on much. I guess I can't hate, she has made some sort of name for herself... but what is her TRUE talent?
B. Michelle's picture

OMG! I didn't know that was

OMG! I didn't know that was Yolanda Adams. She looks terrible. And what is with Amerie cutted her hair only to get some weaved back on? Kelly and Ashanti look cute. Loving their outfits. Nelly and Ashanti finally look like a cute couple. I was always hoping he and Kelly got together, btu Shany looks like a cute fit with him.
Keyta's picture

I like Kelis. She's a little

I like Kelis. She's a little different, yeah, but I've always had a softspot for the misfit types. And I like that Nas didn't go for the typical styled-and-made-up-within-an-inch-of-her-life R&B chick. As for Jova and B not ever being clinked up....hmph, I still aint all the way convinced that that's a true love story. I think B's crazy bout 'em in that school-girl crush kinda way, but I think she more or less just suits his purposes.
JK's picture

I'd run if I caught a whiff

I'd run if I caught a whiff of Serena in a dark alley. That girl could carjack you bare-handed!Kelis is like EIGHTEEN cards short of a full deck. And seriously, could we force an ambush makeover on homegirl Janice?! Looks like somebody found a weapon of mass destruction and just BEAT her with it.
nicole's picture

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