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And Another One

Update: I corrected this post Sunday after seeing that some of the pics were mixed up.

Oh yes folks. It's that time again. Today is the first day of Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2006.

Lots of celebs were spotted on their way to the Tent in NYC:

Yolanda Adams

Prime example of trends gone wrong.

Christina Milian

Mama Knowles and Kelli were spotted:

And ya'll know they gotta pub HOD EVERYWHERE they go:

Hmmm where's B you ask? She and Hov were spotted in Detroit today shopping so most likely she's at all the Superbowl festivities. Regardless, she needs to come back soon cuz it looks like somebody's tryna take her spot. Mmmhmm. B is supposedly slated to sit front row at the Naeem Khan fashion show this Sunday...he designed her outfits for Dreamgirls. So who knows.

Many of them went to The Heart Truth-Red Dress Fall 2006 Fashion Show at the Tent today:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Christina and her mom Carmen

Now that's a fab chick.

And Superbowl festivities have officially kicked off in Motor City:


Get a damn job.


Kanye and the Terror performed at the PepsiSmash Superbowl Bash yesterday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

The Tab Energy Drink launch party at Drive-in Studios went down yesterday in NYC:

Whassup with that sweater?

Missy still looks good.

Some celebs came out to the Miss Sixty Jeans Fashion Show also:

And Kelli was her usual fabulous self:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Kelis, Michelle W., Kelli, and Nelly Furtado sat front row

What in the hot hell does Michelle have on? Boo.

What?!?! A chick with her real hair??? ...

I see you Joy.

And Ashanti sat front row of that Show yesterday:

Damn that chick goes NOWHERE without momager.

A throwback pic just for the hell of it:

I'm not the biggest Usher fan, but I definitely liked him with Chili.

Check out the article in LIFE featuring the HOD chicks:

And if you can't read the article:





I don't understand why Mama

I don't understand why Mama Knowles wants Beyonce to have a kid with Jay-Z.
Anonymous's picture

Don't sound like B is as

Don't sound like B is as eager to breed as Mama K wants!
Free's picture

Uhmmm...doesn't she already

Uhmmm...doesn't she already have a grandchild?
Anonymous's picture

b and her mom seem to be very

b and her mom seem to be very close just like me and my mother. I can now respect her innocent act. kelly is cute. Michelle is scary. HOD--House of Dereon. I thinks B's family is creole. >thechocolate10ohhh girl you better leave Mariah alone but your blog is hot
Anonymous's picture

Ok What is HOD?

Ok What is HOD?
Anonymous's picture

Could Nicole Richie not be

Could Nicole Richie not be everywhere?
TheIdleReceptionist's picture

I just found your site and I

I just found your site and I admit I am addicted. I appreciate that you take the time out to service your readers. Kisses to a Fab girl from another.
Glamgirl's picture

more and more, i'm thinking

more and more, i'm thinking that kelly might be badder than b.; she's looking fabulous these days. kept it up, girl!
lisa's picture

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