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Weekend Madness

The Super Bowl and Fashion Week made this weekend a crazy one in Black Hollywood.

The Maxim Rock City Super Bowl Party went down in Detroit Saturday:

Michelle is most definitely on the Aneorexic Watch List. She's lookin bonier than usual....

And why so sad? Maybe because she knows she needs a damn bra on when snappin pictures. Hmph.

And I think she been kickin it with ass-crack Serena too much:


So...what? They tryna make a comeback or something?

Image hosting by TinyPic

They are EVERYWHERE these days.

Nelly was out and about at a Super Bowl party this weekend:


I promise I just yanked his delicious card for this mess. Boo.

The Celebrity Hoops Game went down this weekend.

Image hosting by TinyPic

T.O. and Melyssa Ford

I'm hearing these two are a couple, but I doubt it's true. He had a girlfriend named Felicia last time I checked...posing with him all up in a magazine spread. And she was dating an unnamed football player last time I checked, but who knows. What I do know is, T.O. is fine:

Yes indeedy.

Ya'll already know Nik was there to trying to get some face time:

Terror Marie graced the cover of Bangin Magazine this month:

She couldn't get the cover of a better mag than this? I'm not surprised. But she does look semi-fab on the cover though.

Remy Ma officially lost her damn mind at a party in the NYC this weekend:

Is she serious???? What she needs to do is fire her:

And him:
For assissting her in this foolishness.

MC is gettin her vacay on:

Something about this look just isn't the most flattering.

Why Em...why?

So many things wrong with this pic. The major problem: why does he have a thong tan line on his ass (an ass which is shaped like a chick)? I guess love and marriage will do it to you.

My girl Bre was out partying this weekend:

Awww I missed her fabulous self.

And leave it to Star Jones-Reynolds to host a Gridiron Glamour Celebrity Fashion Show and Brunch Saturday in Dearborn, MI:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Holly Robinson and James Lesure were there.

And Star and that damn dog Pinky:

Image hosting by TinyPic
Image hosting by TinyPic

Stay tuned for a Fashion Week weekend update.

Keep it fresh azimiz peoples.




ok.. why does Eminem seem to

ok.. why does Eminem seem to be wearing a lot of NOTICEABLE make-up in the pic? and why is his behind so round? I am sooo confused. i thought his wedding pic was a fake, but now after seeing this. I don't know. next thing you know he'll be rockin' pink open-toed timbs!
Anonymous's picture

Star is finally looking nice

Star is finally looking nice in tht last pick. Hopefully she keeps it up
Anonymous's picture

michelle needs to eat man !!

michelle needs to eat man !! she is lookin sickly !!
mizzsexxy's picture

Remy needs to fire the person

Remy needs to fire the person who forgot to tell her to greeze those knees!
Hilari's picture

Eminem has a big ass for a

Eminem has a big ass for a white boy. It's nice and juicy! He needs to moon us more often =D I know Kim gets that good when they're having relations.
Ranata's picture

EM's ass looks really big but

EM's ass looks really big but I think it's sexy and as a gay male, I love the thong tan line
Anonymous's picture

What's up with EM having a

What's up with EM having a HUGE ass....
Anonymous's picture

What's up with EM and the tan

What's up with EM and the tan line. Hmmm....You keepin it fab as always. Holla!
mrs.tj's picture

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