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Couples Are The New Fab

This is just how I like love-Young, Black, and Fabulous. In honor of Valentine's Day, here are some of my fave pics of my fave couples. Enjoy! And those of you single folks who feel the need to hate on V-Day...calm ya nerves. Lemme stop. Here they are:

Whitney and Bobby:
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T.I. and Tiny:

Janet and Jermaine:

Taraj and Common:


Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell-Martin:

Ciara and Bow Wow:
(only because this puppy love is amusing to me)

Kanye and Brooke:

(She's not a celeb but the girl is fabulous)

Ashanti and Nelly:

I can't believe I gave in.

And finally, Krucial and Alicia K.:

Happy Valentine's to all my fabulous readers!




So true or hell i would just

So true or hell i would just look better when i go out she looks a hot mess sometimes when she is with him. Does she realize that there are plenty of groupies out there you look better who would love to take her place, lol
Anonymous's picture

um, i am the one who lives in

um, i am the one who lives in her building. Harlem is uptown manhattan. Don't feel bad though, i live in a nice new building, and I love harlem, but if I was dating Kanye, I would be living in a loft in the meat packing district or on 5th avenue.
yadgy's picture

to the girl that lives in

to the girl that lives in brooke's building she probably doesnt speak because she cant talk i heard that girl talk and she sound stupid and retarded she talks slow like ghetto people u can tell she is not to bright. and why she live in harlam no disrespect but shouldnt she be living in manhattan? im not from NY but i hear that manhattan or jearsy is the place where rich people live
Anonymous's picture

Yeah i heard she is a bitch

Yeah i heard she is a bitch and a hoe and she's not that pretty in person......... his ex girlfriend (the long time girlfriend that he promised to marry) is way more pretty and is a sweetheart. But if kanye want that then oh well the karma is coming soon for how he did the other girl
Anonymous's picture

well, i dont live in the same

well, i dont live in the same building as brooke, but i can tell sista girl has a serious stick up her azz...in pics, she is always looking like-YEAH!! I'M HIS CHICK, all screw faced and ice grillin and that's not cute, especially when you are not the celeb. thats prolly why they are a good couple...they both are too full of themselves.
Mrs A.'s picture

I live in the same building

I live in the same building as Brooke (Kanye's Girl) in harlem. She is such a snotty heffa. She walks in like she owns the place, doesn't talk to anybody and thinks everyone should be marveling at the fact that she dates Kanye. She is so fake in my opinion and everyone that lives in my building can't stand her.
Anonymous's picture

Aww...All those couples are

Aww...All those couples are cute...HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!
Toya's picture

Happy V Day Natasha.

Happy V Day Natasha.
TheIdleReceptionist's picture

Black love keeps me

Black love keeps me inspired... I love this post!!! Happy V-Day to you Sweets!!! ;)
Anonymous's picture

Uhhh why you got that pic of

Uhhh why you got that pic of T.I. and the boogabear. She is a Steaming Hot Ass Mess. Love your site girl. Keep up the good work.
Nia's picture

um i don't like kanye and

um i don't like kanye and brooke I liked him with his old girfriend, but hey that's just me.
Anonymous's picture

I love BLACK LOVE>>>>>Happy

I love BLACK LOVE>>>>>Happy Valentines day too you too sweetie :)
NegroPino's picture

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