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This is the 3rd time I'm doing this post cuz it keeps getting erased. But anywho...HUGE shouts out to Flow 93.5 Urban Radio Station alllllll the way from Toronto, Canada for putting me on blast in a fabulous way. {Thanks Alexis} I'm lovin my Canadian readers. Gossip time...
Tyra B. interviewed Bob Barker on the Price is Right set last Friday for an upcoming show:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Damn that show is still on? Tyra will be a Barker Beauty on Friday's Price is Right.
Shar is in desparate need for attention and the limelight:

Image hosting by TinyPic

She's gone public with her relationship with Jason Alexander-Britney Spear's ex she was married to for a few hours. Sad sad. I guess payback's a b*tch huh?

Will Taye Diggs ever be able to live his "love scene" in a recent episode of Will and Grace down:


Well well. Looks like Kobe got his endorsements back again:

Image hosting by TinyPic

The ad for his new shoe aired durin the Lakers game last week. Story


That thing scared the bejesus out of me.


R. Kelly's brother, Kerry, has put all the Kellz's business in the streets. He has made a DVD that talks about how it really is R on the sex tapes (like we needed any more proof) and aired some other dirty laundry. With family like this, who needs enemies? Story

Somebody PLEASE tell me how Naima is America's Next Top Model.

Halle has come clean about her new relationship to Access Hollywood yesterday and People magazine:

Her new beau is Versace model Gabriel Aubrey. They were spotted out shopping in NY Friday. Do you Ms. Halle.

Oh hellllllllls no:

Kimora's new book cover

First of all, Stankmora, I'ma need you to get some originality and not do the same pose as Mimi. Second, I'll be damned if I take tips from Stanky about how to be fabulous. Me and the other fab chicks will stick with our natural abilities. Boo.

So cute.

Lenny, is that you?

I don't know when or where this pic was taken, but the real question here is who is this man lookin like a tranny Lenny Kravitz?

Should we contact the DEA about lookin for a pipe in Michelle's crib?

Cuz this mess is gettin out of control.

Note to Ashitty:

Cover ya track on top of ya head boo. I understand...really I do....of how it can be tricky sometimes. But this right here is just unnecessary.

The Randomness:

  1. Daaaamn Kanye...it's like that? Story
  2. Completely off the subject but needs to be said: Do we need to start a petition to extend the breakfast hours for McDonald's to 11a? The 10:30a cutoff wouldn't be so bad if the workers didn't get extra crunk about not serving breakfast at 10:25a.
  3. Nas and Jigga are about to begin work on Nas's new album. Story
  4. I know some grown ass women who would LOVE this. Story
  5. Mariah and Janet are rumored to be working on a duet. Story
  6. Kanye's new Touch The Sky video is hilarious. And I bet that's where people got the "Kanye was caught kissing Pam Anderson" rumors from.



Michelle will be appearing on

Michelle will be appearing on Half&Half for 4 eps and she's suppose to have AIDS so maybe that's why she lost all that weight if that is not the reason then they need to stage an invention or something.
Anonymous's picture

What was the story some grown

What was the story some grown ass women were gonna love? Cuz when I go to it its jus got the Nas &Jay-z story
Anonymous's picture

That man who looks like Lenny

That man who looks like Lenny Kravitz looks a lot like the black power ranger from back in the day! I was kind of upset when I heard about Common and Taraji, but it's cool they make a cute couple.
duvaldiva's picture

I didn't know Common was

I didn't know Common was dating Taraji! Beyonce and Jigga and Will and Jada are my favorite couples. And yes, Nelly and Ashanti are cute together even though I can't stand Ashitty. I'm still mad that Tiny is T.I.'s girl. I love that man to pieces!And I don't know how Naima is america's next top model. She's not cute. Her spread for Elle is out. I saw it at concreteloop.com
Ranata's picture

Halle's man is FINE!

Halle's man is FINE!
Anonymous's picture

I thought the bombhell of the

I thought the bombhell of the R Kelly story should be that he molested his own niece. Sick, sorry, sad folks...
Free's picture

I just have to say...that

I just have to say...that this whole Kerry situation is a joke. We all know that R. kelly and his siblings havent been that close in YEARS. So, How is Kerry getting all this info about kelz deepest darkest secrets if they really do not communicate? Kerry is just jealous with his wanna be non-singin a$$BIG- CHI
Anonymous's picture

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