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She Jigglin Baby

Ooooh triple post day:

Damn Ashanti. It's like that ma?

That takes a whole hell of a lot of confidence. Hollywood Tuna's got even more of these foolish pics.

So...I'm always reluctant to believe rumors of people getting coupled up just cuz they're in pics together. BUT...all these pics of J-Foxx and Gabby are really making me go hmmmmm:

{Click Pics}

I'm also confused because I heard that he's been overheard saying he doesn't "do" black women. Whateva. I guess only time will tell.

The premiere of Madea's Family Reunion went down recently:

Image hosting by TinyPic

I guess those two are still together.

I hope Lynn keeps those things under control.

The former ANTM chicks were in the Ellegirl Fashion Show this week:

Tocarra was looking fab as usual.

And Keenyah was also pretty fab:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Also during Fashion Week, MJB performed at the Catherine Malandrino Fashion Show in NY a few days ago:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Prince was spotted out and about this week in NYC:

Nicole Murphy looks like she's havin a whole lotta fun since dumping the dead weight:

But why is ol girl all up in her arm pit?

Meaan Good hosted a show on Current TV to promote her upcoming movies Waste Deep and Miles From Home on Monday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

I like the dark hair.

Bet ya'll can't guess who this man is....

Image hosting by TinyPic

It's Maxwell...with a new look. He was spotted out in Soho yesterday. Wow.

And now for the reason I damn near passed out earlier:

LL was on TRL yesterday:

Hold up...let's get a close up of the lip lickage:


Keyshia C. was out at a party this week:

She looks way better than normal here.

What the hell....

Who, what, where, when, and why Kanye. Regardless, just make it stop.

And a lil something for all you Bow Wow fans:

{Click Pics}

These are from his most recent photoshoot.

The Randomness:
  1. Check out pics from the NAACP Image Awards here.
  2. Mos Def is laggin behind on those child support payments. Story
  3. Janet's been ordered by her label to lose weight. Story
  4. The rumors about Chili going to jail are false. Story
  5. The March issue of Vanity Fair is the Naked Issue. Go here to see a slightly raunchy pic of Joy Bryant. NSFW



Perhaps Brooke is pissed she

Perhaps Brooke is pissed she IS with him?! Kanyick- get off of yoself- you would prolly win awards if you didn't actually show up to receive them!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I'm not quite buying that

I'm not quite buying that Jaleel White. It looks a little like him, but I really don't think it's him
Anonymous's picture

Damn Tocarra better not fall

Damn Tocarra better not fall down with those things because she'll orbit the planet in another ice age.Oh LL...mmmm
Icequeen's picture

why does keenyah always look

why does keenyah always look tired in the eye area? sista needs a cucumber or an ice pack or something. and i barfed at the cycle 6 contestants, all except for jade and nnenna.
Mrs A.'s picture


iS tYLER pERRY gAY?gABBY AND JAMIE MAKE A CUTE COUPLE...BUT IF he do YT girls make SURe theY AT leaST cuTE.....
NegroPino's picture

Keenyah is looking fab. Have

Keenyah is looking fab. Have you seen the season 6 girls? Kind of disappointing
Anonymous's picture

I swear Tyler Perry looks

I swear Tyler Perry looks just like Magilla Gorilla or is Grape Ape...
EmoshunLCrechur's picture

Hey Natasha... great blog.But

Hey Natasha... great blog.But the pic of Joy Bryant is from Vanity Fair, not Vogue.
Anonymous's picture

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