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Well daaaaamn peoples. Remember ya'll...this is just a GOSSIP blog. This is not CNN so majority of the info posted is not proven as real/unreal. No, the Urkel look a like pic is not Jaleel and I am now fully aware. (Thanks for the respectful heads up) But the pic is still funny as hell so it's staying up. It's all fun and games. Let's keep it movin:

T.I. was lookin all fine and stuff at Wednesday's taping of MTV2 Presents Hip Hop:

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A random current pic of Ricky Bell of NE and his wifey:

Mo'Nique shot some promo pics for her upcoming show Mo'Nique's Fat Chance:

{Click Pics}

This chick has taken CGU to a whole 'nother level.

Kimora and friends celebrated her Vibe Vixen cover at a party this week:

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But what is T.I. cheezin so hard about?

And Kimora and Russey were at a makeup event this week:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Fanny, Fanny, Fanny. She was lookin the fool at the BMG Music event this week:



Image hosting by TinyPic


The tat, boob stretchmarks, and lack of a bra are just wrong. Wrong I say. Cover that mess up Fanny!

Check out stills from Kelis' new video:

Not quite sure if I'm feelin this look.

The Brit Awards 2006 went down in London Wednesday:

Chris Brown was there.

And Kanye performed.

Football legend Jim Brown had a surprise birthday party at the Crustacean in Bev Hills Wednsday night:

Is Hammer serious?

Bill Bellamy was there with his wifey Kristen:

And Chris T. was there too:

Halle answered questions during a news conference held after her roast as Woman of the Year for the Hasty Pudding Awards on Harvard's campus yesterday:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Ooops...looks like she caught some Monster's Ball flashbacks...but in a chair this time.

Ashanti was steppin up her fab game at the Lancome makeup event this week:

Uugh! I'm so not impressed by the ANTM Cycle 6 chicks:



The Randomness:

  1. Am I the only one who feels the need to write a letter to the Oscars group about nominating "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" for an award? And then asking 3 6 Mafia to perform that mug at the awards show? And all up in the midst of Black History month? My people, my people.
  2. Lady O has inked a phat deal with XM Satellite Radio. Story
  3. I'ma need all the kids of celebs to stay off of myspace. But, Lisa Ray's daughter's page isn't half as bad as the others. Get it here.
  4. Beyonce has admitted to losing about 15 pounds for her Dreamgirls role. Hmm.
  5. NBA All-Star weekend kicks off tonight. Hella pics will be coming soon. Everyone going down to the H this weekend-be safe...and tell Dwayne Wade I said wassup.
  6. Jay is talking about how foxy has had her ear surgery. Story
  7. Ooooh, I wonder if Nelly's lawyer needs a law clerk to help the case. Story Pick me, pick me!
  8. IT'S MARDI GRAS SEASON!!! The "good" parades kick off tonight here in the New Orleans area. Excalibur and Eve roll tonight in Metarie. All the floats are lined up in front of my place and they are beautiful. Have a fabulous time to everyone coming to the N.O. for the parades and be safe! Check here for the parade routes and schedules.

Stay fabulous!




I agree with the comment

I agree with the comment about Lisa Raye's daughter! My mouth flew open at her 98% sex rating all but 15?! Heltothenaw...her azz would be under the computer table if it was my daughter! She needs to preserve her child!!
Anonymous's picture

You should post more pictures

You should post more pictures of my sexy carmelo anthony and lalaaaaaaaaaaaalove the site!
Anonymous's picture

Kelis looks good, get with

Kelis looks good, get with the program. Oh, great site btw. Hilarity non-stop.
Anonymous's picture

Support a fellow New

Support a fellow New Orleanian! I'm pretty sure Wendy of the next Top Model cycle went to my church back in the N.O. and my mom recognized her too!
J. Lynn's picture

Lisa Raye's little girl's

Lisa Raye's little girl's page isn't bad? Are y'all crazy? This child has a sexual survey listing her sex skills are at 98 percent!! Parents really need to be regulating these sites especially these celebrities whose kids are even more of a target for the millions of sex predators we have in our country. This is gettin ridiculous!
Anonymous's picture

lisa raye daughter is

lisa raye daughter is cute...she seems normal...thank goodness
Anonymous's picture

why 'kimora' instead of the

why 'kimora' instead of the usual, and vastly more appropriate, 'stankmora'?preserve the bitchiness!please?
Cousin It's picture

Awww! I really wanted to come

Awww! I really wanted to come to the N.O. this year for the Mardis Gras but them hotel rooms were off the hook. I would have been going for broke! Hold On! That pic yesterday was too funny! Holla!
mrs.tj's picture

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