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Just one more funny pic from the All Star game:


The NAACP Theater Awards went down in The Wood last night:

Roger Smith

A fabulous example of plastic surgery gone wrong.

I'm still waiting on Malinda to make a comeback:

Note to Golden Brooks:

The flour face effect is NOT CUTE. Be proud to be brown boo. Learn it, live it, and love it.

Gabby and Essence posed for a cute pic:

In case you missed that chick Whitney give a crispy performance at the Winter Olympics:

That outfit was seriously unnecessary.

I heard her voice sounded a mess. You can get the video here. Well, crack kills. And don't even try to blame it on the weather.

The opening of Club Bed was in Atlanta recently:

Image hosting by TinyPic

Ursh was there.

Damn, Taye Diggs looks good in the Naked Issue of Vanity Fair:


Q-Tip is such a cutie:


Now why he wanna go and do that? All cute and stuff on the magazine cover.


Jada and all her wickedness just needs to calm this mess down.

Eve was spotted leaving the Ivy restaurant kind of recently:

And on the gossip tip: The NY Post is talking about how she has a new man who's part of African Royalty. Well hot damn Ms. Eve. He lavishes her with gifts and her friends are gettin quite jelly.

The Game hosted a party this past weekend in Miami Beach at Prive Nightclub:

Nice pic Game.

Speaking of Miami Beach, Nas and Kelis were spotted gettin their party on at the Skybar on Friday this past weekend too:

I'm feelin this old hollywood style couple.

The fabulous Keenyah Hill was at Ford's Fusion Studio D Grand Opening Staurday:

Definitely a YBF chick.

Well well. Pics of Ne-Yo, his baby momma and his baby have hit the internet waves:


There is something super cute about these pics.

Brandy will be on an upcoming episode of One on One and will be playing... SURPRISE..Ray J's sister Michelle. She'll be trying to get at Arnez and you already know Brianna don't play that mess:


Hmmm she's actually looking pretty fab right there. Amazing aint it?

The Randomness:

  1. Now Ricky, is the weed that nice? Story
  2. Apparently NO sport is safe from being run by black folk. Story Congrats to Shani Davis!
  3. I knew Star Jones was an alien, I just knew it! Story And then read here about her lastest b*tch incident.
  4. Law School is making me re-assess the importance of a professional education. Is this really necessary? Yes, it's just that bad.
  5. Check out ya girl! I've moved into that #2 spot on BlogTop Sites Blog list. Now that's hot.


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I totally agree with some of

I totally agree with some of the above. Stay in school and become the BOMB lawyer! OK. How the hell else are you going to afford the stuff in the essence business wear photo gallery! I'm in school too getting my master's in nursing.....and going to do some big things....been a nurse for 9 years...and ready to really do some stuff for women of color! Sisters gotta represent!
naturalbrownlovely's picture

Let me add my voice to the

Let me add my voice to the chorus.."STAY IN SCHOOL" Like anon 1038 I too left without a degree that was eons ago and I totally regret it. I'm taking serious steps to go back this year...its never too late..Not trying to tell you what to do, just offering support. GOOD LUCK!!
wordygrrl's picture

I am heartbroken...Ne-yo got

I am heartbroken...Ne-yo got a baby.
Sheria's picture

I see no resemblance in Ne-Yo

I see no resemblance in Ne-Yo and his baby except for complexion.
Anonymous's picture

your blog is good; i

your blog is good; i respectfully disagree at times but that how two educated sista's can get down. STAY IN SCHOOL. my former secretary is getting her master's in what i dont know but I know she'll be making more than me in a few years with my BA and 13 yrs work experience. go younin go!! stop talking bout whitney LOl
Anonymous's picture

A quick comment on the

A quick comment on the article on Star. I do think Al and Star are hiding something about their personal business, but that's just it, it is their personal business and the Dallas Voice interviewer wasn't really interested in the Down Low phenomenon but rather to get dirt. He was underhanded, if he wanted to know what was up ask her upfront(she probably wouldn't answer but as a journalist he should have had more integrity). So just wanted to say that Star ahd every right to end that interview and that what she did should not be one of the many marks against her.
Anonymous's picture

is neyo's baby momma that

is neyo's baby momma that chick from the group Blaque?
Anonymous's picture

yeah, zero's-i mean nero's

yeah, zero's-i mean nero's baby looks like fiddy b/c s/he also resembles an ape
Anonymous's picture

Girl, do not drop out of law

Girl, do not drop out of law school. Do not make the mistake I made..went to one year of college and got tired of being broke. Dropped out to work full time and been working ever since. Have had great jobs with good pay until now...at the age of 50, my earning potential has just stopped. Why, because I have no degree. Don' t matter if I am bringing decades of experience to a job; they want to see a degree. I got no promotions either because of no degree...despite being the one stellar, and exceptional employee on the job all the time. I've tried several times to go back to school, but responsibilities, lack of energy and motivation and just life keeps me from finishing. I see no way to earn any more salary other that what I've been making over the past couple years because I have no degree from college. I do not want you to find yourself in my rut in your future. No matter how hard it is, stay in school, no matter what!Don't say "Oh, I'll go back later, cause you won't. Don't say, "Oh, I'll meet a man who will support me while I finish college". You can't bank on that.Just stay the hell in school. You'll gradulate while still young and have a law degree that will open ANY door you want to walk through, whether or not you pass the Bar!
Anonymous's picture

uhhh, sorry Brandy does not

uhhh, sorry Brandy does not look fab, I think those days are gone for boo-boo...
Anonymous's picture

I so feel you on the school

I so feel you on the school business.The stress will be worth it, right?
myflowerlikelife's picture

That baby kinda look like

That baby kinda look like Fiddy.
Anonymous's picture

Keenyah is NOT fab-she's not

Keenyah is NOT fab-she's not even cute. Plus, her hair is blah and she can't dress.
Anonymous's picture

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