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YBF Exclusives From Fashion Week

My NY Fashion Week experience ends tomorrow and yes I'm sad. But I have attended some uberly fabulous shows and met some cool people. Here are some of my personal pics from 4 of the shows I attended:

YBF was a media sponsor for the Rosalind GeNe Fall 2007 Collection show last night. And I loved it. My take on the look was urban sophisticate meets ultimate feminine chic--with a strictly urban and colorful layered look for the guys. Fab chick Angela Simmons sat front row at the show:

Her look was quite cute and looked effortless. And I chatted with her for a bit after she told be she's a HUGE fan of YBF. And y'all know I love me some Simmonses so that made my night.

The makeup designer Redd (left) on "My Model is Better Than Your Model" and the stylist Adrian Natako (right) for (both shows on BET J) were there.

And as for the show...

I was ready to snatch damn near every pair of shoes I saw come down the runway.

On a side note-the model pictured in green right here caught a quite obvious wave of "ohhhhs" when she hit the aisle. In addition to her barely keeping her balance, this chick looked like if somebody coughed her body would flail into the nearest seat. All I remember about what she was modeling is that I really wanted to offer her a saltine when she passed me on the front row.

Elastic and knee hugging pedal pushers were a big look for this line as well.

I absolutely loved the menswear.

Kelle from Season 3 of ANTM was the host of the show and also strutted on the catwalk.

And a couple pics of designer Rosalind GeNe herself:

All around a good show.

I hit up the Style Salon show Tuesday night and spotted Top Model Dani Evans:

She was in the show and chatted it up with me for a minute after. Her runway walk is fierce and she is indeed a YBF chick.

And remember Dominique from MTB 3, b.k.a. Stinky Face?:

Well she was there too. Sorry for the blurriness of my pic--but you get the point. She was there taking in the show and likely getting her face out there to promo her new upcoming album. She was really cool about chatting afterwards.

More high quality pics from the show are to come. Style Salon featured 3 up and coming designers all with a different focus. My favorite was a designer who focused on couture that wasn't so couture you couldn't wear it on a daily basis. Love the concept.

My favorite show of the week was the Y-3 show Wednesday night. A few celebs were in the house but the paparazzi malled them before I could figure out who was who. Anyways, the designer is a Japanese designer named Yoji Yamamoto. He is also the designer for much of the Addidas brand. The syle is athletic with an everyday casual wear flare. Color seemed to be his focal point--mixing a lot of black and white with one punchy color--like red or turquoise:

This was a difficult show to capture pics of because it was in a huge place with a moving walkway on one end of the arena. Fabulously organized and put on though:

{Thanks Jen for the extra pics} The bags were extremely hot and you can take them from workout to the streets. Cute. You can go here to check out the rest of the men's line.

I also hit up the Heatherette show Tuesday night. It was a pure mob scene with the amount of people flocking to get in. If it wasn't so damn cold I probably woulda had to cut a chick for all the drama these people were causing outside. So I was expecting a lot more form the Heatherette designers as this was one of the most anticipated shows. FYI, these aren't my personal pics:

Vivica Fox was there looking nice. Less plastic is always more.

Model Omahyra Mota Garcia was spotted backstage.

Nick Cannon was in the mix.

So I spotted Danity Kane walking in and they looked like a line of foolywang material. Hopefully it was just all in the spirit of Heatherette. But who knows. Aubrey was a model in the show too

Ms. Jay...we know it's you boo.

Kelly Rowland was there, and I'm not a fan of this hair look at all:

There's a first time for everything.

Kiki was spotted getting ready backstage since she was the celebrity finale walker:

And yes, I was mad the much awaited celebrity was just KiKi. Her makeup was fabulous though. Supposedly she filled in at the last minute for someone else.

Fabulousness all around....

Thanks for being patient with me this week and the slower posts. Things will be back to normal in a couple days. Y'all are the most fabulous readers ever!




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