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Naomi Gets Nekkid+Garcelle's Balance Game Is On Point+JD Dishes About Janet

Na Na Campbell is all over the pages of i-D magazine: naomi4.jpg  Some pics NSFW... And only she could pull off artsy nakedness like this: naomi.jpg naomi2.jpg naomi3.jpg Interesting.  How Garcelle maintains her balance is beyond me.  She hit up the Hollywood premiere of Gone Baby Gone last night: garcelle.jpg garcelle-2.jpg garcelle-3.jpg
Photog: Granitz
Twins my ass.  That's 3 kids minimum. Kanye says he's about to design his own jewelry line. But no worries...they won't be ALL diamonds. So this Football Wives show is still in limbo over at ABC.  But you can check out some of the episode and cast pics:
It looks like the extra dramatized version of The Game...and I love it.  Gabby Unionstars as a model turned wifey of a star wide receiver played by Brian White.  And Holly Robinson Peete plays the mother in law.  The YBF chicks are looking uberly fab.  I'll be watching...An excerpt from Jermaine Dupri's new memoirs Young, Rich, and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul has been leaked.  And y'all know it was conveniently about Ms. Jackson:
CHAPTER 12: WE BELONG TOGETHER gives readers a glimpse into the author's personal life, and his relationship with longtime love Janet Jackson. Things have always been so easy between us. There was none of the usual pressure I felt with my girlfriends in the past. Like me, my girl was deep in the business from day one. Like me, her family was always involved. Like me, she was constantly traveling and working. She understands how your work can take you away. She does get jealous, but with her I'm not always on the defensive, trying to explain how it is. It wasn't long after we got together on that dream vacation when I met her whole family. It was Thanksgiving weekend when they invited me down to L.A. for a gathering. They don't do Thanksgiving, but they get together for a big family dinner. I was real nervous. When it's a girl with six brothers of course you're gonna be intimidated. I was thinking the worst and worried they would ask me all the hard questions of life. I knew they'd be real protective of the baby in the family. But they didn't grill me at all. They were just real gracious and nice, joking around with each other and saying, "Pass the biscuits please." I couldn't get over how normal the whole family was. The Jacksons were just a regular black family with black people [stuff] going on! They play board games together. Jan's mom is even more competitive than I am. She can't stand to lose and she won't give it up to anyone. The kids all argue and tease each other like siblings do and throw down when it's time to eat. They tease me too. La Toya's always making fun of me and mimicking me on the phone. Jan finds it hilarious. The Jacksons let me in with open arms. When they were all going through it over Michael's trial, I spoke up for them. I wanted to defend the family's honor. They're just nice, loving people who deserved better than getting raked over the coals in the media. I also did it because it was important for Janet. The trial was rough on her. She and Michael were always so close. Getting together with Jan was the first time in my life I felt like I was with a woman who's also a friend and a partner. I feel like I can breathe around her. Now I have someone who is more than my equal and who I can bounce things off of. Jan will give me an intelligent answer. She's educated and she knows stuff. Life with Jan is just real normal. When we hang out, we hang out at home. She's a homebody. We don't want to be out on the road all the time.
It hits stores October 12th.




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Binagaistgern's picture

I agree. There's too many

I agree. There's too many page to go through mannnn. Tasha plz i'm loving the colors n stuff but I loved it when u could scroll down one page and see the pics for the whole month, that's the reason i chose ur blogspot over the others. NOw there are too many pages and each page takes time to load. I hate that, cus it makes me spend more time than i need to online.
Jay's picture

First, I like the old website

First, I like the old website better as well. It just felt so much easier to navigate. I agree it does look a bi concrete loopish, that's why I no longer go to that site. Secondly, I hate the fact that there is a new show based around the same premise as The Game (which I love). It's like this reality show ish...I feel it's not going to be he same because the shows are going to try to 1-up each other to maintain on air recognition. Also, Garcelle should be resting herself, those premieres will be there after the delivery...LOL!
jazzyjjstar's picture

I like the old site better as

I like the old site better as well......
Chikdachick's picture

PLEEEEEEEEASE go back to the

PLEEEEEEEEASE go back to the old site format. this one is KILLLING ME!!! i can't take it. and yes - the browser's up to date. still don't like it, but i LOVVVE ybf overall.
newyorican's picture

Oh Gabby why are u so damn

Oh Gabby why are u so damn FAB...luvs it! I love Gabrielle she's beautiful, but I don't know about this show it looks like The Game is better.
Mel-Mel's picture

Hey, there! I love your site,

Hey, there! I love your site, the new set-up isn't my favorite, BUT since I do love the site SO much, I'm stumbling thru it... Not being a blogger, I have no advise on what you SHOULD do to improve the new layout. But, I'm sure you will take the..I guess you'd call it constructive criticisim from the other readers, and make some minor adjustments... Change is good, don't let anyone steal your joy! Imma keep reading and I'm sure I'll get used to the site, it still quenches my thirst for what I need to know, at work or at home! From a YBF to another...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! =}
MissOaklandCali's picture

FIrst and foremost, I love

FIrst and foremost, I love YbF, I come here nearly everyday to get the latest scoop, there are no other sites out here that compare. But I must say the new layout is not the best regarding the background, the banner is the bomb. I am sure my opinion does not count, but other than the banner, is it quite plain and there is too much open space from the banner to where the info begins.
honestyISkey's picture

Love the site but I agree

Love the site but I agree with almost all the other commenters...the change is a bit off putting. When I clicked it the other day, I almost x'd out because I didn't know it was your page. The banner is really nice but all the white space at the beginning is pretty bad. I know you want your readers to update to the latest browser but not everyone is able to do that. Especially those who read at work. And what about those people who are new to YBF and don't have the latest browser? I know if I was coming here for the first time and saw that, I'd leave the page right away. And since I know you probably want to have as many readers as possible...maybe it's something you can reconsider. I won't stop reading though LOL I'll be back for more.
Monie's picture

When is this football wives

When is this football wives show coming out? I watch the British Version on BBC America called Footballers Wives about soccer players exact same story line and characters almost, and it was really really good, so much drama, kinda like Dynasty. I hope the American version is as good as the British version, if so we are in for some good TV!!!
Big B's picture

I agree. It's not as fluid

I agree. It's not as fluid as the old one. Too complicated to read after a long day of work. I want to get to the nitty gritty fast.
Van's picture

The Footballers Wives UK

The Footballers Wives UK version is much better and more real as Footballers make daily headlines across the pond. This version looks glam.. but I doubt it will cath a fire. I'm just saying.
LawStudent13's picture

Oops! Spoke to soon. I see

Oops! Spoke to soon. I see your new version of seeing old stories on your main page. In conclusion, your page is still fab! LOVE IT!
Ms. Keema Diva's picture

Hi YBF, I'm not exactly sure

Hi YBF, I'm not exactly sure why people are commenting on the design. I thought this was a blog about young black and fabness! Hello! Get it together. The site looks fab, no worries. And this is coming from a designer, graphic designer. The only thing thats missing are the links that used to be on the bottom for the old stories. Sometimes I don't have time to read everyday, so I catch up with those links. Please put those back for the busy fab bodies like myself! But anyway, that JD story sounds pretty intersting...
Ms. Keema Diva's picture

ain't it lame that some ppl

ain't it lame that some ppl are calling others "Haters" cuz they don't like the new layout?? they're just offering their opinions, and sorry but just cuz it doesn't agree with what YOU "THINK", it surely doesn't qualify the poster as a HATER. Some of yall need to upgrade your vocabulary, seriously. IMO, new layout is not really what I expected, but it will just take some getting used to, it's still the same FAB info, so no big deal for me!
Hinata79's picture

Girl love the YBF! Been

Girl love the YBF! Been reading this website sense day one. Also seen the article in VIBE Vixen.........Keep up the good work. The new page is Ok...but the white just dull. I like the sub tabs at the top (home, about, myspace...etc.) but how do you navigate to previous post. not seeing that today.....yesterday there were page numbers at the bottom of page. I wish you the best. Much Love Quees!!
Quees's picture

I don't like the new set-up.

I don't like the new set-up. It makes reading very uncomfortable.
Mika's picture

i dont think anyone is

i dont think anyone is hating, but most wodered like i did if something was wrong with their computer. Change is great, but im sure it could have been done on the same feed so folks that look at it at work can get the same effect as if i were home
monique's picture

The site could be cute and I

The site could be cute and I like the colors I can see, but because so many of us are looking at this at work, will you please go back to the old version? As stated many times above, most of us don't have administrative rights to our computers to upgrade to the newer version. I do check the site dailey and I deal with the awkwardness but it would be nice to see everything as you intended. Thanks
jennyjen81's picture

P.S. Thank you for the daily

P.S. Thank you for the daily entertainment!
LaLa's picture

Dear Tasha, I absoultely

Dear Tasha, I absoultely love YBF! I, along with all of my friends are hooked. We all appreciate and value change, yet I too must say that we're disappointed in the layout. At the same time I understand that these things take time to revamp and I can't imagine the time and effort it takes to be so fabulous! I think all of us just want you to keep that same 'fried bologna sandwiches after school' warmth you brought and not replace it with Hollywood's version. In other words, we was loving the ghetto fabulousness of it all! Best wishes during the transition!! Stay fab...
LaLa's picture

I completely agree with what

I completely agree with what that girl wrote about C&D! I used to read that site regularly and then I realized how increasingly negative it was becoming! It's almost like a contest btw the commenters who can say the most vicious thing about whatever. It got to be too crass and tiring. I never go there now.
blkathena's picture

Natasha...I love YBF and have

Natasha...I love YBF and have been a loyal reader/fan since I was introduced...I have to say though I DO NOT like the new look, it is a lot less colorless and boring than the original plus with all the white space...I feel like I'm missing something. I too view it at work and am not allowed to download the latest flash player so it looks crazy to me. Love ya girl but please...either take it back to formula or come up with something new...One
Teeah's picture

change is a good thing. it

change is a good thing. it may take a little getting use to.thats a part of life "CHANGE"
liberiangirl's picture

Ditto....... Change is just

Ditto....... Change is just that - a change. People need to get used to it! I concur. Someone else said "if it ain't broke, then don't fix it." I wonder if that person is still hanging on to the old cell phone that was a brick. Or did she (dare I say) update it to a new and improved version?
feefee2u's picture

This new site setup is

This new site setup is absolutely great Natasha!! Loves it, I haven't updated my browser yet either so I still see all the white spaces, but when I came to the site, which I do every morning religiously, I said "Aw ish, homegirl dun gon an stepped her game up", Go Chick!! Love the site, I do bounce back in forth tho from MediaFakeOut. And this is my first comment but I am not a newbie. Just wanted to say, I hope we don't start the: Who commented first, oh I think it was me, one more time for the round, I was first b*tches, groupie blog page tactics!!! Hate that! We fab on here, right? Lets keep it like that intelligent convo amongst YBF people! P.S I like the im chat setup too. Almost got a stalker tho(lol) You better work it Miss Natasha!!)
ToiBaby's picture

I was confused at first. I

I was confused at first. I could not figure if this was my YBF, or some crap. I love you and what you are doing to keep us up on our celebs, however this new site is very discouraging. It's too commerical. The old site was the bomb, but whatever you chose to do I will always be loyal YBF fan. By the way, Gabby is the s***.
GLORIA's picture

I would love to watch

I would love to watch Football wives; come on ABC make it happen. I do not like the look of the new site! I like to ybf.blogspot, not feeling the newness, is it just me..... I don't remember any posts about a change in the site.
pamelicious's picture

Garcelle is ready to give

Garcelle is ready to give birth any time now...wow
Riva's picture

I don't know how Garcelle is

I don't know how Garcelle is doing it! She must wear WEIGHTS in teh back of her dresses to keep from tipping over. I'd have to get those babies out like...yesterday. Kudos to her for being able to carry twins to full term. But on the real, she's going to need to get her "land legs" after she has those babies with the sudden weight change.
Nakia's picture

my computer key board always

my computer key board always trips on here .Skipping letters on here.The FootBaller$ Wive$ was on BBC british version .Love what Jermaine said about his lady Janet. I love it when a REAL BLACK MKAN isn't afraid to PRAISE his LADY in public. BLACK LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING
houstontxdiva's picture

I've been waiting on

I've been waiting on FootballWivs .becuse the BBC version of FootBaller$Wive$ was extremely off the hook it was cancelled off BBC last 2006. But I tell yo the ritish verion was good an I hate it was caneled .So ABC nees to stop tripng about the NFL tripping about the show. Since they ABC own ESPN and Monday Night Football.That is on o the 2 excuses thy re using the second one is the cost of the filming of the show. ll cancel wackass Greys Anatomy and theres your money. Whatever.. thats bull!! Keep me up todate Natasha when the show is picked to air. Loves me some YBF DIVA..
houstontxdiva's picture

People do like change...when

People do like change...when it is done for the better. I've always loved YBF because it was easy to navigate. Now it's not. And I read you site mostly from work, where I cannot update my browser. Looks like most of your loyal readers read your site from work and fall into the same predicament. I'm definitely NOT trying to hate on you or your site, because I absolutely love the gossip that you share with us. But, please please please take in consideration the HUGE amount of commenters who agree with me, and think about doing something about the colors. I'm not saying "go back to the original site", but that "read more" link? I wish it would go away. I do love the banner at the top though. Whatever you decide, I'll still be here, reading every post. I'm just worried that some of your other readers wont. And why is it that people are ocnsidered haters if they don't like something? That's stupid.
sugaHoney's picture

Natasha, I LOVE THE SITE!!!

Natasha, I LOVE THE SITE!!! It's super chic and fab, especially the banner. People don't like change. But a change for the better is always good. Keep doing your thang girlie til the wheels fall off!! Stop hatin' cause you and I both know you'll still be an avid YBF reader! Do you Natasha!!
Amani's picture

Yea, this layout is a

Yea, this layout is a downgrade. I really like the old one because it was easy to navigate and the background and font were really nice. If you do want to change anything, I would recommend leaving the navigation aspect of the site alone because honestly that's what sets you apart from CL and others. Honestly, I don't really go to CL anymore because of the navigation...anyway best of luck to you!
J*Marie's picture

Natasha, I am a long-time fan

Natasha, I am a long-time fan of YBF, but I am not feeling the new web design at all. There is tons of white space on the homepage, and we see all comments on subsequent pages. Boo! Bring the old design back - it was much more inviting and easier to view. Love you, girl!
emo1's picture

Im always down for change and

Im always down for change and updated looks especially in sites I peep often (keeps things new and fresh) But in my opinion this new layout and site seem a little difficult to navigate and figure out. The old one was great!! maybe it was just the color scheming that made it seem easier.........maybe changing the colors on here may help But as always it wont stop me from looking at your site, I loves it.
Keeping Austin Weird's picture

Im always down for change and

Im always down for change and updated looks especially in sites I peep often (keeps things new and fresh) But in my opinion this new layout and site seem a little difficult to navigate and figure out. The old one was great!! maybe it was just the color scheming that made it seem easier.........maybe changing the colors on here may help the look of the page and make it seem easier to search
Keeping Austin Weird's picture

Natasha, I do love the site

Natasha, I do love the site but I agree with everyone else. The white space is killing me and the broken up posts just make me want to stop reading all together. Is there anyway you would go back to the old site?
youdon'tknowmelikethat's picture

I love your website and I am

I love your website and I am happy you are moving up. BUT...... I don't like the white background and how everything is set up. Luv ya
Claudia's picture

Hate to say it b/c I am sure

Hate to say it b/c I am sure a lot of work went into the change, but it is not showing well on internet explorer or firefox
lses's picture

That site's not that bad.

That site's not that bad. The only thing I'm hating is that read more link. That's too CL. I enjoyed YBF cuz I didn't have to click click click all over the place. I hope you will consider everyone's "constructive criticism" (as I'm sure that's what it's meant to be, no matter how rude some of it is) and work it out. Other than that, Ms. Natasha you doin yo thang!!
That's my dog!!'s picture

This new setup of your site

This new setup of your site is horrible.
NYC's picture

Hey Tasha!!! I

Hey Tasha!!! I lovvvvvvvvvvvve YBF and i just think your lingo and comments are the shit!!! But im sorry i have to side with everyone on the new site. Change is great and grl I looooove the new banner!! It's just fabulous, but hey maybe u can keep the new banner and the old set-up! The old site was much easier to read, and not nearly as annoying. Please just consider our thoughts. You're still fab though.
SaleishaFan's picture

The new page is hott. U jus

The new page is hott. U jus have to update ur browser. This new page makes me love YBF even more.
MissFlawless's picture

just come to my blog on

just come to my blog on blogspot. It is celebhaterz.blogspot so check me out!
celebhaterz's picture

I like the new site! Kudos

I like the new site! Kudos for doing your thing. A lot of folk the new Office 2007 but I like it...change is hard for folk. Feedback should be given in a manner that is helpful,not hateful. Tone is everything people.
Ms. Smith's picture

Natasha, I have much love for

Natasha, I have much love for you and YBF, but this new layout is terrible. I hate it. I could probably deal with the harsh color contrast and excessive ads but the "Read The Rest" jumps are ANNOYING!! Waaaaay too much clicking and back abnd forth movements. I understan the need and want for change but please fix some of these issues. Keep up the good work!!
glam0urgrl!'s picture

She's a member of delta sigma

She's a member of delta sigma theta (she went to my school)....N-E-Ways....I'm not a hata (hell I've been addicted to your site for awhile now) but I must agree with some things. I like that you updated your site but I too liked how you did longer posts and everything just flowed so easily. Its what really made your site stand out to me. I think everyone just is scared that ybf is starting to look like other sites when this one always stood apart as unique. Just my 2 cents.
BluDiamond's picture

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