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The Danity Kane chicks are covering the pages of In Touch Weekly magazine in their swimsuits:



I must admit...the ladies look pretty fab. More celeb pics when you read the rest... Denzel Washington received his induction into the Apollo Hall of Fame yesterday:


His wife Pauletta was there to cheer him on.

Wanda Sykes was there.


And so was Janet. India.Arie performed:



And Terrence Howard said some words:

Nice. And on the red carpet:

Denzy and Pauletta looked nice.


Gayle King looked...interesting.

Ruby Dee hit the carpet.

BET's Debra Lee was there. Here's a few more pics from the CDFA Fashion Awards:


YBF chick Paula Patton was there looking fresh faced and fab.

Diddy brought his usual on-point fashion swagger. LL hit up the event:


And because we just can't get enough of Andre's turban and satin open toed sandals and Na Na Campbell:


I'm convinced there were going as Jasmine and the Prince from Aladdin.






JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL - the hell away from that H.A.M that is Andre what's his name!!! Mayor wardrobe-malfunction, I'm hoping all of his good clothes were in the washing machine at crunch-time - cause that right there should never have left the damn house!!!LOL... And there's NO excuse for wrapping his head, he ain't exactly no Erykah Badu- she the only person on earth that can rock that look!!! And what's up with Gayle King lately? Chick's every-damn-where you look, and sans Oprah!? They broke up? It's been a minute since I seen 'em together!LOL...
Umi's picture

lmao um d woods suckin in her

lmao um d woods suckin in her stomach hella hard its written all over her face she kno diddy would get on her ass 4 tht
SayIt's picture

Janet's kinda loving 40

Janet's kinda loving 40 something now..still beautiful though. Indie...(sigh)..Diddy (sigh) Naomi..girl..what are you plans for the hair loss? you losing hair..so stop parting it down the middle. Do a swoop bang girl! (sigh) Danity Kane..(maybe this will help cd sales?) is that what daddy's..i meam diddy's hoping. oh well......
foxxie's picture

Denzel is all kinds of

Denzel is all kinds of fine...oh that man.... LMFAO @ Andre and Naomi...yes they do look like Jasmine and Aladdin...hit the nail on the damn head
HOTSTUFF's picture

To all the DK haters....there

To all the DK haters....there are more artist out there who are selling there bodies more than DK...FYI although 3 of the girls got pretty good voice they know how to harmanize. DK is gonna blow up....For those who are talkin bout selling body...Look at Rhianna she and CIara have been selling it lately cuz we know when they bout came out people were like who? it wasn't until unbrella that rhianna really started blowing up and thats when the clothes started coming off.
mary's picture

Danity Kane is NOT fabulous

Danity Kane is NOT fabulous to me. They always look trashy & overdone. I spy NO natural beauty. Besides all that, we all know nan one of these chicks has a body (except maybe the black girls- they ok) so I wanna know- whose head do THESE bodies belong to?
b.SL's picture

[quote comment="106418"]Why

[quote comment="106418"]Why does it look like Aubrey has a penis in some of her pictures?[/quote] Did Aubrey get breast implants?
nyfab4life's picture

Janet's body wants to be fat.

Janet's body wants to be fat. When there are no more albums being made, tours to prepare for, Janet will be fat. Mark my words.
stillirise's picture

The Danity Kane Swimwear are

The Danity Kane Swimwear are the ish, but in the last pic in the red swimsuits, WTF is going on with Aubrey' Gential Area, does it looks inflated, swollen, just too damn big, or is it just me?????????
germaicangirl's picture

The Danity Kane girls look

The Danity Kane girls look soo good.. but the spanish girl clearly isnt hittin the gym up enough cuz she is trying soo hard to cover up that belly.. she looks great in the last pic tho... Naomis weave looks proper.. and when did India turn 40? Paula P looking stunning as always...
Mila T's picture

danity cane look cute-still

danity cane look cute-still think dawn should get a nose job luvin paula's get-up is wanda dyke's gay....i mean sykes??? india looks old as hell wait a min....does andre have on open toe shoes? LMFAOROF!!!!!!!!!
ninabrown's picture

terence howard is looking oh

terence howard is looking oh so sexy in that hat and suit. andre, oh andre, he looks like someone's confused grandpa that insists on wearing women accessories (shoes, cape, etc). is it me or is LL getting younger looking even at 40? denzel- anytime.
trebleclef811's picture

i love dk

i love dk
erae's picture

I'm Sorry I just hate to

I'm Sorry I just hate to hate, But Dawn isn't killing the photo shoot. It's just something wrong with her face.
LiyahPearl's picture

ok danity k looks fab in

ok danity k looks fab in their suits... but my gawd! dee woods needs to get a new wig aye-sap! i'm gonna go ape ish like kanye says if i see that half lil boy bowl cut half long perm yaki #2 wig again! paula p always looks great i love her style. and the jasmine and prince aladdin caption fits perfectly! LMAO
wldntulk2kno's picture

DK lookin' hot!

DK lookin' hot!
MDiva's picture

I'm sorry, but Dawn always

I'm sorry, but Dawn always seem to look like a man in her pics. She is so hard in the face. D. Woods look fab though.
itzzzkimmm's picture


[quote comment="106563"][quote comment="106416"]Tell me exactly WHO is Jasmine and who is Aladin... Ummm..Danity Kane looks cute from the neck down...nice bathing suits and shoes...the faces...not so much. Denzy is fly...I dont know what Pauletta was wearing and what's up with that bag...[/quote] Are u kidding me? Guess you are not a Disney fan?! ???[/quote] Actually that was in reference to the pic...Naomi or Andre....
Chica's picture

No Andre, you did not wear

No Andre, you did not wear those satin Prada sandals. I saw them in the Soho store a few days ago. I didn't think someone would be foolish enough to actually pay for them.
Design Diva's picture

Densel honey you sure are

Densel honey you sure are aging lovely, Mmmmmm. Andre please stop the madness.
London's picture

Damn Andre - looking like

Damn Andre - looking like Hadji from Johnny Quest all grown up and gay!!! Sim, Sim, Salabim (with a snap)! OH MY GOD!! - My stomach hurts from laughing so damn hard!! LMBAO!!
luckycharm's picture

Jasmin and The Prince.

Jasmin and The Prince. Hilarious! And Paulete looks so good, love that dress!!!
Impervious's picture

DWoods body is sic. Quit

DWoods body is sic. Quit hatin'. Yall know Andre is a jolly Queen.
BlackasKoal's picture

Denzel looks like he was

Denzel looks like he was about to eat Pauletta up. I LOVE IT!
Jokes's picture

"Jasmine and the Prince from

"Jasmine and the Prince from Aladdin." LOlOloLOlolOloLOolOL!!!
Ms. Suzy's picture

Naomis hair is looking good.

Naomis hair is looking good. MMmm.. Danity Kane? I'm a bit iffy about these chicks, to me their not huge pop stars because they don't have enough edge. Look @ rhianna soon as such cut that head of hers, and got some edge BOOM! mega stardom. Edge! That sells! Wonder why people like clay akien don't sell no edge!!! or talent.
GiGi bunni's picture

Aubrey looks like she's

Aubrey looks like she's working with a good 6 inches in the red monokini.
Skittles's picture

Janet, Pauletta and Paula

Janet, Pauletta and Paula look great!!!!!!!!!!
DH's picture

Natasha you might have to

Natasha you might have to rethink that foolywang of the week because NaNa found a way to regrow that hairline overnight. I am absolutely DEAD at those damn satin shoes with a peep-toe. And you know them brugs had to have been custom made! *wipes tears from eyes* that made my day.
classylady's picture


[quote comment="106849"]shannon from dk looks the best in a swimsuit...what does danity kane mean anyway?[/quote] agreed about shannon, she does look the best! danity kane is some anime doll dawn drew/named that was supposed to represent the fabulousness in each of them or something along those lines...always thought it was an interesting name but to each her own! anyhoo i'm a big dk fan and i'm not a fan of this spread at all. it looks like the hair and makeup artists went awol during that shoot. :-/
JustMe's picture

[quote comment="106385"]like

[quote comment="106385"]like I said before what's wrong with Leon Talley head wrap, when Beyonce wore her's last week it was chic.....whats the difference anyways, Leon's is made if fabric and Beyonce's was 2 for 5 yaki hair. hmm same difference.[/quote] LMAO!!!!!!!! DAYUM you are just asking for the Beyonce thirsties to get at you...but that ish IS TRU! LoL!
amused's picture

Danity Kane shouldn't have

Danity Kane shouldn't have been on this post with all the Fab Black folks. They skanked it up.
HELLO?'s picture

-Wanda Sykes looks like

-Wanda Sykes looks like Ciara's Mama! LMAO!!! -Yummy Denzel! -India.Arie looks fantastic! -I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!
HELLO?'s picture

shannon from dk looks the

shannon from dk looks the best in a swimsuit...what does danity kane mean anyway? denzel is so swexy, beautiful to see a black man with a black woman and doing big things
slimgoody's picture

When all things fail, sale

When all things fail, sale your body AGAIN!I like DK so ... Everybody looks good.
Sharonda's picture

Who is that behind Paula

Who is that behind Paula Patton in that beautiful while tiered dress???!!!
LadyLex's picture

exactly what i was thinking

exactly what i was thinking
Jadey's picture

The "8" really must symbolize

The "8" really must symbolize new beginnings, because 2008 is the first year Pauletta has begun looking like "Denzel's wife" instead of his mama. Applause, applause, applause. Gail King, on the other hand, is looking worse and worse. Will someone PLEASE tell her that auburn-bangs-and flip sewn in is not what's up? It looks so bad, I can never discuss anything else about her. As for Danity Kane, I still believe D. Woods and Dawn are some funny looking girls. But, I am entertained by their music, so they're alright with me.
MsDonnaGirl's picture

DK looks like a amatuer

DK looks like a amatuer photo... don't like it at all..something about them just looks all wrong all of the time.... and it's time for gf to change that sideway mullet hairstyle asap!!! Damn Denzel looks so handsome!! Wanda skyes is too funny! Love Janet no matter what we go back since Penny! lol.. Indie I'm waiting for your next album!!such an under rated under advertised artist!! Tee-Ho you look handsome with ya hat tipped to the side giving the sexy eye as only you can! lol.. Debra Lee if youa re going to rock the short hair please make sure it looks fab all of the time because short hair is supposed to stay fab looking... very high maintenance style if you can't maintain the look don't rock it puhlease..lol. and that goes for all ladies!! Paula Patton is gorgeous!! hmm @ naomi and him!!
wtf's picture

whew so much to say-

whew so much to say- congrats to denzel naomi looks nice in the face per usual danity kane- D Woods is doing her thang in those suits- finally. I'm tired of them always covering her up just because she is curvy. Aubrey should have never gotten those implants they look a mess Aundrea- she's cute but why is her stomach ALWAYS covered???? Ruby Dee- Wonderful!!! Paula very spritely and pretty terrance- likin the suave look
bored at work's picture

[quote comment="106662"]Okay

[quote comment="106662"]Okay first off Danity Kane looks like Dirty Kane I just can not get with these girls there such a mismatch I really can't understand what happen, I think Diddy realize it now but he just have to make the best of it, I mean they can't even sing there horrible. And honey Mr.wanna be stylist Andre he need to be beat with a stick he look a H.A.M and he has Naomi looking like MC Hammer little lost sister just stuck she look like she feels out of place. This Big Ol Boy got these Hi Fashion Models looking like there not sure anymore Tyra or Kamora please talk to Andre he knows better, In fact I'm going to go on Tyra's blog and tell on him. And I'm going on Diddy's blog (if he has one ) and tell him about the Dirty Girls and I'm going to tell him that they need some vocal training. Cause somebody has to let it be known about Mr. Andre and the Dirty Girls cause they look like they stink. Sorry I just had to say this.[/quote] I saw them in concert, they can sing better than most. If you don't like them just say that. But please don't undergo their talent.
sexsee's picture

OMG, Gayle needs to cover

OMG, Gayle needs to cover them arms, Denzel NEVER smiles in ANY pix w/ his wife, Andre is fab...but, oh well he went a lil too far, and India should have polished those toes...but I love her anyways! =)
douebabie's picture

[quote comment="106399"]Can

[quote comment="106399"]Can somebody tell me: a.) Why Danity Kane is relevant? b.) Why we need to see them in bathing suits? c.) Who makes purple satin peep-toe slippers big enough for Andre Leon Talley's big ashy feet?[/quote] Because DK Has 2 number 1 albums thats why!
sexsee's picture

Damn Andre - looking like

Damn Andre - looking like Hadji from Johnny Quest all grown up and gay!!! Sim, Sim, Salabim (with a snap)!
Gator Girl's picture

Damn Andre - looking like

Damn Andre - looking like Haji from Johnny Quest all grown up and gay!!!
Gator Girl's picture

I still can't get over how

I still can't get over how every girl in Danity Kane is the same damn color, lol. If you just look at legs, you couldn't tell who was what race. They be killin me with that for some reason.
Rashad's picture

Dawn and Shannon look the

Dawn and Shannon look the most natural in the mag pics... they all look nice though.
Becca Baby's picture

India Looks very healthy &

India Looks very healthy & happy!
Dominique=[♥]'s picture

Danity Kane looked good But D

Danity Kane looked good But D woods Looked very uncomfortable in her suit.
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