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Celebs Do SXSW & The Knicks Game

Kanye and Amber rode into Austin, TX over the weekend as Kanye, Solange, Kid Cudi, and others all performed at the SXSW Music Festival:

I see Amber's hanging in there as Kanye's newest chick.  And Solo's looking unique but cute as usual. And over in NYC, celebs kicked it courtside at the Knicks game:

Spike Lee brought his whole fam this time around--wife Tonya, daughter Satchel, and son Jackson.  Fine family fun.

And Vanessa Simmons kicked it with3LW chick Adrienne Bailon and a friend. More pics of these folks and others when you read the rest...

Kanye performed his ass off down in Austin.

And brought his dude Kid Cudi along.

And so did Solange. In banana pants though? She rocked multiple interesting looks over the weekend:

Cute sky blue Chanel bag of hers. And over at the Knicks game:

Vanessa, Adrienne, and friend watched the fellas play.

And so did Spikey and fam.

And Anthony Anderson and S. Epatha Merkerson were there laughing it up too with their "Law & Order" friends.  Fun times all around.
Photogs: WENN/Devaney/Segev




ashley*********** weatherspoon
juju's picture

the girl sitting next to

the girl sitting next to adrienne and vanessa is ashlet weatherspoon
juju's picture

solange is sooooo wack!!!

solange is sooooo wack!!! Shes tries toooo hard. Spike lees daughter got the mothers skin and looks just like him.... no comment
mike's picture

Nice 2c the Law&Order cast

Nice 2c the Law&Order cast out enjoying themselves and having a good time. Anthony Anderson is hilarious. Vanessa is wrong, wrong, wrong for heels that high at a B-Ball game, come on. NO Break-Your-Neck shoes at sporting events. That's 101 girlie. Adrienne is inhaling those nachos, but hey she may just be starrrving. Spike's family is so cute. Happy for him. Satchel looks pissed in the 1st picture.
Mocha1's picture

Kamber (Kanye+Amber Rose) -

Kamber (Kanye+Amber Rose) - Needs to stop it already! They are both CLEARLY gay. We already know about her sordid past with ex-stud companion Tiffany. Amber is now Kanye's Beard. I think his boy toy is Kid Cudi. They do have on matching trucker denim! Solange- Needs to give itup. There is no way no matter how sexy, talented, blah blah blah she may be, she will NEVER (read again) NEVER be able to come out of sister Beyonce's shadow and flourish as an artist. In part because she is really corny and doesn't "do it" for most but, also because Daddy "slave driver" Knowles is not going to allow it. Beyonce is his cash cow and he is gonna work that heffa till she cant work no more! Oh and BTW, the crooked leg pose and wacky out fits to get attention is over done and only works on celebs we really care about Solange! Spike & The Fam - is showing everyone that we do have family nights, games nights, and spend time with each other doing more than smoking, drinking, frauding "the system", or trying to get what they got! As the Obamas settle deeper into their deserved places in the white house, I hope it will encourage all families ESPECIALLY families of color to embody good family and home initiatives. get closer! If its nothing but sitting down as a family on Sunday night watching family guy...DO IT! Vanessa Simmons - Why didn't you do something to your hair girl? I am NOT feeling the burgundy shoes and eggplant bag. The shoes matched the dreadful flower top but, what were you matching that gorgeous eggplant bag with? Your other (not 3LW) friend's garishly dark eye make ?! In the words of the late and beloved Aaliyah."Dust urself off and try again" sweetie. Anthony Anderson & S.Epatha - Looks like you guys are having a great time. Nice to see two co workers able to be friends off the set. Besides, I don't see anyone not wanting to be friends with Mr. Anderson. He is rumored to be one of the nicest, coolest, down 2 earth brothers in Hollywood. Rumor had it last summer, he put up a friend of a friend in one of his houses after they had "financial problems" and that person was NOT a celeb!
S. ViXXXen's picture

ashley weatherspoon is her

ashley weatherspoon is her name
Bob knight's picture

good for adriene to hang out

good for adriene to hang out with the sisters. and learn what class is all about. how to be a real lady
trutg's picture


KANYE AND KID CUDI!!my two husbands!!:* AMBER is always on pointB)
helloboy's picture


Dontmakememad's picture

Spike's fam. is

Spike's fam. is beautiful..Satchel looks like a real down NY girl. Cute style. Angela Simmons only wore the shoes for the paps....she got her Pastry kicks in that bag. Solange has a nice unique style...I do think tina and mathew shipped her off to the bayou for relative to raise and they kept beyonce.
softnpink's picture

Solange looks super cute! I

Solange looks super cute! I think Amber is hot too despite all the backlash she's getting. I personally don't give a care her background, I just know that the red lip and the buzz cut is killin' em!
Ellematic's picture

Solange always looks like a

Solange always looks like a man no matter what she wears. I'm all for being different,but the way she dresses is just too weird for my taste.
Mesuki's picture

The girl with Vanessa and

The girl with Vanessa and Adrienne sort of looks like a young Mel B.
Max's picture

The girl with Vanessa and

The girl with Vanessa and Adrienne is the new 3LW member...
Korilee33's picture

Angela Simmons! Solange!

Angela Simmons! Solange! Amber! Great post! Spike's daughter looks just like his wife. Thank God for that!
jojochicago's picture

looks like mel b and keily's

looks like mel b and keily's illicit love child to me ...
Ang's picture

~~Love Solange...she

~~Love Solange...she twittered about these outfits. She made them and she said that she was prepared to be on all worst dressed lists. LOL! Love her. ~~I live in Austin and there were LOTS of people here for the SxSW music festival...mostly white artists but there were definately more YBF people at the festival. Erykah Badu and The Cannabinoids were here, Solange, Kanye West, Big Boi of Outkast, that new guy Asher Roth, and plenty of others. Get those pics Tash!
StarBaby's picture

LOL!!! My girl has a blue

LOL!!! My girl has a blue kanekalon heaband. Well I never...
blackpearl's picture

wow Ashley Weatherspoon

wow Ashley Weatherspoon chillin with Vanessa & Adrienne crzy to see people become up and coming socialites
cntstp wntstp's picture

that wud explain ALOT! them

that wud explain ALOT! them things aint cute and do seem art and craftish
Japeppa's picture

Adrienne is trying so hard to

Adrienne is trying so hard to look like Kim K. smh.
jade's picture

Adrienne Bailon is wack to me

Adrienne Bailon is wack to me . She just wants attention.
lau! 's picture

Yes, Anthony Anderson is one

Yes, Anthony Anderson is one sexy teddybear!
DC_1's picture

Vanessa and he sister are

Vanessa and he sister are LAMES!!!! I hate folks who try too hard to be celebrities or kewl. Her friends look wacj as well. I think Amber is pretty. She said in an interview that she was blk and wht. Her dad is Italian and mother from Cape Verd.
Retro-Female's picture

Good style is not

Good style is not ostentatious. Solange looks like she has reverted to the 80s for her sense of style and the 80s in themselves were not stylish- more like garish. She doesn't need to wear green eye shadow for pepple to notice her and leggings with a piece of fabric wrapped around it. I wouldn't wear anything she has own to take out the trash.
devonne's picture

Sorry, but Solange tries

Sorry, but Solange tries wayyy too hard. If you r gonna look tacky, atleast try to match it a LIL BIT!!! That facial paint will NEVER be popular SOLANGE.................NEVER!!!!!!! Amber Rose is HOT!!!!! Luv her style. It is similar to her good friend RIRI. Hey, Kanye was is AUstin, damn I live 45 minutes away in Ft. Hood. Wish I could have made it to see his performance.
HOTNESS's picture

....and she'll do anything

....and she'll do anything for the limelight/and we'll do anything when the times right/heard they'd do anything for a klindike/well I'd do anything for a blond d*ke... I guess so 'Ye...
SDWP's picture

Amber is very pretty. It

Amber is very pretty. It takes a naturallly beautiful women to shave her head and still command attention when she enters the room.
devonne's picture


OMYGOSH's picture

Solange pleeez stop! i mean i

Solange pleeez stop! i mean i know yu tryna be all UNIQUE an shit but pleez gurl we get the point..moving on Spikey and Fam looked cutsey and is his daughter's name REALLY Satchel???? Vanessa looks lost without Angie by her side but loves her still. I love Kanye and Amber together. i hope he marries her ya know.. throw them eggs in haterz faces..lmao....:D
Allyblanx's picture

Solange is HOT!!

Solange is HOT!!
Dontmakememad's picture

Everyone looks great minus

Everyone looks great minus adrienne not feeling her and amber.
Alana's picture



Solange needs a new stylist!

Solange needs a new stylist! Spike Lee's wife looks better looking with short hair. Kanye and Amber Rose doing their thing. Amber Rose hair would look better if she had darker hair. It would bring out her features more. She looks like an Albino with blonde hair
Tar Baby's picture

And Spike's daughter is

And Spike's daughter is gorgeous! He better keep the boys away from her.
LoudPen's picture

Solo is that work as usual.

Solo is that work as usual. The banana pants are strange but everything else is on point.
LoudPen's picture

Solange....kill yourself.

Solange....kill yourself.
Honest Tee's picture

Vanessa knows those 5 inch

Vanessa knows those 5 inch heels are too high for a B-Ball game. It is great to look cute and all but get REAL! I know she was tipping around that piece to keep from breaking an ankle. Spike's fam is cute. Ye' is smiling ear to ear w/Amber so she must be doing something right!
SPICY's picture

i love solange's style. CUTE!

i love solange's style. CUTE! Amber is always on point... Kanye, NO COMMENT UMM.. WHO ARE THE REST AGAIN??
missbeyherself's picture

yeezy looks like is putting

yeezy looks like is putting it down on whatever song he was singing. i like the green eyeshadow solo is rocking; the blue 99 cents braiding weave from the hair store, not so much!
NitaBonita's picture

I love Solo and her style..I

I love Solo and her style..I want her blazer I love Yeezy and Cudi... I want Amber's shades..Kanye looks mad hype wen he's with her by the way!! lol Vanessa looks cute.. Kim Kardy's twin..humm...MOVING RIGHT ALONG Spike and fam..looks like fun times
MissGQ's picture

i like solonge's style

i like solonge's style because its different and i like that she doesnt follow the mold in the industry so she stands out as an individual.
its me!'s picture

i think he has gone through

i think he has gone through alot latley and just wants some one bto be around. i dont think its a serious relationship, but rather him just having fun by having a relationship. i peronally dont like amber rose i believe she is an opportunist but if ye's happy then thats good
itsme!'s picture

There is nothing original

There is nothing original about Solange's style. That mix n match look has been going on and done by many before her.That close up picture of her is doing her no justice. You can really see that she is her father's child.
Erica (original)'s picture


OMYGOSH's picture

Yes, I'm digging Hans-Solo's

Yes, I'm digging Hans-Solo's look too. She's doing her own thing. Not jocking everyone else style.
Steve D.'s picture

I just don't get Solo's style

I just don't get Solo's style selection sometimes. I love the girl for goin outside the stylebox but the banana pants?? Really? And what's with the warrior makeup...naw...i don't give a damn how much money you makin....some shit just is not hot. period..Rich Kidz. Check.
MiMiBlack's picture

Solo is still the same song I

Solo is still the same song I Decided, it's still not helping your album sales.
Jay's picture

oh and hey Yeezy....thanx for

oh and hey Yeezy....thanx for cuttin that shag off...so much sexier....
MiMiBlack's picture

i am sooo cosigning a

i am sooo cosigning a preggers watch on adriene..asap...look at that girl grub.. round up ur sources natasha...
lipstick stick's picture

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