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Kanye Gets Computerized For COMPLEX+Harlem Heights' Brooke & Christian Are A New Couple?+Terrence J Does A Fashion Spread

Kanye wanted to think outside the box for his newest photoshoot:

So for his Complex cover shoot, he went to Photographer Chris Milk to shoot his looks at the same computer generation studio Curious Case of Benjamin Button was shot. Here's a snippet of his interview: C: You know, since then, people who know that I know you have asked two recurring questions: Is he on drugs? Is he gay? Kanye West: [Laughs.] What do you tell them? C: That I’ve never seen you do drugs, but I’ve definitely seen you go in, as far as chicks— Kanye West:[Laughs very hard.] But, you know, that doesn’t prove anything [to them], right? Someone could just be like, “He’s just running in girls when he’s really thinking about fucking guys.” That’s, like, the devil’s advocate thing that they probably say. But drugs? How perfect is that? People think I’m on drugs! I didn’t even have to do drugs for people to think that I was on them. And what’s funny is that I feel like my outfits were very masculine and very hip-hop. C: Why do you think there’s such a fixation on your sexuality? Kanye West: I really think it’s because society tries to dictate the way a guy is supposed to dress and the way a guy is supposed to act, and I refuse to conform. A lot of these dudes would never be accused of being gay just because they all look exactly alike. If people could just realize the amount of mundaneness and followers that lack creativity… I think people’s mentality is like, Only gay people are that creative. And it’s true there are a lot of gay people who are incredible creative minds, but there are straight people who are incredible creative minds—and there’s gay people who can’t dress or create at all, too. Closed-minded gay people probably say they dress “straight.”
Funny funny.

And speaking of 'Ye, seems like his ex Brooke Crittendon really likes dating her fellow "Harlem Heights" cast members. Our sources whispered in our ear today that Brooke now has a new boyfriend--her co-star Christian who's the lifestyle editor of Dime Magazine. This hasn't been revealed yet on the show, but they've been hitting up the night scene around NY together. And not always with their other cast members in tow.  Apparently she Twitters about her new love constantly.  Brooke also dated fellow co-star Pierre this season too. Interesting... Pics of Terrence J's fashion spread when you read the rest... Rocsi gets KING, Terrence J gets Right On!:

He did a full fashion spread for their new upcoming issue.



Ye'...u make me like you more

Ye'...u make me like you more and more. Terrance...u such a cutie...Right On!
MiMiBlack's picture

Is it me or does Terrence

Is it me or does Terrence always dress like he is in high school. Everytime I see him I'm like how old are you again?? He just doesnt have that swag maybe. Maybe its not the clothes just him. Other than that his personality seems cool on the show and what not... idk.
HA!'s picture

Why is Terrence still dressed

Why is Terrence still dressed like a tweenanger? Enough with hoodies!!! Yeezy, you're my dude and all but let's stop with the gay campaign. We already know you're straight
jfkjean's picture

doesnt Brooke look like Keri

doesnt Brooke look like Keri Hilson. they look so much a like. no joke.
abc123's picture

WOW! Is this whack a** slut

WOW! Is this whack a** slut news now?? The show sucks and she is the reason why! PLEASE spare us next time NATASHA!
Erica's picture

Brooke is basically being

Brooke is basically being herself....going after other chicks' dudes. She just clings to other people men.
Bre's picture

The girl that narrates on

The girl that narrates on Harlem Heights looks like a "helper." O poor ting, & not to mention the teeth and the hair....... I not mean, it's the truth!
JLJ's picture

when r u people going going

when r u people going going to accept an artist for their music and not their lifestyle... who cares who sleeps with who.. You are either a fan of their music or not.. so shut the fuck up
Senoj's picture

iiM really Feelinq Brooke,

iiM really Feelinq Brooke, Shes gorgeous, she dresses fly and she keeps it 100 i honestly dont think christian was feeling ashlie like dat tho, UgHh i cant stand her ass, she talks like shes readinq of a script, and i think she was jealous of brooke wen she was wit Kanyeezy and 2 top it off , how Brooke come 2 ur own party lookinq better than u, BxtcH Plz sit down! Kanye ... love him, pix r crazy creative; Def a fresh new look
purpleKisses's picture

As I've said before, KANYE IS

As I've said before, KANYE IS A GENIUS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE A GENIUS. He's too innovative, too creative. I love these pics and I love what he had to say in the article. He is correct 100% and its so sad, because of society a lot of young men will never a)except their inner fashionista in fear of looking "gay" or b)never come out in fear of reprisal. Forever a Kanye fan!
Miss. Tiandez Jones's picture

Love you Natasha, but you are

Love you Natasha, but you are killing me softly with the "so" at the beginning of every description. Great spread from 'Ye.
BUGGABOO's picture

You know what...I'm just

You know what...I'm just tired.... I don't like Kanye West or Chris Brown now... I just think they both have issues... Especial Chris Brown............And Brooke from Harlem Heights.... She has a boyfriend but I forgot his name... They been going out for like 6 months now.... Wait till I get on the scene, I'm just tired of these lames. I don't even know why I'm commenting on this mess...but anywho
vipatlstyle's picture

Luvin Kanye's photo shoot.

Luvin Kanye's photo shoot. HOT HOT HOT. Terrance J...............looks average as usual but nice never the less. Brook is a pretty chica.
HOTNESS's picture

right on! is the ish to do

right on! is the ish to do now?!!? rofl!!!! i'm mad.
holla06's picture

Dude gets it twisted every

Dude gets it twisted every time he does one of these magazine interviews...lol smdh He's such a damn whiny ass diva...lol
Southbay L.A. Baby's picture


Alana's picture


Ieshia's picture

fashion and terrence??? NO!!

fashion and terrence??? NO!! I love Kanye..and always will (he is so right about everything he said) people are so ignorant wen it comes to the subject of gay or straight men, and what their supposed to wear..WTF, since wen is there "gay men" clothes or "striaght men" clothes..fucking retards.. love you yeezy..keep on laughing at those ignorant people.. and chris milk did a GREAT job with those photos
MissGQ's picture

Brooke Crittendon wants to be

Brooke Crittendon wants to be famous so bad like her ex boyfriend, even though she says she's so over him...lol Speaking of Brooke's ex boyfriend, the photos are cool. Blah@ Terrence J.
Southbay L.A. Baby's picture

yaaaa...if only what Terrence

yaaaa...if only what Terrence was doing was really fashion...I'm sure it wasn't his choice at all, but um....can we say lame? ::shrugs:: maybe i'ma hater, but i'm bored and so over the jeans and hoodies...been there, done that
Stewie's picture

LOL!!! it is annoying,,

LOL!!! it is annoying,,
Ms Thang's picture

Natasha please dont waste our

Natasha please dont waste our time with anymore Harlem Heights posts....they are sheer wackness
Harlem's picture

I was really excited about

I was really excited about Harlem heights show UNTIL I viewed the debut. Too many fake ppl. Seem like most of the cast 'front' about themselves. Tired of seeing and hearing sista's act PETTY towards each other! Grow up...it's not mature or classy.
purtyblkgrl's picture

Sorry, but I can't stand

Sorry, but I can't stand Brooke. Not the way she's portrayed on the show anyway. And I'm thinking her initial interest in this guy was only to spite Ashlie, since he showed interest in her first and they dont get along. Also, I hated that scripted mess of a show and tried to give it a chance to develop and grow on me, but no deal. I don't watch it anymore.
Koolaid's picture

I am SOOOOO tired of Terrence

I am SOOOOO tired of Terrence J making "pouty lips"! And in EVERY shot! STOP! PLEASE!
PJDuncan's picture

I LOVE Terrance.....but he is

I LOVE Terrance.....but he is not matching in any of those pics! Right On is still on the stands......DAMN! why does it seem like ive seen him in these oufits on air!!!
lea's picture

I do know both Brooke and

I do know both Brooke and Christian they are dating but who cares...
Jan's picture

omg, kanye needs stop

omg, kanye needs stop thinking hes the new michael jackson and hes not creative at all, but only his music. Hes jacking the the 80's style
sam's picture

I agree. SHe is the only one

I agree. SHe is the only one I like on the cast. I dont understand those other girls...they are not cute...all they do is dress fly all day and do nothing. Show is so stage it aint funny. All the guys are good looking tho
MEME's picture

Wack!!! If Christian was

Wack!!! If Christian was supposed to be getting to know ashley and dropped her ass when the wind blew, why wouldn't he do that to brooke. She shoulda chilled with pierre he seemed like a good guy with his head on straight. After 21 y.o. the criteria you use to choose men shouldn't be "cool".
bianca's picture

they are a bunch recycled

they are a bunch recycled Hills charcters ur rigth
major's picture

Ain't it the truth? He has

Ain't it the truth? He has displayed every immature, soft, whiny stereotype assigned to the female sex. And he carries purses, call it what you want.
MsDonnaGirl's picture

Wow Natasha! That's

Wow Natasha! That's cold...you know full well Brooke wasn't feeling Pierre like that. She's the best one on the show because she's not all phony like the other ones. And I like Christian...he's a cutie.
Khai's picture

"Queens Stand Up"--This wrote

"Queens Stand Up"--This wrote itself.... I agree with Kanye. Men (boys) waddling around like ducks because their pants don't fit is not masculine or feminine. It's silly. Or developing carpel tunnel or arthritis in your right wrist from walking around trying to hold your pants up is not sexy at all.
ann's picture

Terrance J is not really

Terrance J is not really photogenic and his face and every pic look the same BOOOOO thumbs down but his dunks go hard and he still cute
shawndea2005's picture

Terrence looks like a little

Terrence looks like a little boy, cute though.
Max's picture

What's wrong with him

What's wrong with him Terrance's lips? He could crack a smile. I didn't know Mickey was back in style....Where's Rocsi when you need her...LOL
Tiffiqtee's picture

Thanks for jacking my pic of

Thanks for jacking my pic of Christian and Brooke..They look really cute togther. She only went on a date with Pierre lol, they were not TOGETHER
Ian Jarrell 's picture

Brooke from Harlem Heights

Brooke from Harlem Heights only went on ONE date with pierre, stop making it sound like she's letting the entire cast run through her.
Sarah 's picture

I love creative men!! And I

I love creative men!! And I am loving Kanye West right now. A big "thumbs up" to Terrance for the photo shoot!!! Looking all sexy and stuff. LOL!!
p1tey1's picture


216's picture

kanye.......people don't

kanye.......people don't think you're gay because you're "creative" (you wish).....they think you're gay 'cause you act like a woman.
Why?'s picture

If Terrance is your boo, then

If Terrance is your boo, then the Dream is my husband, lmao
Yelof.'s picture

terrence mickey mouse sweater

terrence mickey mouse sweater - is a womans sweater from H&M - the stylist -- did a major no no with this one !
brinastarr's picture

I actually like Terrence, so

I actually like Terrence, so good for him. Kanye is the ish on this cover Good for Brooke, she's surprisingly the only girl I like on the cast...the rest belong on Baldwin Hills, spoiled lil' brats...
Hotstuff's picture

Terrence is too damn silly

Terrence is too damn silly for me..... He is a goofball all the way. The pic's of him look just like him silly. Grown A$$ man in a Damn Mickey Mouse shirt.>>>>GTFOH
PBNJ's picture

You hating on my boo!!!Leave

You hating on my boo!!!Leave him alone lol
Brazilian Barbie's picture


Kanye Lover All Dai's picture

Sorry Terrance..YOU FAILED.

Sorry Terrance..YOU FAILED. AGAIN. Kanye: Okay. We get it. Or Maybe not. LOL Harlem Heights: Please.
Yelof.'s picture

There something about him

There something about him that I really like I don't know.He's goofy, corny and I like that.Just like Nick Cannon.
Brazilian Barbie's picture

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