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The Williams sisters hit the Ralph Lauren and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Pre-Wimbledon Party at Kensington Roof Gardens in London last night.

Their BFF Kelly Rowland was on hand.

And so was Michelle. And here in the states, Iman and other celebs hit up makeup maven Sam Fine's DVD launch at NYC's Warren Tricomi Salon At The Plaza Hotel:

Iman kicked it with the man of the hour.

And Wendy Williams kicked it with Mr./Ms. Ru Paul.  All the drag queen-ness in that room had to be overwhelming. More pics from both events when you read the rest...

Before the event, Kelly posted a twitpic of the girls at dinner.  Cute.

Still undecided on these shoes....

Not feeling Serena's look at all.  Sparkly pants are a hard thing to pull off.

But on the flip sode, I'm actually really liking Venus' look.

Naomie Harris was there.

Oh Michelle.... And across the pond in NYC:

Iman and her fabulousness were at the Plaza celebrating with Sam Fine.  And yes, she pulls of the sparkly pants.

Vanessa Williams and her ombre-ish dress were there.

So was Deborah Cox.  Long time no see chick.

Gotta love that Wendy....
Photogs: Kohen/Shamim



Oh Michelle what Tasha...

Oh Michelle what Tasha... Michelle looks DAMN good... Kelly's shoes are super cute and Serena looks like a man in anything she wears b/c she's HUGE and built like a man...but this outfit just sucks...
Honest Opinion's picture

WTF Michelle needs to eat

WTF Michelle needs to eat some carbs pasta bread anything...black women hello we don't pull off the cocaine chic look very well...eat some ox tails and rice honey
michele's picture

Is michelle sick? Or does she

Is michelle sick? Or does she have an eating disorder because she is looking like she is in need of some serious medical attention!
Nikkiatl's picture

michelle williams is really

michelle williams is really showing her AGE! she does not look like she is under 30, same age as the DC set AT ALL. she need to gain some weight to fix that STAT!!!
sss's picture

Michelle is EMACIATED!!!!

Michelle is EMACIATED!!!! Good Lord...
BOHO's picture

Venus: Her look is fabulous,

Venus: Her look is fabulous, but I think she needs a hair makeover (that’s just the stylist in me). Serena: Typical, awkward Venus look. It would be better if she had on a sleeveless button down shirt that is unbuttoned to the cleavage with ruffles along the neck and down the front pared with some bright shoes or accessories. Kelly Rowland: She needs to get her lace front thinned out some to look more natural, and she needs to lose the midget purse. The purse and shoes are having a conflict of interest. Michelle: She looks like she suffering with anorexia. I think 40 lbs. would do her body good. Nice outfit though. Iman: Gorgeous as ever. Wendy Williams: K, she needs on a V-neck or button down blouse that is opened to her cleavage to break up that blah bust area. Big busted women need not wear shirts/blouses that are fitted up to the neck. There is just too much chest going on here. Vanessa Williams: What’s up with the extra meat trying to escape around the arm pit area? This look ages her. Deborah Cox: Her look is perfection.
FashionPolice's picture

Why does it always look like

Why does it always look like Wendy's bigg a$$ feet are squeezed (I wanted to say squoze) in some too small shoes....She probably buys the largest size Louboutin carries....
Locprincess's picture

Yes Michelle has always been

Yes Michelle has always been thin but never THIS thin. I'm a thin sista myself so I can appreciate another fab thin chica. However this woman looks anorexic or like she is deathly ill, nobody wants to see all them bones poppin out of everywhere or legs that look like pepperoni sticks, not cute or sexy at all ma. Eat something stat! You also look like ur going to a church bruncheon. Kelly looks alright, something off about those shoes and of course er wig is in definate need of some health care better yet a retirement plan, she def looks better with the short cut. Everyone is gets a fail from me.
who_pooted?'s picture

Michelle outfit is looking

Michelle outfit is looking cute but the skin and bones are not a good look! She needs an all you can eat buffet!
caramelgirl's picture

BoyG3nius: Serena

BoyG3nius: Serena :FAULT!Kelly” FOOT FAULTVenus: ACE right on target lol
ithacagurl's picture

Omg where do I

Omg where do I begin?? Kelly, BABY......cmon now. I know what you're going for, but trust me YOU DO NOT look like a black barbie in that wig. I promise. Serena...BABY... Lift your boobs and maybe those pants wouldn't have been such a fashion faux pas if they wouldn't have fit you like sparkly hot air balloons. Sighs...Michele... HONEY...what's wrong? You look stressed and too kneck-tense.
ChocolatePoison's picture

Whoa!: HOW IN D HELL did

Whoa!: HOW IN D HELL did they find those mirror Louboutins in Wendy’s man foot size? AHAHAHAHAHA she squeezed into those!!!..Or maybe she had them stretched!...Anywho Kelly why don't your ppl tell you your hair looks horrible!?!?!?!? Cmon seriously...I've seen your hair look better Kelly, you have the wrong ppl around because they dont tell you when you look a mess & that's terrible
lipstiick a.k.a Label Whore's picture

Michelle looks sick..she was

Michelle looks sick..she was never THIS thin..I hope all is well.. I miss Kelly with her short hair..from her early destiny's child days..
MissCaramel's picture

MIchelle doesn't need to eat

MIchelle doesn't need to eat she loogs great-not everybody is into the "thick" look. Kelly is a gorgeous girl but that hair is doing nothing for her-very tacky. She needs to get a lesson in wigging from Beyonce. Venus-looks amazing for the first time ever! She got everything right especially the hair and makeup..or and the pose. Serena-too much woman for me-she yet has to find a look that suits her. Iman-flawless Vanessa-fabulous Deborah Cox- Where have you been? She doesn't age. .
Veritas's picture


Veritas's picture

i gasped out loud when i saw

i gasped out loud when i saw serena's gold lame genie pants...oh honey, no. *sadface* her sister looks nice tho. vanessa williams gets a pass for her hair cuz she's usually always on point. everyone else pretty much looks as expected except michelle--everytime i see that chile there is less of her...right now it looks like she could be blown away by the wind at any minute. not a good look, boo. is she sick? LMAO @ wendy's feet!! oh lord an kelly, fix yo weave and your feet, please and thank you!
sea_side's picture

Ummm, I can't stop staring @

Ummm, I can't stop staring @ Michelle's pencil arms...is she okay?!?
Tink's picture

Okay so it's officially time

Okay so it's officially time to put Michelle on the Endangered Species list. She's looking mighty hungry these days!
SoulOnFire's picture


Robin: GREAT SCOTT BATMAN! LOOKS LIKE WE ARRIVED JUST IN TIME TO SAVE THE WOMAN IN THE BLUE DRESS FROM A WOOLY PARASITE ATTACKING HER BRAIN!!! Batman: No Robin. That's Kelly Rowland from the group Beyonce Knowles & Nem. It appears that the diabolical Knowles clan have made her relinguish all of her suitable wigs and left her with a cheap knock off from Beauty World! Robin: WELL WHAT ABOUT THE MAN IN DRAG WITH THE FLOTATION DEVICES CONSTRICTING HIS CHEST. WE MUST SAVE HIM. Batman: Wrong again Robin. That's E-List radio personality Wendy Williams. I'm afraid nothing can be done for her situation short of reversing time and forcing the evil parents that spawned her to practice abstinance! Robin: Holy Cow! Foiled Again!
Puttintang's picture

The only thing that REALLY

The only thing that REALLY stuck out to me was somebodies legs! Michelle's legs look like two match sticks that had already been set on fire falling from her skirt! LOL Those are the BONEIST set of walkers I ever seen. She should wear about 15 pairs of stockings at once to give dem joints some gerth!! LMAO If she grew hair on those jokers that might even be an improvement. They look a basket of chicken wings after everybody done ate all the meat off dem! LMAO
DatsMyWord's picture

Michelle's ankles look like

Michelle's ankles look like wrists! Kelly's hair is obviously fake...stop it! Her dress looks FAB, however, as well as the shoes and purse.
tiffer's picture

Michelle looks anorexic fo

Michelle looks anorexic fo sho.... I hate kellys new weave, it does nothing for her...Serena looks like an Aladdin reject...Wendy williams boobs are just too much!
leelee05's picture


THISISME's picture

Venus & Serena clean up well.

Venus & Serena clean up well. Although I do not like Serena's pants, they both look lovely and their hair looks better than the airport pics!! I'm all for not being obese but got dammit Michelle!! Get some food ASAP!!
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

Michelle has always been

Michelle has always been super skinny, lokks like it's in her genes. She looks good here to me. Kelly needs a haior intervention, STAT. DArk skinned sista with a super shiny Barbie wig...no. Serena, I'm tired of trying to defend you on here. This is a FAIL FAIL FAIL, top to bottom. The nerve to wear those pants and then pair them with bulky gold shoes and a tee that makes your breasts look low...??
Cali Girl's picture

The shoes are cute, but what

The shoes are cute, but what is with that awful wig. She looks like a drag queen. Ah, where's her stylist?
liks's picture

BoyG3nius: Serena

BoyG3nius: Serena :FAULT!Kelly” FOOT FAULTVenus: ACE Hehe, Mi likey ur tennis terminology in reference to the looks, Good 1! Goooooooooo Venus & Rena, all Williams final @ Wimbledon please, if not one of u, preferably Venus must win & prove that grass is ur turf, I'll be watching!!!!!!
Barack N' Roll's picture

Sigh...let me get this off my

Sigh...let me get this off my chest first. Iman has the nerve to talk about Michelle Obama when she looks like a Madame Toussaind wax creation. A pure hot mess is what she is. The Williams sisters look sweet. Kelly is fab minus the wig. She should revert back to the short doo from early DC. Michelle needs a makeover from the crown to the feet. Debra Cox and Vanessa Williams complete the fab set for me.
Politically Incorrect's picture

Kelly looks great - except

Kelly looks great - except for the hair. love her style but se needs to fix her hair situation because the long eave/wig doesn't suit or flatter her. No comment on Venus except that she tried. I am a slim sista myself and do not share black america's infatuation with so-called thick or overweight black women. In fact i diet if I feel myself putting on weight and would NEVER let myself get thick. That being said I think Michelle is TOO thin and NEEDS to gain a little weight.
Fo' Sho's picture

WTH is wrong with Michelle?

WTH is wrong with Michelle? Why is she soooo skinny? It doesn't look healthy at all.
FieryArcher's picture

its me bitches: Kelly and

its me bitches: Kelly and Michelle look a mess even without Bey present.. Michelle needs a burger desprately. and Kelly needs a brand new make over BADD.. VW is a classy chick.. gotta love her~Didnt like Serena’s pants.. that hidious fashion wreck get a big fat NO GO!!! O and I see Michelle is still taking them crazy ass pictures.. she's never ready! She needs to read these blogs and get a clue.. ugh!!
its me bitches's picture

jennielove: …legs look

jennielove: …legs look like twigs???!!!!I almost didn’t see them.I had to look again.And if the camera adds 10 lbs., can you imagine what she looks like in person.Serena looks good. Scary thought!!
Chica's picture

Kelly and Michelle look a

Kelly and Michelle look a mess even without Bey present.. Michelle needs a burger desprately. and Kelly needs a brand new make over BADD.. VW is a classy chick.. gotta love her~ Didnt like Serena's pants.. that hidious fashion wreck get a big fat NO GO!!!
its me bitches's picture

Lucky Girl: Wendy and

Lucky Girl: Wendy and Rupaul look like they were seperated at birth.Serena those pants hell naaww.Kelly look like your weave is greasy and heavy.Vanessa looks nice but her hair is another story.Michelle ok.Venus ok. ok I JUST got finished tellling me co-worker that Wendy and RuPaul look like twins! lmfao!!! please somebody tell me the hell is Michele so doggone skinny? is she sick or something? Loved Venus dress and her whole look. but what happened to her sister?
LOL's picture

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...you're

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...you're too cute to wear that crappy hair do. Can we please get the short and sassy back? And that purse...I mean really...don't you HOST The Fashion Show?
Niki's picture

Forget Kellys wig! Whats up

Forget Kellys wig! Whats up with them toes!!!! Ewwww!!! I would not wear open toes with those knuckle feet!!!
Lovely's picture

Michelle looks nice to me...I

Michelle looks nice to me...I like her hair, at least.
jjj's picture

I really hate Kelly's wig,

I really hate Kelly's wig, but the rest looks good.
jennielove's picture

Chica: I don’t know..for

Chica: I don’t know..for some reason those gold pants do work for Serena..it’s weird…I’d rather be Kelly skinny than Michelle…I mean, she can’t help it if she is naturally that thin, but it photographs sick…her arms and legs look like twigs ...legs look like twigs???!!!! I almost didn't see them. I had to look again. And if the camera adds 10 lbs., can you imagine what she looks like in person. Serena looks good.
jennielove's picture

Windy looks like a man, sorry

Windy looks like a man, sorry there is nothing attractive about this woman, I don't care how big her hair and breast are. Kelly's weave looks horrible on her and Michelle needs to eat some food. Venus looks marvelous and serena get-up has got to go. All that damn money serena is make she knows that everytime she steps our of the house she should be fierce!!!!!!!
Sherie's picture

Gigi: LMFAO! it’s like she

Gigi: LMFAO! it’s like she had to babyoil her feet for them to fit in the shoes smh LMAO@ BOTH OF YA'LL COMMENTS ABOUT HER FEET!!!!!!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

The only reason why I decided

The only reason why I decided to comment on this post is because Venus looks sooo fab! I actually think that Serena looks nice as well. I know people are usually critical of how they look (I'm a fan of them) but this shows that when they are dressed right for their bodies, how glamorous they can look! Bravo girls!
Black Vesper's picture


YEAH BUT, NO BUT......'s picture

I love Kelly Rowland. God

I love Kelly Rowland. God knows I do. But it looks like she's a recent victim of the "bad wig" crane. You know the look when you see it--like a giant mechanical arm plopped a horrible synthetic hairpiece atop someone's head. That bad wig crane has messed up more than a few starlets on the red carpet.
E-Dub's picture

Hot messes all over the

Hot messes all over the place. Kelly needs to get rid of that wig! She looks like a tranny. And the pierce does not go with her outfit. Serena...forget it. It's not even worth it. How old is Michelle claiming to be? She looks as old as Wendy, Iman and Vanessa.
Erica (original)'s picture

The Williams sisters will

The Williams sisters will always look that way even on their best day. As for D.Cox she just had a baby not long ago and looks great. Iman is beautiful as always. Kelly needs to get another wig that one isn't working for her small face, maybe if it was shorter. Michelle needs to do some music that she can sale because she looks like she missed a few meals. Yes I know she was always slim, but you can't tell me she was always that skinny! Wendy looks a hot mess as always. she is prettier on the radio.
drkcoco's picture

oh deborah cox she just had

oh deborah cox she just had her second child...she looks good...
t.dubz...'s picture

It's not Kelly's shoes it's

It's not Kelly's shoes it's her feet. The shoes are cute!
Butterflygirl's picture

Serena - NO! the sparkly

Serena - NO! the sparkly pants are just wrong....that outfit says F*ck Effort. Venus -definitely an upgrade from her usual she looks good... Michelle -honestly she looks cute, just needs some of what Tina knowles be eatin Kelly - always adorable, but the $24 dolla Quan Lee wig is killin me softly...do better kel Wendy Williams - HOWYOUDOIN, she's so draggy! but i love it(cause she's messy) Deborah Cox, Iman, and Vanessa - 10, 10 10, FAB chicks indeed. Sam fine - cutey!
go girl's picture

Damn Michelle looks like

Damn Michelle looks like she's been on a deserted island with no food somewhere... Kelly, PLEASE get a new wig. Please. I've missed Deborah Cox. She has an amazing voice.
beautifuldaidreamer: Internet beef is lame's picture

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