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Joy Bryant Dishes On Her Weave+Kerry Washington Gets Fab

Joy Bryant wrote a blog over at Essence.com. And she's being half sarcastic and half real about her own addiction to weave. ANd how Tyra's "real hair" realization has no effect on her:
As the threads of the grown-out tracks were being snipped, I broke out my laptop and began my ritualistic daily web search. I go from news of the day to articles/blogs about the news of the day, ending up on entertainment/gossip/fashion stuff. But that day, something caught my attention and trumped all of the glowing reviews of President Obama’s health care speech: It was Tyra’s hair. National Real Hair Day? I missed that one...In fact, on National Real Hair Day, I was calling Extensions Plus in L.A. to make sure they had enough of the 20” "relaxed roots" texture hair that I love oh so much (and that keeps selling out like crazy!), and making an appointment to get my hair, I mean, my weave, hooked up. So Tyra, while I didn’t take part in your observance, I just want to say: "WOW!" You are such a brave woman for breaking the chains that bound you since your teenage years! What courage that took, for you to expose yourself to millions of people! Such fearlessness! Oh, how I wish I had the guts to do that. I guess I’m much too much of an insecure, self-loathing Negro for all that self-acceptance foolishness. I’m glad we got down to solving the mystery of what’s under your lace-front, though. I mean seriously, it was "THE" question that has perplexed the world over. And now we see that there’s a beautiful head of hair underneath it all, hair that was surprisingly relaxed and ready for the world. Whodathunkit?! If I had the same length and fullness of hair that you have, I might take my weave out too. Ha!!!! I’m just playing! Even if I DID have your "real" hair, I’d still be wearing a few tracks or clip-ons up in there. Why? Because I’m straight weave fo life, kid!!! Ima ride ride wit this weave, die die with this weave!! Let me break it down for you: See, I loooooove taking new hair out of the bag, combing through it with my fingers, holding it up with my two hands, and burying my face in it. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm! Nothing like a new batch of zig-zag curly to get your self esteem out of the dumps! The feeling of getting my hair, I mean, my weave done over. I feel human again. I feel sexy. I feel powerful. It makes me feel...it makes me feel...it makes feel like a natural woman!!! I can be whatever, whoever I want to be with the stroke of a sewing needle... With long brown tresses and a tan, I’m Pocahontas, 'cause I got Indian in my family. With easy waves, I AM bohemian rhapsody goddess personified. And now that I got blond highlights! What!? I know I look like Beyonce! You can’t tell me nothing! Uh oh, uh oh... And then I looked up from my computer, and caught a glimpse in the mirror of my head minus the long weavy locks. I looked crazy! Awww hell naw! I looked over at the new batch of hair sitting off to the side waiting to join forces with me. Damnit, I’m trapped, I thought to myself. I can’t let it go. I am powerless over it. Just when I think I’m done, it pulls me back in! Now I guess I can get help for my self-loathing addiction. I can learn to accept myself in my entirety. I can emancipate myself from that which keeps me locked-up. I can embrace the natural state of things. Yup, I can do all of that… But don’t hold your breath! Hi, my name is Joy, and I’m a weave-a-holic.
Hilarity. Pics of YBF chick Kerry Washington when you read the rest...

The gorgeousness that is Kerry Washington was in San Sebastian, Spain this weekend promoting her new movie Mother And Child.  And she rocked this fabulous Catherine Malandrino Resort 2010v look:

Loves it.



luv my blackberry: Thank

luv my blackberry: Thank you Joy! So sick of people like Tyra telling black women they hate themselves for whatever reason! Black women are free to wear their hair however they choose. Wanting to look your best doesn’t have to mean you hate yourself. Stop it! NIce, and at least she still keeps it natural by not caking on the make up and stuff. I think she da realest.....no, but she is keeping it realer than most, weave or no weave.
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WHATS THE BIG DEAL: Im white and almost everyone of my friends wear extensions including myself. Asian women, women, even if its just to add bounce and make it fuller. No biggie. in the 16th century even men use to wear powderred wigs whats the big deal. I like extensions, i can go without them just like we can go without plucking are eye brows, colouring are , wearing eye liner, its just another thing that adds to the beauty. NO BIG DEAL I totally agree!!!!
LOVECHILD5O4's picture

Her weave doesn't look bad,

Her weave doesn't look bad, it looks as if it's her natural hair. I believe that's what she goes for. I think people are blowing it out of proportion. She went to the extreme, because Tyra did. But, that's how Tyra is. She makes the simplest issue seem like a global one. I understood the sarcasm. Kudos Joy!!!
Shy's picture

Joy crazy as all hell! Lmao!

Joy crazy as all hell! Lmao! That was funny. I feel the same way bout my weave girl....the same way.
Dezzi Dez's picture

Joy crazy as all hell! Lmao!

Joy crazy as all hell! Lmao! That was funny. I feel the same way bout my weave girl....the same way.
Dezzi Dez's picture

Joy was using sarcasm. Most

Joy was using sarcasm. Most of the time when her hair looks long and dry it is her natural hair but she will rarely (like the photo above) try something different and throw on a wig. But she was totatly remarking in sarcasm how baby TyTy was making a big deal out of her "natural hair" which was permed and that it was not big deal nor was it life changing for us or the world to see her 8 finger forehead (loves you TyTy but you know your dome is large). Honstly it would have been more moving for a wig wearer to take of a wig and show a bald scalp b/c of cancer. Joy you showed a sided many of us did not know, humor and greating writing skills. Thanks for the laugh because I needed it before I went postal on a customer at work. Pray for me. Black women it don't matter if you grow it, but it, or sew it just keep it healthy and lovely. Enjoy your day!
DangGina's picture

Joy Bryant needs to shut her

Joy Bryant needs to shut her mouth. There is nothing wrong with weaves, except for when you rock a busted one like hers! How can she talk about ANYONE, when it appears that she is incapable of running a comb through her OWN head. GTFOH!
Candy's picture

Joy's blog was meant as a

Joy's blog was meant as a satire poking fun at Tyra's dumb, ditzy a**. Joy is poking fun at the fact that Tyra is actually going so far as to say you need to accept yourself for who you are and stop all of this self loathing and self hating. Joy is basically saying "Get real bytch!!! Did you really take this shyt that deeply behind some da** weave." It's kind of like speak for yourself bytch. If your reason for hating yourself and not accepting who you are in your entirety is the reason you wear weave, cool. But speak for yourself and not the fu**ing masses! Truly, this whole "Real hair" vs. "Fake hair" drama is bullshyt and we in the black community need to band together behind something powerful that can make a difference instead of dividing ourselves behind a issue that is SOOOOOO FU**ING POINTLESS!!!! I really her women daily debating this issue. How pathetic!!! This bytch really wasted a whole hour of airtime to talk about hair?!?!? WHO CARES?!?!?!? Ms. Tyra needs to learn to accept her own da** self for who she is and stop trying to prove her worth to the whole da** world! That's what that show was really about..."I'ma prove to theses suckas that I REALLY do have some hair." Who cares bytch?!?!?!? Why do you need to prove yourself to anyone???? I'll be da**ed if I EVER live my life like that. And just think this bytch is paid beyond paid and still feels the need to prove herself to pee-ons. What a waste of time and energy. I'll re-iterate before I close black people.....let's bond together behind real issues and stop dividing ourselves so much behind the menial things in life. It gets you no closer to your true destiny and even further away from God. As Russell Simmons likes to say NAMASTE BYTCH's!!!!
Jazmine's picture

I agree w/95% of the ppl on

I agree w/95% of the ppl on here... Joy ... hun youre weave is never on point boo. The pic that this site has posted is the best Ive EVER seen her.
hjk's picture

I've read literally all the

I've read literally all the comments and as far as I'm concerned Joy's article was funny because she articulated herself perfectly. As for where I stand on the weave or not to weave issue, I'll be honest today I have a weave and on Saturday I'm taking it out to do some curly braids and I do not want my real hair out for anyone to see! When I say real hair I'm talking about my afro, I haven't looked after it properly and ever since I relaxed it back in the day it never regained it's original thick bouncy texture which I now regret-it doesn't have much body. So I will eventually get bored of braids and have my hair our once it's relaxed-believe me I am not one of these girls who thinks having 'real' hair makes me more or less black and I am fully aware that 'real' hair is hair that hasn't been straightened by relaxer. But one thing I will say is that all those who are postig things about black women hating themselves are putting hate amongst the black community, it's starting to turn into a fake hair VS real hair type of war! Let's not do this, we have enough problems to deal with-i.e. recession! we need to show more love instead of hate-regardless of the hair! White ladies with fake tan, fake hair, fake nails probably don't have these type of arguments with white ladies that don't have fake hair, tan or fake nails! Why can't just learn to be a race that motivates/encourages each other!? I have a weave but believe I am PROUD to the max to be black!!
Cazza!'s picture

That was too funny.. and just

That was too funny.. and just a reminder, I have beautiful hair that stops right past my shoulders.. I am natural, so needless to say a hairstyle in the summer doesn't last for myself.. So, that is where the weave comes in.. I wear the weave in the spring/summertime... By the end of September/October, I take the weave out. It's all a preferance for some but maybe there are people out there like Tyra with insecurities... I feel for you.. Get over it.. and love u 1st, Always.
No, I said it...'s picture

LMAO I am feeling you Joy!

LMAO I am feeling you Joy! You do you! Weave for Life. I have had both natural hair and a weave and well truth is I prefer the weave. Rocking a 'fro is just too much work. At least with a weave with a few strokes of the brush and some silicone to give it shine then I am good to go. I heart me some Joy don't be bashing on her just because her style isn't what you think it should be. And I loves this blog gosh Tyra Banks get on my damn nerves with her stupid look at me I am so "real" crap. Get over yourself Tyra Spanxxx
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FRANCHESCA's picture

Sara: Ladies - stop with

Sara: Ladies - stop with the fake hair - it is just pathetic, espeacially when a woman can cut her hair short, and still look fly, and even rock a shoulder length bob, and still look fly. There is not reason for any woman in 2009 to be still hating her real hair - COME ON! Sara - I love how you have the AUDACITY and think you have the expertise on a woman's pysche to call us "pathetic" because we wear weaves....and your ridiculous reasoning is that we are pathetic because we can wear our hair short and still look fly???? So because YOU like short hair and bobs, we ALL should, right???? Of ALL things to call someone pathetic about (pushing aside all of the things that women accomplish in their lives) - this is your reasoning??? - r u serious???? You should focus on yourself because honestly, you sound pathetic, extremely judgemental and immature and that goes for you and all the "my sentiments exactly" women on here. I guess when you see a woman and don't even talk to her, your small mind goes swirling with judgements. Pick a better argument to use against other women.
Okay!!!'s picture

tj: Seriously, Joy Bryant

tj: Seriously, Joy Bryant is sad. Overwhelmingly sad. It started off funny but then it got pathetic. It reminds me of an article by a Black man “Why I love white women.” Okay? funny, but after a while it’s not that damn funny. More ignorant. My sentiments exactly
Lulu's picture

Ladies - stop with the fake

Ladies - stop with the fake hair - it is just pathetic, espeacially when a woman can cut her hair short, and still look fly, and even rock a shoulder length bob, and still look fly. There is not reason for any woman in 2009 to be still hating her real hair - COME ON!
Sara's picture

Joy's article was really

Joy's article was really funny. I am tired of Tyra and all of her drama about nothing. If someone wears a weave what is the big deal? if someone doesn't wear a weave ever what is the big deal? Joy made a joke of it which in my view puts all this crap in perspective.
Ravenskyy's picture

This is such an EASY issue to

This is such an EASY issue to attack black women on - dedicate your time to things that will REALLY help us out as a people - not this bullshit. What - if all black women wore natural hair one day, would there be a huge progression in who we are as as people - no - yet we spend so much tine attacking each other on it. There is always an angle to say black women don't love themselves and no one does it more than BLACK people - WTF?? We always figure out a way to divide ourselves, we seem to do that perfectly on our own without help from anyone on the outside!!!! If you don't wear a weave - good for you but don't judge others to make yourself feel better - to make yourself feel like you are blacker because of it. Ultimately, that's why you're doing it (keep it real). We have so many other issues to deal with in our community and women wearing weaves should NOT be one of them! If I had a dime for every time a black person said that black women didn't like themselves, my entire family would never have to work a day in their life. DaJournalist - obviously you've thought about this for a while and I guess to you an Asian wearing an afro is weird. Me, personally, its not weird, why?, because I don't give a shit about hairstyles like that - it does not own you or the person you are. For people who judge others based on what's outside, maybe it is. If a white person wanted to wear cornrows, still wouldn't give a shit. Last time I checked, no one was giving out awards to people with the nappiest afros. Your education, your values, your family structure, your contribution to society and being a positive role model to younger people is what defines you. Its easy to go after how someone looks because you can make a quick assumption about it and feel good about it. Cut the easy bullshit out.
Stacey's picture

Wearing weaves does not mean

Wearing weaves does not mean you inherently hate yourself anymore than wearing natural means you somehow inherently love yourself. I have rocked a natural, in its curly state since 2004. I enjoyed it and still do. However, I moved to the desert last year and got my first sew-in. And I enjoyed that just as much. I go back and forth between a straight, sew-in and my huge curly, natural 'fro. I love changing it up...change is good!!! Ladies, rock your hair however you'd like...weaves only become a problem when you think you can't leave the house without it...or that your beauty suffers without it.
Q's picture

It's hilarious that most of

It's hilarious that most of the women who wear weaves have to mention that their hair is 'a decent length' or they have 'a good grade of hair underneath'. Like regular plain old black hair is bad. I do believe a growing majority of black women wear weaves. And I don't think it is just because it's a hairstyle.
DaJournalist's picture

Rifa: Too funny love her

Rifa: Too funny love her sarcasm…My weave experience was not so good…I spent 180 bucks on this hair got it put in and looked completely ridiculous.Maybe I’ll try it again some day.. Rifa, it looked completely ridiculous because it's not your hair. Imagine seeing an asian lady with an afro. Lil strange, right? And that's exactly why it looks strange on some black women.
DaJournalist's picture

joy know she need to quit!!!

joy know she need to quit!!! relaxed roots my ass. her weave be lookin' jacked imma weave-a-holic as well. card carrying member to be exact. did someone ever find out what brand of weave the girls on the t.o. show get their weave?????? damn. i gotta have kerry's shoes
nina mosley's picture

I don't care anything about

I don't care anything about Joy but Kerry on the other hand is fly as ever!
Haugabook1976's picture

WTF: Joy has extremely low

WTF: Joy has extremely low self-esteem. This blog wasnt funny it was quite sad and very revealing of how she really feels about herself : ( No, you are sad!
burito9245's picture

Joy is hilarious!

Joy is hilarious!
burito9245's picture

Damn Joy, that was hilarious!

Damn Joy, that was hilarious! I was thinking the same thing. Hi, my name is burito and I'm a weave-a-holic! lol!!!!
burito9245's picture

Ms Washington leaves me

Ms Washington leaves me speechless! She is truly stylish, chic and extremely beautiful! I LOVE HER!
ybf_oz's picture

my mouthdropped at joy's

my mouthdropped at joy's blog. She really loves her weave

LMAO @ Joy Bryant post! funny

LMAO @ Joy Bryant post! funny ,if I want to were braids/weave/wig/lacefront it's my choice. Tyra please!
LALA's picture

QUOTE: "If you are already

QUOTE: "If you are already attractive and/or have the face to wear your natural hair, then more power to you. Some women, in my opinion, look better with a weave" This is not an issue that women of other races have to deal with. As if black women don't have ENOUGH problems on this earth! Here we go telling people they don't "have the face" to go out into the world with the hair God gave them. SMH. Please. QUOTE: "I wear weaves and will be wearing weaves until the day I die!" No comment.
thisaintatest's picture

Joy has extremely low

Joy has extremely low self-esteem. This blog wasnt funny it was quite sad and very revealing of how she really feels about herself : (
WTF's picture

I understand Joy is being

I understand Joy is being irreverent and turning Tyra's foolishness against her. And as *much* as I see that Tyra is just piggybacking a real issue and turning into "The TYra show" bfore Chris's documentary comes out, all so she won't feel stupid telling Black women how beautiful they are while she wears a synthetic blonde mane...I still think Joy is ignoring some basic truths. I think it is a real issu when nearly every Black woman on tv wears a long, flowing, fake weave, as if this is what we need to be beautiful. I know White actresses wear it just as much, but it's less noticeable because that is usually their real hair texture. With us, it's like we're straightening our hair chemically, then weaving in someone else's hair...all to appeal to a standard of beauty that is anathema to our own natural one. Regardless of how much Joy "loves" her weave, that does provide a commentary on our society
MDot's picture

i know... i can appreciate a

i know... i can appreciate a weave loving woman.. i LOVE my weave... but joy is just being dis respectful... like REALLY disrespectful Tyra did a brave thing... i dunno i can appreciate what tyra did becuz SOMETIMES just SUMTIMES its ok to embrace the real
Mila (mariah bey justin and michael fan)'s picture

Not a fan of Ms Tyra she's

Not a fan of Ms Tyra she's trying to hard to keep her ratings up,she exploits black women issues on her show a little to much for me and her show topics are just stupid ,skin bleacing,light vs dark skin,real hair,weaved hair,thick vs skinny just lame. Black women issues go much deeper then the superficial things she talks about. Why does everyhing has to be about her? So she wears her real so what? now she's back to rockin her weaves. TYRA get over yourself! Camp Joy
sneezybaby's picture

Kerry is so beautiful! She

Kerry is so beautiful! She looks so classy here, as always.
Tiffany's picture

Y'all need to stop with the

Y'all need to stop with the "Joy needs a stylist" foolywang. Joy been having Rachel Zoe as her stylist for a hot minute now, LOL. I feel so "non black" when black girls start talking about their weaves because they get real SERIOUS. My cousins weave it up 24/7, Ive seen their real hair like twice. I've never had a weave, Im weave virgin haha. I wear my own hair all the time and I take care of my hair like a mad woman. Id rather rock my own than wear weave to be honest. Same with makeup, Id rather achieve flawless skin than cover bad skin up with foundation. I aint hating on you weavealicious sistas though, do you. And daaaamn Kerry girl you're fly. She could get it. Flawless as hell. Shiieeet
leigh's picture

Peaches: that was so funny.

Peaches: that was so funny. i am a weave-o-holic as well, and i have a good grade of hair. is this what we as a nation has come to. who cares how good your hair is. it is too much out there in the world to talk about this foolishness. you go joy Ditto
Dee's picture

@ SexyScholar I beg to

@ SexyScholar I beg to differ! No one has ever told me a thing about what I needed to be beautiful! I get just as many looks and compliments with weave or real hair and my edges look fine and honestly weaves dont mess up hair lines like braids do. So again I must stress everyone rocks what they rock for a reason but no need to put us all in one box however we decided to rock our hair.
Lady Redd's picture

Very tacky for her to speak

Very tacky for her to speak ill of another celebrity, especially being a woman, we hear of men doing it all the time, it doesn't make it right,but whatever....I don't even remember her name, so i have to refer to her as "her". I'm not a fan of Tyra, but honey this is one war you can't win...Tyra does not even have time to entertain this immature hating. Quit trying to get in the spotlight, you're not that interesting....u are a D-lister, and this little hatin sceme you got going on is not going to help change that status.
5678's picture

I'mma give Joy the pass on

I'mma give Joy the pass on this one...maybe she meant it to be funnier then it translates...but really she sounds stupid and pressed...
honee's picture

I'm glad Joy did that blog-

I'm glad Joy did that blog- she took the sting out of the whole weave thing. I'm not sure what the big deal is! If women want to wear weaves, then so be it! I'm not sure why people are reading so much into it. Black women have had struggles with hair for many many years, so whatever makes them feel pretty or sexy- then I'm all for it! There are so many more pressing issues to deal with- why must we always focused on the most frivolous things?
Kayne's way's picture

I don't knock women who wear

I don't knock women who wear weaves especially those who do it well. I'm natural but going grey and I'm considering a weave just because I'd rather not be grey or perm again! However, I do think we are taught that wearing our hair natural/braided/loc'ed/short is discouraged and not just becuase of historical precedent - because it's a BILLION dollar business that enriches other races. "Good Hair" has a lot to say about that. No judgement, but I do think people need to realize how their decisions may be influenced. It's often deeper than you think or see.
ontherecord's picture

I feel Joy 100!! Why r people

I feel Joy 100!! Why r people so quick to down talk a female cuz she wants to weave it up. We r all beauitiful and we should wear what makes us happy. Every black woman doesn't need to walk around with a bush or dreads or whatever natural hairstyle just so she can say she is not selling out. We have OPTIONS! Use and abuse them muthertruckers! Dizzam! Let people be who they wanna be! Real hair my ass. My hair is real I paid good money to make damn sure it is.
vikvik's picture

@ley & RIkki Tell em ladies

@ley & RIkki Tell em ladies couldn't have said it better myself!!! Tyra needs to go somewhere with that none sense women wear weaves for diversity not for self worth!!! Well that's why I wear mines sometimes I'm bored with my real hair. Sometimes I want to try a new style but dont want to cut my hair permanently to achieve it. So different stokes for different folks but to say she sounded unintelligent is a lie!! Maybe it just went over some folks heads but I def got her message loud and clear Tyra stfu and do what works best for you and stop trying to make a big thing out of nothing! Women love beauty enhancements and extensions and weaves are apart of that!!! Now when you start wearing straight blonde weaves and blue eyed contacts then that's a different story....
Lady Redd's picture

Love Mrs Joy Bryant. Funny.

Love Mrs Joy Bryant. Funny.
LuckyCandy's picture

I love it, I love it, I love

I love it, I love it, I love it!!! My name is Erika and I'm a weaveaholic too!! Joy's blog summed up my feelings perfectly. She is my new fav celeb!!
Erika's picture

I don't understand the

I don't understand the weave/lace front love. I mean what is cute about Vivica, Solange and/or Beyonce's hairline after years of trying to present what?? Is beauty in the hair or is it in the person? Can you buy beauty? I feel the same about fake nails, fake lashes and the rest of the bull but I guess...whatever floats your boat and earns you your checks but please don't perpetrate like you do this because you woke up one day and thought...ooooh a weave I want one...you do it because at some point someone told you you had to in order to be accept, to be cast in that next low budget film and instead of fighting to present your true self and your art, you fell for it hook line and sinker. Can't wait to see you when you hairline starts at your ears. Good luck with that
SexyScholar's picture


WHATS THE BIG DEAL: Im white and almost everyone of my friends wear extensions including myself. Asian women, spanish women, even if its just to add bounce and make it fuller. No biggie. in the 16th century even men use to wear powderred wigs whats the big deal. I like extensions, i can go without them just like we can go without plucking are eye brows, colouring are nails, wearing eye liner, its just another thing that adds to the beauty. NO BIG DEAL Thank you for that post - for some unknown reason some people think that only black people wear weaves - are you kidding me? The whole of Hollywood wears extensions and their hair looks like shit without it!! But anyway, to my more important point - I am so glad that i have finally found a forum in which I can attack that nappy ass, broke ass, $20 a pack hair from the Korean store bullshit - that Joy Bryant wears. Its almost as if she tries to go for the white girl bedhead look and shit looks disgusting almost all the time. I guess someone convinced her to put some grease in her hair for this shoot. Her hair reminds me of what my hair use to look like during finals week in college - A HOT MESS!!!!!
Stacey's picture

Um...Kerry looks fab...I like

Um...Kerry looks fab...I like Joy and to me she looks fine most of the time....if she were to get her eyebrows done, ppl would probably look at her differently.
cosmanot's picture

Joys blog was funny as hell

Joys blog was funny as hell but like many of the other comeetns listed her weave never looks good or fresh. Its always dull and lacks the shine and beauty of most other folks waeve. Maybe she needs better people or a better grade of hair. Kerry looks uber fabulous.
keqi's picture

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