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MORNING FLICKS: Jennifer Hudson, Eve, Serena & Vanessa Williams

Jennifer Hudson performed "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" at the Netflix screening of  Wizard of Oz yesterday in Central Park.  And she gushed to People about her barely 2 month old son David Otunga, Jr.: "He's the cutest thing in the world! There are no words for it. He's the best. It's just amazing – us discovering each other, me becoming a mom." And she even plays her songs like "Let It Be Me" for him when he cries: "He seems like he's very interested in music already. The other night he was having a fit screaming, and someone turns on the music and he just stops and calms down. And I was exactly the same way as a baby." The memory of her mother gets her through the harder times: "I think she was a great example of being a mother, so when [my son] first got home, I was like, 'Everything I do will be out of love,' " said Hudson. "That's what drives me in the middle of the night when I'm knocked out sleeping and he wakes up." Awwww how precious!  She also said she's actually looking forward to the Holidays this season since it's Jr.'s first one.  We're still impatiently waiting to see this little bundle of cuteness Jenny...

Eve rocked an interesting Dolce and Gabbana Victorian look to her Whip It! premiere last night in L.A.

Serena hit up the premiere as well.  Cute Gryphon tank she's rocking.

And Vanessa Williams rocked that Wilhemina Slater scowl we all know and love on the set of "Ugly Betty" yesterday. More pics of these ladies when you read the rest...

Loves her. She even left the set in sweats Wilhemina wouldn't be caught dead in. More pics of Jenny on the Wizard of Oz red carpet:

And more flicks of Eve on her premiere red carpet last night:

I must say, she does always switch things up... Photogs: Ehlers/Cohen/Bank



Vanessa looks mean!!!!!! I

Vanessa looks mean!!!!!! I couldn't stay with her even if she was my momma. She looks like my aunt, you drop something on my floor!!!
KlovenSexy's picture

what does "smdh" mean? :-S

what does "smdh" mean? :-S
nalay's picture

omgsh....that last pic i

omgsh....that last pic i wouldve passed vanessa in the street and not even recognized her nice disguise
Kay's picture

I am loving Serena's

I am loving Serena's pants/capri suit 4real...that's a hot look. vwilliams looking good too
Joana's picture


FRANCHESCA's picture

Im sorry but there's not

Im sorry but there's not amount of weave, makeup or clothes that can make Serena Williams look like a woman! Hell they need to see if she a hermaphodite instead of that Olympic runner! Im sorry! I just had to say it! From the strands on her head to the toes on her feet! She looks like a man tryna be a woman and it just doesnt sit well with me! She bigger than my damn daddy and he 6'4" and works out everyday!
shana's picture

Get it Jenny!!!! She is so

Get it Jenny!!!! She is so Fab and still glowing! Love her and sooooo happy for her :-) Vanessa is over 40 years old. Please HUSH with all the she is aging crap. Gosh! Vanessa is still a beauty! Serena looks OK
Devon's picture

VANESSA is definitely showing

VANESSA is definitely showing her AGE, and looks every bit of 50! She better watch it, although, she always had problems with her skin. NOT A GOOD LOOK! She got that gobble, gobble, going......ewwwwwwww
Wearebeautiful's picture

I want that HERMES handbag!

I want that HERMES handbag!
jersey girl's picture

There's that damn finger

There's that damn finger glove again.
That's How They Get You's picture

I swear - someone on Serena's

I swear - someone on Serena's team secretly hates her and does everything to make her not look the best that she possibly can. She has a very strong face, why would you put such strong eye shadow on her and THEN pencil in her eyebrows like that. That is a crime...and the hair - who does her hair - it just upsets me that whoever does that mess is probably getting top dollar when there are a million hair salons with regular hair stylists (not celebrity) in LA, NY, ATL, MIA, HOUSTON etc.etc. that would do a MUCH BETTER job. Whoever it is, needs to be put on blast and stripped of celebrity privileges. Eve - that dress was not appropriate for the "whip it" premiere. Trying too hard. It is not a multi-gazillion dollar movie nor a critically acclaimed drama - it is a quasi-independent roller chick movie - which is just fun. The victorian should have stayed at home. You should have just had fun with it.
Stacey's picture

I'm not loving Serena's

I'm not loving Serena's look...the cream and gold sparkly shirt underneath the black...too many things.
Keli's picture

Loves Vanessa! The woman

Loves Vanessa! The woman doesn't age! She puts chick half her age to shame! I love Jenny's look. Pants and all. She seems to be a bit slimmer too post baby. Even before she got pregnant. Not particularly fond of that mullet Eve's been sporting lately. That dress might have been cute if they hadn't added the ugly puffy/sheer sleeves. Ruins the look. If it was strapless, it might have worked.
I'Joni's picture

Okay,ummm sometimes Serena

Okay,ummm sometimes Serena looks really nice and then she looks a little off, it's not consistent. Jenny from the Chi is sooo cute and I am happy for you and that new bundle of alomd joy joy Jenny!! Eve looks really good, Go Evy!
Tink's picture

Good for J-Hud. She deserves

Good for J-Hud. She deserves some happiness in her life. LOL @ Nessa.
Erica (original)'s picture

I love Jhud, im still feel so

I love Jhud, im still feel so sorry for her with all the losses shes had but may God bless her and the lil one. cant wait to see him. I love Vanessa but damn age is catching up on her. Botox i have a feeling isnt gonna help that much anymore.. Shes still a beauty Eves taking it centuries back. While ppl are repeating the 70's shes repeating the 16th century.. Y am I digging it and have a feeling shes starting a trend.. Go head Eve a.k.a Baroness lol
Lavender a Countess in her own right!'s picture

V Williams is just a

V Williams is just a beautiful woman... Your loss Rick... Eve... I don't dislike her fit b/c she is wearing the hell out of that dress... interesting look is a good phrase for it... only Eve and her undercover SICK sexy body can pull that off... I ain't HATIN.. . Jenny... Thank you.. while simple... you look decent girl.. about time... I'm sure your bundle is adorable.. congrats... I really hope your relationship works out for you... David.. I'm watching you...lol
Reality Please's picture

Why is everyone always hating

Why is everyone always hating on J-Huds looks. Now I will admit some days she needs to do better, but she is looking good in these pics. She just had a baby 2 months ago, and she was huge when she was pregnant. SHE LOOKS GREAT!!!
Shamrock's picture

j. hud's blacks dont match.

j. hud's blacks dont match. she's just a mess but at least she's a happy mess. i think eve could play a character like wilhemina. i'd like to see her venture out with roles. she could be a superhero too.
shuga's picture

Where did my post go? WTF

Where did my post go? WTF this site i tell you! Anyway in short....Love u Jen! You look good...people leave that girl alone!
vanity1's picture

Poor JHud...leather pants

Poor JHud...leather pants No!!!! and that sweat jacket top, what is she thinking? She needs a stylist. I don't even know what to think about Eve.
keepin it real's picture

Jhud looks really good here.

Jhud looks really good here. although im mad at her for rocking liquid leggings. someone ban this trend please! I want to look like a whilimenia when I get older.
Poked In the Morning's picture

I am so excited and happy for

I am so excited and happy for Jennifer - She deserves true blissful happiness that a baby brings...I can't wait to someday have that kind of joy! I love her outfit by the way...she looks good! Ya'll leave that girl alone PLEASE! I see u EVE!!
vanity1's picture

Yeah ummm

Yeah ummm Eve....gurllllllll-that dress is not working DAYUMMMMMMM!!!And Jen,them leather pants???
Catch 22's picture

J-Hud actually looks really

J-Hud actually looks really good here!!! Cant wait to see picks of her baby boy!!! Eve looks terrible in her pink munchkin-landesque dress!! Simply Horrid!!!! Vanessa Williams can do no wrong in my book!!! She's uber fab!!!
Bmore Girl :)'s picture

lovelylocs: Jennifer looks

lovelylocs: Jennifer looks really good….motherhood her well!!Vanessa is FAB w/her Birken Bag!!!I think Eve pulled the look off, very edgy. Though, there is something about the eye area…..it’s the concealer. I had to look at dat pic again and I see what you mean. I think the make-up is either to dark or the lightner is too lite.
OK OK OK I'm a grandma, there I said it's picture

loves jenny's outfit, just

loves jenny's outfit, just because your ass would look like a HAM doesn't mean the next person won't damn. . .cut it out, homegirl looks good for just having a baby two months ago. i never liked puffy sleeves so i don't like eve's dress but her make up and skin is always flawless. who i need to fight to get that Birkin bag from Vanessa?
CoOwner With Ciroc Obama's picture

I am loving Wilhemina's bag .

I am loving Wilhemina's bag . . . I think Eve is attempting to get her grown woman I'm looking for a new label look on . . . LMAO JHud . . . I'm glad she has peace and happiness in her life and who gives a damn if people don't like what she has on . . . that woman has been through so much in the last year and overcame and is still standing with a smile on her face . . . please . . . move around . . . with your negativity . . .
DIVA wit an EGO's picture

Ummm . . . that outfit looks

Ummm . . . that outfit looks like Eve's attempt at being "Rihanna-esque". I'm not so sure about this look for her but I can see some potential.
Tracy's picture

I love Jennifer but she has

I love Jennifer but she has no sense of what looks good on her body type!! That leather/pleather/spandex is NOT A GOOD LOOK!! Sorry Jen, it's a fail :(
Yardy's picture

Jennifer looks really

Jennifer looks really good....motherhood suits her well!! Vanessa is FAB w/her Birken Bag!!! I think Eve pulled the look off, very edgy. Though, there is something about the eye area.....it's the concealer.
lovelylocs's picture

Someone get J Hud a stylist,

Someone get J Hud a stylist, Stat!
metnwt's picture

J Hud NO NO NO Just Say NO to

J Hud NO NO NO Just Say NO to leather/spandex pants Eve's look is interesting Willies face looks 10 kinds of crazy Serena look aight
Yas's picture

*I love Eve but I dont love

*I love Eve but I dont love the puffy sleeves on the dress or the mullet. *Love Vanessa Williams. *Im so happy for J-Hud and the baby.
cosmanot's picture

*Vanessa Williams that is

*Vanessa Williams that is
Angeleyes's picture

LOVE Jenny!! I wanna see the

LOVE Jenny!! I wanna see the baby!! NOT loving Eve's look! LOVE VWilliams!!
Angeleyes's picture


Joy's picture


Joy's picture

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