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Chris Brown's "Crawl" Video+Appearance On "Wendy Williams Show"

Here's Chris Brown's brand new video for "Crawl" folks have been waiting on. Cassie is his leading lady for this ballad. He premiered it on "The Wendy Williams" show today. And here's vid from his appearance: Transcript from his interview when you read the rest...

Wendy and Chris discuss the feelings that many expressed about how he has been dealing with his remorse regarding his volatile relationship with Rihanna:

WW: What do you say to people who don’t feel you act remorseful?

CB: What I think, the steps that I’ve taken to show that I’m sorry probably have been perceived wrong. Certain things when I’m doing certain interviews and how my posture is to how I’m acting. At the end of the day, I’m definitely remorseful and it’s not something that I take lightly or think that it’s like under the rug. I really think it’s something that is a serious matter and I’m learning from it.

Chris tells Wendy about the steps he is taking to overcome his struggles:

WW: So the video for the song [Crawl] is about redemption and redeeming yourself. Chris we’ve been reading that you have been in anger management classes, so do you feel that they have been working for you?

CB: Yeah of course. Absolutely. I think it’s been the most helpful part of my whole situation you know with everything. I’m at a better place in my life.

Chris talks about Rihanna and his feelings on her speaking out:

WW: So Rihanna has spoken about the incident and how she feels about you and that she went back so many times, you know she just wants to move on. How have you felt about the things that she said?

CB: As I said before, I respect her opinion and her decision to speak on her behalf, but me personally, I’d rather keep all the situations and the incident that happened between me and her private. But I can only just be responsible for my actions and what I did, so.

Wendy asks Chris about the changes in his personal life:

WW: How has your life changed in terms of people around you?

CB: People around me? I’ve just been more focused on making my circuit small and not listening to outside entities and being arrogant to a degree, you know what I’m saying. Being more down to earth, more humble,  being a person, a human being.

Wendy talks to Chris about getting his career back on track:

WW: How does it feel to be able to put the focus back on music?

CB: It’s probably my most exciting moment I’ve had in a while. Oh yeah, it’s great.

Wendy asks Chris if he would ever consider getting back together with Rihanna and the current state of his love life:

WW: Would you get back with her if you could?

CB: At this point, I’m really just focusing on my life, just focusing on getting me right.

WW: Are you dating?

CB: Of course. I love women. (Laughs.)




your blog is very comfortable

your blog is very comfortable
Schoolgirl Japanese Fuck's picture

All you all cunts who got

All you all cunts who got shit to say bout rihanna LISTEN If it is even so that she provoted chris did he have the right to brutially hit her till her face was bleeding... mouth full of blood. Have you ever been beaten by a man? Have you ever seen a woman being beaten? Well guess what I have. I have seen my mom been beaten badly with a plastic bowl even and it was brutal ANDD STILL my mother face did not look as bad as rihanna HE COULD OF KILLED HER ... YOU ASSES so stop talking shit. Bout how he was defending himself, he could of gotten out of the car stopped it and left her there if he couldnt take the slaps she was giving him (have you know it over a slut woman he was dealing with) Oh and in his interview did you hear him say he is dating loved women (loves to beat em) Now how can he be so remorseful yet he can date sue, jane and sally huh if you dont know what hardship is and how it feels to be beaten less cheated on by your deepest love DONT BORTHER TO COMMENT, FIND A LIFE.
Lee's picture

So the song is nice...but his

So the song is nice...but his heart can be seen beating looks like its similar to rihannas vid russian huummmm???? And cassies hair is shave off at the sides come on please you will never be as good as rihanna. Dude she dont want you no more move on womanniser
Lee's picture

y'all r 2 dam serious about

y'all r 2 dam serious about these 2. move on.
MizzT's picture

@Chic -->> Er...his first

@Chic -->> Er...his first show, he sold-out that Houston show!! Just you try to get tickets for his upcoming Atlanta concert, then try to get tickets for ANY of the DMV shows! Now I'm NOT sure what you mean when you say "everywhere," on Necolebitchie's site, she reported that getting tickets for his Atl show is difficult. I think you've been going to Perezhilton and TMZ's site a bit too often, they're not exactly unbiased in their reporting "all things CBreezy!" As far as "marks on Chris," till you get to see HIS mug shots, you can't say that he had "NO INJURIES!" K, go over to smokinggun.com, read and reread that Cell Phone Warrant. Go to the last page, there, you'll notice that her signature isn't on it. As I've said, ONLY, Judge Patricia Schnegg and Det. Deshon Andrews signed it. In order for it to be a "STATEMENT", i.e., Rhianna's verbatim explanation for the events of that Feb 8th night, she'd have had to dictate it, to the detectives, then read it, THEN sign it! Even IF you're to believe that Cell Phone Warrant, it did say that she, and I quote, "Gauged at his eyes and the side of his face," given HIS complexion, lighter than hers, don't you think you'd see scratch punch and smack marks? I think so! TMZ has, I THINK, ALL of the evidence of that night. As I do think that they've got her real statement. In the city of LA, you're mug shot(s) aren't released to the press, not like the County of Los Angeles, this is why they're not in the "public domain!" Chris is IN LOVE WITH RHIANNA!!! This is why he didn't have her testify. Rhianna didn't want to testify, NOT because of any loyalty to Chris, NO! Only because CoverGirl was going to drop her IF she did testify! This is why, up until just a few weeks of June 22nd, they STOPPED running her commercials. And ONLY started to run 'em AFTER he copped to the charges! Why isn't Chris going into details of that night? ALL of his friends, dancers and those around him are wanting him to "tell all," but he's keeping quiet, why? Cause he loves her, in THAT regard, he's a fool! Isn't it obvious to you? Chris could have ruined her along time ago, of course, he feels shame in hitting her back, but she wouldn't keep her hands to herself; why did she get angry, and have to start to hit him? Do yo know, if she'd had kept her hands to herself, she'd, or Chris would be just fine right now!
X, Y, "and Z"'s picture

X, Y and Z: I guess we'll

X, Y and Z: I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. But, let's assume for argument's sake that you're 100% right. Okay, Rihanna was wrong. Rihanna lied about hitting him. She smacked him there and there. Okay. So, where are the marks on Chris' face? Why didn't Chris countersue or press charges? Why was Chris Brown the one that was at risk of 5 years in jail, and why is he the one on probation right now? You honestly think there's been some injustice done here because RIHANNA is not the one on probation or serving jail time? If so, then please, everyone who think so: go ahead and rally against the judge. Rally against the unfair justice system, in favor of Chris Brown! Launch a movement for him. He's been wronged! He's been fouled! Rihanna lied! Rihanna deserves the punishment! What a twisted ass society we live in. SMDH. ps: I do not follow, nor care to follow, Chris Brown on any charts. What I do follow is him on the news. Everywhere, it is being reported that he cannot sell SHOWS. Recession or no recession, not being able to sell at least one-quarter of a live show, is an epic fail--even for struggling artists. You go to the streets of New York, and any musician can sell at least half a live show. God bless Chris. He'll need it. I'm outta here.
Chic's picture

Alright, this is my historic

Alright, this is my historic second post on this site. I want to go on record has haven been on of the harshest critics of Chris Brown and the incident surrounding him and Rhiana. What happened was WRONG and could have definitely been avoided and handled better. I do not support violence against women (or men for that matter). BUT how long is he expected to pay for this stumble? He is swimming up stream against immmeasurable odds right now and keep a brave face in light of it all. Dare I say I admire his bravery. He is showing that he wants to learn from what happened and be better for it. Hell he went on Wendy for peets sake! Listen if he is going to trangress, then time will tell but at least afford him th opportunity to prove us right or wrong. I never thought I write a post advocating for him but it time enough, I think he is feeling it and you know many of us live in glass houses. We have said our piece and he heard us loud and clear, he can recover from this. The question becomes as an entertainer will his fans let him. I dont own NOT ONE Chris Brown or Rhianna circa PBD (Pre Beat Down) but to show that I want them both to have strong careers and learn from this, I will support their new efforts. Now if it happens again....... BTW. He's not a monk, why shouldnt he date. How else is he gonna learn how to behave around women. Come people wake up.
MSOverproof's picture

@Snow Flake -- What does me

@Snow Flake -- What does me knowing where my sons are 24/7 have to do with raising them to "keep away from trouble?" Yes, to answer YOUR question, I DO think that Rhianna's parents raised her to "hit!" Again, I'll have to bring to your attention that she DID admit, in an interview, almost in a boasting manner, that she did smash bottles upside her brother's head! Those were her exact words!! We can only hope those who are in our 'orbit' we can protect and school! But to further answer your question, if my son's, or ANY of my children's lives, or safety, are in danger, I'd expect them to follow my teaching and defend themselves! And that's JUST what Chris did in that car on Feb 8th, DEFEND himself against Rhianna's continuous and unprovoked attacks! Oh, and by the way, 'biting' is DEFENSIVE, NOT OFFENSIVE; meaning, Chris was getting his azz kicked and had to resort to getting her hands OUT OF HIS FACE/OFF HIM by whatever means he could - WHILE DRIVING!! Rhianna's actions were reckless and endangered, not only herself, but also HIS life! Haven't you thought, or considered why didn't the DA charged him with Assault and Battery, and "NOT ONLY" Assault? In California, Assault is defined as the 'wanting', 'willingness', or 'attempt' to do bodily harm. 'Battery' IS the actual doing of bodily harm! So, EVEN after seeing THAT picture of her face, talking to the witness(the Rabbbi), seeing the hospital records, looking at his statement(if he made one); interviewing her(Rhianna's Statement); AND sending the case BACK down to the LAPD and waiting for 2 weeks, they, the DA, "ONLY," charge him with Assault and NOT battery! But why???? In closing, Rhianna has fooled everyone, upon till now! As I've said, in her real statement, the one in which she admitted being the troublemaker, will sooon make it's appearance, it'll show her to be a liar and abuser; one NOT fit, nor worthy, to be a role model of ANY SORT! X,Y "and Z" -- OUT!!
X,Y, and Z's picture

@Snow Flake -- If someone is

@Snow Flake -- If someone is beating YOU upside the head WHEN YOU'RE DRIVING, WHICH ALMOST MAKES YOU CRASH do you not have the right to use whatever force you can muster to get 'em to stop? I'm sure CBreezy TOLD Rhianna TO STOP HITTING him. And NO: "We'll not 'just' shall we!" 8 million viewers saw Rhianna lie and slander CBrown after it was SHE, herself, who was the troublemaker on that Feb 8th night! So now, little girls and young women, all think they can hit young boys whenever, where-ever and how-ever they seem fit! "If Rhianna did it, so can I" is what those young girls/women will say; oh, what a fine role model she is to those SAME young impressionable minds! It IS Rhianna, who now, as she has professed in an interview back in 2007, said that she smashed bottles upside her brother's head! It was Rhianna who admitted, in, this recent 20/20 interview, that there were NO prior instances of violence inflicted upon her by Chris! But it was SHE who slapped him in Barbados and in Europe! As she told it, he didn't throw her into a wall! Remember, those were/are her OWN WORDS! But soon, as I've been saying, that statement she made to the cops in which she admitted to the trouble making: slapping, punching and hitting will soon make it's appearance. I'm sure it's waiting for the "right price!" And when it does get to be seen by the public, we'll all have to reevaluate how we formulate and place blame! So in closing, NO; Rhianna doesn't get to be bully, liar, abuser AND victim, all at once! If she'd have kept her hands to herself, there'd have NOT been ANY drama! But for some reason, Rhianna, as yourself, think black men are nothing but door mats to be stepped on and used on a whim!
X,Y, and Z's picture

X, Y, and Z...Hahaha. Do you

X, Y, and Z...Hahaha. Do you know what your sons are doing 24/7? No you don't. Young people are going to be young people no matter what. I hope that in your perfect world, your perfect sons will not stray from what you taught them. Do you think Chris' mother raised him any different from the way you raised yours? Do you think Rihanna's parents raised her to hit? Most parents raise their kids with manners. You are no exception. :)
Snow Flake's picture

I loved that Wendy took that

I loved that Wendy took that step and invited him on. Again, no excuse for what he did, but forgiven because he's young. Now if he were mid to late 20's .... uh uh. I think he's very talented and both he and Rihanna have expressed their desire to move on with their respective careers, so let's respect that, shall we? :)
Snow Flake's picture


SHASHA's picture

@Patty My son's WOULDN'T

@Patty My son's WOULDN'T have to defend themselves against talentless, uncouth, ill mannered, clingy and jealous young women. Reason being, I as parent, WOULD NOT allow my sons to be in a relationship with said characterless, young women! I'd take my parenting skills seriously - I'd suggest you consider doing the same and "not leave anything to chance!" If he'd listened to his mother, to begin with, he'd NOT find himself in the position he's in now; she DID warn him against dealing with Rhianna! And what other "source" do you suggest? Wasn't it TMZ who, unethically, purchased her alleged picture and that "Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record?" Is it NOT TMZ who is quoted by Diane Sawyer in that 20/20 interview? Is it NOT TMZ, who, ALL of the news bureaus/stations now quote regarding 'all things Chrianna?' Yes, yes, and yet again, yes! Instead of belittling me, or anyone else, who shows some critical thinking, and who is skeptical of the hysteria and rumor, I'd suggest YOU carefully read, over at thesmokinggun, that Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record; it WASN'T signed by Rhianna! Reason being, that's NOT her statement! What it is, is the warrant for the cell phone records! Rhianna and Chris, during that Feb 8th period, were NOT "together," if you look at the pictures of them at that Clive Davis banquet, he isn't the slightest bit interested in being there and ONLY wants the night to finish, so he can go and make his "appointed booty call meeting!" So Rhianna, during that 20/20 interview says that THEY were having a "blast and great time?" Huh, I'll again ask, is she delusional?
X,Y,and Z's picture

X Y and Z must have been in

X Y and Z must have been in the car during the beating cause it seems she knows it all lol. Using TMZ as a reliable source is the biggest joke ive heard in years! Bwahahaha. If it was the way u say it went down CB wouldnt be convicted nor would he be on tv talking about "privacy"..... But i already know how u will raise ur sons.....where the CPS when u need them? lol
Patty's picture

@Chic -->> THIS is Economics

@Chic -->> THIS is Economics 101; need YOU be reminded, NO ONE is selling tickets, OR CD's as they ONCE did -- NO ONE!! It's called a RECESSION, and WITH the unemployment numbers moving past 10.2%; the "new normal" unemployment number being now 2-3% higher, actual 4-7%, discretionary dollars will be hard(er) to come by! Given the firestorm that WAS "Feb 8th," his single 'ICTY' is doing remarkably well! The video is also doing well. Forget Billboard; itunes is the world's biggest music retailer! He pretty much owns the R&B charts, both here, in the U.S. and overseas. Did you know, 'Forever' is STILL on alot of overseas top 10 R&B charts? But what 'bout Rhianna, who YOU seem to have find favor, and no fault? Chris Brown Could, and SHOULD, have had her testify and STILL accepted the plea agreement. CoverGirl, upon seeing that she was to take the stand stopped running her commercials, and ONLY started to run 'em the day AFTER he copped to the charges. I say this as to bring up the fact that YOU seem to, oh so conveniently, overlook: Rhianna saying, on National TV, in front of 8 million viewers, that SHE DID NOT HIT HIM: Chris Brown who go angry over a verbal argument and started to hit her! But, her statement, which contradicts ALL that she said in THAT 20/20 interview, NOW become even MORE valuable. You can bet, TMZ has a copy of HER real statement; you can also bet that somewhere, some lonely, underemployed, unhappy and unappreciated file room clerk, also,has a copy, if not the original statement she made to the cops; to which, she admits that SHE slapped, punched, and hit him several times; thus identified, by the investigating LAPD detectives: "AGGRESSOR and INSTIGATOR" of the violence in THAT car on Feb 8th! Rhianna's 15 minutes is drawing near to a close. I can see her CD doing well, and then BOOM, out of no where, comes her statement and shows her to be the lying, jealous and scheming bit-ch that she REALLY is! Oh, what a fine role model she is: they WEREN'T "together" on Feb 8th, yet she reads his cell phone text messages and gets angry, slaps, punches and hits him! Even that much misquoted, mostly false and highly suspicious Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record said that she felt the car almost go out of control; yes, it almost did....from HER beating his azz! She then, goes on National TV and lies about the entire incident! @Chic, now I ask you, is THAT how you'll, raise your daughter(s)? Is Rhianna "that strong woman" who is deserving of adulation and "woman of the year awards?" Do we give awards to bullies, given to fits of rage, who, in front of millions, then lies BUT ONLY to sell CD's? X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

JAY...LoVe OnNov 13, 2009 at

JAY...LoVe OnNov 13, 2009 at 9:43 pm (Quote) | Reply | Dang that why wendy person hates them some chris don’t it?? How is chris forcing his music down YOUR throat?? Damn just don’t listen. Who asked u to watch it? Well Said! Ignorant fools like this just piss me off. No one held a gun to your head and made you listen to Chris you moron! gloria OnNov 13, 2009 at 11:47 pm (Quote) | Reply | EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT CHRIS WAS A VICTIM WHEN HE WAS FORCED TO ABANDON HIS LAMBORGHINI. ONLY SATAN COULD MAKE A 19 YEAR OLD FLEE FROM A CAR LIKE THAT. SATAN??? WTF LMBAO Beebopany is the only person speaking some sense everyone else that's bashing Chris Even though what he did is inexcusable Only god can judge so get over yourselves!
MissSouthAfrica's picture

Chic: Listen. This is

Chic: Listen. This is Public Relations 101. Chris came back TOO quickly. That was the wrongest thing he could have done. He should have spent one full year giving time, money and service to battered women, and started a foundation for young men to deal with anger in which he wd take classes too…all this while completing his probation and making music BEHIND the scenes. Then, after the public’s mind has been trained to him behaving remorsefully for at least a year, he could have launched his new album and made it his big comeback, post-remorse. People would have felt like, awww, he really has been paying his dues, and they would embrace him. Now, he can’t even sell 1/20th of his tickets. A hot damn shame.And, at the end of the Wendy interview, when he was like, “I’m just focused on myself,” but then two seconds later, when Wendy asked him if he dated and he said, “of course, I like women?” SMDH. The boy needs therapy, coaching, and serious help. He just doesn’t get it. Fine he can make music–but so can zillions of young men who would be in his shoes. He needs to humble it on down, and sometimes, just sometimes, shut it on up.Sincerely. Amen!!
Patty's picture

Cosign Ugh (above my

Cosign Ugh (above my comment). It freaks me out too! But lots of people have issues in their own lives, so they don't even get just how severe what he did was. This isn't something you just take anger management classes for, and then return to lavish life. SMH.
Chic's picture

Listen. This is Public

Listen. This is Public Relations 101. Chris came back TOO quickly. That was the wrongest thing he could have done. He should have spent one full year giving time, money and service to battered women, and started a foundation for young men to deal with anger in which he wd take classes too...all this while completing his probation and making music BEHIND the scenes. Then, after the public's mind has been trained to him behaving remorsefully for at least a year, he could have launched his new album and made it his big comeback, post-remorse. People would have felt like, awww, he really has been paying his dues, and they would embrace him. Now, he can't even sell 1/20th of his tickets. A hot damn shame. And, at the end of the Wendy interview, when he was like, "I'm just focused on myself," but then two seconds later, when Wendy asked him if he dated and he said, "of course, I like women?" SMDH. The boy needs therapy, coaching, and serious help. He just doesn't get it. Fine he can make music--but so can zillions of young men who would be in his shoes. He needs to humble it on down, and sometimes, just sometimes, shut it on up. Sincerely.
Chic's picture

I'm not crazy about either

I'm not crazy about either one of them really. They are good entertainers who make catchy songs but its not like either one of them can sing or anything. That said... he beat the SNOT out of that girl. That was no "mistake" to me. No argument getting out of hand, no young guy "not knowing how to handle his anger". A push or shove maybe, though that would still be wrong. Beating, trying to push her out of a car, biting her ears and her fingers, over the course of many minutes? Yeah, sounds like more than anger management classes to me. Sounds like a full time therapist and some meds. I don't hate him, but the whole idea of him being still out there making videos and girls leaping to his defense just kinda creeps me out, if I'm being honest. I know I'll get yelled at for saying it, but that is really how I feel. I just don't get why more people aren't just a little freaked out by that guy.
Ugh's picture

Oh I can't wait until he can

Oh I can't wait until he can do an interview and not have to talk about this anymore!!! Can we move on!!! What he did was horrible, he said he was sorry, and he is paying for it lawfully (which is all he can do at this point) the boy is talented let's focus on that now.... goodness!!!! All of u casting stones better be without sin....
MissThang's picture

Wow u are such a hater....

Wow u are such a hater.... sounds to me like u wish u had a little bit of his success...stop hating, it's ugly!!!! why wendy????: why is this fucker still trying to force his mediocre music down our throats?? he needs to get out of the spotlight and find himself or some shit…waaay too soon. better yet, retire or just be a dancer–boy talks too damn much and says NOTHING. hell, he can’t even sing–fail all around.NEXT!!!
MissThang's picture

@Stonecold, How quick you

@Stonecold, How quick you Rhianna fans/employees change lanes; so now, you try to distance yourself from TMZ and that "Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record." Those News organizations you quoted: ABC, NBC, CNN..etc ALL, NONE without fail, quoted that "Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record" and posted that picture purchased by TMZ! So to NOW distance, or call, in to question, TMZ's validity is, at best, disingenuous, and at worst, deceitful! Rhianna said, excerpts released by TMZ, that she had slapped, punched and hit Chris several times BEFORE he retaliated! The LAPD detectives, who interviewed Rhianna, labeled her as the 'AGGRESSOR' and 'INSTIGATOR' of the violence on Feb 8th in that car with Chris Brown! If what TMZ said wasn't true, regarding that document,why NOT, then issue a statement disavowing any 'inconsistencies' in that "Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record?" Why did it take Diane Sawyer, to ask, if Chris had hit her before, and for her to THEN say NO, he didn't? Yet again, Ms. Sawyer asked her the same question, again say NO? Why, during this past summer's "Feb 8th firestorm" didn't she THEN make a statement highlighting any said 'inconsistencies' regarding "Feb 8th"? Go back and look at their pictures of Feb 8th; go back and look at pictures of him taking her home -- JUST leaving that banquet/dinner; Rhianna said, during that 20/20 interview that they had a "blast and a great time" Is she delusional? This tells me that they weren't together as a couple! And that fact only ads, to question her sanity, or lack there of: reading HIS cell phone text messages, flying into a rage and starting to fight him, i.e., slapping, punching, and hitting him! In closing, Rhianna set Chris up, she thinks that she'll use, this most unfortunate incident, to become the next Tina Turner. But she won't; she, herself, said that they weren't ANY prior instances of violence between them. So 'Feb 8th' is an 'anomaly' at best! And what should be even MORE worrying for Rhianna and for employees and supporters like yourself: Rhianna's REAL "word for word" verbatim statement is still "out there" just waiting to make an appearance. The more popular she becomes, if her CD sells out/off, you can best believe that, that it'll ONLY become THAT much more valuable! Rhianna, the clock is ticking, you're on borrowed time; the "wait, will soon, be truly over" and the truth will come out!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

YOU sound silly if you think

YOU sound silly if you think this song is average. Go back and listen to the crap Rihanna has put out. Anyone who KNOWS what good music would NOT support her crappy music.
Whatever's picture

song is average the chris

song is average the chris brown groupies hatin' on rihanna (who was brutally beaten by your unblemished boy) sound silly cassie uhm no
1'mjustme's picture

It's amazing how ignorant

It's amazing how ignorant some people are. I mean seriously quoting TMZ as a reputable source?! Give me a break! I have yet to hear anyone mention the reputable news (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc)stations saying Rihanna hit Chris first. There is no record of a statement saying that so stop posting fiction. You are welcomed to an opinion however, and if you believe that that's one thing; just don't quote it as fact. That being said, I am tired of all of these posts saying the same thing. May God be with both of them and let them both sell as many records as possible. It's over! He had his chances to speak, she had her chance to speak.We don't know anything more than what was said by both parties. P.S. Chris please. You're "dating and you love women." Why don't you start focusing on them instead of posting pics of you and Rihanna all day? Grow up and move on. P.P.S. On the count of three, all Team Chris and Team Rihanna fans call a truce. Ready.... One, two, three, TRUCE!!!
stonecold's picture

I like the video and song.

I like the video and song. He seems as if he's trying to move on. He doesn't have a choice but to move on because of the 5 year restraining order. Had it not been for that he would still be trying to get close to her. People are quick to say what she did but it all comes down to that picture that will always remind us of what he did to her. She didn't slam his head into the dashboard, she didn't hit his face against the glass, she didn't bite his ear, it wasn't his blood in the car. This can't be a private situation because there are too many young ladies going through this right now as we speak and they need to hear that it is NOT OKAY. Sad to say but this will be like a cloud hanging over him for a long time to come. I do wish him the best in getting help. I also wish Rhianna the same. Now on another note: Why in sam hell would Diddy hoe his girlfriend out like that to be in the video. Diddy ain't fooling nobody, he making money off of Chris's bad situation.
ruonpoint09's picture

I find it funny that people

I find it funny that people say rhi milk this but chris can run around and talk about his stepdad hitting his mom. but he want what happen between them to be private. secondly someone on this board was right. if rhi had been a white girl chris would have been in jail period. lastly...people need to stop letting hollywood raise there kids. YOU SHOULD BE YOUR KIDS ROLE MODEL stop putting that on this hollywood people.
truth's picture

Chris has a stronger

Chris has a stronger album...I'll be buying his, and Five-Ho-head's isn't even worth torrenting...She needs to do like Posh Spice, give up on the singing, and just be a professional clothes horse...at Posh admits she's a poor singer and wasn't that good..Five-Ho-Head needs to do the same..
Karla's picture

to be honest i never got into

to be honest i never got into this rihanna and chris brown situation at large bt i must say i felt a bit sorry for rihanna and disappointed in chris. I remember his interview with tyra and i was really proud he actually was vocal abt abuse and stood against it bt u knw we are more than likely as youngins to smtimes do childish thgs that most likely reflect our environment. Chris is extremely talented and i wish him all the best. im sorry my lov goes to rihanna as a human being and young girl bt she has to talent to me and i feel the industry has package her well. I cant see her 10yrs from nw still doing music. I listened to Solange nt to compare bt jst to mk a point that new single "stillness is the move" never knw she could sing. ppl like her make music nt music industry mk them!

I do not condone what he did

I do not condone what he did but, I am sick of this Chris is a fucker and so on....I am wondering don't we all make mistakes? Don't we deserve for giveness?....I mean he is being crucified! Who the hell are you to Juge him? Most of you who are bashing his name have indulged in domestic violence....If you slap or pushed your partner that is considered domestic violence....How many of you women caught your partner cheating and beat his ass out of rage and how many of you men did the same? IF you don't like him stop listening to his music. Domestic violence is a serious offensive but if we can forgive our fathers for beating our mother and forgive our brother for beating his girl why can't we forgive Chris? Also, Rihannna did speak about the incident and shed light on the situation, but Chris hasn't,and you know what even if he did you same ingnorant mofo's would not believe him anyway....Leave the poor boy alone.....you Chris bashers are very small minded and I pray that one day you "never" make the same mistake that he has made.
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You and I both! Can't

You and I both! Can't wait! Lily: LOVE the song and the video. Chris vocals definitely sound good and I impressed with all the songs I have heard so far. Transform Ya, Crawl, and Sing Like Me are all great songs. Im lovin this new era for him and I am now officially anticipating his album.
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seriously how long is chris

seriously how long is chris supposed to pay for this incident he has lost some fans, some endorsements, some money, and of course the love of his life.. not that im justifying anything but dang please let the young man rebuild and become a productive member of society if you continue to do this he will self-destruct becoming another young black mis-guided youth... i believe he truely means well
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LOVE the song and the video.

LOVE the song and the video. Chris vocals definitely sound good and I impressed with all the songs I have heard so far. Transform Ya, Crawl, and Sing Like Me are all great songs. Im lovin this new era for him and I am now officially anticipating his album.
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Patty: Well….my point

Patty: Well….my point exactly…If it was your sister who got a beating like Rihanna did u wouldve torn his ass up, but because Rihanna is a singer u could care less…that ain’t fair, she is someone’s daughter and sister too.No woman deserves to get beaten like he did to her. This guy has a problem and it surprises me how many commentators onhere tryna act like he just made a minor mistake.This dude can’t even speak properly, and the “privacy” excuse is gettin ole.Take it from me, if Rihanna wouldve messed up CB would be the first to tell this to the media to sweep his own street clean. So my conclusion is he doesn’t have any excuse for beating her up the way he did.The song is wack and so is the video, Diddy putting his GF inthere is pathetic too, i hope Diddy’s daughters will never get beaten by a guy like CB, cause Karma is a biatch. The only pathetic 'biatch' on here is YOU! The song and video are both beautiful! He is a VERY talented youg man and 'At the end of the day' his talent WILL prevail! No matter how many nasty lil comments bitter ass people like YOU leave on a blog, he will continue to move on with his life and career! When did anybody say he was making excuses for what he did to Rih? He has had his day(s) in court, plead guilty, been sentenced and arraigned! He has gotten punished for his actions! Regardless of how you or anyone else feels about the degree of his sentence he has recieved one! Nobody said it was a minor mistake, but it has been handled by the legal system so our opinions don't really matter at this point! The JUDGE gave him the sentence that she saw fit and Rihanna signed off on the plea deal. Rihanna is trying to move on, now it is time for everybody else! We can choose to support his music if we choose to! Furthermore both Diddy & Cassie are friends of CB CB has writte for Cassie on her last album. Cassie is a grown ass woman and I am sure she can call her own shots! She is a model and has appeared in many videos over the years so being in CB's vid was probably just another day at work for her!
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Patty: At the end of the

Patty: At the end of the day……CB still a women beater…lol. So you think the fact that he abused a women is funny? The fact that a women would make a statement like that and have the audacity to put 'lol' at the end of it shows your obvious lack of maturity! While trying to throw shade at this young man you put your ignorance on display for the world to see! Let's hope a man never whoops your simple ass and see how funny YOU think it is! Grow up!
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M: How much is Rihanna or

M: How much is Rihanna or her team paying u to come on here to bash this young man or as u put it “this fucker”? Who the hell do u for? What music have u produced/written/sung/sold to even be making such as statement about the so called mediocrity of his? Do u urself wish u had the spotlight that he has? If u don’t like him that’s a matter for u. Ur an idiot to come on here to bash someone who is out there being PRODUCTIVE and is at least TRYING to make his life and the world a better place IN SPITE OF the situation. As a matter of fact UR AN ASSHOLE!!! POINT BLANK!! Does putting another person down make u feel better about urself? It’s ppl like u that make it hard for others to live with themselves when their time comes for their share of adversity. How would u like to be treated when ur time comes? Because believe me…it will come. It may not be as publicised as Chris Brown’s but I’m sure u will feel as embarrased and remorseful as him or 10 times worse (I HOPE). HOPEFULLY that the same JUDGEMENT that u have issued on this young man would be issued on u so that u can get a taste of ur own medicine. I personally DON’T need to hear anything from him about that night. I personally think that he is being a GENTLEMAN by not talking about the events that took place. DID IT EVER OCCUR TO U (ASSHOLE) THAT HIS BEING QUIET ABOUT THE SITUATION IS PROTECTING HER AND HER CAREER? U may sit and think that he’s an idiot for doing that and may even wonder why…but understand this. He’s young and still in love with that girl. And when ur young and in love to that point u do stupid things. Say stupid things. Act stupidly. This young man is paying his debt to society and he’s trying to move on with his life. It peeves me when ppl condone certain things GOING ON IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY and something like this can make u wanna castrate this young man. Is it because he’s a celebrity? AND I’M NOT CONDONING WHAT HE DID IN ANYWAY…so let me just put that out there. HE MESSED UP BIG TIME AND SHOULD BE PUNISHED. Chris/Robyn were a COUPLE IN A RELATIONSHIP they had a fight and she UNFORTUNATELY got the worse of it. That’s what couples do. They argue and sometimes they hit and it can go either way…not saying it’s right but it happens. And don’t u or nobody sit up on this damn blog and say that they DON’T. That’s what happens in relationships. It may happen once, maybe more than once but IT DOES HAPPEN. It’s called Life…and this is a Learning experience for him. So u need to go somewhere with ur negativity and shut the hell up. AND For ANYONE who reads this and maybe wondering “yes” I’m a female. You better PREEEEAAACH!!!! Standing Ovation!!
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at the end of the day: he

at the end of the day: he should go back to school cuz he sounds straight ignorant. how old is he again, 12? is he dating omarion now? i don’t believe him when he says he loves women. maybe he loves to beat them, but that’s another story. Wow....bitter much? Sit your ass down!
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Y'all are so damn ignorant.

Y'all are so damn ignorant. Stop making this into a Black Caribbean VS. Black American thing you sound RIDICULOUS!!!! That has not a damn thing to do with Chris and Rihanna. The fact is look at the Black Community as a WHOLE. Black men are in prison at alarming rates, Poverty and drop out rates are rising and teen pregnancy is rampant. SO before you discuss other cultures look at what's going on at home. STOP kissing CHRIS BROWN's ASS!!!! You sound like a buch of GROUPIES that are jealous of what Rihanna having a boyfriend that beat her???? What do you thing that would not happen to you?? If you really care about CHRIS let him seek the help he needs and stop bashing RIHANNA's name. She didn't make him hit her and if he doesn't learn his lesson it WILL happen again. GOD BLESS US ALL with the ignorance that abounds.
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the video was really sad. i

the video was really sad. i loved it though.
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Oh and BTW....LOVE THE SONG AND THE VID....CB...DO YOUR THANG....The haters will hate no matter what you do....You will never please all the people all the time....So f*ck them......
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I am extremely amazed at some

I am extremely amazed at some of you IGNORANT people and your comments in here. If you hate this man so much, why the f*ck are you spending your time and energy listening to his music and then still typing out a comment......Geezzzz.....Read a damn book, or get on yr knees and pray if you have nothing else to do with your time. YES, what he did was wrong, but does he have to give you a personal apology before you let this ish go.....Chris is talented and will go on to enjoy even more success and from what I`ve seen he has taken responsibility for his actions and is making amends......."Be the change you want to see in the world"...WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!......Isnt it enough that the whole world thinks we are a bunch or ignorant fools??....Its like some of you never, ever did a damn thing wrong in yr life. What ever happened to forgive and forget....Lets this man live his damn life.....and try get a life of yr own....
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like the song the song and

like the song the song and love the video
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its like saying b/c a man is

its like saying b/c a man is a crapper hubby he cant be a great father people change and grow all the time sometimes you have to be pinned against a wall and lose certain things to know their worth as well as your worth so here’s to hoping that he becomes a better man and focus on music , family and god i still say no man flips the way he did just for no reason but if he starts talking his wrong but she can, thats ridiculous theres 2 sides to every story and the truth of what really happened we all have our own opinions and assumptions we dont know everything nor will we ever know so lets all move on people
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my thing is that riri had her

my thing is that riri had her chance in court to fight back and say what she wanted but she didnt but now a few days before her album release she is empowering women and kids depend on her its sad that adults have to let any of their children to fully look up to celebrities they should be having role models from home and through studying history as well money and fame dont bring you happiness its only short lived and having family and friends who will keep you grounded is what counts where as whatever chris does he is being insensitive people need to grow up. we all fall down sometimes its how you learn, change and grown while getting back up that counts if she thought he was so immature why date him in the first place they both needed counseling and learn to figure out who they are its almost been a year its time for now growth new topic he may not be good in relationships but he is still talented riri didnt make his talent so why should she have the right to ruin it just cause she's hurt he lost more than she did, his reputation, endorsement deals, self respect and some of his fans so who are we to say that the boy's not suffering or that riri isnt part responsible i say they both messed up, one for tolerating it and the other for never doing something different at the same time they are both human, lets focus on their music
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its been almost 9 months i

its been almost 9 months i get it they both suffered mental, physical and media humiliation as well as attention when is it right for both of them to get on with their lives chris may have been wrong from reacting the way that he did but rihanna lied about not hitting him and then say that even if she did he had not right to do what he did to her well both of you have the right to break up, walk away and let things be neither does rihanna have a right to hit him this relationship was too early and too emotional from the first place i think riri dont like being played nor does a guy like to be cornered by women
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I like the song, I love big

I like the song, I love big ballads and Chris sounds great! The video is really good too. It's funny how Chris can manage to gig to a slow song LOL.
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Damn some people don't know

Damn some people don't know how to let this go...but at the end of the day, all your shit talking won't stop him from being happy & living his life. I hope he keeps on smiling, making some of you mad. Some of yall will camp outside the store to make sure you get his cd on Dec 8th! Quit lyin to yourself!!
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atl_new_new: Dear Patty….

atl_new_new: Dear Patty…. Ok we get it he hits on women!!! My point was the shit happened a year ago and mutha fuckers have been talkin about it none stop!!! Get the fuck over it! It doesn’t matter who it was move on and move up! Don’t try to play victim to get record sales! U must be one of those people who condemn others for their mistakes but can’t seem to look at their own! So while u laughing at him being a women beater “at the end of the day”…. Next subject please! I think Rihanna has already proved not to have to act like a victim to get her records sold.....jus saying.... The fact u using all this faul language says a lot about how u deal with frustration, so don't point ya finger at me, take a chill pill!!
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This situation pertains to

This situation pertains to adults who aren't teaching their children the right and wrongs of a relationship. Chris admitted in his Larry King interview that no one taught them a book on how to love and that's the problem. People aren't teaching their children love, respect, patience, faith, commitment. Instead, you want the media and celebrities to do it for you. But when they fuck up royally, it's so easy to point out their imperfections. Be your kids role model; don't wait until someone else makes a mistake to step in an be 'super mom' and 'super dad'. As for the incident, whatever happened should have remained between the two of them. Her going on 20/20 made me realize exacly what this is to her because anyone who truly understands and comprehends domestic violence wouldn't use it to gain fame. Everything she says contradicts everything she supposedly now represents. One thing that stuck out to me on the 20/20 interview was when she spoke of not being able to leave for fear of walking home in a dress. Sweetie, you're getting 'busted' in the face, and you don't want to leave cause you might have to walk? Something about that just doesn't sound right. Anyway, I'll leave it to you all to discuss. Back to the music: Crawl shows maturity and growth. I'm actually compelled to buy his album 12/8 because I believe in supporting someone who is trying to make a difference, whether it be within themselves or just on this Earth.
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