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London "Deelishis" Charles Is Pregnant...Again.

The "Flavor of Love" reality rejects are becoming moms these days.  First Bootz, now Deelishis--again.  She has a 10 year old daughter named Jasmine already.  And she just signed back in to Twitter today (for the first time in several months) to let the world and her "fans" know that she's pregnant with another girl:

Well isn't that...special.  We assume the father is her fiance Orlando Gordon, who has children of his own already as well. Actually we can't even assume this Orlando guy isthe father because Dee announced a while back they called off the engagement.  So we don't know who the father is.  Anywho, congrats to Deelishis.




Just wanted to say stop hatin

Just wanted to say stop hatin everyont! I know O and she is married to him and they are having a baby together check out the S2S magazine. Ppl need to find sumthn better to do then hate Ms T
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LOL....They are not

LOL....They are not married...I repeat they aren't married I'm really good friends with her man *wink*, and she's running around town telling people she's married, going in his myspace page changing his status...just so she wont look bad. It is what it is....you're another baby mama, not a wife. She lives in a fantasy world....he doesn't want her. She does dumb enough to stay with him while he cheats all around town....soooo dumb! Wouldn't she get tiered of of looking stupid. Trust me these are all facts!!
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Love them together cute

Love them together cute family.
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interesting picture God

interesting picture God bless these individuals
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I'm on her facebook page

I'm on her facebook page (it's her official one) and she and orlando got married earlier this year and she announced some time ago she was pregnant on her page via status update. she kept it under wraps (the wedding) till the day of it happening on her page I guess to keep people from speculating. I don't remember them breaking up but they've kept a low profile even on facebook until some time ago.
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OMG, this news is SOOOO old!

OMG, this news is SOOOO old! I knew she was pregnant like last month from another site...and she is pregnant by that dude. They broke up but got back together, and they're engaged.
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Good for her! she's an

Good for her! she's an example that there's life after reality tv.
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*sigh* I am trying to squeeze

*sigh* I am trying to squeeze every ounce of "happiness" out of me for these two women but the fact that they are PUTTING THE HORSE BEFORE THE DOG'ON BUGGY is just not allowing me to be totally happy for them. Babies are a blessing from heaven but still! First comes love, then comes MARRIAGE and then the damn baby. Geesh.
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I see the 10 year old, but

I see the 10 year old, but who are those other 2 girls? i'm confused...:-(
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I thought they broke up and

I thought they broke up and sometime i read this same news and same twitter and she denied it?? I am lost? or did i read wrong last time??
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I'm absolutely positive that

I'm absolutely positive that Dee and this dude not only broke up a long time ago but she stated he had robbed her of a lot of dough. Further that tweet doesn't necessarily mean she is preggers. She could have been referring to her last pregnancy.
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Congratulations to Keyshia

Congratulations to Keyshia Cole! Happy for her! :)
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Really cute! Now he needs to

Really cute! Now he needs to put a ring on it :-)
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I thought they broke up! Oh

I thought they broke up! Oh well, congrats!
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This is a very cute family.

This is a very cute family. Babies are always special!!!
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