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Is THIS Your Girlfriend Mehcad Brooks?

Check out this behind the scenes shot of the sexy Mehcad Brooks on the set of his new Calvin Klein ad. And check out the final results of the sexiness here. We got a tip that could definitely be a buzz kill. We're told Mehcad allegedly has a girlfriend. And we've got flicks and scoop on her under the cut.... Her name is Maria Rogers and she posts several pics of them together on her Facebook page often. Her friends also comment on "how cute they are together.":

He took her to the Screen Actors Guild Awards a few weeks ago. And to many other events with him. Hmmmmm. We're not 100% sure on this one...but it's a safe bet for now. Maybe she's just a really nice girl. For those it matters to, folks have been hitting my inbox telling me Mehcad rarely...if ever...dates black women. And before Maria, he was in an on again off again relationship with acoustic singer Rachel McGoye. Not gonna say my lusting for him will stop or anything. But...damn.



Well, as far as I'm

Well, as far as I'm concerned, I could careless for a man dating outside his ethnic group. What I do, however, have an issue with is people dating outside their ethnic group based on the qualities another group may have. There's no such thing. This means that black man date white women because there easy and more easily controlled than a black women. And this by the way can be applied to anybody not just black/white people crossing the color lines. Now, with this man, I feel like there are few things about him that a lot of black women are not going to stand for; I at least can say that much for me, this brother doesn't want to get married until gay people can. Noble, but suspect and I'm not quite the women to wait for someone else to be happy so I can be. I'm all for supporting their cause, but you can do that and still have your happiness. This man also seems to move a little fast judging on something he's said that makes me wonder how stable he is in a relationship. Sometimes us as black women can have very little patientence for men and their ways for we get tired for whatever reason quit and that of course can lead to complaining instead of just discussing what we want we yell...understandable, I can do this too. With Mr. Brooks, I feel that he's probably had some really bad relationships with black women because of this and he may be choosing to avoid dating within his own group. Now, I don't think we are all like this. This is just something that seems to be the case with him...I would also say that because he's not ready for marriage it seems, he's just dating this women because he's not that serious about her; she's a play thing or someone to keep him company, not to marry. I still thinks that's messed up, but if your not ready to get married, I find it a little dumb to pick someone that you would marry and not be serious about them in a relatonship. Jsut my opinion...
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oh and teeheehee! Miss T,

oh and teeheehee! Miss T, your post is hillarious and shockingly mean. But still funny as hell, that black men only shop for their white women at the dollar store because they can't pull Bergdorfs! Hehehe, you are a naughty girl, go stand in the corner and take a time out. ;D
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And I've just lost my

And I've just lost my erection for the guy. It's not that i'm hating on the girl cos she's white. My daddy's white and my momma's black. But if there is any truth to the statement that he only dates white chicks, then that is appaling. It means that to him they are a status symbol...which is really douchey. Sure i have preferences but they remain the same across the board...Tall, Dark and handsome...be he Black, White, Latino, Asian...physically that's what turns me on. I'm not going to segregate whole races because of a misplaced idealism that white is best. if he genuinely liked a girl or fell in love with her and it just happens she is white, then i'm good with that, it shows charachter.
Milan's picture

I could care less is she were

I could care less is she were white, black, orange,or purple, she is ugly! Yes there are numerous beautiful black women that he could be with, but at this point I would atleast like to see him with a decent looking white woman! Did he have to pick up the chick working as the cashier at Sonic? Geez! I'm a black woman and I'd pick a better looking white chick than that!
divaj's picture

You can cry bi-racial all

You can cry bi-racial all around the world, but if you have any black in you, you are considered B-L-A-C-K....... Halle, Ice T, Mariah they all consider themselves as BLACK as well as the rest of the world We just want to know is she your girlfriend? I'm sure she can't wait to be recognized as Mehcad's girl lol. she is really not ugly but averagely cute, although I must add her legs & abs are perfect! but all that muscle everywhere else; on a woman, makes her look like a tranny.... no offense but that is really not a good look unless you like muscular women, and by the looks of this, yea. Whatever floats your boat! And I'm a white girl
lol's picture

so Mr. Mehcad....you haven't

so Mr. Mehcad....you haven't answered the question at hand... is she your girlfriend?
secret's picture

it's like daayuuuuuuuum,can

it's like daayuuuuuuuum,can we put this shit to rest? like really? so the fuck wat? he like wat he like. shiiiiiiii, he ain't wit me (or anyone else on here) so wat does it matter? siiiiiiighhhhhhhhh i guess everyone wnna make a BIG DEAL outta it. like it's a debate that'll never end like religion. so everyone should get over it.
BlackBerry's picture

@ scgirl.... Who are you?

@ scgirl.... Who are you? I didn't go to black graduation because I left school early. I didn't graduate. I went for 3 years. You're very foolish. My younger brother was murdered while I was in college and I spent all my time with my roommates and they were white and in that white frat you mentioned. As a freshman I went out for the black fraternity but I didn't feel like step practice was a positive use of my time. Not trying to be funny...being real. Scgirl be a woman and make yourself known. Those "white folk"s at SC had a lot of love for me as I was dealing with my brother's death. Mind your business. Really.
Mehcad's picture

@lol- If you are going to

@lol- If you are going to steal someones comments please put them on the RIGHT picture.. Yea I'm PH... that was LAME!!!!!! And fall back he can date whomever he chooses, although I am black and would have been happy to see him with a black woman, but he's not!! SO if I don't like it I don't have to be his fan. Black woman: I love me and I know I have to be better, smarter, stronger, "prettier" <(sterotypical) than other races just because I am BLACK! but that doesn't make me hate white woman, it just justifies the fact I still have to always be the Best ME I can be!! Which is being a different, but a proud black woman to have a successful black man like that; not the stereotypical ghetto, rude, unhappy, black woman, that people expect to see!! (I have a lot of white friends, and they are some of my best friends, but they will never know how it is for me as black woman.) Although i really try not to let color be a issue. We see things that makes us feel less. I know it does seem like we always have to try harder but that's just the way it is, Black people no matter what, u will always have to try harder. But I know who I am and it makes me happy that I can be a proud woman, because I'm not the stereotypical black woman, I'm just a happy person that loves life & the difference in people So grow up, and be a SUCCESSful, POWERFUL, BLACK WOMAN!!!
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@seriously daam, you ain't

@seriously daam, you ain't neva lie! but at the end of the day, it is wat it is. IDK why we're always at the bottom of chain, but hopefully we dnt end up like t-rex...lol
BlackBerry's picture

I must respond to all this,

I must respond to all this, especially the post from "me". I have dated every race of woman . Yes. Black girls, white girls and pretty much everything in between. Younger and older. My mother is bi-racial so please don't speak about a woman you have never met. My family is bi-racial so please save yourself the guessing games and accusations that I'm turning my back on my people. I was called an "Oreo" as kid because of this very fact and because of how I spoke. And the same kids name-calling had no idea that I'm a life-time member of the NAACP, spent my summers tutoring kids less fortunate than I was and accompanied my father in his calling to civil rights activism throughout my childhood and adult life. I come from a family built on diversity, acceptance, love and tolerance. That's who I am, that's how I was raised and I'd hope as young Americans we could step into the future as one people. If we don't lead the charge then who will? It's our future to create. By no means is race a thing of the past, but it doesn't have to be such a saturated thing in the future. As far as dating goes, privacy aside, limiting oneself to solely their own race would have deprived America of it's current president Barack Obama, the NAACP of theirs Ben Jealous, Colin Powell, Boris Kodjoe, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Amerie, Ice-T, Tia and Tamera, the world's most dominate athlete (Tiger Woods) and my own existence. What a bland world we'd have without these gifts of human beings. These gifts of open mindedness. Mehcad
Mehcad's picture

Ok so I've been knowing about

Ok so I've been knowing about this.... she is like 13 yrs older than him ( which age doesn't matter) unless it shows ITs showin, she is NOT cute just got a great body, I think she was his trainer... Mehcad was hott to me but as soon as I found out he only dated "non-african women" lol I dismissed myself from being his fan... What pisses me off is that the BROTHAs that do make it to the top... don't wanna date a smart, beautiful, nice sista they wanna date a white or no-black woman... I wanna throw up.. Damn I know some sistas are ghetto... but i KNOW A LOT OF BLACK BEAUTIFUL women with class!!!!! Mehcad this is the reason The Deep End was cancelled. Brothas want us to support, watch, and get them paid, but don't want to date US?? WTF!!!! And your mom is one of those BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, BLACK women!!!
me's picture

okay, had to comment....

okay, had to comment.... We're all obviously ignorant and shallow.I'm about to keep this 100%. The reason many of us black women just keep getting pissed when we see a handsome, successful, fine, smart, rich, ugly, average, broke, mediocre or any other black man with white women is because it forces us to evaluate ouselves, our success, beauty and personalities all the time. Everytime I see it, I go home and look at myself in the mirror, and I see a gorgeous, very physically fit, educated, successful, independent, easy going, smiley, chipper, friendly, giving, loving black woman...So why am I sitting on the sofa alone crying in my f***ing popcorn watching "AMC" movies? I think I as well as other black women are just frustrated that we are kinda the bottom of the barrel when it comes to dating, no matter what kind of attitude you have or how not overweight (or bottom heavy as someone put it)you are. You still find yourself having to evaluate what the hell you're doing wrong every time you get so lonely that you must partake in retail therapy where you see a handsome black man holding hands with a white chick. White men are rarely checkin for black women and neither or any other races.So we're left what...ALONE! We're gonna go extinct like Tyranasaurus Rex.
seriously?'s picture


seriously?'s picture


jusme's picture

This deserves an # Epic

This deserves an # Epic Fail.......and a *Kanye Shrug*
Yea Yea Yea's picture

And secret you're a dumbass

And secret you're a dumbass for agreeing with these BW, you probably don't like IR dating yourself. These BW on here are hateful and biiter. They can't stand WW and you like what they said????? LOL. Not matter if the WW is the hottest girl around they'll still find something wrong with her just because she's white. You're pitiful Secret.
DarkmaleX's picture

i'm a white girl, these black

i'm a white girl, these black women makin these comments are NOT racist. she really is NOT that pretty. i'll admit when i think a woman is beautiful, but mehcad... what a shame, he can do better. and taking her to awards shows? really? ehhh i dont think she deserves that honor with him. why would he do that to himself? maybe for publicity, cause look it obviously has people talking. and if it's his girlfriend, he aint bein faithful
secret's picture

Man this place is full of

Man this place is full of trash that trying to bash BM and WW, and some of these BW are bitter, racist hypocrites would date a WM, but BM can’t do the same. They don't really care about BM, it’s all about them. THEY’RE MORE RACIST THAN WM IT SEEMS and need serious mental help. Take a look at this clip from youtube to prove what I’m saying in a nutshell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQiVz0wXOiY
DarkmaleX's picture

Man this place is full of

Man this place is full of trash that trying to bash BM and WW, and some of these BW are bitter, racist hypocrites would date a WM, but BM can't do the same. They don; really care about BM, it's all about the. THEY'RE MORE RACIST THAN WM IT SEEMS and need serious mental help. Take a look at this clip from youtube to prove what I'm saying in a nutshell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQiVz0wXOiY
DarkmaleX's picture

This is his lady's clothing

This is his lady's clothing website. Cute sh*t.
Stinky Fingers's picture

Wow. If the tables were

Wow. If the tables were turned and a bunch of white chicks were freaking out that their fine white brother was dating a black women, they would all be called racist biggots, then ripped to shreds. On the real side, lets talk about what all of you have on Miss Scraggly Pants in the picture. She looks pretty gorgeous to me. Of course that is all surface, but you likely would not bother to wonder about all that before you decide to tear her down. What do you know about her accomplishments, her family, her background? What happened to women sticking together? I guess that does not matter unless the color matches. One thing is for sure, at least we know SHE is not a racist biggot. Too bad for the rest of you. She got the man and the heart, good for her.
Toofless's picture

Lot bitter black women in

Lot bitter black women in here doing what they do best: Tearing down and emasculating black men. I'll date and marry whoever the fuck i wanna marry whether it's black, white, red or purple with polka dots. You fucking hens make me sick.
Mister Man's picture

Yawn it's the same

Yawn it's the same everywhere, sistas complaining. This is why black men are running from your asses.
Sean Coonery's picture

So sad...he's wastin that big

So sad...he's wastin that big package for a white girl...lol...a sista would of better appreciated him...
Darling Nikki's picture

i feel i should explain

i feel i should explain further...not only was he one of maybe 3 black males in a white frat...he did not attend/participate in one black organized activity, not even black graduation...that's highly rare at USC. It was like he was actively trying to segregate himself from the black community. I could see if he were an athlete...Reggie Bush was WAY more black friendly, who can blame him for wanting to wife Kim K
scgirl's picture

LOL @ Comments under a photo

LOL @ Comments under a photo on Mehcad's fb page (other names disguised): P H likes this. P H - I like her didn't she play in Corrina, Corrina? February 2 at 5:46pm · Report Mehcad Brooks - yup February 3 at 5:22am · Report A P B - brothas* February 3 at 7:26pm · Report Mehcad Brooks - "brothas*" sorry? Yesterday at 3:11pm · Report A P B - whats the soory for?I said Brothas nuff said*u look like u were doin'ur thing right there.@ a lil high class thingy!were u?when I said brothas it was meant for u and many others doin'good*:)lol@u........... Yesterday at 5:49pm · Report
lol's picture

Black men all need a swift

Black men all need a swift kick in their asses ASAP! Haven"t you noticed that blackwomen are too good for blackmen period! We waste our time worrying about who the Kobes (ewww he's not cute sorry) and Reggie bush's date and for what? Who the hell cares about them anyway? Ladies open up your eyes and realize that we all are beautiful and its their loss. Turn your backs on them like they turn their backs on us then maybe just maybe we will start getting a little respect!
DAMN!!!!!!!!'s picture

If you Black Men spent half

If you Black Men spent half the time building up your community, your children, your families, your culture that you spend on knocking us and being negative, we would be a force to be reckoned with ==================================================== Preach on
ha's picture

Please note that Black Women

Please note that Black Women are pretty much too good for Black Men. Ladies, variety is the spice of life. I encourage all Black Women to Date men outside of your race. Black Men are so typical (ignorant, uneducated, listening to rap music only, in jail, no job having, never taking responsibility for anything bores). I mean really, have you ever heard of any other group refer to themselves as a derrogatory term like the N-Word?? When was the last time you heard a jewish person call themselves a "Kike". Black Beautiful Women, don't waste your time.
WOW's picture

First, let me say that i

First, let me say that i think this man is very attractive (face and body). However, I must say that I am no longer attracted to him after seeing him with that White Woman (by the way, i don't think she's ugly...she's cute) They actually look cute together. Second, Why do Black Men (most, not all) love to talk so much negative crap on Black Women?? @Tobias, why the F*** would you say that Black women are stupid and can't get a successful black man?? You just seem so pathetic to me. Why don't you (and black men like you) try this for a change.....STAND BY YOUR BLACK WOMEN, DON'T DEGRADE THEM, DON'T SPEAK NEGATIVELY ABOUT THEM, DON'T HAVE THEM SUPPORT YOU, BUILD YOU UP AND THEN DUMP THEM AFTER YOU HAVE USED THEM UP. You talk about Black women being angry and having attitudes, but you aren't there (spiritually, physically, emotionally, academically) It is so sad to listen to all of these Black turn their backs on Black women. If you Black Men spent half the time building up your community, your children, your families, your culture that you spend on knocking us and being negative, we would be a force to be reckoned with. I am not bitter, I am not mad. I am deeply disappointed in Black Men. This is exactly the reason why I haven't dated a Black man in over 12 yrs. Please step up, because our equal and know that we are not the enemy....It seems like Black Men (not all) have a hatred and are jealous of Black Women. Just Wise UP!!! By the way, not all black women are uneducated, fat and ignorant. So, stop saying that ridiculous crap. I was raised in a two parent household with my siblings and had a wonderful life in a Black community with families just like mine. Stop feeding in to the negative stereotypes about black women and you'll see that Black Woman can be quite beautiful
This is Interesting's picture

@scgirl -- i heard he was in

@scgirl -- i heard he was in a white frat too...there is nothing wrong with making friends with people of different races and nationalities...I'm all for it... but 'shunning' black folks is kinda wack...what a shame, he is turning out to be a loser!
ha's picture

went to undergrad w/

went to undergrad w/ him...NEVER saw him w/ a black girl...and NEVER saw him hang w/ the black crowd...in fact, he was in white fraternity...so it's not that big of a deal when a successful black man dates a white girl...but when he 'shuns' black folks...that's kinda crazy
scgirl's picture

@tobias = mehcad

@tobias = mehcad brooks.... @ florence - please these are some of her better pictures...you know this...keep it 100...lol
ha's picture

Im just sayin, I know maria

Im just sayin, I know maria she is my business partner
TOBIAS's picture

@phoenix, im a black man

@phoenix, im a black man sweetie....
TOBIAS's picture


florence's picture


florence's picture

@ tobius You people hate on

@ tobius You people hate on us so much, smh! you guys write millions of post trying to put us down because you wish you were us. Education is what you say we dont have, thats a damn lie. I have my Masters and am furthering my education still. Dont come for us. Yup, i said it just like that. Go spray tan, buy an ass, get lip injections, breast implants, whatever. Mind your own business. Stay off black sites! I dont comment negatively about your people on their sites....because I dont care about you people and I was raised better then that. I wish there was a cure for people like you, one day you guys will learn to love your selves. SMH!!!! Clearly we are doing something right thats why you guys want to be like us! :)
phoenix's picture

Im so sick of people trying

Im so sick of people trying to blame black women for the reason black men date white women.No one should justify why black men hate their own people and date outside their race. If anything thats a sad problem and they need therapy. I could give a thousand reasons why they do it and why they shouldnt but what difference does it make. why do black women always have to be beaten down, sheesh! Enough. And it has nothing to do with education because truth told we are more educated then black men. And to anyone white person that comments on this please, THIS SITE IS CLEARLY FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!! just like black planet, black singles and all other black sites for us. If you dont like what I say then to bad, I refuse for anyone to feel ashamed because im black. I love it, and truth be told so many white women wish they could be us too, thats why they do so much, trying to be copy cats. You can never be us, its not an ass, lips, thighs that make us who we are its our souls. Oopps...You cant buy that! Go on a hatecation, HATERS!!!!! :)
phoenix's picture

Him, like Reggie Bush are

Him, like Reggie Bush are officially WACK to me right now. I can't stand these dumb a** negroes. But what makes me mad is that they're making money off the backs of black people - black movies, ads, selling themselves as that...ughh...i'm soooo disgusted.
Trust &amp;amp; Believe's picture

Damn Mechad, you too? I had

Damn Mechad, you too? I had hopes! ^^bitch please!
sun.kissed's picture

you black girls are so

you black girls are so stupid, why do you care who he chooses to date and if you had any sense you would google her and see other photos. Just go get yourself a successful black man.. oh wait you cant cuz you have no education.
tobius's picture

Who cares. He is so gay

Who cares. He is so gay anyways.
Jay's picture

All I see are 2 happy people.

All I see are 2 happy people. Who gives a shit what colour they are.
sdj526's picture

@Amara and Hmmm!....You all

@Amara and Hmmm!....You all are so right!...I must say to each his own!...Whatever makes him happy,that's all should matter!...
Ms.Show-Off's picture

i dont even know who this guy

i dont even know who this guy is, but to me they are equals. two average looking folks (his body is nice though). Yall acting like he's super handsome or something. Umm NOT!. I wont' assume he hates black women or has low self esteem, thats stupid. Yall aint calling out Halle, or Diana or Venus for dating white men.
GlossMeUP's picture

@Hmm...your opinion probably

@Hmm...your opinion probably would have made sense if you weren't cussing every other word and were able to express your thought clearly without al the negativity (name calling, ect). Work on gettting your point across in a better way, a way that makes me think you have some sense.
Dani's picture

typical brutha... porbably

typical brutha... porbably couldt get a "becky" back in the day... they always date the plain ones.... my lusting has officially stopped.
Tiana's picture

So typical of him and she's

So typical of him and she's soo fug. Disappointed that he rarely dates black women, he doesn't know what he's missing. His loss, not ours.
Disappointed's picture

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