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Terrence Howard Becomes A Sigma+Letoya Luckett's "Good To Me" Video

Looks like Terrence Howard is joining other celebs in becoming a member of the Divine Nine. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. just sent out a press release stating that they are accepting a new member. Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard "will be bestowed Honorary Membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. on Friday, February 19, 2010 at The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia." Well isn't that...interesting. Letoya Luckett's new video when you read the rest...

Here's Toya's new "Good To Me" video. Check it. By the way, her uber hot leading man is model Keston Karter. Remember when he was our Afternoon Swexy last November?



Love this song! LeToya, keep

Love this song! LeToya, keep the good music coming, girl!
tellthetruth5678's picture

I loved this video!!!! And,

I loved this video!!!! And, Go Terrence! I love his crazy ass...
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There is no such thing as

There is no such thing as Alpha material, I've met all types of Alphas, gay, straight, bi, intelligent, not so intelligent. Some of ya'll kill me on this site. Please let Sigma be great! Thanks! Crabs in the barrel kill me. So what your organization doesn't have honorary members! And! Were people saying that when the first lady became an AKA? Some of these organizations need to concentrate on not killing their pledges during the process! That is all. I don't belong in a box. Don't try to fit me in your stupid greek stereotypes.
DownSouthZeta's picture

Another flop album from her

Another flop album from her and she got dropped from her label. I guess that still the Knowles' fault huh. Get a new strategy because you'll be 70 still trying to blow up.
Kaye's picture

I'm lovin LeToya Luckett's

I'm lovin LeToya Luckett's video! Wow! It' looks great and she is such a sweetheart. Love her!
thisizkim's picture

SMH....Well there is goes

SMH....Well there is goes Sigmas taking another member. Did they not just induct Al Sharpton and Bill Clinton?? I guess membership is down...lol I'm so glad Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. prides itself on not taking honorary members. Many are Kalled, But Few are Chosen. No Paperwork Over Here! The Road to Kappa Land is Long, Rough, and Rugged.....YO! YO! P.A.K.M.A.N. (Pretty Azz Kappa Mean Azz NUPE) CSU Omicron Mu Chapter #7 Tail Klub Spring 2009 7 K.A.R.A.T.S. of the Blood Diamond
P.A.K.M.A.N.'s picture

Lady Love was #1 album

Lady Love was #1 album r&b-wise of 2009! Great video. God is about to bless Letoya with a special someone taking her on tour. You heard it her first!! POW
Phoenix's picture

@Greek101 Just wanted to

@Greek101 Just wanted to correct a fellow Greek...you don't "graduate" Valedictorian. Perhaps you were summa cum laude, as I, or maybe magna or just cum laude? No thanks needed... Z-Kitty! Much love to my true Blue-Phi Brothers
JYGALO's picture

@Thurgood1906 Wow. If Alpha

@Thurgood1906 Wow. If Alpha brings in the intellectual world shakers, how on earth did you get in?
JYGALO's picture

The other guy that featured

The other guy that featured in the VID, Kerston Karter whatever his name is a Member of Alpha Phi Alpha. (side-note)
Greek101's picture

MLK did not do honorary

MLK did not do honorary Alpha, nor did he come through the Morehouse Chapter. People wake up it doesn't matter what org you are a part of, I am a Alpha but I have mutual respect for all greeks that actually give back to the community through various community services intiatives. Don't believe the hype or the stereotypes. Yes, I am smart and graduated Valedictorian in my graduate class but I don't think I am smarter than anyone else. We all have gifts and expertise in diff fields of study. I don't believe in Honorary membership but to each his own. Welcome to the D9 fam. FIRST OF ALL, SERVANTS OF ALL, WE SHALL TRANSCEND ALL ALPHA FROM TEXAS
Greek101's picture

History teaches us that

History teaches us that popularity has it's place but wonders never cease where embraced stereotypes among African Americans are concerned. Some that resonate and are most pronounced include: "Blacks are dumb shiftless and lazy; they are ugly because they have big lips, nappy hair and dark skin; they steal; they smell"..and the list goes on....realizing that stereotypes in most instances are lies intended to put down others in order to uplift one's self is exactly that.....shallow and reflective of a false sense of self, often the slef that was exaggerated to begin with...do we not realize that in order to get respect, we have to give it and if we do not love ourselves, no one else will......the sadness here is that these comments in most instances are made by supposedly intelligent, formally educated people...STOP the bullshit Black People, fight the urge to be small, petty and jealous....it's most "unbecoming" of a people who claim to be great......Respect Differences!
nombre's picture

@The Mann... I thought as a

@The Mann... I thought as a Greek Member we were past dissing other Frats and saying lame. PBS made a good decision and TH took that.
LULU1922's picture

@ I thought as a Greek Member

@ I thought as a Greek Member we were past dissing other Frats and saying lame. PBS made a good decision and TH took that.
LULU1922's picture

Terrence your eyes mehn...

Terrence your eyes mehn... arghhh this man!! I love letoya's song mwaaah bbes brup brup
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Ok, Now Ms. Latoya!! She's

Ok, Now Ms. Latoya!! She's been getting my attention lately since she was in the process of dropping her album. I like how she oozes this genuiness. But yes...I like this song the most of all the ones I've heard so far! and the vid ..aww..That MAN is FINE!! Thank you Bossip!! Can we feature Bobby Roache next?? Cause he's a fine piece of meat too!
Aura's picture

omgoodness i love the letoya

omgoodness i love the letoya song! she looks great as usual
lalovelyj's picture

This is a good look for

This is a good look for Toya..her videos/music is so original!I love how she almost always wears her natural hair..BEAUTIFUL!
*Prissy*'s picture

Letoya looks really pretty in

Letoya looks really pretty in this video; love the hairstyle! Video guy is a hottie. Kelly needs to take a few notes from Toya on how to make herself at least semi-relevant so she can drop another album and videos. She has the voice and look but lacks something else ...
TyRenee's picture

Love the vid, Love the song,

Love the vid, Love the song, and Love Letoya!
Honey's picture

@ Chloe You hit it right on

@ Chloe You hit it right on the head with the stereotypes. That ish is so overdone. I loved Letoya's video. This is my favorite off the album!!!
outofthisworld's picture

Keston...the dude in the

Keston...the dude in the video, wasn't that the guy Tasha posted in some afternoon swexy post and we...well most of us said he was gay? Damn shame. He looks good.
Dumbass BET's picture

Nice song and video from

Nice song and video from LeToya, chick is on her grind nothing wrong with that congrats to Terrence Howard, why all the hate and greek stereotypes it is 2010
binky's picture

Tasha who puts Toya's video

Tasha who puts Toya's video on the bottom of a damn Terrence Howard post???? LOL #shade
Gem's picture

nice song!!!!....keep up the

nice song!!!!....keep up the good work...going to pick up the cd tomorrow
n2fitnezz's picture

Sigma? Yikes. There are

Sigma? Yikes. There are really only 2 of th black greek orgs worth being apart of.. and sigma isn't one of them. I guess.
irrelevant's picture

My fav song on the CD.. I

My fav song on the CD.. I love the whole CD!! Yes she can sing.. thats why she wasn't allowed to sing back in the day.. Prob would've stole somebody's shine.. #Just sayin'
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MSCLAY's picture


MSCLAY's picture

Latoya who?

Latoya who?
wat's picture

LeToya is cool...diggin both

LeToya is cool...diggin both the video and the song.
YNV Me's picture

@NO HATE (Thu, February 11,

@NO HATE (Thu, February 11, 2010 7:30 PM) Natasha implied her disrespect. She went to law school. She knows what she did with her dot dot dot then, "interesting"
dgp's picture

yay! this is my favorite song

yay! this is my favorite song on the album...i think about this every time a loser tries to holla! yay! Toya keep up the good work! P.S. This was the #1 R&B album of 2009!
jennifer's picture

PS. many greeks are paper!

PS. many greeks are paper! The purpose of BGLO's was not to see who was the "hardest". These are community service organizations. Whether it is Sigma or Zeta, "It's all Phi Beta".
DownSouthZeta's picture

I don't understand all the

I don't understand all the ugliness of some of these people on here. I don't have time to hate on anyone's organization. Big up to my frat! When people hate, it means you are doing something right.Thanks, Fall 98, Z-Phi, So-Sweet. Yeah, I pledged (with Sigmas too)
DownSouthZeta's picture

Greek love! Eventhough I side

Greek love! Eventhough I side eye paperGreeks but whatever.. Congrats Terrence.
iDream in Pink&Green's picture

I don't usually pay that much

I don't usually pay that much attention to Letoya but this is a good song and the video was well done. It shows you don't have to wear crazy costumes and choreography to make it work. Just make quality music. I hope she keeps this up.
muse's picture

I just read something this

I just read something this week that said T HOWARD owes 1M in tax. Another tax cheat. Wonder if he is wishing for the Iron Man part now.
kassandra's picture

@CHLOE I so agree with you.

@CHLOE I so agree with you. Especially as someone in a greek organization in the DIVINE 9!!! The org is not suppose to make you, you are suppose to ADD to it!! Some people only do it for the name. Congrats to Terrnece. As a GROWN woman I think all of the organizations have fine individuals and they all stand and were founded on something great!! PS: Enough with the D9 discussions in an open forum! Lets not turn this into BOSSIP!! @DGP I did'nt see where Natasha disrespected ANY D9 ORG in her post!!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

It's 2010 and people still

It's 2010 and people still walking around buying in to Greek stereotypes. Really. Ignorance continues to enter a new stratosphere. Does it really matter what you see Terrence Howard as because he obviously didn't consult you when he made his decision. Morris Chestnutt and Blair Underwood are both Sigmas and the fraternity has many phenomenal members so I think it's a great choice for him. As a Greek myself I know you make the fraternity/sorority, it doesn't make you(well if you were actually bring something to the table before you joined) so as long as he likes it that's all that matters.
Chloe's picture

Terrence is a

Terrence is a Sigma....Booo! Letoya's new jawn is Fi-yah and she is looking FAB!
Maya's picture

WOW...LeToya's video is

WOW...LeToya's video is beautiful. I fell in love with this song when I first heard it. No one can hate on real music.
Bri's picture

Girl, Terrance should be a

Girl, Terrance should be a Kappa/Alpha those men are just too sweet.. just like ladies, and you know terrance has sugar in his tea . Sigmas/Ques are real men they go hard.. and what the fuck is an Iota? Oh MY.... In my region all the down low homo guys are alphas and kappas... ladies.. if your man is a Kappa or Alpha, they are def suspect! Bye Ladies...
Nicole One's picture

Congrats to Terrence. LeToya

Congrats to Terrence. LeToya is my bish and I ride hard for her. So To Shellychelle who always tryingto throw shade at LeToya when she does something bish boo bye. Do ya thang Nicole =D
kekeluvsu's picture

Natasha, why did you start

Natasha, why did you start this negative discussion about BGLOs, specifically, Phi Beta Sigma? My father is a Sigma. I am a Zeta. I support your endeavors. I have respect for your org. Why do you INSIST on being ugly?
dgp's picture

Letoya is looking GOR-GEOUS

Letoya is looking GOR-GEOUS as usual. Cute, sweet video, but didn't see the purpose of the fight scene. Anyways, keep doing your thang Ms. Luckett.
Max's picture

I don't know where they do

I don't know where they do dat at...but in this region Kappas- Too Sweet Ques- OWT ass dawgs Alphas- Smart asses Sigmas- Dirty as hell Iotas- WHO?! To each his own. Just b/c my man may be a Kappa that don't mean I don't give the side eye to suspect looking Cappers! <---- hypothetically speaking.
Get your DUCKs in line's picture

Love this song and video.

Love this song and video. Hair and make up is on point as usual.....dude is FINE....LAWD......
Lady T's picture

I graduated with Terrance

I graduated with Terrance from Jane Addams HS in Cleveland, Ohio and I am proud to see that he has been successful in all his endeavors. Congratulations! Trisca
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