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EXCLUSIVE: Malinda Williams & Derrick "D-Nice" Jones SPLIT!

Successful photographer and DJ Derrick Jones (b.k.a D-Nice) has officially confirmed his separation from wife, actress Malinda Williams. The couple amicably separated in October of 2009.  They were married in August 2008.  The couple is currently going through the process of divorce. D-Nice's statement under the cut...

The YBF received the following statement from D-Nice: “I ask that our privacy be honored during this extremely personal time. I thank my family and fans for their endless support.” Malinda entered the marriage with a son, while D-Nice entered the marriage with a daughter.  Well this one's a sad one to hear. More details soon..



LMAO @ OhSoHaute for "lmao @

LMAO @ OhSoHaute for "lmao @ LSK’s response to ‘marriage’"
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Surprise....Blank stare......let's see: for better or for worst, for richer or for poorer. Back to the basics people.
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Yeah, I have to say I'm

Yeah, I have to say I'm surprised too. In their online journals they seemed so settled. I wish them both the best. But this is no reason for anyone to give up on Black love - not even Malinda and D. Love is where you find it, life is what you make it. Crazy, but true.
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I read the article by Mekhi

I read the article by Mekhi Phifer and I take some of what he says with a grain of salt...but the overriding them of Malinda and the women in her family wanting men they can walk all over sounds EXACTLY like my EX's family. The women in my Ex's family are all strong women..but they ALL have men problems unless the man is weak and damn near submissive. I wasn't having that. I don't mind teamwork and sharing and all the responsibility that comes with becoming ONE in a marriage...but all that "you will do it MY way"...and "you KNOW I don't cook" or any of that crap is for the bird. Real Talk...I don't cook either, but I did what I had to do for the team. And ain't nothing worse then a man felling like it ain't a team...so ladies if your reading this...learn something. Marriage is a give and take...it's compromise, sacrifice, and commitment. I know D-Nice isn't a pushover so If his marriage was anything like mine...then trust me....all dude wanted was some happiness in his life...and I'm glad he's getting it. Call me jaded...whatver but when I read Mehki's interview...I was like....this dude is a prophet!
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Also, don't go into marriage

Also, don't go into marriage thinking, you will change your spouse, because it will never happen. Take your time to study each other, and if you see red flags, that you can't deal with, please, don't think marriage or having children will change those red flags, it's better not to get yourself involve in it. Men, you can't change your woman, and woman, you can't change you man, the only person you can change is you.
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I want to clarify something,

I want to clarify something, I'm not in any way blaming Malinda. It's just that, the society, people automatically put the blame on men, women easily seen as victim, but sometimes the women have a big part to play in it, and it's always ignored. Submission, has a negative connotation, but there's a healthy submission that should be part of a healthy marriage. Women, know when to listen to your man, and allow him to be the man. Marriage should be a long time commitment, and I tend to have a lot to say when I see a failed marriage, especially involving people who seem cool. Men, and women, know what you are getting yourselves into, before marrying, because it's a different lifestyle from when you both were single, and dating.
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Make sure you marry the right

Make sure you marry the right person. Then MAYBE everything will work. And by right person I mean he is willing to compromise just like you. Because Marriage is about being able to compromise. Not compromising your integrity but willing to give in sometimes to make you spouse happy.
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Marriage? God, Strength,

Marriage? God, Strength, Commitment, Un-conditional love, and Compromise. i just wonder if people realize this is what it takes. I am tired of divorce being the solution. Getting married over and over just because is not a road to the perfect mate. The foundation to any marriage is the key. Set that first and your expectations for each other.Try hard before you turn in the towel. With that said I hope that is what they did.
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Do people even try to make

Do people even try to make their marriages work anymore? I mean damn, yall not boyfriend and girlfriend...you're freakin married. WORK THAT SHIT OUT!!!!!
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@ Marraige, Please let these

@ Marraige, Please let these women know, that if your not willing to work then it wont work, I love working on my marriage, i love making my man feel like the man, and in return he does the same for me, We have been married 25 yrs this July, Preach.
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This really saddens me!!!!

This really saddens me!!!!
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At the root of EVERY divorce

At the root of EVERY divorce is a third party. One of these two has someone lined up. NO ONE leaves unless there is someone to go running to. OR unless you are leaving because you were the one cheated on. Either way, a third party is in the mix making the transition smoother.
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lmao @ LSK's response to

lmao @ LSK's response to 'marriage'
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damn I knew something was

damn I knew something was wierd...I follow him on twitter and he nver mentioned her not once! I ask the question months back.....because he would always twitter and i would get the feeling he was DEPRESS!
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@somerknight: Girl! I

@somerknight: Girl! I remember that issue/interview, I never looked at Mekhi the same after that one. Short asshole. I was really hoping that she found love because she went through it with phifer.
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So this topic reminds me of a

So this topic reminds me of a conversation I had with my boy who was about to pop the question and I asked him one question. Why do you want to get married? His answer was "I love her", and I said "brother that's not enough". Emotional connection is only one part of the equation. What about physical compatibility, how they want to raise kids, what kind of spending habits they have, what kind of family they come from... Hell it might sound un-romantic (if that's a word) but if you go into a marriage think you gon wake up everyday feeling in love you are in for a surprise because nobody does that. I don't care if you with Halle, Beyonce, or whoever.
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aww! noo! that sucks. I

aww! noo! that sucks. I really liked them as a couple.
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This is really sad news.

This is really sad news.
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noooooo... that was too

noooooo... that was too quick! i wonder what happened. smh.
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Who knows what happened

Who knows what happened better to split than to stay in a marriage unhappy.They did look cute together but marriage is about so much more than that. I'm wishing them the best.
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I really liked them as a

I really liked them as a couple. So sad :(
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Look I don't know about all

Look I don't know about all this fairy tale Ish you all are talking about....but I saw them both at a party last year..and I heard her saying "He did all the work....HE made it happen"...when it came to their getting married. Like she din't want to be married or something... Which struck me as a VERY odd thing to say for a bride who's supposed to be in love according to what i read in Essence. I knew then that something was up...and that if that was the case....it wouldnt last. Maybe Mehki was telling the truth after all.
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Melinda Williams is a

Melinda Williams is a beautiful lady, she is just to cute for words. Wishing her and Derrick the best and hope they both can move on and remain friends afterwards for the kids sake. Yes, marriage isn't easy and it is not a decision that should be taken lightly! I think either two things happen, they weren't truly ready for the committment and the idea of marriage or it simply wasn't a match made in heaven. sometimes things seem so right when it is actually wrong. I always thought that maybe they were each other safty nets. Find the one that makes you sizzle, fills you with passion and love and someone that you can still be yourself around and grow.
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Wow. I saw him in the club

Wow. I saw him in the club hugged up with another woman this summer. So this makes sense. So sad. What a waste.
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I hate to say it but I kinda

I hate to say it but I kinda expected this. I don't believe they dated that long before they were engaged. Next thing you know there's a wedding and their married. You can't enter into an agreement to be with someone for the rest of your life without knowing them. I wish them both the best. Mehki Phifer is somewhere right now saying I told yall she wasn't right.
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I'm shocked!!!!!!!! They

I'm shocked!!!!!!!! They seemed soooo in love. People give up on their marriages too quick. What happened to "till death do us part"......geesh
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I was so rooting for these

I was so rooting for these two this is kinda sad even though I don't know them. People have to realize that marriage takes a lot of work and the commitment should always be at the forefront of all of the decisions you make together the option to divorce should not even stand because in your vows u say "better or for worse" and death is the ONLY thing that should part you PERIOD!!! Those are serious words there and people just look right past them when they hit a wall together I don't know what happened between the two and it may have been something bad behind closed doors but in most cases where someone is not being harmed or very seriously being cheated on (Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'neal type stuff) there is almost always a silver lining you can get counseling, consult a minister or even a mature family member that can advise both parties properly. I don't know I just feel like the divorce rate is skyrocketing and having children myself I feel like they are seeing people just take their lives so loosely like nothing really is important anymore not even a commitment you made to God. I think people should go back and watch their wedding video or look at pix from that day or like I do when I get to a point of no return with my husband I pull out all his cards and little love notes he has given me over the years or look at the wedding tape or pictures from our vacations together (family, and alone) and remind myself of the bond we share and almost immediately I start to forgive and am able to think clearly for the sake of my family.
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Maybe they did try counseling

Maybe they did try counseling *shrug*
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It's 2010 and I think

It's 2010 and I think people,bread winners in particular recognize that the longer they stay married, the more they're liable to pay if alimony is ordered..... so forget about going to counseling, it seems they're just throwing in the towel and calling it a day. Cannot believe this is reality...but it is.
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@ MARRIAGE, you made some

@ MARRIAGE, you made some good points. People should be more "stand up" about the decisons they make. Nobody said marriage was easy.
Vanna's picture

I'm sad... They JUST got

I'm sad... They JUST got married... Why wasn't counseling an option. Not necessarily a therapist buy maybe a pastor or other religious figure.
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They were best friend for

They were best friend for YEARS aww :-( I thought they made a cute couple and would last since they were such good friends 1st.
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This is sad and upsetting.

This is sad and upsetting. Love these two together. Can't believe all the folks commenting about how Malinda's had TWO good men so it MUST be her....what a crock a sh*t. Oh so..no one on here has had TWO relationships that didn't work out? GTFOH. Plus, I also read the interview she gave concerning Mekhi and how he wanted sex NO MATTER WHAT was going on, or how she was feeling, and did more than just THREATEN to 'Get it from someone else'...oh my bad....He's such a 'Good' man. Please. My thing is marriage is and should be sacred... folks are jumpin the broom and jumpin right back out of marriage like they're playing double dutch! WTF!
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@marriage I was with you

@marriage I was with you until "....and don’t know when to submit." Maybe submit is the wrong word, maybe COMPROMISE?? I think all issues should be put on the table before going into marriage. You certainly dont know a person well enough after 6 months (imo) do get married but on the otherhand, just because you have dated someone for 8 years doesn't mean you should get married either. Is the relationship dysfunctional and are you expecting it to MAGICALLY get better as soon as you both say I DO? LORD Jesus, can SOMEBODY page Dr. Laura?!?!!?
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Marriage- That was REAL

Marriage- That was REAL TALK!! I agree!
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wow this is sad to hear

wow this is sad to hear because these 2 were actually friends 1st and knew eachother very well, i don't know, ppl just aren't staying married anymore, my grandparents are still married and have been married since she was 16 and he was 18 and now they are 80, ppl don't do that now a days.
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Whether it's the woman or the

Whether it's the woman or the man, if you have a string of failed relationships, it's time to find the problem in the common denominator; YOURSELF. In ANY relationship, if you can program yourself to stop pointing the finger, judging and reminding yourself (and others) what THEY'RE doing wrong and simply decide to start changing YOUR attitudes, YOUR shortcomings, YOUR preconceived notions, YOUR pride, and the way you think about yourself and life, you'd be surprised the sudden miracles and changes that would take place in the relationship if BOTH people would commit to devouring that slice of humble pie ON THEIR OWN. People need to stop trying to change people, change YOURSELF. Read the Purpose Driven Life please. Peace and blessings.
Why's picture

Wow, that's sad. People

Wow, that's sad. People please know that marriage is about commitment, being self less,and compromising over the little things. It's not all about YOU, it's about US. I have been happily married for 13 1/2 years. It's work, but we are going to make it!
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@Marriage...ain't nobody

@Marriage...ain't nobody reading that long ass manifesto. Go to Reader's Digest with all that. Geez!
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This is what happen when love

This is what happen when love runs so hot in the beginning, hot and then just fizzles. Give me a slow simmer in the beginning that works its way up to a gentle boil and a lasting simmer for the rest of our lives. Wish them both the best. I am not going to blame her, because anything can cause a relationship to fail. All I would say that she needs to be extra careful, because she has a young child who needs stability more than anything else.
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How interesting that people

How interesting that people are blaming the woman in the relationship. Too many assumptions about others' motivations and reasoning for marriage are being made. I wish D-Nice and Malinda Williams all the best. Only they and GOD know what actually happened in their marriage. It should be left that way, without the assumptions.
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The interesting thing, is

The interesting thing, is that the men are the ones filing for divorce. My friend,s husband recently filed for divorce, after two years of marriage, and a son together. I'm just tired of all of these people, taking marriage as a joke, and just playing around with God's word. People don't even try to work it out anymore, they just think of divorce as the only option. The effect that hollywood has, the mindset behind those romantic movies or songs, or some of the couples they try to emulate, do people forget, it's not real life. I want to address women, get out of your fantasy, fairy tale princess world, and start facing reality. Don't just jump into something, because it feels right, just because of the butterflies, the feelings, and emotions that is taking control over you. Many of these women don't even, focus on how they can be a better wife, mother, partner, bestfriend, but they focus on how their man should treat them like a queen, bcos they deserve it, how they want their wedding to look better than this other person, they spend hours with their girlfriends running their mouths, gossiping, don't even take time to listen, respect, and understand their man. They think, by looking cute all the time, hair done, makeup, nails done, wearing lingerie aroud the house, their sex lives should make up for their nagging, bad attitude, and they don't allow the man to be the man. They go with the mindset, I'm an independent woman, and don't know when to submit. I've been married for ten years. Before our marriage, we talked and discussed the reality, challenges, and expectations that comes with marriage. We've been through it all, is it our busy schedules, financial struggles, family problems, pressure, etc, but we stand on our vows, and what we said to each other that, divorce is not an option, we will work it out, no matter what. I was working as much as he was working, and with that I still had to be the wife, and he had to be the husband, taking care of responsibilities. When it was time for me to start having children, I had to put my profession to the side, and focus on been a better wife and mother. Money wasn't coming in the way it used to, but we worked things out. The mistake that many people make is allowing different people having a say in their marriage, especially girlfriends. Whenever my husband and I are going through, it's betweeen us, sometimes our parent, and few close friends that have good insight, who will encourage, and tell the truth as it is. Marriage is not a joke, it comes with sacrifice, compromise, communication, willingness to be better, be open to correction and learn, and if someone is not ready for that, please don't go into it.
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So sad .. too bad.

So sad .. too bad.
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I wonder what went wrong..

I wonder what went wrong..
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She cant keep a man!!

She cant keep a man!!
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It's rather silly to say that

It's rather silly to say that someone should stay with another person when they know it isn't working, just for the sake of trying to make it work. If it's not right at the jump, it won't last regardless.
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Didn't her ex-husband(Mehki)

Didn't her ex-husband(Mehki) say that she wasn't submissive enough and didn't keep herself up enough?I wonder if this is still the case.Sucks,though.
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@Somerknight...I didn't know

@Somerknight...I didn't know that story about Mekhi. I'm with you 100%...if that's true. Regardless of the problems, you go to see the birth of your child. Malinda could have lost her life in childbirth or something else that was terrible. Even if the birth was smooth as silk, you still need to be there. Not cool Mekhi. Not cool at all.
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