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The YBF/AEG Live Alicia Keys Freedom Tour Tickets Giveaway Winners Are...


The winners of the YBF/AEG Live Freedom tour tix to see Alicia Keys, Robin Thicke, and Melanie Fiona are: MICHELLE DEMONT (Houston) Like The Sea (song) Fave line: Love is like the sea, Leaves you on your knees,Then it pulls you in Then it takes you, takes you Over, over FARAH RAHAMAN (Miami) Dragon Days (song) Fave Line: In an act of desperation I get lost in my dreams because like a lady I'm waiting, waiting for you like a prisoner tied over alligator waters. Waiting for my prince of paradise to come and take me away from these dragon days. ODESSA PATTON (Atlanta) Distance & Time (song) Fave line: And if you have to walk a million miles, I'll wait a million days to see you smile, distance and time, I'll be waiting

Congrats to the YBF winners!

The winners will receive 2 tix to the Freedom tour concert in their city. Stay tuned for the next giveaway...



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lol at thr less than 10

lol at thr less than 10 comments this post got.
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congrats to the winners and

congrats to the winners and great lyrics selections
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Can we get some BP3 give

Can we get some BP3 give aways up in here?!?! I'm dying to see Trey Songz live. He was suppose to be at V20 in Long Beach and they just happened to double book him at House of Blues the same night and they (hob) offered more money. D; I just want to see Trey Songz.
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LMAO @ these lyrics in

LMAO @ these lyrics in written form. I guess you have to hear them sing them... reading them they look like elementary school rhymes a third grader would do. Well the first two anyway, D&T just sounds like a cliche. Congrats to the winners! Have fun.
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Shout out to Michelle Demont

Shout out to Michelle Demont from H-Town!!
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Rep ATL well Odessa. Congrats

Rep ATL well Odessa. Congrats to all the winners!
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