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RUN IT: Beyonce VS. Monica

Beyonce rocked this Alexander McQueen black and white houndstooth coat over a black mini skirt and paired it with black pumps at her hubby's Barclay's groundbreaking ceremony last week.  But Monica rocked the exact coat on the set of Keri Hilson's "Slow Dance" video this past August.  And she paired it with jeans, a black tee, and black boots instead. So....





Chase's picture

MONICA!!! Even Though I Liked

MONICA!!! Even Though I Liked Beyonce's Concept. Monica's More Well Put Together And I Love Her Gucci Riding Boots Very Haute!! I Just Wished Monica Would Have Worn A Darker Denim!! Monica Always Wins In Alexander McQueen (RIP) A True Creative Genius!!! xoxoxoxo
TREATMENT28's picture

Monica did rock it better!!!!

Monica did rock it better!!!! Who would've thought......And I don't like Beyonce in that red lipstick and the tired looking wig!! But I still love her!!!
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Monica ran this one for

Monica ran this one for sure... Beyonce looks a MESS.... i think she needs to go back n freshin up
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MONICA RAN WITH IT!!! Beyonce look a hot MESS
mill's picture

Monica look so classy B look

Monica look so classy B look like a Trick. Jay come get your girl!!!!!
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like I said before, Mary J

like I said before, Mary J would have showed both girls how to wear it with class.
Reality Check's picture

@Miss GQ Lmao! That's what I

@Miss GQ Lmao! That's what I thought too. SMH The people picking monica are only saying that because of Bey's makeup,but the post is about the jacket and IMHO Beyonce >>> monica. monica always manages to make expensive clothing look like urban wear.
Amy's picture

Monica looks classy and

Monica looks classy and beautiful. Nice makeup and hair, not a big fan of the 80's denim but at least she's covered up the way a grown woman should be.
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Monica put Bey to shame in

Monica put Bey to shame in this one. Beyonce looks like a linebacker wearing clown makeup and a short skirt. She could have pulled off the black skirt if it were longer, which also would have made it more appropriate for the even. Jay looked damn good at this event and she looked such a damn mess. She could have worn anything in the world and she chose this? Hell she looks better sitting court side at the Cavs game.
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Monica, course. That clown

Monica, course. That clown make-up on Bey is not okay. Nice legs though. She has a great figure for a robot.
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I'm sorry but Monica ran it.

I'm sorry but Monica ran it. Honestly I do not like Beyonce she is to flashy for me, she needs to tone it down just a tad. Other artist keep it simple yet make it look sexy and that is a real Diva not being half naked in pumps thats just sex selling.... sorry but get her out of here... where is the real diva's at.... Her jeans and ponytial look is the best thing I saw B wear keep it simple and be real...
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MONICA ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!! B has got to looooooose the orange lipstick!!! ew ew ew
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Awww man...dare I say it

Awww man...dare I say it (gulp) Monica *double checking to make sure there is no way this gets back to die-hard-BEY-fan- headquarters*
BkPrettyGirl's picture

how does beyonce look like a

how does beyonce look like a stripper? i thought strippers were 99% or completely nude...no?
Miss GQ's picture

they both look good. i

they both look good. i can't choose one.. b/c bey has that awful lipstick on, and monica has on those tacky boots
Miss GQ's picture

I love how it looks on

I love how it looks on Monica. She ran this one.
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@Lucy Luu That's what I've

@Lucy Luu That's what I've been trying to say! Whats' funny is I was just on A "Fashion" based site that featured Monica wearing the jacket and they are ripping her into shreds for "cheapening" the look as they say because of the was she wore it. Here ==>
REALLY?!'s picture

Beyonce is underdressed for

Beyonce is underdressed for that occasion, so Monica definitley ran it. I would've liked it more on B if she wore a shirt underneath the peacoat, she looked borderline hookerish and the red lipstick completed that hooker look.
Ashley's picture

that is NOT a pencil

that is NOT a pencil skirt...just saying. A pencil skirt comes to your knees or just below and is tapered at the bottom. If you have to hold the skirt down and walk in it then it is not a pencil skirt.
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JESSICA's picture

not counting the makeup

not counting the makeup Beyonce wore the top best she just did...no competition look at how Monica messed up the jacket by wearing a tee under it the flaps dont even look right on her...but Beyonce wore too much makeup she doesnt even need it but its not a makeup competition so she won
Lucy Luu's picture

M O N I C A !!

M O N I C A !!
lexie's picture

Ok first of all you people

Ok first of all you people are nuts! Monica is dead ass wrong for putting on those white washed jeans on with that tank(not blouse)underneath a beautiful Alexander McQueen piece. And those knee high pointed boots? WTF? I am not feeling that look at all... And the only reason she looks "younger" as you all claim is because she looks like she bought that fit from Rainbow. You say she's almost 30 as if thats a good thing when she looks juvenile! Beyonce on the other hand looks classic with her broach pencil skirt and pulled back hair. She looks like a woman not a teeny bopper...
Tomo's picture

Never Beyonce. I've never

Never Beyonce. I've never seen someone try so hard and fail so miserably!
TheNykkol's picture

Beyonce does not have style

Beyonce does not have style and it shows everytime. The makeup is definitly not a good look and wish someone tell her it does not look good. I honestly do not care for the jacket, but Monica wore it the best.
Adrienne's picture

Both look awful

Both look awful
No ma'am's picture

lmao at these beyonce

lmao at these beyonce comments follw me @cece_f
cf's picture

BOT - I'm late to this

BOT - I'm late to this topic... Well "for me" the jeans throws it off for Monica and the makeup throws it off for Beyonce.
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misthing's picture

Monica wore it better. oh and

Monica wore it better. oh and "beyucki" is such a childish name. if you gonna poke fun at someone at least come up with something creative and funny....smh
Dirty Diana...'s picture

Saying it real loud, BEY RAN

Saying it real loud, BEY RAN IT!!!
WHATUSAY's picture

Monica, all day. Beyonce's

Monica, all day. Beyonce's hair and makeup ruins the whole effect.
ella's picture

Beyonce looks straight

Beyonce looks straight stupid! Monica obv. rocked it better, if anything she made it look "classier" than Beyonce. So the people who gwanin like Beyonce makes it look classier are blind. How is having your boobs hanging all out in the open considered "classy"?! Bitch please!
Anonymous's picture

Monica definetely rocked on

Monica definetely rocked on this ish... truly a fan of Ms Knowles but she looks like cheap and really not classy.
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SHANEL's picture

As beautiful as she (usually)

As beautiful as she (usually) is, she reeks of insecurity.
Tiye's picture

god,beyonce can be such an

god,beyonce can be such an idiot sometimes, used to really stan for her before but now she is losing me.very bad posture on her, her thighs look massive, a nicely fitted pencil skirt just at the knees would have given her a much better shape, why would she dress like this??
fem's picture

Monica did. Beyonce makeup &

Monica did. Beyonce makeup & hair looks a hot mess!
Honest1's picture

Monica, especially since she

Monica, especially since she left something to the imagination, which is always a good thing. Also Beyonce's skirt is so short it looks uncomfortable to walk around in with the paps around.
Ebonia's picture

Beyonce looks terrible with

Beyonce looks terrible with all that make up on..So i'ma have to say Monica even tho I think both of them didn't look the best.
CuteGirl's picture

Obviously Monica wore it

Obviously Monica wore it best. It looked to wide angled on Beyonce and the eyes were too dramatic as well as the lipstick that was to strong for the look. Monica's makeup was flawless and a much softer look.
Ct's picture

I have to say NEITHER! Bey -

I have to say NEITHER! Bey - the make up is horrible for her... Secondly herthights look like they are a little too big for her... Monican if you only ... if you only... had a pair it with a pair black denim or hell at least a dark wash - I would have given it to you! matching the jacket with the boots just wasn't enough... sorry try again.
Que Paso?'s picture

Idk.....I like Beyonce better

Idk.....I like Beyonce better but her make-up looks a mess in this photo...its a tad too much so I might have to go with Monica on this one.....I wonder how people be remembering who whore what and when though?
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I am a die hard fan of

I am a die hard fan of Beyonce...But Im TOOO Sorry...But Monica ran it...Bad make uhp choice and hair for the outfit Bey Love You To Death Tho Love and Rockets, Madz
BeamMeUhpScotty's picture

MONICA!! - All day, every

MONICA!! - All day, every day. No disrespect to McQueen's legacy, especially in light of his recent tragic suicide, but I just do not like this jacket. It does not look feminine, and too Queen Victoria like with the high collar. The fabric looks unforgiving like it forces the person wearing it to be stiff. This proves that not every style is flattering or tasteful just because it comes from a specific fashion house, designer, or you paid a grip for it. Beyonce' just looks tacky, like a ghetto bird who is not familiar with the rules of etiquette or who rarely goes out to business oriented functions and has limited means. She is too rich for this mess.
IMHO's picture

how is Bey's 'classier'???

how is Bey's 'classier'??? Her breasts are hanging out! she should've paired it with a turtle neck/crew neck. i'm sure it was chilly in NYC that day. not a good conservative look. which is how she should've dressed.
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