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BET Nearing Deal For New Episodes Of "The Game"?!+Kimora & Fam Do OK! Mag

It looks like our wishes have come true.  Black Voices is reporting that BET is near to finalizing the deal to bring back "The Game."  New episodes and all.  If everything goes as planned, new episodes will be shot this May with original Exec. Producer Mara Brock Akil on location in Atlanta. Here's the scoop: "The deal is done between the two networks," the source told BV Buzz. "Now it's a matter of getting the actors under contract again." When The CW canceled the show in May of last year, the contracts with the shows stars Tia Mowry, Pooch Hall, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Hosea Chanchez, Brittany Daniel and Coby Bell weren't optioned and ultimately expired on June 30, 2009. Now BET has to negotiate new contracts with the actors, which is expected to be done within the next two wMelanie & Derwin on 'The Game'eeks. "The show will have the same production value, so the actors will make the same type of money they made when they did 'The Game' for The CW," the source shared. The only hiccup is actor Coby Bell (Jason Pitts) who is currently starring in the tv show "Burn Notice." Reports say he will likely still be on "The Game" if it returns, but in a recurring role.  Sweet! Pics of Kimora and her babies in the new issue of OK! when you read the rest...

Kimora Lee's looking her usual fabulous self in this week's issue of OK!. Check out her pics and article about her new Life In The Fab Lane season and her uber cute kiddies:




I LOVE The Game! I cannot

I LOVE The Game! I cannot wait for it to return! Keep us updated b/c I will be tuning in!
LOVE THE GAME!'s picture

THE GAME is coming back.....I

THE GAME is coming back.....I hope that this is true Loved the episode
vernell's picture

THE GAME is coming

THE GAME is coming back..YIPEE. I happened to catch all the reruns on BET and just fell in love with the show. It's SOO GOOD. I have never loved a show for a long time since The Bill Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's amazing how I can watch any episode of The Game and watch it 10 times like I am watching it for the first time. AWESOOME.. BET don't you THINK about changing the format or anything! Pretty Please. Ok..back to work now.
Sisi Eko's picture

I love the Game! Cant

I love the Game! Cant wait!!!!!!!
chocolick's picture

Hey YBF how can yall post a

Hey YBF how can yall post a blog on sumthing the cast don't even kno. Check their Twitter page (especially Hoshea's twitter page) He said it himself that it's not true.....Sorry to dissappoint anybody i just don't want ppl hopes get high and the shit blow up in their face.:(
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That's nice!-----Someone told

That's nice!-----Someone told me there's hot topic on this on -----meetingrich.com
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!! THE GAME IS

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! THE GAME IS RETURNING!!!!!!! OMG i need to find out if Janae is really having Derwin's baby, whats happening between Rick fox and Tasha mack and kelly and jason!!! (ugh jason is such a stingy pig in the show, i love it!!)
TriniFab's picture

I hope that this is true and

I hope that this is true and if it is an effort needs to be made to complete Girlfriends in which The Game came from. I was so hurt when they just up and cancelled it.
Melanie's picture

Ohh...Kimora and her fam are

Ohh...Kimora and her fam are just so cool.God bless.
babyluv...Uwantestwho!!!!1's picture


BrittBeauty3's picture

I like the game so I have to

I like the game so I have to wait and see what they do with it. I must admit mel and Derwin was getting on my nerves towards the end, especially mel and I couldn't stand Kelly so glad that Camille (stacey Dash) came into the picture Love Kim and Kenzo is cute.
binky's picture

Nobody wants to watch a

Nobody wants to watch a canceled show return from the dead on BET. Bring back something of quality like "Different World" if you must resurrect a show. I can't believe the FAKE Exec's (never worked anywhere other than BET) at BET actually think a year and several months later people are still interested in this show. Start from scratch and pilot a new show... that's what REAL NETWORKS do! This doesn't make any sense... somebody must be sucking it real good!
Willy Lump Lump's picture

loveee kimora shes my twin

loveee kimora shes my twin for life... and YESSS PLZ COME BACK TO ME ... LOVE THE GAME... but they needddd jason hes hilarious
Mila (mariah beyonce justinT and michael fan)'s picture

love The Game. Loved the

love The Game. Loved the episode when big swole dude tried to get his "grove on" with Malik. Hilaredy at its best! Now if they would only bring back Girllllfrriiiends There through thick and thin my girlllllffrinendsssss : )
felinetigress's picture

I can't wait to see what

I can't wait to see what happened with Mel and Derwin, Kelly and Jason and Stacy Dash's character; Tash, Punk-ass Chauncy and his wife. I can't wait!
jer-z girl's picture


LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVE The Game! Please BET, please. Ya'll be teasin' us long enough! Come wit it!
jer-z girl's picture

OMG!!!!!!!!! i am on an

OMG!!!!!!!!! i am on an emotional rollercoaster dammit! i hope that "the game" is able to come back to television asap!
NitaBonita's picture

I love that show! I wonder

I love that show! I wonder what its gonna be like now cuz Melanie and Derwin got married on the last season finale......and Jason is with Camille not Kelly and Derwin has a baby now......thats gonna be some drama......I can't wait!
noodles's picture

Coby Bell MUST return to "The

Coby Bell MUST return to "The Game"!!! Jason Pitts was my favoriate character!!
Dats My Word's picture


NO HATE!!!'s picture

@Get Me Outta Here I was

@Get Me Outta Here I was just watching that episode!!! HAHAHAHA LMAO!!! That was my show!! If we can just get "GIRLFFIENDS" back at where they left off right before Toni left the show then I would be super good.
NO HATE!!!'s picture

Go head The Game, y'all have

Go head The Game, y'all have viewers in Holland!! Loves this WHOLE post!! This will bring BET back into our good graces, slightly!!!! I'm still wanting BET pre 2005 though!! Barely watched it since then!!! Get'em Kimmy, looking great girl!!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

YEAYYYY Even here in Europa

YEAYYYY Even here in Europa we watch THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!! I saw all the episodes. Can't wait to see the new episodes!!! Love from Europe (HOLLAND IN THE HOUSE)
blackwonder's picture

THE GAME!!! yea baby!!

THE GAME!!! yea baby!! really need to find out derwin jnr.
Phoenix4u's picture

PLEEEASE bring the game

PLEEEASE bring the game back!!!!! me and my boyfriend love this show!
nerdyGLAMOUR's picture

I’m dancing and

I’m dancing and emphasizing.... OK...BET don't play with my emotions. I'm still really...really raw that The Game was cancelled. I don't know how much more I can take. LET'S DO THIS!!!
Get Me Outta Here's picture

@sistasista, trust they have

@sistasista, trust they have NOT done all they can do with Derwin & Melonie, first of all, we dnt know if they baby is his, I think its not, that situation in itself will be crazy drama! secondly, he owes her a REAL wedding since, Jane' went into labor during Derwin & Mel's weddding ceremony & they ended up getting married at the damn hospital. There is going to be alot more going on with Derwin & Melanie
say what!'s picture

luvs luvs luvs the

luvs luvs luvs the game...with derwin's cute self!
Covergirl1908's picture

Kimora is over doing it with

Kimora is over doing it with the photo ops...
Amy's picture

Yassss! I ♥ THE GAME, now

Yassss! I ♥ THE GAME, now would BET come on? Kimora looks fab as always!
Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper's picture

Can't wait for the Game.

Can't wait for the Game. Will be the only show I watch on that network.
Tiffany's picture

I really hope The Game will

I really hope The Game will be returning!! I miss my favorite show!!!
Sunshine's picture

Kimora irks me.

Kimora irks me.
ariesdiva's picture

YESSS I love the GAME!!!

YESSS I love the GAME!!!
DimeDiva's picture

Love The Game...cannot

Love The Game...cannot wait! Kenzo is a cutie!
Sweet to the Core's picture

Why is Kimora in some tabloid

Why is Kimora in some tabloid hawking pics of her kids every week? Slow down Mama. Between Russel and her reality show she has to be makning money, so why is she so thirsty for attention? Her body looks ok, but that swollen face is crazy. She needs to chill out. Djimon needs to get to work if it's that tough. I did't watch the game before, but the re-runs have gotten me interested.
sparkle's picture

loves this show! i was

loves this show! i was pulling for my fav swirl couple (well, the only one i like at all) to reconcile. guess that's a no go now. guess they will be the drama now b/c they have done about all they can w/derwin & girl melanie.
sista2sista's picture


JUST SAY NO TO DREW SIDORA. Are y'all kidding me? That no-talent chick is coming back?!? I really hope they take the writing back to the glory of the first season and don't bring the women of the show back acting like crazy chickenheads again. Tasha and Melanie used to be sooo much smarter than they are now. Kelly's the only one who actually progressed as a character. I hope they scoop TT, Irv, and whoever Bumper Robinson's character was and bring them back, too!
Akimbo's picture

wat i cannot understand is

wat i cannot understand is the game such a great tv show why there was even a question weather or not to bring it back same thing as usual black people cant reach no where and kimora she looks good as usual u go girl family is everything
thickness's picture

Man i FEEL all these comments

Man i FEEL all these comments from my 1st and up( I haven't read the ones below if they're are any) but DOO Better spot on!! have you seen the pilot it was horrible bcuz the didn't have the right cast but they made those 2 1/2 (Kelly Pitts was played by some old traditional snobby looking white woman and Derwin was played by some guy who really wasn't doing that well in the acting dept he's blocking sUCK to keep it real and he wasn't as sexy as pooch hall! and Jason had hair hehe you can watch it on youtube) changes and create this masterpiece LOVES it OOOOW sooo happy i hope they don't get our hopes back down!
Sick of it's picture

Very excited about The Game

Very excited about The Game coming back. I really hope BET doesn't mess it up with their "vision" of what a tv show should be (i.e. Frankie & Neffie; SMH).......
you's picture


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys if you're SOOOOO haPPy WE GOT to watch it EVERY night it comes on...just hope BET don't mess the show up but Mara is NOT going to let that happen...OOOOWWWWW i'm SOOOOO HAPPY i LOVE this show to death but i'm sad Jason is not going to be on it like he usually is that man is hilarious straight up!! Kill him Burn Notice nah j/k it's probably better for him to work both show...WOOOOOO super excited!!
Sick of it's picture

Well damn. How many family

Well damn. How many family photo shoots are they gonna do? hahahaha
Sha from Da Brook's picture

I'm from the UK and alot of

I'm from the UK and alot of my friends have been telling me about the Game...I've watched every season (on youtube, they havent started airing it yet over here lol) and I LOVE it....!! Hopefully it's just as good when it returns and hopefully Jason is involved cause he was one my favourite characters...funny! But I agree with someone above - the Mel and Derwin rollercoaster was getting a lil stale....
LDN80's's picture

Hmmmm...I can't hardly

Hmmmm...I can't hardly wait!!! I love this show!!! @Latrece, sorry to tell you but she's coming back...She stated in an interview a few months ago that she's doing a few episodes, so she's definetly not out of the picture...so watch out Derwin! "I'm Just Saying"!!! LOL!!! Also, I read that they were working on contracts a while ago, that's been like 4-5 months ago...I guess it takes a whole lot of time, plus they were trying to bring it to ATL...not so sure how that's going to work out...Who cares, as long as it comes back! Yeah!!! "I'm Just Saying"!!!
"I'm Just Saying..."'s picture

Can't wait for the new

Can't wait for the new episodes, bring it on back!!!
Mishie's picture

I JUST started watching the

I JUST started watching the The Game and sad that I'm late. I really do hope they get picked up.
Soul Touch's picture

LOVE KIMORA!!!!!!!! I love

LOVE KIMORA!!!!!!!! I love the fact that she actually wants to raise her kids HERSELF and she looks better with a little weight on her.
nellsg's picture

yes...yes...& YES!!!! Been

yes...yes...& YES!!!! Been waiting for this official announcement for what seems like the LONGEST...BET knows every other show on that network is completely trash...this is & will be the only thing worth watching on there. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!
Lola Monroe's picture

Good news about The Game

Good news about The Game
L.A. Lady's picture

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