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Monica Speaks On Rocko Break-Up & Cheating Rumors

Monica spoke to the folks over at VIBE about her breakup with her longtime boyfriend and children's father Rocko. She says she was aware of the cheating rumors floating around the net and only took to Twitter to tell her fans and friends she was ok: “I chose Twitter as a forum to say what I felt at that time because there was no other way for me to say it once,” Monica told VIBE. “Had I been on radio, had I been interviewed, it would’ve been over and over again. That was just a quick way to say, ‘I know what’s taking place on the Web sites. I want you to know that I’m okay.’ But it really is a private matter. You just lose the privacy once you become an artist. So I'm not upset about it in any way.” It was a situation I didn’t ask to be in, so to speak. Once something is put up on a Web site and things about your personal life are spread all around, it’s unfortunate,” said Monica. “I don’t even know specifically who they spoke to, but I do know that I never felt so… I guess the word would be confused more than anything else. If you go to sleep and you wake up and you see something for the first time, it’s a little scary, you know. I’m too grown now to go investigating leads. The reality is that I have to play my position as their mom and do what it is that’s best for me.” “When I met him, I was only 19 years old and the good definitely outweighed the bad over the years so we don’t have any hard feelings towards one another,” said Monica. “Anything that involves children is gonna be more emotional. I think that’s the area that makes it more difficult… My priority is to make sure that whatever is done is best for them. I’m secondary in the picture and so is their dad and we have a close bond for over a decade. So regardless of what takes place in the media, there’s still certain things that will happen amongst the four of us for the rest of our lives and that’s just never gonna change.” Meanwhile, Monica's focusing on her kiddies and her upcoming Still Standing album release.



what don't break you , will

what don't break you , will only make you stronger, Besides your the one that made him shine. Yes believe that ROCKO!!!
Germany's picture

I think this is very sad. I'm

I think this is very sad. I'm Monica biggest fan and I want nothing but the best for her I wish she could fine a good guy like Usher to get with the would make a good couple the both have two boys and are single. But I forgot he cheat too so maybe not him but someone good looking like him. Maybe Drake!!
Kiara Keitzer's picture

I saw it coming. I am sorry

I saw it coming. I am sorry to say but Monica, Tiny and them are living in a fantasy world. They need to upgrade...get themselves together and put a handle on it. I watched Monica's reality show and his vibe was off from the gate. I hope that she moves on and not look back. She has two precious little boys to worry about now and I am so, so sorry that children are involved but when you are not equally yoke....there's problems
Diamondj's picture

What she NEEDS to do is get

What she NEEDS to do is get it poppin with that fine piece of chocolate Ochocinco!!! That video showed some chemistry! LOL... J/k. He doesn't seem mature enough for her. But they shole would make a purty couple. Kudos to Monica for a classy, mature response to a painful situation. Ladies should take note.
CocoBee's picture

I feel that she is handeling

I feel that she is handeling the situation very well. I know that being an"Artist" your life is so public, and there is no privacy for personal issues.We have to realize artist are humans with a real life. They go through the same issues as everyday people,minus the statis.
monya209's picture

Never let a man linger you

Never let a man linger you on. If you allow it, he will. If you are going to get married, get married. Ladies let's stop doing things backward. Engagement should not be longer that a year. Get married first, buy the house and then have the kids. This is why he will cheat, he will see that you have no order in your life. Get to know if first before you have kids, see if he is ready for commitment and a family.
aggie94's picture

Handle ur bizz Monica!!! BTW

Handle ur bizz Monica!!! BTW Pls, GO OUT TODAY AND GET MONICA"S NEW ALBUM!!!!
Chelly's picture

1st time posting here....but

1st time posting here....but after reading Monica's response to her "situation"......I just hade to say...."Well done Monca u took the words outta my mouth"
N.K.I's picture

umm to the poster about SB

umm to the poster about SB husband yes he too is a no good nicca!!! LOL!!! strong, beautiful women will settle for ANYTHING because the world keeps telling them they NEED a man and most really do WANT a man but hood bishes do hood ish and this alas is what hood niccas do the dude WROTE A song saying bump everybody he gonna do him he didnt wife MONICA !!! what the heck is wrong with that !!! women need to do better you play house with a fool and you WILL get played happens every time
lexdiamonz's picture

jus because she made a

jus because she made a statement doesnt mean she is going to put out all the business..peopple always have shit to say...and what does this have to do wiht an album? smh...ppl think everything is a publicity stunt..this isnt gon make me run out to buy the album..even tho im gettin it anyway!
crunkpoet's picture

Monica, I wish you and your

Monica, I wish you and your family the best. Whatever decision that you make is your own decision. Stand your ground and all will fall into place. If the relationship is still meant to be it will be. You are a strong black female that I admire. Sometimes men do not realize what they have or had until it's gone. I really loved seeing you and your family together and you all were so happy. I hope that you do find happiness again even if you do decide to work it out with your longtime mate. Just do you and do not worry about making others happy but what makes you happy. We all deserve happiness. Be your own woman!!!
Tarasa (DS WE)'s picture

To me its obvious (and that

To me its obvious (and that picture is a testament) that she was always more into him, than he was her. And if thats the case I say good riddance to his whack ass
Ms_NYC's picture

Rocko? Who the fudge is Rocko

Rocko? Who the fudge is Rocko and how does he merit rumors about his sex life being passed around the internet? Even Y-list folks are Celebs now, huh. Yo Monica U can do better, but as they say Love must be Blind. Ha, Ha
Number 33's picture

Monica>>> Who Really Cares

Monica>>> Who Really Cares About YOU and some Nigga named ROcko??
Anonymous's picture

Monica is so professional!

Monica is so professional! Love her!
MW09's picture

Imma do me, that's his last

Imma do me, that's his last hit. I can't say I'm surprised at this. Anyway, I wish Monica the best cause I loved her since she first came out and after watching her show I have a lot of respect for her because she seems really sincere and real. As long as she keeps God first she'll be alright. She's strong, Still Standing baby!!!
BadGirl23's picture

I can't believe that ugly guy

I can't believe that ugly guy had nerve to cheat on her. Monica is the best he is EVER going to get!
Jessica's picture

Fuck Rocko!

Fuck Rocko!
BtchPlze's picture

I love Monica and i know

I love Monica and i know Rocko is unattractive but it looks like someone beat the hell outta him with an ugly stick! what an awful pic of him.
Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪'s picture

OMG..loving the mature

OMG..loving the mature attitude...i love her...and have so much more respect for her now...but in her show he looked and seemed mad shady to me...move on girl ull be fine..alot of single moms out there...u can raise strong great black men by ureself...and imma get ghetto for u...... UGLY ASS MOTHERFUC-ER TRYING TO PLAY A BITCH...U R NOTHING WITHOUT ME(Monica ofcourse) PEACE OUT SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!...
fabulous's picture

love her mature, grown ass

love her mature, grown ass woman response. she touched on what's really important (the children) without divulging gory details or coming off like a victim. *cough*mashonda*cough* loves her!
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

I wonder which blog tipped

I wonder which blog tipped her off?? There were many stories written about this dude's infidility. I wonder was it on Freddyo.com where a poster swore Monica's man was chopping her girl down.
GG's picture

Monica has always struck me

Monica has always struck me as someone who's wise beyond her years. What she said made a lot of sense. But DAMN seriously though, how good of a woman do you have to be these days to NOT get cheated on? Forget the trifling men involved, Is the world really that overpopulated with sluts, tramps and whores that will sleep with a man who's married or in a commitment AND with children? Women WE have to do better!! Again I say where are those damn scarlet letters when you need them? We should make these ho's register when they move into our neighborhoods like sex offenders.
Twilightey's picture

@Christina FOREALL!!! Monica

@Christina FOREALL!!! Monica do like them thuggish creatures! I mean, C-Murder tho? I'm just sayin. She better not hook up with Gucci Mane or Wocka Flacka after this! lol...Hopefully she gets it together tho. Her album comes out tomorrow so maybe that's why she's spillin the re-fried beans! sidenote: HEALTH CARE REFORM PASSED, can i get an AMEN? :-)
Gabie Says...Kiss My Grits!!!'s picture

posted by Londonchick Mon,

posted by Londonchick Mon, March 22, 2010 3:51 PM He is unfortunate looking. And so is this situation. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Looooooooooooo.......DEAD! Seriously this is how Mashonda should've dealt with hers. Now every other Magazine and blog cashed out of her ish and she's still left like "what happened"... Just take the high road and deal with your pain privately with the family and friends. Everyone else is just always out to cash in on a sad situation as is all NEWS.
2010's Hottest Accessory_Lil Wayne's Baby_Get Yours Now!!!'s picture

Good for you Monica! You and

Good for you Monica! You and your children deserve better.........hold your head up and never look back!
gapeach's picture

@neverjudgeme,if its so much

@neverjudgeme,if its so much of a "pieceofpaper" why even bother getting engaged? monica was engaged to this bum for over 5+ years, she played house w/ this bum while he was out "doing him". smdh @ least tip does famiy things w/ tiny,this bum didnt even do that.
La'trice's picture

this just my opinion, monica

this just my opinion, monica has been aware of rocko cheating ways for sometime now, im talking since 2003, dont let her fool yall, she even had his b-day party @ magic city and body tap cause she knew he was always there messng w/ the girls. monica got in every magazine and every interview makin excuses as to why there wasnt getting married anytime soon, well the fact is they wasnt gettin married at all, rocko was barely @ the house anyway and he had no plans of marrying this girl ( be engaged is the new marriage). monica ate her own words trying to make it seems like rocko was the shit when he didnt even respect u enough to keep his dick in his pants. i like monica but sometimes she can be full of shit, and why does she act like shes keyshia cole publist? she makes there friendship seem more than what it is, amina is keyshia bff, the media thinks everyone is besty's.
La'trice's picture

Yeah, Monica likes hood

Yeah, Monica likes hood dudes. But I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with being "hood." She just needs a man that is more mature and is ready for an instant family because any man that's w/ her from now on will get just that -- an instant family. I would say she should try dating a guy outside of the industry, but I don't know about the guys before Rocko...but maybe she should try a lawyer/businessman type dude that has enough hood in him to keep her interested.
candytrice's picture

My opinion is that if her

My opinion is that if her true intention was to only address the breakup once, she would/should have done just that & not made any further public statement. Speaking to Vibe about it smells like a nicely planned PR move to drum up sympathy (read: support) for the new album. It could backfire - as her promo appearances start to pick up, instead of focusing on the music, no doubt there will be those radio & tv personalities who'll only want to talk scandal. I'm def a Monica fan & didn't need any explanation about her breakup - I was already going to buy the album. I think her reality show more than accomplished its purpose to get us ready for the album - no need for a statement. Alleged cheater or not, you see Rocko's been mum...
her's picture

Charge that f-ck nigga to the

Charge that f-ck nigga to the game Monica,you are beautiful and so much better than that.Dude kinda looks like Craig Mack and that is not whats happening!!!(See what my nigga C-Murder been up too)ain't nothing like a REAL hood nigga!!
tra c's picture

Finally, A grown mature woman

Finally, A grown mature woman has spoken. Monica is smart and knows to move on and make sure her children are provided for. Her personal life is hers alone. No one else business.
A BEAUTY's picture

Monica is such a classy

Monica is such a classy lady...with that new law she might want to sue the cheating heffa haha!
Annette's picture

I like the way Monica handles

I like the way Monica handles herself. So many people lose sight of the most important people...the children at times like this, but she has done the opposite and put their interests first. A lot of men and women both can learn from her maturity & poise.
webstar's picture

Like I said befor she need to

Like I said befor she need to pick better men. Monica ALWATS pick the thug niggas.
Christina's picture

Not every woman wants to walk

Not every woman wants to walk down the aisle and get that "piece of paper". it means absolutely nothing except to the government. I drank the damn "kool aid" and got married for 6 years and then divorced and i can tell you right now that i can be committed to a man w/o any damn piece of paper. committment is just that committment. in the Bible it says that marriage is the bond b/t man, woman and God. it does not say anything about a piece of paper. some of you women need to realize that not every woman wants to jump the damn broom. I had sex in my marriage to procreate now i have sex just for pleasure. and yes i am safe with it... moving on now...
JudgeMeNever's picture

This is so disgusting! Who in

This is so disgusting! Who in their right mind would want to mess around with that man and break up Monica's relationship. Some bitches have no fu**king shame! That man looks just like his KIDS! when are we women gonna grab some damn self respect and find our own men? Whatever tramp messed around with rocko, who aint even cute first off, needs their ass kicked royally
Karla's picture

What is she talking about?

What is she talking about? What gossip and what media? Who was talking about her relationship besides her? Nobody is now or has ever talked about Monica and Rocko lol. What the hell is a Rocko? She needs to be promoting her album and doing shows.
sparkle's picture

ROFL @ c'mon now! AMEN!!! if

ROFL @ c'mon now! AMEN!!! if you want privacy, why wasnt the FIRST statement enough? is someone beating her to go on twitter or whereever to speak on this topic? take a hint from your girl keyshia cole who went straight GHOST! she released one statement and moved on. monica's even telling more of keyshia's business than keyshia is. people are gonna talk...you dont have to always flap with the flappers. its like she's trying to FORCE us to believe she's classy, mature & a good mother. something smells fishy...and it isnt just rocko's crustache and constipated smile/frown-SMH
Mrs. W's picture

Why do folks think that

Why do folks think that Monica's single status was "his" choice. She was right not to "husband up" a dude that wasn't in her tax bracket. Look at them now! Child support is a lot less to pay than alimony. Ask Britney Spears.
whilome's picture

Co-sign and co-sign @ "The

Co-sign and co-sign @ "The Boss." I am sincere (and not judgmental) when I say I truly wish my sisters would quit having multiple kids for these dudes who are not committed to the relationship. She should not have had another kid without a commitment. We have to start honoring ourselves and our bodies more! No more giving your everything to someone who isn't worth anything.
What Chu' Talkin' 'Bout Monica?'s picture

what i don't get is who is

what i don't get is who is forcing her to make these public announcements? is anyone even talking about this aside from the YBF and maybe bossip? stop all that twittering mess talking about your life, it speaks volumes to your personality and to the amount of attention you need. Don't you have an album coming out or something tweeter tha.
c'mon now's picture

Great response! This is how

Great response! This is how a mature women handles her business. Now, get a better man b/cuz u deserve it.
kj's picture

i was wondering when she was

i was wondering when she was gonna hit twitter i mean she told us keyshia cole's every move....
!@#$%^&*()'s picture


@THE BOSS PREACHHHHHHHHHHH!! Rocko has that same T.I mentality. "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" right????? Them dudes are straight up Lactose Intolerant!!!! SMDH
NO HATE!!!'s picture


TiffShanyel's picture

I can't @

I can't @ Latrece..............LMAO As I stated about Akon's Konvict Koncoction of Shit fragrance; Rocco looks like he smells like or always smells(that damn lip) musty sex in an alley!! Damn and his personality fits the look!!!! What is wrong with these bishes!!! Sorry but I'm not having man as a husband and most definately not a father to my children who calls himself a GOON!! NOTTTTTTTTT!! SMDH
NO HATE!!!'s picture

Ladies, never allow yourself

Ladies, never allow yourself to be a man's girlfriend for years and years with no commitment. Even if he puts a ring on it. If he ain't ready to walk done the aisle then go on with you life because you wasting your time. Demand what you want in a relationship and know that your worth it! Men/woman will only do what you let them. Remember that!
the boss's picture

Loser. He was ugly anyway.

Loser. He was ugly anyway.
So me Bo dy's picture

Monica, keep it moving my

Monica, keep it moving my dear. This ugly faced one hit wonder never deserved you anyways girlfriend. He got a lot of nerve cheating with his oooogly ass....
Chelly's Two Cents's picture

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