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DETAILS: Kelis' New Boo Is Sanaa Lathan's Ex Wale Ogunleye

Kelis has officially moved on from being Mrs. Jones. Before the ink was dry on her divorce papers, Kelis has already gone public with her new boo-- the fineness that is Chicago Bear Wale Ogunleye. Clearly Wale loves the Hollywood chicks. He just got out of a 4 year relationship a few months ago with Sanaa Lathan. Then he and Kelis began romping it up around Miami very soon after that breakup. Wale even popped up at Kelis' dinner party she hosted in Miami this past weekend:

Well isn't that sweet. More deets under the cut.... The folks over at HoneyMag.com say the couple have been pretty public about their new relationship status: The duo were spotted as far back as Super Bowl weekend, when they were seen stepping out of a Miami movie theater together hand in hand. Just this past weekend, they were seen at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Ogunleye was in attendance as Kelis performed cuts from her upcoming album at the Belvedere Music Lounge. Later that night sources spotted them canoodling in VIP at Club LIV. Do what you do then Kelis....



I thought Kelis was claiming

I thought Kelis was claiming to be broke. So how the hell is she hosting a dinner party? Oh I forgot she's going to send the bill to Nas claiming that it's a child support expense. These Hollywood chicks crack me up. It's women like this that really make it hard for women who genuinely need child support for their children and not just to satisfy their own materialistic needs!
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Is is it the White guy or

Is is it the White guy or black guy???
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i hate to hear that word GOLD

i hate to hear that word GOLD DIGGER what does that have to do with anything....it don't matter what your profession is.... she was not his (mistress)a name that is so loosly used when a guy has sex with a woman that's not his wife(mistress)is a long term reationship with a married man not a junp off or booty call is what they should be called.......she filed for divorce while pregnant... a baby that he wanted as much as she did you can call it what you want any (WOMAN or MAN) for that matter dont have to put up with there spouse beeing unfaithful....and it don't matter what a person did b4 they were with you.....it only matters what happens when you are together
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I for one think all wimen who

I for one think all wimen who marry rappers are goldiggers and hos and do not deserve any dime from their ex spouses. I hate women so much , I could never be a lesbian! Nas has my respect , she'll have her karma from trying to ruin nas! Karma is a bitch Kelis....
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well KELIS did have the baby

well KELIS did have the baby looooooooong ago and they have moved on since then F--K THE HYPE do yo KELIS.......you will always be that (BOSSY BITCH)keep beeing you D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T there will always be haters......just keep the blockers on.......DEEP DOWN I DID WISH THAT KELIS AND NAS COULD WORK THINGS OUT AND NAS WAS IN MIAMI AT THE SAME TIME AS KELIS.....well we will see
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First of all Kelis has an

First of all Kelis has an album that is sure to flop that needs some promotion and Wale is an injured football player in need of some publicity so that he can get picked up by a team! He has money but he is in his mid- thirties with several major injuries so the need to get some public attention is understandable! Perfect couple both attention seekers! No big deal let them provide a need for one another!
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NaS looks better than this

NaS looks better than this guy, this guy's nose spreads across half his face. Nice height though I like tall men but although NaS is short he WINS in the looks department!
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Nas was betta

Nas was betta
757's picture

Good Pic

Good Pic
757's picture

Kelis looks Fun

Kelis looks Fun
757's picture

I need to know where Kelis

I need to know where Kelis got that dress from. I saw some full length pictures of her in it the other day and it's gorgeous.
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By the way I'm pretty sure

By the way I'm pretty sure Nas can carelesss about this relationship. He can have any woman he wanted! He is Nas for goodness sake...please!
GINA's picture

This guy is ok looking he is

This guy is ok looking he is taller than Nas but Nas looks way better Than this dude in the face! Besides he sucks and got dropped from the Chicago Bears after their losing streak this past season!
GINA's picture

I'm still confused as to how

I'm still confused as to how she's cheating. She filed for divorce in April of 2009 and began dating him six months later. Her marriage was already over. How the hell has Mashonda been classy? Kelis doesn't speak on Nas at all and has quietly moved on with her life and career. The only time Kelis is seen is when she's working. Would you rather she call paps to photograph her and her baby to prove to you she's a good mom? You people are nuts lol
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@ shellychelle....I suppose

@ shellychelle....I suppose SOME black american men dont have girlfriends everywhere as well dont think the 3 wives thing was appropriate!!!!! Nigerian STAND UP!!!!!
babyluv...Uwantestwho!!!!'s picture

He's Gorgeous..ok

He's Gorgeous..ok kellis...upgraded I see..do you kidd!!!!!!!
babyluv...Uwantestwho!!!!'s picture

@live~ur~life...you sit down

@live~ur~life...you sit down you fucking smut! It is not like Thursday is that far from Friday (the days are not that far apart!) Yes, November 12th was on a Thursday so it’s not that far off it was probably just a mix up because the e-mail did say "a few weeks ago!" More than likely this e-mail is true because people been saying this about Kelis that she is a carpet muncher! Her and Dania...where there is smoke there is fire! This e-mail was sent back in November of 2009 and the site just posted it because they were not sure but since this news came out they decided to post the e-mail they recieved about Kelis cheating on Nas with this guy...sorry but Kel;is is no innocent party! Others have said things about her such as Pharrell and 50 and countless others!
Kelis is a carpet muncher...NASTY!!!!'s picture

how is Nas not doing anything

how is Nas not doing anything when he has an album coming out with Damian Marley in May and has been constantly doing shows & making appearances over the past year? Some of you fools just comment without even knowing what you are talking about whatsoever.
webstar's picture

Its definitely double

Its definitely double standards. Why can a male date and and women cant while their in the process of getting a divorce? Kelis is a grown ass woman and she doesnt have to explain nothing to no one. So haters fuck ya'll and get a life and worry about y'all own problems. Kelis is doing pretty damn good for herself. New album, new label, NEW man & shes doing her thang. Nas bitch azz isn't doing anything yet y'all dumb n!ggaz wanna praise him like he's god. GTFOH!
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posted by shellychelle Tue,

posted by shellychelle Tue, March 30, 2010 12:35 PM he’s a cutie! But girl……. watch out for them african men! next thing you know you’ll be bowlegged with 5 kids and answering to his name all the while competing with his other 3 wives. I am married to an African, Nigerian to be specific, I am not bowlegged and we have TWO children. So what is your point? Please do not generalize. Oh and to who said he is Americanized, my husband was raised in Nigeria.
Sisi Eko's picture

@Sparkle...Mashonda has more

@Sparkle...Mashonda has more class in her pinky than Kelis trashy ass has in her entire bi-sexual e-pill popping body! Let Kelis be the hooker she is by fucking another man while still married...let Mashonda keep her dignity although it may have hurted her she is truly the class act here. Mashonda needs to learn absolutely NOTHING from Kelis! Mashonda wanted her husband while Kelis wanted Dania and Nas! And now Kelis is recruiting strippers to join her in freaky threesomes with this guy!!!! NASTY TRAMP!!!!
sarah's picture

posted by Kelis is a carpet

posted by Kelis is a carpet muncher...NASTY!!!! This was an e-mail sent to another site about this two individuals but YBF is my favorite so I won’t say the site! Here is what the e-mail said: A few weeks ago on Friday November 12th, Kelis was here in Chicago with NFL baller Adewale Ogunleye, she solicited a co-worker of mine from Scores stripclub to participate in a threesome with her and Wale. ----------------------------------------------- Reporting live from no-brains-land: Pls go sit ur @ss down somewhere!....u sound really dumb....Nov 12th was on a Thurs....where do you get ur sources from, ....the tabloids?....GTFOH!.....and no, I'm not a fan....like a couple of her songs, yes....but her stan, hell to da no! Some of ya'll kill me, like ya'll real reporters and shit....lol...Natasha don't need ya'll wanna be reports.
live~ur~life's picture

LMAO @ my typo to this

LMAO @ my typo to this idiota!
Chelly's picture

No homo @ the nas is still

No homo @ the nas is still fly all day comment but real dudes recognize real and flyness!
Mike The Magic Man's picture

Wale or whatever his name is

Wale or whatever his name is will not respect Kelis if she was fucking him while still married to Nas regardless if she was in the process of divorcing! This man will fuck her and do all the freaky threesomes with her but after he fucks and freaks her too death he will leave her high and dry! No man will respect a woman or trust her if she fucks him while married, divorced proceedings or not! @dabaddestCHIC, this damn sure is an UPGRADE for Nas because he can do better than black gums Kelis! Nas is still fly all day!
Mike The Magic Man's picture

@ Too much time on your

@ Too much time on your hands...U obviousle have that...Too much time on your hands...
Chelly's picture

@Too much time on your

@Too much time on your hands...Get a clue...I have more than a few...I was just commenting on her fast approach back into the world...We barely heard from her for a while and then she had a baby...We never see the baby or hear about the baby, but we see her going out every night, dating, etc...Not saying that b/c u have a child, your life has to end, but b/c she has a child, she should probably be spending more time getting that type of press as opposed to all the crazy press she's been getting lately...I love how people on here have a comment for a comment..My opinion is just that...MINE! I know I don't live w/ her, but that's what I decided to comment on...GO fuck yourself.
Chelly's picture

UPGRADE for everybody

UPGRADE for everybody involved!
dabaddestCHIC's picture

@anon...LOL @ "she’s got her

@anon...LOL @ "she’s got her own'! Kelis was just begging for Nas money going to courts trying to milk his pockets and she failed at it in the end and now she has a new millionaire to leach off of! Kelis can't even pay for a $5,ooo weave so "she’s got her own" theory is out the door because she is mighty broke! I'm glad she moved on though now people can stop assiociating Nas with her!
please's picture

@ Kelis is a Carpet

@ Kelis is a Carpet Muncher...NASTY!!!, I believe you. U can tell she is a freak in the bedroom. Probably why Nas fell in luv with her. And, after I saw her do those splits at the club...I knew, Iknew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Mr.Toilet, I am the sh1t!'s picture

am i the only one sad i

am i the only one sad i really was rooting for kelis and nas !! but w/e i guess do you girl ...... and heyyyy my fellow nigerian we getting it in this year first wale, sade ok ok lol
bebebrazil's picture

@shellychelle - What an

@shellychelle - What an ignorant comment.
jessayy's picture

Good for her. New baby,

Good for her. New baby, label, album, man. Things seem to be going great for her. She needs to have a talk with her Harlem sistren Mashonda. How is she cheating on Nas though? She filed for divorce damn near a year ago. She's been with dude since like October from what I understand. This is diff from Swizzy and Alicia b/c Nas and Kelis were already in the midst of a divorce when this began. Swizz just filed last year.
Sparkle's picture

LMBO at y'all genuinely

LMBO at y'all genuinely sounding upset about Kelis' personal life. Heelarryous! How about this: she looks good, she's got her own, he looks good, he's got his own, nobody is hurt by her living life. The "ink's-not-dry-on-the- divorce-papers" line is KILLING ME! You think there should be a mourning period after divorce? SMH.
anon's picture


2bad4u's picture

sanaa aint worried about them

sanaa aint worried about them cuz he cheated on her and she went got engsged to that white dude.
2bad4u's picture

This dude has an ugly mouth

This dude has an ugly mouth and a big ass nose! Kelis over Sanaa Lathan...LOL! I guess he chose trash over class! This dude sucks at football anyway and just got dropped from the Chicago Bears so now it makes sense that two losers would like each other!
kick it's picture

I guess the post went

I guess the post went throught he first time oops!
Kelis is a carpet muncher...NASTY!!!!'s picture

Well yes it is bad for Kelis

Well yes it is bad for Kelis because she publicly said that she hated cheaters on her twitter and now she must hate herslf! This is all publicity for Kelis' whack ass album that is in need of some promotion. So I guess this is her attempt at getting some attention!
Nike's picture

Are you guys serious?!! A

Are you guys serious?!! A divorce proceeding can take months or years! So if she and Nas were already sepearted just because she's still legally married she can't move on?! And because of that you call her a whore?! Seriously?!! The worst part about these comments is that most seem to be coming from other women! Men do this all the time or even cheat while still with their wives!! And they don't get labeled! Give me a break! Some of ya'll are a mess! I personally wished she and Nas could have worked it out but she has every right to move on if she chooses! Some of you are a bunch of lames! So critical of celebs you know nothing about! Get a life. Smh.
Serious?!!!'s picture

I thought Sanaa was dating

I thought Sanaa was dating Osi Umenyora four months ago or whatever. Wasn't he with her on 106 and park?
What now!'s picture

Nicole Bitchie site posted

Nicole Bitchie site posted this about Kelis and this dude. Some one sent her an e-mail a while back but she did not believe it and now the truth is out about Kelis and her cheating ways and the fact that the rumors about her liking women are more than likely true! Here is what the e-mail read: A few weeks ago on Friday November 12th, Kelis was here in Chicago with NFL baller Adewale Ogunleye, she solicited a co-worker of mine from Scores stripclub to participate in a threesome with her and Wale. Mashonda has way more class than Kelis does..she wanted her husband all Kelis wanted was a baby and a meal ticket for 18 years after she realized Nas discovered her and Dania were lovers! Mashonda was not in it for the money Kelis surely is! She moved onto the next millionaire and she wants threesomes with him now!
Kelis is a carpet muncher...NASTY!!!!'s picture

It just feels so weird seeing

It just feels so weird seeing the Nigerian name sprawled boldly across my screen. Wale Ogunleye...hey, it's a free world. Who knows who's whoring...just do you. Except you're Kat Stacks and Carmen Ortega and the likes,...then you should just fall on something sharp.
Dumbass BET's picture

so many judgemental ppl. Ppl

so many judgemental ppl. Ppl are wrong when they're separated for dating, when they are divorced they are still wrong. So how long is enough time since these bible thumping bloggers make up the rules of how other grown ppl should live their lives?
deedee510's picture

Kelis has always been a whore

Kelis has always been a whore even before Nas. Nas should never had wifed that bitch!! Wale you need to stick and move man cause im telling you all kelis is gonna do is freak you out. this is not a chick to be in a real relationship with! kelis is so 2000 and late! move on!
robbie's picture

Ok, so Kelis has new

Ok, so Kelis has new boyfriend. Whoopty Doo! How many groupies has Nas had b4 & since he left their home? Nas shouldnt be dating or fu(cking either if thats the case. YBF said (in an older blog) that he was late on spousal support & child support payments so he should be out their hustling. Kelis is on the grind, in the studio, making videos, hosting album listewning parties. What has Nas been doing besides taking photos at OTHER artists concerts?! Men have a new chick in their bed as soon as they pull out of the driveway with their car/van/moving truck full of their ish. Most men dont wait. So, as long as the Kelis is handling her business & that baby is taken care of there is NOTHING wrong with her dating. It is very hard to adjust after being married (u are used to sex on the regular, used to companionship, etc). It is a natural response for u to miss that & to want to have it again.
thicklikecornbread's picture

@ thicklike, I agree. So many

@ thicklike, I agree. So many hypocrites posted negative things about Mashonda..talking about she was "holding on, etc.." How do you know what Mashonda was doing? She told her side of the story - since the details of her marriage had been made public. I say kudos to Kelis. I'm 1000% sure that Nas had been keepiung company with other women a long time ago...Just because a woman has a small child does not mean that she should stay home and not date following a divorce - the man is not sitting home. Go Kelis, go Mashonda, go to all the ladies who left bad marriages and are enjoying themselves!
Hazelnut's picture

Just sayin' ... when you

Just sayin' ... when you reference the Bible or the Lord, it seems kinda odd when you then curse someone in the same posting.
sista2sista's picture

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