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SPLITSVILLE GAZETTE: Siohvaughn Wade Responds To Dwyane

And the saga continues. After Dwyane Wade fired off documents this week demanding full custody of his 2 sons and calling Siohvaughn Wade an "unfit mother", she's responded with attacks of her own. According to the Associated Press: "Our client believes that these various papers were filed as retaliation for her legitimate claims filed March 19, 2010 in the Domestic Relations Court in a Petition for Order of Protection regarding the abuse by Mr. Wade dating back to 2006." Oh snap. More when you read the rest.... Siohvaughn's lawyer claims chick had to get a protective order because Dwyane's mental cruelty and abuse were too much. And the kids are supposedly very scared to be around him. Meanwhile, D-Wade's alleging that her religion practices are "unconventional" and he doesn't want his kids around that ish: Part of Dwyane Wade's filings earlier this week include that his wife is participating in "alternative avenues of worship that are completely outside of the status quo" when it comes to how the children were to be raised. The filings also allege that when Dwyane Wade's sister Tragil went to Siohvaughn Wade's Illinois home to pick up the boys for a visit, Siohvaughn Wade and some of her friends circled her and prayed for her salvation. "It is regrettable that this father now chooses to use mental health and religion as another means to battle and abuse the mother," Ward said in the e-mail statement. D also stated in the docs that Sioh's been keeping the kids from him, and even manipulated a situation so that one son couldn't attend Dwyane's All-Star game this year. And I'm sure Sioh's going to be dropping the dime in court that Dwyane's already moved on with his live-in girlfriend Gabrielle Union despite the fact that the divorce proceedings don't even begin until June.



Despite the couple being

Despite the couple being separated, they are still married until the divorce is final. So when did moving on to other people became okay. It's still adultery.
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This is how is goes for most

This is how is goes for most men: ex-girl to the next girl...
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"Only thirsty cock slaves,

"Only thirsty cock slaves, homosexuals and bitter backward Brothers are going for these STD allegations. How ironic a NBA star is claiming his wife lied about him giving her a STD" @wiseup- So you're saying women don't cheat, right? That all the rich, neglected women whose husbands leave them on roadtrips just mine the children and have "girls night out", never once doing the same thing they think (know) their husband is doing to them? GIRL PLEASE. Im tired of the double standard. Women are not angels. Im a woman, and this is a conversation I would have with my (ex) friends all the time about-living your life with morals. To me, it is just as probable she was cheating as well as he was cheating. She admitted they both changed once fame came into their lives.
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The part that i don't get is

The part that i don't get is how they say that she had affair with this so call man back in 2004 did they just move to miami in 2003 so where can she get that kind of money like that from to buy someone the stuff they say she did when she say all the debit they where in somebody is lies somewhere LIKE YOU ALL SAY HIS BLACKASS DON'T WANT TO SPLIT HALF OF THAT MONEY AND HIS ENDOR BY LAW SHE WILL GET HALF WHEN THERE NO PRENU SO COUCHITUP YOU JACKASS because you know you where messing around with them women SO WHY HOW would you want to take the kids from her if you say that you want work thing out with her about 2 year ago about this matter so WHY what time during the seasonal will you have time for you BIG NUT what about JointCus of the kids cause I don't think he is going to win I LAW&ORDER time
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Maybe he thinks he and his

Maybe he thinks he and his mistress calling out "Oh God!" in bed is everybody's version of prayer?
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My favorite basketball player

My favorite basketball player has turned into...the rest of em...he and wifey been together since freakin high school and let sum money get to you and everything changes...I dont see the point of him trying to get full custody, especially dating someone who has said she doesn't think about children or want them...hmmm...smart move flash lmao. wat a duck.
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RE: posted by xoxo Fri,

RE: posted by xoxo Fri, April 2, 2010 9:16 AM @Keicho, if you ever get you a## beat constantly and cheated on I hope you too, can MOVE ON! You insensitive snitches with absolutely no experience on the subject needs to move on. I’ve heard delivery men have come to their door in Miami and see through their floor to ceiling windows and see Wade kicking her a##. But you tell me if you can move on from that????" ********************************** THis wasn't addressed to me, but hOnestly I do believe that no matter what the circumstance, the best thing you can ALWAYS do for yourself is never allow bitterness and pain to dictate your actions. That delivery-man story sounds horrible, and if true, Shauvaugn should pursue all the legal avenues to keep herself safe. Abusive relationships are no joke, and I Feel for any woman who has to put up with that. HOWEVER, once you're dealing with the father of your child and you bring the public into your disputes to start things off (i.e. confronting his current gf on twitter or publically releasing statements about his giving you stds while your divorce proceeedings are ongoing), it does nothing for the individual except keep them locked into a bad cycle. Because the man is now going to respond, and then you've started your own 3 ring circus. Better to let someone take what they want, move on, and always keep yourself true to a higher set of standards.
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Sometmes when you believe in

Sometmes when you believe in God you just let it go if he/she had done anyhting wrong it will not be blessed. I know she has to be hurt because him and Gabby are all over.She was with him when he was in school and now she isn't good enough.
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The scary thing is that this

The scary thing is that this whole marriage divorce thing seems to illustrate so clearly the thin line between love and hate! I pray that they are able to grow up, manage their emotions and do the right things for their innocent children. I grew up in a a bitter angry, get back household with parents that lied, abused and "hated/loved" each other. I don't trust people, loud noises scare me and I prefer to be alone rather than repeat the bull that I learned. And this is what the Wade Kids can look forward to....
So sad, stupid and tragic's picture

Nastasha, I'm sorry I thought

Nastasha, I'm sorry I thought you deleted my post. Please for give me...
WiseUp's picture

Natasha, so now you are

Natasha, so now you are deleting my post... hey a kicked dog will holler...Whatever happen to "we can agree to disagree". Stop being so damn transparent,thin-skin and petty... Repost: Damn Natasha what you doing posting irrelevant posts to push Dwayne Wade shit off your front page, because the comments are not going his way? Hope you are not on his payroll too or any of these celebrities for that matter…
WiseUp's picture

@wealthy1, I agree with u 2.

@wealthy1, I agree with u 2. When I read the post, I just imagined them having a prayer circle and maybe asked to pray for her, which may have involved prophesy and laying hands on the sister. I could be wrong though. However, if this is the case, there is nothing unconventional about that. I really hope and pray that they both seriously allow God to lead them in their actions and decisions and remember the children in all of this. They need some GOOD, strong, God fearing people to get in their corner and help work this out. Its getting uglier. Forget all the hype of being a celebrity and remember that you are human 1st and that part of your life with slowly away (along with the fair weather people). I am sure they both did horrible things during this time but life's to precious to dwell on it.
reallyrandomposter's picture

@ wise up please stop reading

@ wise up please stop reading my mind..lol. you just said EVERYTHING I was sitting here thinking.
reallyrandomposter's picture

IMO, this would not be an

IMO, this would not be an issue if he were not famous, they have been together since highschool ppl grow up and they grow apart, if he wasnt an NBA star, no one would be saying anything about it cause it happens everyday, but now because he became someone famous that cant be, now it oh its cause he got a big head or cause he started smelling himself. maybe they just grew apart and she is a little bitter because she was there when he had nothing, but that doesnt mean he has to stay, if he isnt happy he has the right to move on, and i do not believe for one minute he ever laid a finger on her we hear about everything else why not that.
sincere83's picture

UMMMMM.. The moral of the

UMMMMM.. The moral of the story is... what you do comes back to you and who's really going to be hurt by a grown man's inability to control his fleshly desires. His kid's. People stop getting married (Tiger, Dwayne,Swiss Beats, etc..) and working your problems out with Jezebel (Ms. Union, Ms. Keys, etc...) Gentlemen be careful where you seek affection and rest. The greatest men of the bible lost everything they had by solving there problems by replacing one women with the next. If you don't know what marriage is about "forsaking all others" don't get into it. The world may justify your actions, or even excuse you but the one that sits high and looks low will not hold you blameless for the mess you made of the women u told him you would love unconditionally and for the kids you've failed. Stop trying to solve your problems by "going on the the next one". and start asking God, what would you have me do? Good luck for all those looking for the easy way to be in a marriage or a relationship.. it doesn't exist. Be well!
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This whole scenario is sad. I

This whole scenario is sad. I beleive they both played parts in the devastation of their marriage. However, you are not going to tell me that Dwayne's lifestyle did not play a big part of it. Come on, he became a STAR!! He probably couldn't show his As# the way he wanted to before NBA because he was living with Sio and her family. Amazing how time flies. So, he's hanging around all these NBA players that cheat as often as they eat and he won't. Per the NBA Wives documentary, they both did things but I am sure Dwayne started it. Let's be honest, HE was her meal ticket at this point. There is no way she going to go hard and cheat on him without provocation unless he blatantly did what he want and she didn't care anymore. She had too much to lose to be that stupid. So, again, people do change, but money changes people faster!!
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@ Binky That is the same

@ Binky That is the same thing I said yesterday. If she was unfit why didn't he file this petition when he started the divorce? They are both playing get back and it is going to hurt their kids in the end. I say the judge is going to rule in Wifey's favor; his job, lifestyle (partying & clubbing with Gabby), and Gabby's obvious distain for motherhood are working against him. If I were her lawyer I would be looking at every blk blog to find the pictures and the recent statements Gabby made to make my case. Check Mate Sioh!!!!!!!!!!
Shamrock's picture

It's interesting that he

It's interesting that he calls praying for someone's salvation as unconventional religious practices when his own mother is suppose to be a christian minister. This guy has gone so far left, that it really will take God to bring him back to when he had some semblance of humility. And trust me, God knows how to humble you! Sio even said that when he started getting recognized in the NBA, that's when they forgot about God, the One who gave him the ability to get the wealth he has. I won't comment on his living with G. Union. Not worth the time or effort anymore.
wealthy1's picture

Only speaking for myself,

Only speaking for myself, whenever I log on to certain blogs, especially the Black sites and read comments like the ones from ALLEN, I instantly become suspicious that the person is a non-black female or a white male. I could be wrong it wouldn’t be the first time… Yesterday I gave a lot of lip service to Mr. Wade's gully tactics. Today I would like to address Siohvaughn’s alleged “STD LIES” being reported by TMZ. I read the article and it stated that Andrea Williams a former friend of the Wades told Dwayne that Siohvaughn confided in her/him that she really got Chlamydia from another man. Wow!..I got only one question for Andrea Williams. How much is Dwayne paying for this bullshit? Who the hell in their right mind didn’t think Mr. Wade would have some so-called friends on his payroll going against his wife? Shit I even suspected they would be females. I can’t get over the fact that Siohvaughn is supposed to have made this confession right after giving birth to the couple second child. I would call Mr. Wade’s claims cruel and unusual punishment. Seem as if Mr. Wade and his co-conspirators are convinced that the general public are basically idiots. Dwayne if Andrea is such a friend why didn’t you move in her/his crib when you was homeless? Let me guess Andrea is also mad cool with Dwayne’s mama and them… Did you know one of the truth about lies, once they leave the lips there are no defense against them?…Simply because whomever wants, or need to believe the lies will, regardless of the defense against it. Mr. Wade please try again you failed with this revelation too. Only thirsty cock slaves, homosexuals and bitter backward Brothers are going for these STD allegations. How ironic a NBA star is claiming his wife lied about him giving her a STD ... If this wasn’t a serious matter I would laugh my ass off…First she was an unfit mother, confrontational and crazy, now she is a liar, adulterous and diseased. Wow. Money, money, money for the love of money…
WiseUp's picture

I'm not trying to take sides,

I'm not trying to take sides, but he's a fool for seeking full custody. He's either on the road, partying, or playing house with Gabrielle Union; when would he be able to make time for his kids? Dumb ass will probably try to get the kids just to stick them with his mom or auntie or something. Let the person who has been caring for the kids this WHOLE TIME keep them and you just write that pretty little check. Move on, dude.
Akimbo's picture

black people, get your ish

black people, get your ish together!
shellychelle's picture

OMG!!!!!!! Who is the real "

OMG!!!!!!! Who is the real " Allen" OMG WHO IS THE REAL ALLEN --- DO TELL

I'm not a Dwade fan any

I'm not a Dwade fan any longer but I hope and pray both of them find their peace and stop with this tit for tat. S was there before the fame...so sorry Dwade she is entitled to something. She is the kids mother and to remove them while you are gone for 80% of the time is ridiculous. Unless you are about to run them around the different cities with you like Angelina and Brad, there is no point of up rooting them. btw..to the poster who informed someone to "kill themself" please grow up and get some type of sense. Haven't we learned anything from the recent young girl who killed herself based on that same advice?
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MRS. TJ's picture

@ sista2sista, SweetDivaT and

@ sista2sista, SweetDivaT and Weslyn I so agree with your comments. I believe their is both sides to their story where their marriage is concern, however I think if Dwade expected if she was an unfit mother why not take your children in the first place...blank stares...clearly she didn't become an unfit mother overnight, an unfit parents has signs early on so all of a sudden she is unfit. Okay Dwade moving on. You didn't have a problem moving on with Gabby U. so why did you have a problem taking your kids if you thought they were in danger....again blank stares. I think Siohvaughn and Dwade both changed when the fame started coming and when he was coming more and more into the spotlight
binky's picture

I think both of these people

I think both of these people are hurt and angry and it's playing out in the press. They were together for a long time and there's a lot of history there and they need to seek out some counseling so they can part amicable and continue to parent their children.
Hurt's picture

"And I’m sure Sioh’s going to

"And I’m sure Sioh’s going to be dropping the dime in court that Dwyane’s already moved on with his live-in girlfriend Gabrielle Union despite the fact that the divorce proceedings don’t even begin until June." Why do so many of you think that THIS is relevant in divorce proceedings? As though he will be getting tattled on. There is no rule to remain ALONE until "Legally Divorced". If the couple is Legally Separated (which in most states in a necessity BEFORE divorce proceedings can start), then it does not MATTER who he or she is sleeping/living with. It only matters if it occurs DURING the actual marriage, pre-separation. Also, a lot of people here are so quick to say he turned "hollywood". Have you guys seen HER transformation from NCAA to the NBA? I used to be ashamed for HIM watching after game interviews and seing how rediculous she looked with her ta-tas on display and her REDICULOUS HOLLYWOOD stylings at the games. Some of you need to face facts: even though when we marry we vow to love eachother forever, the unfortunate reality is sometimes people grow apart. It happens to celebrities as much as it happens to every day people. I'm sure each of you knows a couple who split up and it had NOTHING to do with either being HOLLYWOOD!
All Hail Queen Dtell's picture

not sayin that she hasn't

not sayin that she hasn't made any mistakes in how she handled the situation but what i don't understand is how she is unfit now..he stayed with her for that long and was absent for most of the year during his bball schedule but felt safe enough to let the kids be with her for all that time...doesn't really sound credible to me
weslyn's picture

OMG WTF they were high school

OMG WTF they were high school sweethearts! This is a private matter and really should have stayed that way. The way that they are behaving is truly ridiculous and they should be ashamed of themselves.
Green Eyed Bandit's picture

WOW...this is really

WOW...this is really interesting...I USED to have a major crush on Dwyane Wade...I thought wow!!...here is a good Christian family man with good morals, something that you don't see a lot of in the NBA...then his true self began to be revealed and we realized that he is nothing but a self-centered whore...(i.e. remember when he was messing with Hoopz from Flavor of Love)...he likes to go to the media and the public and pretend to be this great man, I guess because he wants to be marketable and still keep his endorsements...and he thinks the public will just believe him and follow him...well i hate to break it to you DWade, people are beginning to change and not allow celebrities to get away with wrong-doings that normal ppl can't get away with...the DOUBLE STANDARD is beginning to end...look at Tiger Woods and the media circus that he caused because of his indiscretions...he lost many endorsements and most of all, he lost the respect that the public had for him!...our society has a lot of divisions, but there is one thing that most people agree upon, and that is not to separate a mother from her child...long story short... I DO NOT have a crush on Dwyane Wade anymore...lol
Rachel's picture

Wade is paying people to lie

Wade is paying people to lie for him ,inculding his sister. He has a lot of issues and constantly take to twitter to "vent". He is brainwashed as well.
Really's picture

Sad situation but a tpical

Sad situation but a tpical one dealing with celebrity. I can only imagen how wifey feels but i do belive there is truth in both of there stories.I mean she did lie about him giving her & having STD so nothing is really far fetched when coming out her mouth.But seriously both need to stop airng out there dirty little secrets cause we all know in realtionships we know the good & the bad of eath other. did i miss how old are the kids?
TRUTHHURTS's picture

"Allen" shut you dirty mouth,

"Allen" shut you dirty mouth, mind your business wich is your ho ex girlfriend fucking for track and sit down! How about going back to your wack ass beats?
I know who you are Allen's picture

To the chick who said D.W. is

To the chick who said D.W. is not cute.. KILL YA SELF!!!!!!!!!!! To Soiuciounfg(dont feel like scrolling up to spell her name correctly).. MOVE ON AND QUIT BEING BITTER AND LET THAT MEN SEE HIS KIDS! Next............
BeBe's picture

this ish is getting tired and

this ish is getting tired and old...i'm just waiting for the day when they both realize they need to do what's best for the kids and hopefully the kids aren't privy to this.
Reading Is Fundamental's picture

If Dwyane really thought

If Dwyane really thought Siovaughn was that unfit, he should not have left the kids in her care. He could have pulled a Derek Fisher and taken time out to deal with his children's safety.
SweetDivaT's picture


SPLITSVILLE GAZETTE: Siohvaughn Wade Responds To Dwyane ?
Isest's picture

@ SunShine, I agree...

@ SunShine, I agree...
Miss B's picture

Unless court records show one

Unless court records show one of them being taken in on abuse charges, or her on being "unfit" in child, alcohol, abuse it's very bad for a man to disgrace the mother of his child publically and vice versa. And Gabby Union, he'll disrespect you just the same if the time comes. I hate children are always the ones to hurt from stuff. Poor kid, hope they can stay away from all this mess being in their faces.
Miss B's picture

After watching the NBA

After watching the NBA wives....I personally think she is still bitter, because her and her family took care D-Wade since he was in high school. Because D-Wade family life was F-up. She stated how they both started changing, they stop going to church,etc But then he begin to change a lot more and thats were all the fighting came. long story short: D-wade gets popular and became a star, got a taste of Hollywood. didnt want to be married anymore.
SunShine's picture

Looks fade, and you can't

Looks fade, and you can't build a life with someone based on looks alone...in the end he's going to wish he stayed with his praying wife!!
buttafly's picture

Sioh's always been a bit

Sioh's always been a bit touched, as well as a lil hood! you can take the girl ou the hood but sometimes you will never take the hood out the girl. Yes, he loved her enough and saw past it enough to go head and wlk dwn the matrimonial hwy. She's been in anger rehab a couple times, this is not new to me. but i feel its too late for D. Why leave w/o the kids in the fist place, if she this bad? i hope the situation wrks out best for the kids, but somethin tells me it will get worse b4 it gets better. And btw-the kids are not scared of D.
Yessuh's picture

lmao she played the abuse

lmao she played the abuse card. that's what all women do once a nigga move on to something better. where are her bruises or scars? where are the charges or police documents?
Allen's picture

So... IMO, I think that I'll

So... IMO, I think that I'll just wait to see what happens. I don't know what happened behind closed doors, so I'm not one to judge on D-Wade's relationship.
MissDanni83's picture


blush's picture

if it were me, and i REALLY

if it were me, and i REALLY thought the other parent was unfit, i would have stayed in the home to PROTECT the children from the psychotic bat. my wants would have been secondary...if i REALLY believed there was a problem. but there isn't a prob is there DWade? get ur people out your ear. ur kids will not appreciate this.
sista2sista's picture

@Keicho, if you ever get you

@Keicho, if you ever get you a## beat constantly and cheated on I hope you too, can MOVE ON! You insensitive snitches with absolutely no experience on the subject needs to move on. I've heard delivery men have come to their door in Miami and see through their floor to ceiling windows and see Wade kicking her a##. But you tell me if you can move on from that????
xoxo's picture

so siohvaughn wasn't crazy

so siohvaughn wasn't crazy when they were dating? not even early in their marriage? but now she is and she is even a threat to their children? so how long have they been separated and how long as DWade been fine with his kids being w/that wackadoo? now time for the divorce proceedings and she is unfit? right.
sista2sista's picture

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