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WEEKEND YBF CHICKS: Cassie+Ciara+The Mowry Twins

The YBF chicks have been out and about this weekend in L.A. and Atlanta. Cassie hit the paparazzi hub Katsuya in L.A. last night for some dinner with flashing lights on the side. In a multi colored feathery jacket, jeans, and her fave open toed boots.

The Mowry twins were spotted grabbing a bite at Toast in L.A.

And Ciara was spotted kicking it courtside with The Dream at last night's ATL Hawks game.  Cute. More pics when you read the rest....

Tia and Tamera have got to be the cutest twins in Hollywood.

CiCi hit Atlanta for the Hawks game and another Adidas photoshoot this weekend.

She was even rocking their collectible Mickey Mouse sneaker.

And more pics of Cassie.  Wonder what she's doing these days...other than Diddy...



CIARA is the bestest STAY

CIARA is the bestest STAY MAD! HA!
James's picture

The Mowery Twins have UGLY

The Mowery Twins have UGLY LEGS!--Sorry Ciara's hair is Tooooo Black---Sorry
Hey's picture

She's Pretty, but I JUST

She's Pretty, but I JUST REALIZED how LONG her Chin is. lol
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JAYLA's picture

i don't care for cassie, but

i don't care for cassie, but i like her shoes.
DOO BETTER's picture

Diggin Cassie's outfit, but

Diggin Cassie's outfit, but her roots are killing me softly... Love the twins' classic chic. I like Ciara's sneakers. They go well with the outfit. If she wore them with anything else, it would have fallen apart.
rz's picture

Cassie looks great-a bit

Cassie looks great-a bit bloated in the face though.. The rest of them are a yawn...
Nadia's picture

Cassie looks fly as usual.

Cassie looks fly as usual.
Jay's picture

@ Mila I love Mariah and

@ Mila I love Mariah and Beyonce sue me I'm lightskin Girl it is too cool!! Usually we're on the same page, especially on a Mimi or Bey post!! lol I know how it is too bcus my dad is mixed with middle eastern.
NO HATE!!!'s picture

Ciara is so pretty. Cute

Ciara is so pretty. Cute smile.
ZV's picture

cassie is too naturally

cassie is too naturally pretty for all that extra ish. uncle ciara's lacefront is ridiculous. why the hell would someone want their hairline to look like an effin monchichi?
B.W.W's picture

Cassie always had style. very

Cassie always had style. very pretty.
YadaYada's picture

Cassie looks a tad hot and

Cassie looks a tad hot and uncomfortable with the fur and those boots on after all isn't she in LA. I thought it was very warm out there. The Mowry twins are cute, they have grown up nicely. Ciara looks okay, not too crazy about her hair style though. I will be nice and not comment on Cassie and Ciara's singing. lol
connie's picture

btw-How anyone could say

btw-How anyone could say Cassie is swagger-jacking Rihanna is ridiculous. I know you're a stan, but you need to pull your head out of whatever orifice it's stuck in. Cassie has had her head shaved forever, And people like LaLA followed her on that one-side shaved-the other very long, schtick. Rihanna's hair looks NOTHING like that. Now if Cassie attached a dead animal, wait...I won't go there. As for her being a jlo clone, that's foolishness. They have similar skin tones (when JEnny applies the bronzer), so obv. if Cassie dies her blonde there will similar coloring. So is she supposed to keep her hair Black forever, or can't she experiment like other women? I see no jlo or RIhanna in Cassie's look. I think she's been trying to develop her own style for a while now, and I must say, she's getting there.
stop's picture

posted by dr Sun, April 4,

posted by dr Sun, April 4, 2010 8:41 PM "I would not have been spotted lol-ing next to Ciara at a basketball game while my wife and new baby are sitting at home. Most likely it is perfectly innocent, but it just looks like he escaped and went on a date and left Christina at home to fend for herself.">>> AGREED, with everything you said. ****************************************** posted by DOO BETTER Sun, April 4, 2010 9:20 PM <>> Sorry, but this site was spitting nails when the KIM K posts used to run. I think they bullied Natasha, or whoever is in charge of the posts, to never put Kim K in anything on this site unless she was with LaLa, Ciara or Reggie. And even then, it was like it had to be accompanied by a slightly disparaging remark, so that people wouldn't be all up in arms. I do think the dark skinned girls, esp. those with obvious weaves, like Jessica White will always get more hating comments from the commenters on this blog. The RIhanna's and the Beyonces are divisive because they are polarizing, but the dark skinned girls or women who have thicker lips than we are used to seeing in media and wider nose will always get called out for being 'ugly' by the vast majority.
stop's picture

of course rihanna's name had

of course rihanna's name had to be brought up.. smh i dislike rih but i HATE her stans
brooklyn gyal's picture

uhhh tasha if we dont see her

uhhh tasha if we dont see her wit the diddy monster can we not speak of him.. shorty looks great her skin , the hair.. i really like the way that looks on her and i kinda wish she had didnt shave it but it looks gud.. the mowry sisters look great. and ciara's skin is beatiful but she looks extra light hmmm,, and the dream well u know already he looks zesty.. but i luv his new song love king
brooklyn gyal's picture

Looks like Diddy took Cassie

Looks like Diddy took Cassie shopping... I love Ciara's hair!
Trustme's picture

The twins and Cassie look

The twins and Cassie look great. Does anybody know who Cassie's shoes are by??!!! Ciara's a really cute girl, but the hair looks too wig-ish. Too much of it.
wealthy1's picture

People PLEASE stop making

People PLEASE stop making something out of nothing. jUST because CiCi is sitting next to The Dream does NOT mean they are together. So me Bo dy, what exactly is her body language saying?
lady j's picture

@no hate... I apologize for

@no hate... I apologize for the name calling... but it's annoying because EVERYONE says the same thing about me... when both my parents are half black... And you said "when did cassie become YBF?" not that u should care to know but you asked the question didn't u... Thanks for calling me pretty xO
Mila I love Mariah and Beyonce sue me I&#039;m lightskin's picture

Ciaras wig looks nice, a lil

Ciaras wig looks nice, a lil too thick but nice! Cassie is steppin up her style game i see...
GETALIFE's picture

I need the twins style ASAP!

I need the twins style ASAP!
de's picture

Tia and Tamera look great! Im

Tia and Tamera look great! Im not a fan of sneakers but I actually like Ciara's.
TyFierce's picture

Tasha the answer to your

Tasha the answer to your question regarding Cassie is...nothing. TShe's doing nothing. There is nothing fabulous about Cassie so let's stop having her and her wack hairstyles and outfits on this site unless she's standing next to someone YBF. I'm over Ciara's hair, it no longer looks nice. I don't know what it is, some people just can't rock weaves. she seems annoyed by it and it's too high or full or something. Cute sneakers though. Love the Mowry Twins.
Twilightey's picture

WOW! Each of these women look

WOW! Each of these women look beautiful. There is nothing better than inner and outer beauty. Smile often...it makes a big difference, ladies.......and gents2!
tall tales's picture

I love Tia's (or is that

I love Tia's (or is that Tamara I can't tell which is which) LV bag however I'm tired of seeing her with it. The past 3 pics I have seen of her on here she's been carrying it. I'm sure she has other bag.
The One's picture

Ali, I aree with you. I don't

Ali, I aree with you. I don't like seeing blonde of women of color. It does make us look trashy and washed out.
Johanna Castro's picture

To all the people who think

To all the people who think Rhianna invented rain. Tyra, Mary, Bey, and countless others had blonde hair before Rhianna. Mary wore fur before Rhianna and her fashion game was on 10.0. Kelis was edgier before Rhianna and Mary before her. To Cassie's credit she did shave her head first. Tyra and Rhianna both have hazel green eyes so that could be the only thing Cassie has in common with her, but also with Tyra. So who did Rhianna swagger Jack cause she can't be credited with any of these trends.
Jags70's picture

First off, Cassie is

First off, Cassie is Multiracial. 2nd off LaLa is BLACK, but a Black Latina. Get it together. Stop throwing shade at people.
LaLa's picture

Ci shoes can be appreciated

Ci shoes can be appreciated by laid back chicks tomboys. Not clueless bishes who got to wear heels w cutoffs. They are collectibles. And an appropriate setting. Her legs just wow Cassie is pretty twins boring
Pa's picture

posted by Nappy Hair Tar Baby

posted by Nappy Hair Tar Baby aka Coal Black African formerly known as African Girl Sun, April 4, 2010 8:54 PM It seems to me that Cassie is trying to look like my girl Rihanna! First, it was the shaving off the hair to become edgy. >>>>>>>> I think you've got that twisted the other way round. Everybody last year plus your girl hopped on the shaved head after Cassie. To get more in-depth, your girl was so inspired by Cassie last year that she got her nekkid pics leaked right after Cassie's pics "got leaked" as well.... Minus the stupid fur, Cassie looked alright. I think Diddy is trying to turn her into his past exes. One minute, he got her looking like Jlo and now he has her looking like Sarah. This is twisted. Why can't he have her singing like Mary J, or Faith or even any one of them girls in Total.
2010&#039;s Hottest Accessory_Lil Wayne&#039;s Baby_Get Yours Now!!!'s picture

I am laughing at the people

I am laughing at the people saying cassie has had surgery! The girl is naturaly pretty, I have seen pics of her without make up and she looks flawless. Even my girl Beyonce has had a nose job, tell it how it is Cassie is trying to look like j0lo, which idiot would want to look like rihanna, an alien? lol Cassie looks beautiful, just don't sing haha
lamb dahling's picture

to anser Tasha's question..

to anser Tasha's question.. Nope.. don't care.. she can't sing or dance.. so doing Diddy is all she's really good for anyway... at least that's what she's showing us...
TRINIGAL78's picture

@Jags70 No protest at all

@Jags70 No protest at all here sweetie. And i feel like everyone is entitled to their opinion. In MY opinion you just seemed to come off as someone who was saying that her coat (or any other article of clothing) was cute bcus of who it was made by and I politely objected. That's all! Just a friendly disagreement between two stangers on a blog. That jacket is'nt THAT deep and neither is she! lol
NO HATE!!!'s picture

I want to make a correction

I want to make a correction to an earlier post. The jacket Cassie is wearing is Isabel Murant. The jumpsuit is Thierry Mugler. Sorry for the confusion. That is all. Have a blessed day.
Jags70's picture

Cassie does look weird to be

Cassie does look weird to be wearing a fur coat this time of year in LA
keepin it real's picture

@No hate. I never said the

@No hate. I never said the jacket was cute either way. Just that it was high fashion. "Thouth protest too much" to say no hate is your name. I am beginning to think that you think only you can have an opinion and a point above all else. Lighten up.
Jags70's picture

@MsBusyBody I totally agree

@MsBusyBody I totally agree that's enough for her to be a YBF chick! lol I never knew she was mixed with filipino or black bcus I never paid her that much attention. I just thought she was a beautiful Latin Woman. Gorg girl none the less so whatevs!! lol @KellyClear Thanks 4 the co-sign! lol Some of these comments on here puzzle me but thats what makes YBF so colorful and entertaining!! lmao
NO HATE!!!'s picture

True @ NO HATE!!! ALL of your

True @ NO HATE!!! ALL of your comments.
Kelly Clear's picture

Um Ali the two hottest chics

Um Ali the two hottest chics in game sport blonde hair & seem to always make the top of all the beauty list. Cassie's mom is black & Mexican so that's enough black to classify her as a ybf chick even tho she's mostly Filipino. I'm not a fan of the dead possum she's wearing. That tranny with the winbush lace front is killing me softly.
MsBusybody's picture

Cassie's outfit is

Cassie's outfit is interesting. Still can't tell the twins apart, I just call them Salt & Pepper. Ciara looks gorgeous. Simple outfit but the sneakers are bomb!
Sunshine's picture

@ Mila I love Mariah and

@ Mila I love Mariah and Beyonce sue me I'm lightskin Excuse me I meant to say "racial makeup"!! And baby girl i'm far from ignorant and neither was my comment nor am I an ass whole! So once again do better and keep the name calling to the kiddies! No e-beef here bcus I always like ur comments.
NO HATE!!!'s picture

@Mila Sadly I don't care

@Mila Sadly I don't care enough about her to research her heritage as you probably did. As for the name calling, boo your too pretty to come accross so classless even on a blog so clean it up and do better! Please and Thank you. NEXT
NO HATE!!!'s picture

@Jags70 I totally got your

@Jags70 I totally got your point but I think that you missed mine. Just because something is qoute unqoute "TRENDY" or so-called "On Trend" because Anna Wintour says so does not mean that it looks like it's worth remotely what it costs!! There is a very small percentage of high fashion that is priced purely because of man hours put into making it while there is a large percentage priced based on the name and what celeb might end up rocking it. Trust hon I know high fashion and couture just like the next but that does not mean it's cute just because Vogue or Harper's says so or becuase a z-list star is wearing it before it hits shelves in July. The jacket is not cute I don't care if it was Theirry Mugler, Lanvin or Balenciaga!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

Cassie trying to look like

Cassie trying to look like Ciara in Goodies days #Fail Cute twins. OMFG! Ciara so hot!
James's picture

YBF is mad late on the

YBF is mad late on the weekends. i saw these pics like 3 days ago.
THATIAM's picture

tia and tamera look

tia and tamera look besssssssssssss. ciara look nice too.
jj's picture

Cassie looks a hot ass mess

Cassie looks a hot ass mess let's be honest. She just looks fake with the contacts and the wrong color blond hair. She was gorgeous when she was much more natural now it looks like she is trying way to hard. Do better boo, next the Mowry twins are always cute and fab to me Cici looks cute and laid back, this is when you were cutoffs/jean shorts people. And the shoes would be a little girls dream. But Cici is starting to go back to her roots and looking like herself
binky's picture

why is the dream at the game

why is the dream at the game with Ciara when he hasnt too long ago got married and where is his ring in the pic?
k3k3 Johnson`'s picture

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