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CHEATIN' ASS: Tiki Barber Leaves Pregnant Wife Of 11 Years For A Blonde Intern?!

*Big sigh* I swear there was some secret conference in the sports world that went down recently where the men concluded they would all indiscreetly get it in with random jump-offs. Former NFL baller Tiki Barber is the newest culprit. As you all know, Tiki and his wife of 11 years Ginny announced their divorce about a week ago. But the plot has thickened. Tiki has a secret jumpoff he's been in a not so secret relationship for over a year. And she's reportedly at least one of the reasons this divorce is going down. Not to mention, Ginny is PREGNANT with Tiki's TWINS. But that didn't stop his ass from banging a blonde intern from his job. Or having the audacity to bring her to public events. The wild details after the cut...

Yes, his side chick even posted a pic of herself on Facebook rocking Tiki's jersey.  SMH.  According to the Post: Ginny, who is expecting twins, found out about the relationship late last year, after the run-around running back moved out of their Upper East Side home. Johnson, a model-thin bombshell, was photographed sitting next to Tiki last month at a Washington, DC, screening of a documentary on Senegal that he hosted for the Travel Channel. Sources believe Johnson also accompanied Tiki to Senegal for the filming late last year, when Ginny was three months pregnant. "I don't give a [bleep] that the relationship didn't work," he said of his parents' split in a 2004 Post interview. "Not only did he abandon her, I felt like he abandoned us for a lot of our lives. I have a hard time forgiving that."     Now Tiki's friends are chiming in about this ish saying they are shocked because they didn't know the girl was more than just a random chick to Tiki: "He was always the nice guy with a million-dollar smile," a Barber family friend told The Post. "We were shocked to find out that he could walk out on his wife of 11 years while she's pregnant with twins. He was with this girl in Senegal while Ginny was three months pregnant. "And we believe she was also with him in Vancouver while he was blogging about the Winter Olympics for Yahoo.com." Are you f'in kidding me? Meanwhile, the couple already has 2 young boys in addition to the 2 kiddies on the way. Dude will pay one way or the other....



His jump off looks like she

His jump off looks like she is a chock full of STD's.
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It's hilarious how much hate

It's hilarious how much hate Manster got for what he wrote, but every other woman in here talking bout go for them pockets girlfriend! gets a internet high-five. sheep. or bad economy? Infidelity is wrong. But you know what, it happens. And men are not the only ones to do it. Whoopi Goldberg is the only making any sense in this cultural response when she admitted she screwed around in her marriage. There was a collective in drawn breath, because I guess as women we're supposed to always be portrayed as the long suffering wife? You and I both know we have some girlfriends or knew some in college, that REDEFINED the word SKANK. I aint saying Tiki should leave his wife, because a marriage SHOULD BE FOREVER, but I'm also not claiming to know what went down in his marriage. As "LALA" posted on Wed, April 7, 2010 9:00 "what the fuck do you know about their relationship, for one his wife may have been a total bitch, abusive or just plain cruel!! did u ever consider that. If it was his wife leaving him all you dumb asses would have said she must have had a good reason." I kinda agree, there's so much man bashing, and everytime a woman does something in this blog it's excused (unless its Rihanna vs. Chris Brown). Please, Shaunie O'neal was MARRIED to Shaq's accountant, and got pregnant with Shaq's kid by screwing around on her husband. How come no one ever mentions that when the violins are playing for good ole Shaunie? Or that she likely knew EXACTLY what she was stepping into, and probably is the one to leak all this info to the blogs, so she could hype her show and smell like roses? One dog deserves another. And after seeing Tiki's wife on project runway, I'm not sure that poor retiring wife image y'all are putting on her is accurate.
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His wife looks like stewie

His wife looks like stewie with hair anyway.
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honey please Paula Deen been

honey please Paula Deen been showing non black folk how to cook soul food for years.
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@ Miss D. When black men

@ Miss D. When black men decide to date/marry outside of black women, they give up soul food. And that requires NERVE. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ WTF?
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@ Another Nobody Screw em

@ Another Nobody Screw em all! Screw em all at the same time! Tie em up, leave em in the basement (make em sign a consent form) pay em, pound em do whatever your sick little twisted heart wants to do. You’re not hurting anybody! Dont get married and have a family while living a double life. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Now that's what I'm talking about. Amen! Chit.
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OH and PS MANSTER.. the case

OH and PS MANSTER.. the case of the 5 men raping a 7 year old girl probably has NOOOthing to do with their genetically bred inability to control themselves. But we dont wanna talk about them cuz they dont have NFL contracts.
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Manster... I can dig what

Manster... I can dig what you're saying about the whole "mating for life" thing... But we arent talking about swans, penguins or beavers. (interestingly enough the Golden ape mates for life and we are a higher evolved species of ape.... but I digress) We are talking about why men cannot control their sexual urges. Thats why women in the middle east cover themselves from head to toe, because men cant control themselves. If a woman is raped whats the first question asked... what was she wearing, because clearly men cant control themselves. Another powerful point was made... when men are left in prison with no other options, their homophobic selves will bend over a weaker inmate for some stinky stick satisfaction. Pathetic. If you are a wealthy athlete with thousands of beautiful women at your disposal, do not commit to just one! its just that simple! Screw em all! Screw em all at the same time! Tie em up, leave em in the basement (make em sign a consent form) pay em, pound em do whatever your sick little twisted heart wants to do. You're not hurting anybody! Dont get married and have a family while living a double life. So Manster...I'll pose you this evolutionary question.... Since humans are the ONLY ones with opposeable thumbs, why dont you stick one up your ass?
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HOW SAD!!!!!!!!. KARMA!!!!

HOW SAD!!!!!!!!. KARMA!!!!
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Commonsense Wed, April 7,

Commonsense Wed, April 7, 2010 9:17 PM How do y’all know the twins are his? ———————————— Because it’s implied that the wife is carrying her husband’s babies. If Tiki doesn’t question it, you shouldn’t either. Sheesh! --------------------------------------- So just because it's implied means that those are in fact his twins?? Furthermore, you don't know whether or not he is/has questioned it or not..now YOU shut the fuck up, instead of running around here telling everyone else too.
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@ Tia. You said it. I think

@ Tia. You said it. I think Black men feel emasculated and powerless in our society so they come up with these wack ridicilous theories and act like they are the Gospel truth - but dig deeper and you realize, in reality it's just a coping mechanism for them to over-compensate for their inner insecurity and feelings of inferiority and powerlessness -because Black women are doing it and black men can't hold their own against either the white man or their own women - BLACK WOMEN. Hence their stupid misognystic (women hating) ideas...
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how he gonna throw stones at

how he gonna throw stones at his father and then he goes and does the same thing. Wow. what's his excuse.
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You betta preach @ weslyn.

You betta preach @ weslyn. Let the church say AMEN.
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White girls are the new

White girls are the new thang.. white girls were always wanted by black men, but dudes like me who have strictly had relations with black women, with no fruitful outcome, are now going to the light side of the force.. white chicks. Not fat or ghetto white chicks, mixed bred white chicks, but 100% cracker white chicks. Good looking black women want too much, or dont know what they want.
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@ Manster You sound like

@ Manster You sound like this idiot at Concreteloop named JUDAH. I hope you aren't him, because he hates women (black women) to be exact. He twists and misquotes scriptures as if all back women are ignorant and are unsuspectingly patting their weaves like a good obedient hood rat. Nope not here! Try again, Solomon fell off and fell into sin. Why do you think the Mason worship him and follow after his corrupt doctrine? The barbershop. Are you serious? What female in their right mind would actually even glean off of any of the "logic" that comes out of a baber's mouth. I've seen them in action...they hollar at 14 year olds passing by. Try again jail house logic. And who are you fooling? I had male friends in college and they discussed nothing but schoolyard gossip more than they did sex so once again, try again. You still didn't answer me on how men are so animalistic and sexual that when left with no option they'd eventually start f*cking each other. Out of all the topics I covered in my last post you'd think that would be the one he'd address. Clearly it's true. Be a freaking MAN and control your sexual urges. It is possible JUDAH.
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I'm so sad about this one.

I'm so sad about this one. It's wrong on every possible level. It doesn't matter what race who is who are all human and hurt feels the same. I pray to God when we get to read about more good news than these.
nic's picture

awww Tiki

awww Tiki
diva's picture

Not surprised at all but I'm

Not surprised at all but I'm so sick of this story and stories like it. It's quite sad that people reduce themselves to this behavior. This is why I fear getting married. I applaud those who take the risk..
vanity1's picture

I'm a woman and I'm going to

I'm a woman and I'm going to agree with manster. He didn't offer an excuse. He offered an explanation. Is what Tiki did right? No. Him, Tiger, Jesse, Shaq and the countless other folks in the entertainment/sports arena have women coming at them left and right. It's not like the average man, where he may have some chick at the supermarket jocking him. It's daily...constant...non-stop. And, it begins before college for most of these dudes. So, I can understand what manster is saying. I do think, however, that if you know you're that type of man and the pressure will be too much, don't get married. He is DEAD wrong for leaving his wife with their two kids and two more on the way. Karma baby...people underestimate the power of God, but trust...he will not allow anyone to do this type of stuff and go unpunished (especially if his wife is a believer in God).
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@ Manny CO sign!!! Ivanka

@ Manny CO sign!!! Ivanka said it best!!! “Remember girls: don’t get mad, get everything” I know hitting him in is pockets doesn't make up for emotional pain but I would clean him out, married 11 years and all those kids, oh yes, I would be that bitter bitch and take most of his shit : ) Never did like Tiki, he stuck me as a coon anyway...shrugs
binky's picture

UGH she's ugly!! prolly

UGH she's ugly!! prolly sucks a mean d**k though! you know how THEY do!
**B** aka WHO DAT!'s picture

I have to laugh because Tiki

I have to laugh because Tiki thought that since he's amongst the white folks who spin stories like crazy, that he'd be protected. Realease a sympathic PR letter claiming that you tried to keep your marriage together but it just isn't working. Fool, don't you know that ish only works with arrogant white men. YOU ARE BLACK. THE RULES AREN'T THE SAME, JUST ASK TIGER. He though a simple release of a PR statement about his adultry and a beg for privacy would have put an end tothe media intrusion into his private life cause he saw that the other white golfers who cheated, then up and left their wives, were left alone by the media. But, alas, black men have to still understand that you will never be as equal to a white man as he is to his own. Especially, not when you're making more money than him. Anyway, everyone is exhausted after the media non-stop attack on Tiger and his affairs. I doubt Tiki will be crusified by the media. After all, our moral police called the media hs already hinted, cheating with one woman is not that bad.
Tellmeaboutit's picture

what is this world coming to?

what is this world coming to? Is committement no longer valued in this society? It seems like men/women are becoming lovers of themselves, true love seems to be fleeting away. Oh man, what will our kids future look like?
Anonymous's picture

Lord hav mercy!! u ppl are

Lord hav mercy!! u ppl are stupid, what the fuck do you know about their relationship, for one his wife may have been a total bitch, abusive or just plain cruel!! did u ever consider that. If it was his wife leaving him all you dumb asses would have said she must have had a good reason. SO basically please just STFU!!! u dont no what the reason they are getting divorced so STF-UP!!!!!!!!!
lala's picture

i just pray one day he will

i just pray one day he will have enough heart to regret for what he has done. and also pray for that white girl...she should realize what she is doing, cause she is gonna be another Ginny...in the end. such a bad karma, just because his dad left him, that doesnt mean he can do that to his own children....that cycle wont stop.... sigh...
me's picture

he's not the 1st nor the last

he's not the 1st nor the last
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THAT'S IT... I'M DYING MY HAIR BLONDE AND GETTING SUPER SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO But on the real this is the year of the jumpoffs
foxboogie84's picture

@ Manster... I guess she

@ Manster... I guess she told you. LOL.. Seriously. What do you men want. A wife w/your mistress and a skank hoe on the side. A wife and an occasional pass to sleep around every 5th Sunday of the month. A main woman. An occasional ho and a dog named Lassie? What do you want????
Lovely's picture

@manster: you make some good

@manster: you make some good points, but that is all i'll say with regards to that. honestly, what he did is despicable, but i will say i agree with the person (or people) that said that this probably wasn't the first and she probably just got tired of living like that.
tisma's picture

@Tia I couldn't care less

@Tia I couldn't care less whether you believe me or not, why not do some research yourself about this. Just google the topic and read. You see, people like you are like the extinct Do Do bird. Go to a barbershop and just ask guys hanging out there, sure it's informal, but i am willing to bet that my theory hold true. This one of the biggest problem with women, you guys think you know men but you don't and never will. The male brain is 10% larger than the female brain, but the area for communication is 40% larger in the female brain than the male. This explains why women in general talk so much more than men. BTW, disease and the like is an ad hominid and specious argument. We are talking about fidelity versus evolution. Why not ask some white psychiatrist, preferably male, maybe then you will see what i am saying is not made up.
manster's picture

sigh...Tasha can you post

sigh...Tasha can you post some happy endings to give us single girls some hope...?
Nzinga's picture

So now does he view himself

So now does he view himself they same way that he viewed his dad?
Lisa's picture

Wow, Tiki seemed like such a

Wow, Tiki seemed like such a nice guy. I guess he isn't.
Nia Jolie's picture

@manster. NEGRO PLEASE....

@manster. NEGRO PLEASE.... Black men and their wack ass theories. You guys will make up any excuse to cheat. So I guess we all(men and women) should just run around fucking anything that attracts us? Fuc outta here with that B.S. This is the reason why so many women especially black are being infected with herpes, HPV (leading cause of cervical cancer), AIDS etc..come into the clinic I work at getting tested only to discover their no good ass men gave them a disease they can't get rid of. Like someone else referenced men like you will fuck another man if no one found out. It's quite simple why you all cheat, you lack GOD, discipline, self-control and loyalty. I feel so sorry for our youth today. And have you ever heard that too much of anything is not good for you. I like banana splits but if I ate it every fucking day not only would my arteries be clogged as fuck but also I'd be fat as hell. Preach that bullshit elsewhere.
Tia's picture

This is the main reason why I

This is the main reason why I fear marriage. You can't trust too many men now a days!
Chelsey M.'s picture

My, my, my. No one wants to

My, my, my. No one wants to be held accountable for their decisions.
Queen's picture

fooled. Didn't really care

fooled. Didn't really care for Tiger but i always saw tiki was the fam guy esp around nyc, and i respected him outside of football. This is beyond some triflin shyt. SMDH
serene's picture

...and then there is a fool

...and then there is a fool repeating it!!....
TheTruth's picture

@Manster I normally agree

@Manster I normally agree w/u but Tiki is not good looking. He has a big 10 gallon head and looks like he is on the DL. Ok. @ GJ Jumpoff's started in the year 1. Satan was Eve's jumpoff. @poptart Your damn right it's not right, which is why I believe this justifies why women must look for security. Some call it gold digging, I call it knowing what you are worth. Love hurts but my motto is: stay in shape, stay in school and play it cool when the chit hits the fan.
Lovely's picture

posted by manster Wed, April

posted by manster Wed, April 7, 2010 5:05 PM "I mentioned Pavlov dog because when a study of was done of why a dog will bite, it’s because it is conditioned to". _______________________________ HaHaHa...this dude made up his own Pavlov's Theory..wow!..thats funny as hell!
TheTruth's picture

LMAO at the Dollar store. I

LMAO at the Dollar store. I see that fools books there too! I know his Asian in laws are pissed! Great another set of Blasian kids too...
ladylean's picture

I never liked Tiki after I

I never liked Tiki after I saw an interview years ago where someone asked him why he didn't Marry a black woman? Feeling cornored he said there were no Black women where he went to college. *Blank Stare* This fool went to college in Virginia! But away from the entire finding a respectable black woman to wife, I was more upset that he didn't turn the question around and say he met his wife(Asian) and fell in love with her. Point blank. So I knew the marriage wouldn't last. He couldn't even spin a question I am sure he was asked before to establish the love he had for his wife. SMH! I see his book in the Dollar Store all the time, and are tempted to buy one (I mean only a $1), but then I remember I don't like this fool! Plus thereis a reason his ish is at the Dollar store!
Mo2tha's picture

I hate to say it but it's

I hate to say it but it's going to take ONE wife to go crazy and seriously hurt or kill one of these jumpoffs before they begin to have second thoughts about doing what they do and being so blatant about it. I thought 2009 was the year of the jumpoff but it looks like 2010 is shaping up to be the year we won't forget. Mark my words...one of these days one of these girls is going to really get hurt by a wife.
GJ's picture

Ladies, ladies, ladies.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. PLEASE don't judge ALL men on what DUMB ATHLETES do!!
Femme's picture

What a shame for Tiki's wife

What a shame for Tiki's wife to be dealing with this mess at what should be a joyous time as she prepares to welcome TWO new babies. I hope the remainder of her pregnancy, and the delivery, go smoothly. This kind of stress is the last thing an expectant mother needs.
StyleSista's picture

That's a dang on shame!!!! He

That's a dang on shame!!!! He needs to work for eternity because with 4 kids and child-support continuing for at least 18 years...dude needs all the funds he could get. Too bad I don't feel sorry for him. That's terrible!!!!!
DAMN SHAME's picture

There is a reason why they

There is a reason why they are called pink toe devils. That's all Ima say........
KRYSTIELUV's picture

look there are some men who

look there are some men who live by the motto, "the best pussy is new pussy." that's the way it is. these men have no problem turning their backs on the one who was with them from the beginning, who birthed the kids, put her career on the back burner so he could succeed. they simply don't care. no, it's not right, but there are many women who have lived through this.
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