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FLICKS: Nicki Minaj+Amber Rose+Meagan Good

Nicki Minaj's pics from her new issue of XXL are out. And she looks like she's going with a rap Marilyn Monroe inspiration. Shocker.

And speaking of Nicki, here's behind the scenes footage of the tour she dropped off of. Video of Rihanna's Rated R tour in the making.

Alrighty then. Her BFF Amber Rose was spotted hitting the streets sucking down some....ice cream...with her girl Dez:

Um, ok. And Meagan Good hit the club scene in L.A. the other night:

No these aren't the same pics from earlier this week. And yes, looking at Meagan's rotation of club outfits is like a scene from Groundhog's Day.



so what yall some haters she

so what yall some haters she still looke good...bitcheeessssssss.
lilwayneaka rockford ill's picture

I am so sick of this bald

I am so sick of this bald alien looking dike. she is fake just like her ass and breast. I know. I use to work with her in a strip club where she stripped / cocktail waitressed. Someone please give this dike a reality check? (you're not a celebrity bitch).
Anonymous's picture

Ok, just about every pic is

Ok, just about every pic is see of Meagan Good she has on those tights. I don't usually make these sort of comments, but enough already Meagan. Change it up a bit. Amber's friend/cousin whatever seems to love the papps more than Amber. Love Amber any way.
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