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OH SNAP! Garcelle Beauvais Publicly BLASTS Cheating Husband?!

Year of the jump off and side chick is officially in full effect.  Sources are reporting that actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon has pulled a Patty/Janet and blasted her husband Mike Nilon at his job.  Well, over email to his co-workers to be exact. 

Apparently the happy couple hasn't been so happy for the last 5 years of their 9 year marriage.  Garcelle reportedly found out he was cheating with some hussy in Chicago, and she let all his co-workers at the esteemed Hollywood CAA Agency know in an e-mail blast: In an e-mail making the rounds at the agency with the subject line "Tiger Woods/Jesse James/Mike Nilon," the former "NYPD Blue" star wrote to Nilon's colleagues, "What do they have in common . . .


I found out today that MY husband of almost 9 yrs has been having an affair for 5 yrs with some slut in Chicago. I am devastated!!!! And I have been duped!! Our boys don't deserve this!" Source: Huff Post/NY Post Oh sh*t!  Not cheating on Fancy for 5 years though?!   Maybe Mike was so arrogant to  think he could do this to Garcelle because he was arguably single-handedly keeping her on every Hollywood red carpet without her hardly even being in  a movie or tv show lately.  But this ish is just crazy.  Hopefully their 2 and a half old twin boys (and Garcelle's 18 year old son from a previous relationship) don't get the brunt of this drama.  Folks really need to watch their ish one day.  Because I have a feeling next season of that show "Snapped" is going to be a special celebrity edition.




SMH.. damn, people getting

SMH.. damn, people getting cheated on left and right these days.. like i said in the Tiki post.. Marriage is a joke to some people. And it's surely isn't a racial thing.
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For the life of me I don't

For the life of me I don't understand men. If you don't want to be with your woman don't get her pregnant and sho your a** after. For some reason if you notice the trend these men wait until these women have all their kids and do the damn dirt. What do they think women can't find another man because they have children. Well guess what MEN your wrong. Then you want to kill a MF when your kids r calling another man daddy. Word to the wise if you're going to cheat make sure they're an upgrade from what you have a home bc when you get exposed with your ragga muffin it's not a good look. Boy but when we ladies do it they wanna be like Lil Wayne and pick the world up and drop it on your f****** head lol. Just know fellas dogs are bad at covering their tracks and we are like cats we are masters at covering them 2nd word to the wise. Pow Right @Jay the it's human nature man.
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Just because one black woman

Just because one black woman got screwed by one white man, doesn't erase the fact that black women should NOT limited to black men. If I looked at all the black women that have been wronged by white men compared to black men, black men clearly win that race, but of course they will get upset if you call them out. This is an example of a failed marriage period. Nothing to do with race.
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Why did he get married then?

Why did he get married then? These men that cheat are so shameless....and honestly I do hope women realize that we should not stereotype one "race" that specifically cheat, because inevitably some men just cheat and NO they were not BORN that fuckin way--it is learned. @ XYandZ--angry black woman case, are u serious? Is she not supposed to be angry after a husband of 9 years cheatin, what are u smoking??? I did not know she had another son, she's always showing off those half-white twins like they are the world....which I'm sure they are to her....but damn, I'm sorry but that's why I say stick to what you know BEST!
everyone is entitled to their own opinion's picture

*It has been five

*It has been five yearssss....*-Jamie Foxx so sad.
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How come you never hear of

How come you never hear of celebrity wives cheating on their celebrity husbands? Is that an oxy-moron?
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@ Messenger... You really

@ Messenger... You really felt the need to respond to a man whose handle addresses black women as hypocritical bitches? Seriously?
raise the standard!'s picture

And for all you saying this

And for all you saying this is what black women get for dating outside of their race, thinking the grass is greener, you are clearly missing the point: black women need to open themselves up to love in WHATEVER form it comes--not limit themselves to black men. A man's faithfulness is about his character and integrity--if you find a man that is kind and honest and loyal, be with him! And if he happens to be white, so be it. Any black man who would use this story to say, "see, whitey is just as bad as i am!" is so deep into mental slavery, I have no further words for him! That is all.
raise the standard!'s picture

@Youbitchesarehypocrites, Not

@Youbitchesarehypocrites, Not all African American women are on the hunt for a "White Knight". I have never been interested in them, and never will be. And for the record, I think the actions of "MEN" in general can be wrong but I will forever and always love my African American males.
Messenger's picture

LIES, LIES ....All-lies, I

LIES, LIES ....All-lies, I tell ya! This IS NOT the behavior of White Boys/Men! ...They don't cheat;don't bring STD's BACK into THEIR relationships, and they certainly DON'T beat the women in THEIR relationships!!! ...THEY'RE infallible, "salt-of-the-earth" - I tell ya! ...This is just, another-example, of "THE ANGRY BLACK-WOMAN!" ...Quick,someone...ANYONE: where's Chris Brown when you need him?? ...Cherchez La Femme - my darlings...Cherchez La Femme.... X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

This just shows that it

This just shows that it doesnt matter how pretty or fine someone is, your spouse can get bored & wander Its a shame. I know she is devastated. A woman scorned will do uncharacteristic things. When you are grieving you do not think clearly. That is y Snapped on Oxygen is such a popular show. I think sending that e-mail just caused alot of negative attention to herself & marriage but again SHE IS GRIEVING. I guess you bloggers are going to crucify her like you did Mashonda. Bloggers, get a life! U r not in her shoes! Divorce causes the same grief & stress as a death of a loved one. But, I guess alot of u BABY MAMAS dont know this.
ShreveportShawty's picture

Who goes into a marriage

Who goes into a marriage believeing they will be decieved and/or cheated on? Who REALLY spends their day tracking down their spouses whereabouts? We expect our spouses to be the mature responsibile individuals we are supposed to be teaching our children to be. The mature definition for "responsibility" is knowing the right thing should be done and doing it even when no one is around to make sure it's done.
Messenger's picture

It's funny how people want to

It's funny how people want to chastize Garcelle for sending an email. It makes me wonder if the people looking down on her behavior are married. I would say, probably not. You really can't say what is approproate or what you would do if you found out that your husband, and the father of your children, had been cheating on you if you are not married. And before someone comments, cheating on someone you're dating is not the same thing. Please save the righteous indignation. An email is so mild compared to what she could have done and what he deserves if he was really cheating. As a married woman whose husband has cheated on her, I can tell you that this LOSER got off easy if all Fancy did was send an mild email.
In Her Shoes's picture

Yes Garcelle was upset, but

Yes Garcelle was upset, but clearly she realized this was a chance to get some press for herself. Her career as a red carpet staple wasn't exactly bringing in the stacks so maybe folks will remember her for another reason. Keep your personal business to yourself. The humiliation ain't hardly a space on Page Six.
Anonymous's picture

No, Natasha. CORRECTION: 2010

No, Natasha. CORRECTION: 2010 is the year of ALL women finally and unequivocally raising their standards in a love relationship. yes and amen!
raise the standard!'s picture

Why??????????? Air your dirty

Why??????????? Air your dirty laundry to everyone
Confused's picture

this is sooooooooo sad....is

this is sooooooooo sad....is it possible that every man cheats and we should just live with it????... or do we move on to the next as soon as he cheats?????...what if the "next" cheats????...do we continue to jump from man to man???? WHAT SHOULD A WOMAN DO????
not nice's picture

An arse is an arse and it

An arse is an arse and it doesn't matter what color he or she is. Your color doesn't define you, your character does.
Justeace's picture

Celebrity edition of Snap,

Celebrity edition of Snap, coming this fall. That's the truth. It's not even summer and it seems every arse in the world is losing their freaking minds and screwing everything that walks. Congrats to her for not hiding behind closed doors like she did something wrong. She sent the email out of anger but at least she did something instead of just accepting those pity looks from total strangers. He didn't respect her, their marriage or family why does she have to be the one who rises above it and keep it quiet. Please.
Justeace's picture

I thought the "white knight"

I thought the "white knight" treated his black queen better according to sistas and always respected her and never "cheat" like the brothas. I thought only niccas wasn't shit. Some black women are so insecure,brainwashed and feel validated if ANY white guy complimented her.
Youbitchesarehypocrites's picture

Sheeeeeeeeeeeett what an

Sheeeeeeeeeeeett what an arsehole 5 WHOLE YEARS! he's been a 'husband' and yet was creeping with someone else, the first thing Gabby needs to do is go down to the doctors and get herself checked out ASAP!!! you dont know what people are carrying nowadays, its disgusting!
DutchGooner's picture

@Shannon Seriously!! Use

@Shannon Seriously!! Use proper punctuations in your sentences man! Dang...I really wanted to read your paragraph, but damn...that shit is ridiculous.
Lacey's picture

Well Looky here, looks like I

Well Looky here, looks like I was wrong, White men will be dipping in different women also Tut tut tut!!!!! Guess it's the era for cheating huh!
OMYGOSH's picture

luvitall - all the don't get

luvitall - all the don't get married Talk is BS. Next thing all you women will be crying saying no men want to get married. We don't know what was going on with them behind closed doors so don't speculate. However it does seem like she and her family are well taken care of. And to anyone referencing there vows, your speculating! You don't know what there vows were.
trueindeed's picture

A mess!!! men are loosing

A mess!!! men are loosing it..smh
Just Me 808's picture

@TRUTHHURTS Thanks and I

@TRUTHHURTS Thanks and I think both are bad but having other children is worse. I've been with my fiance for 7years and if any children pop up under the age of 7...somebody's getting there @ss whooped!
Envy Us's picture

Though shalt not sleep with

Though shalt not sleep with thy neighbors wife, though shalt not commit adultery. I say we should start Killing mo fo's cuz there's no telling who's sleeping with whom and what they got. I got money on it, next will be tom Cruz and his wife.
SLPNSYD's picture

jayright- if men were

jayright- if men were supposed to be w/ many women, why did God create Adam and Eve and not Adam, Eve, Miranda, Lola, and sometimes down low Steve [not that i'm a homophobe, just being funny]? that was very sexist of u to say that. and i for one believe if that is so with men then women should be allowed to do so without the double standard bs! i am so sick n tired of it being the norm for guys to cheat yet us women get slammed for it or if she wants several sex partners w/ protection. if u don't have the TRUE DISCIPLINE to stay FAITHFUL, DON'T GET MARRIED! that's bs that people who think like you that men should be whores and women should remain in faithful! ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT AND SELFISHNESS!
luvitall's picture

Where all the black women now

Where all the black women now that say bros aint shit and go out and get you a white knight? I hope stacey dash and garcell be a leason to all black women that white men are no different than the bros, but sometimes will treat you worst. Halle berry, is next then y'all coming running back to the black community or black men after your slave masters show their true colors.
hautesauce79's picture

I cannot say that I'm

I cannot say that I'm astounded that yet another has joined the "LAME-O club!" The recent pics that I've seen of her she didn't look "happy." 5 years this man has been SLOUCHING and she was none the wiser---highly doubt that! I blame the makers of viagra, redbull and all these other stimulants that affords this impetuous behavior. Moreover, some men will try as women we have to start tighten our belts and shouldn't subscribe to their antics. Our value and moral system is literally in the toilet---SMH!
BholdingHIZGRACE's picture

And what does sending an

And what does sending an email to his co-workers do? I am not getting these women who are putting the text messages and emails and all this stuff out there thinking they are hurting the man. Men have been doing this for years and will for many more to come. What is his co-workers going to fire him?
Dee's picture

posted by Stacy H.Fri, April

posted by Stacy H.Fri, April 9, 2010 10:56 AM I think like someone said before she knew that he was stepping out on her… ============================================= Not necessarily. There was a couple that erry damn body knew he was cheating and assumed that the wife MUST have known. Wrong!! She did not know (still don't know how he pulled that one off, fucker) but the minuted she found out, she threw him out and filed for divorce so quickly, all heads were spinning. I'm just saying it can happen.
Yardy's picture

Do not email your husband’s

Do not email your husband’s co-workers regarding the failure of your marriage it’s tacky and classless. Your marriage is your business Gabby. This reminds me of when Robin Given’s went on the Barbra Walter’s special to talk about Mike’s issues. It was the wrong place and time. Gabby, don’t do this because people will NOT feel sorry for you and it will backfire. Divorce this dude and move on. I guess she want’s sympathy but she won’t get it. Sorry Gabby but you pulled a stupid move and stunt. I know your hurt but don’t act crazy. Don’t do stupid things like this. It will hurt you in the end. _______________________________________________ I couldn't agree more - I understand you're hurt but what exactly is to be gained by you putting your business out in the street???!!! Was he using company funds or not doing his job??? Then why the hell are they going to care???? File for divorce and keep it moving. Although Tasha speaks the truth when she says he singlehandedly kept her on the red carpet because Fancy ain't done a daggone thing since The Jamie Foxx show (word to the wise, she should've kept something going for herself!!!!)
msgonzo10's picture

posted by luvkaleFri, April

posted by luvkaleFri, April 9, 2010 10:45 AM @JAYRIGHT…I can’t stand the saying that its the human nature for men to cheat..thats a bunch of BS that people are trying to use as an excuse…they know wrong from right period.. ------------------------------------------- These people know what they're doing is wrong when they're doing it. Hence, that's why they're sneaking around and doing it on the "side".
Erica (original)'s picture

posted by Tonya Fri, April

posted by Tonya Fri, April 9, 2010 10:28 AM She should’ve went out with some class. She should’ve wrote the email in all CAPS! ___________________________________________ LOL LMAO... I am seriously crackin up from that.... YASSSS for all CAPS!!!!!
RocStar's picture

Envy us/Congrats on your up

Envy us/Congrats on your up coming wedding,& Just pray that both of you are doing the right thing,iam not married but in a long term relationship & i just pray that no children pop up,LOL cause I know a lot of my freinds dealing with that crap who are married.I don't know whats worse just having a side piece or having other children.(smh)
TRUTHHURTS's picture

I think like someone said

I think like someone said before she knew that he was stepping out on her...maybe it got to the point where he was being sloppy with it and people were coming to her and letting her know that they saw him and the other woman...five years is a long time to carry on a an affair not she not know about it...i am not trying to blame the wife, but how in the hell can you be with someone for five years and it be a surprise to you...they must have been living seperate lives for a long time because there is no one we can be living under the same roof and i not suspect nothing
Stacy H.'s picture

5 years? Like someone else

5 years? Like someone else said earlier that is not cheating that is living a double life! How could she not have known he was cheating for that long? Men are not that smart to pull something like that off!!! Not a good move either to send this info to his co-workers in an e-mail. So when the media turns this into a three ring circus Fancy don't be surprised. If you want out file for divorce and keep it moving.
Tiger's picture

LOL! It's not funny

LOL! It's not funny but...what else can you do??? It's official: If you have somebody on the side, especially if you are in the public eye, go ahead and put yourself on blast because it WILL get out! Bitches are thirsty and they want fame and money. So you better believe they are going to run to the media to tell their story.
Erica (original)'s picture

Very good pint Reya, the

Very good pint Reya, the arrogance is obvious. Many men live double lives and if she's based in LA. And he's traveling 2 Chi anything's possible. Best of luck 2 u Garc!
TheSweetBrown's picture

@ Milla, perhaps YOU know a

@ Milla, perhaps YOU know a lot about being cheated on for five years out of nine? Can't imagine why, with your winning personality and "shushing" of people.... Consider this...if his personal issues are considered to be too much of a liability for his company to deal with (unless he's the owner and CEO, which isn't clear here) and he's out of a job, where is the alimony and child support money going to come from?
n_satiable's picture

WOW!! whats wrong with men

WOW!! whats wrong with men today?! Why string a woman along if you want someone else LET HER GO!! theinfamouslife.com
infamous's picture

the world of marriage......i

the world of marriage......i dont even want it..
!@#$%^&*()'s picture

WoooooW!! Damn I'm engaged

WoooooW!! Damn I'm engaged and planning my wedding..hearing sh!t like this makes me not even want to get married!!
Envy Us's picture


@ AND THE SURVEY SAYS.... Exactly! Because what really sucks is that they've brought children in this world and she may not have wanted to do that if she had known he was in another relationship. It's like he just took her choice away. I think that's what sucks the most. Now she's stuck with that loser for 16 more years and more...
beautifuldaidreamer's picture

@JAYRIGHT...I can't stand the

@JAYRIGHT...I can't stand the saying that its the human nature for men to cheat..thats a bunch of BS that people are trying to use as an excuse...they know wrong from right period..They need to put adultery as a crime so all cheating men can go to federal prison for at least a year..I bet their asses will stop then..
luvkale's picture

Do not email your husband's

Do not email your husband's co-workers regarding the failure of your marriage it's tacky and classless. Your marriage is your business Gabby. This reminds me of when Robin Given's went on the Barbra Walter's special to talk about Mike's issues. It was the wrong place and time. Gabby, don't do this because people will NOT feel sorry for you and it will backfire. Divorce this dude and move on. I guess she want's sympathy but she won't get it. Sorry Gabby but you pulled a stupid move and stunt. I know your hurt but don't act crazy. Don't do stupid things like this. It will hurt you in the end.
Gabby listen to me's picture


@ HONEY(THE ORIGINAL)Makes me glad I’m single. Cuz I would hurt a bitch…and the chick he cheating with too! ______________________________________________ I am so with you on the single part. I wouldn't hurt him per say... but would make him and her "my special project".
Jamaicaseemeya's picture

I am still ondering why

I am still ondering why Natasha hasn't posted the Tiki Barber drama?
YardyConscious's picture

Damn 5 years though?? That's

Damn 5 years though?? That's sick. She's having his babies and he's having a whole other relationship...Triflin
beautifuldaidreamer's picture

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