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Did Chris Brown REALLY Storm Out On Radio Interview?

So Chris Brown hit up a Richmond, VA radio station yesterday to promote his local concert. And before the interview could really get started, he apparently got upset with the radio host not playing his music, and stormed out. That's the host's story.


But Chris Tweeted that the audio was edited to make him sound like a diva, and he apologized via Twitter.


The audio and Tweets when you read on...

He later deleted these Tweets:


Check out the audio for yourself. It was definitely chopped up, but the real story is still unknown since the radio host did not post the entire unedited pre-interview.



Written by

Written by www.laineygossip.com. "The Chris Brown debacle – absolution is important, totally. But absolution, especially in his case, should be earned. It’s amazing how often those who feel they deserve forgiveness end up validating why their forgiveness was never granted. This bitch is still yapping about how it’s time for him to be #1 again. Why it’s time for the public to be helping him to be #1 again. What? His arrogance, his lack of contrition, his narcissism, it’s really quite amazing. There was a radio interview and Brown decided to go off on the DJ for not playing his music, then blamed the DJ for the fact that his song isn’t charting, and finally hung up on the DJ because ...he’s a spoiled brat abusive piece of sh-t? Sounds about right. Just want to say even though I didn't write those words.. I couldn't have said it better myself.. I 100% agree. He needs to stop whinning and take a break.. and chill . Change his attitude and stop acting like noting happened cause guess what dude.. lots people are still upset about the whole Rhianna thing and how Chris handled himself.. remember days /weeks after the incident... he was seen Jet Skiing, Partying at Diddy's and the CNN Interview seemed so insincere... UGH He would deserve a 2nd chance if he actually worked for it and didn't EXPECT IT!!
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Thanks Lainey girl. Finally

Thanks Lainey girl. Finally someone with sense in the media willing to be honest about this loser. And as for talent he is ok he aint no luther or teddy. just another overrated rnb singer who are a dime a dozen.
Anonymous's picture

rihanna and her devil really

rihanna and her devil really ruined chris brown's life. look what beyonce and her devil did to jhud
Anonymous's picture

i agree with you rhianna made

i agree with you rhianna made him this way i still love chris ever since run it he still the same in my eyes even if hes down with the devil or not god all day tho. god rocks
Anonymous's picture

good, Dumbass... Maybe chris

good, Dumbass... Maybe chris should come beat some sense into you next.. Smfh. n Jhud is just fine.. get ur head outta beyonce's ass.

Actually bitch Chris Brown is

Actually bitch Chris Brown is his own devil. And i saw tattoo of a skull on his fore arm. does that mean that he is a devil worshipper? yall too full of shit. Fucking enablers of domestic violence and physical abuse.
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If Chris Brown was not

If Chris Brown was not relevant in the sense that he had no chart topping hits during this period of time, then why did the radio station even want to interview him in the first place. It is sad of the radio station first to record Chris Brown, because I doubt Chris Brown and his management contacted the radio station to initiate the interview. Whilst Chris Brown's management should have researched more into how the radio station promotes Chris Brown.
Anonymous's picture

the radio stations here in

the radio stations here in richmond were interviewing chris because he is hosting and performing in a haiti relief benefit concert at the end of the month. that was what was relevant.
Anonymous's picture

once again lets not bring

once again lets not bring rihanna into this to change the subject from fistopher brown being an out of control nut case!!!!!! This fool will never have his career back so i don't know why his fans are so upset??? perhaps they know that he doesn't have an career?? :)
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First off I will say this the

First off I will say this the dj was in fact in trouble and had to answer to higher ups. Not because how chris acted but for how rude he was. If anyone with common sense listen to the audio you would have heard how rude the dj was from the edited verison and if this was anyone other than chris people was have seen that but people want chris to fail so bad anything the guy doesn't is wrong. The dj clearly stated we don't played your music because you don't have any hits then we chris stated a song he asked where is that on the charts? I mean WTF how do songs become hits on billboards because radio djs give it airplay and keep doing so. People need to realize the dj was rude and very unprofessial but since it's chris of course chris is the one that is wrong despite the fact this asshole is belittling him. Do I think cb is immature yes he clearly could have said thank you for your time and walk away but at the same time people are talking about him as if they walk in his shoes. Until you go through half the bullshit that he has been through no one can say shit the media will make someone out to be who they are not and some people aren't strong enough to deal or they snap when being mess with. I'm even not a fan of chris but people are setting him up to failed and want him to fail is sad. Chris just lay low and coMe back when you are ready believe me no one has yet took ur place so make people miss you like I miss kayne right now. People a one sided story isn't the whole story knowledge is power people use it
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I agree. Anything Chris does

I agree. Anything Chris does is scrutinized. He could have handled this situation a little more professionally, but there is no way I'd stay on doing an interview with a radio host who was so condescending. The host was a patronizing asshole. Period.
Tiye's picture

cb aka beat em down brown

cb aka beat em down brown needs to sit his tired azz down...nobody is checkin for him except lil girls
Anonymous's picture

@anonymous Thank you so much.

@anonymous Thank you so much. I am a fan and that coming from someone who is not, that was well said. You definitely hit the nail on the head. One Love ! ! !
hapi's picture

Not a good look Chris. Your

Not a good look Chris. Your anger got you in trouble, and now you're putting it on public display.
frankiestage's picture

@x,y,"z" U r so delusional

@x,y,"z" U r so delusional and incapable of rationality it is scary. I have over the year read ur tiresome rants about this CB and Rihanna situation. U r so quick to make excuses for everything that this man does nad ready to burn Rihanna at the stake regardless of fact or fiction. I think that u have made this unnatural obsession with both their lives a full-time career for urself. I think that u r so for out of range mentally and emmotionally u actually belive that ur senseless post are true and accurate. u need to let this go and seek some other form of entertainment. R u an overweight, unattractive person who is absorbed with hate for Rihanna becasue she represents everything that ur not or wanna b. It does not make any sense how u can be so emmotionally charged by a person that does not exist in ur world. U r never going to impact neither CB or Rihanna's life in anyways and to think that u spend every day all day hating and going on about nothing. Ur a sad individual wasting ur life and energy on this irrelevant ish. Get some help boo cus u r heading staright to the loonie bin.
Anonymous's picture

I am just curious of how you

I am just curious of how you claim to know so much about the mental stability of this person regarding the cb/rhi rhi drama, if this persons post was signed......ANONYMOUS???????????? Do you know something that we don't?
Curious!!!!!!'s picture

@Anonymous @4:18pm May1, '10

@Anonymous @4:18pm May1, '10 -- "U r never going to impact neither CB or Rihanna's life" X,Y,"and Z's" reply - To quote Rihanna herself: "Where them bloggers at, where they at, WHERE THEY AT?" But I've seemed, in my "usual out-of-range: mental and emotional,inaccurate,senseless,unnaturally-obsessed(?!?!!);hating,sad,delusional,irrational and obese-physical-state," to have "captured YOUR attention"; for some time! ...For OVER a year, you say? Listen to me, if you think I've "weighed-in" on YOUR 'beloved-Rihanna,' guess-again! If I EVER decide to exclusively blog on her, I'd reduce her to tears, I'd leave 'no-stone unturned!' I'd rip-the-covers-off, that sore, and expose her, for what SHE is!! ...Consider her fortunate and blessed, as-NOT-to have ME as HER enemy! Lastly: given your "logic" ...for 'wanting-of' a better word, what defines "obsession" and 'natural obsession?' You've defined/called-me "unnaturally obsessed," I had no-idea, one could be "a little pregnant." This must be 'dat-nu-nu' "Fentyism": "Unnatural Obsession!" So I guess it's similar to "Organic Obsession," and-as-reference, we're certain-to-have "deep-friend obsession," not-like, the one you get, at the drive-thru window! ....Ahhh that Rihanna: dumbing-down Western-Civilization, one-weary-inhabitant at-a-time! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

@Honey u did not get my

@Honey u did not get my attention for a year u have earned my sympathy. I read this ish purely for entertainment purposes, I am not a fan of either CB or Rihanna but I am amazed at how " unnaturally obsessed " u r with hating a person far removed from ur slum world. I have way better things to do with my life than jump on YBF every day all day to spew hate and get into nonsensical diatribe about nothing. At the end of the day Rihanna will live her life however she wants, fucking who ever she wants,cus she is entitled to do that as an adult without ur permission and u will continue to have many illegitimate children, feeding them on foodstamps and trying to remember their daddies names. And yeah we all can make shit up about others and believe our own lies. Now kick rocks and GTFOH. I will return to completing my dissertation on Popular Culture. Toodles
Anonymous's picture

The more u hate expose her

The more u hate expose her whatever the more she does get over ur damn self shes not going anywhere and let me say something to the girls and women who dislike rihanna I hope u never ever get involved w an abusive bf or husband becos if u do I pray he beats u to a pulp and maybe u see hw it feels shame on all of u who have some obsession hate dislike disdain for this girl. If this was ur daughter sister niece I bet u hv some understanding or sympathy. Tell cb to go back to sch. Becos its done, foolish boy.
Anonymous's picture

LOL some of the Chris stans

LOL some of the Chris stans are out of control. Chris could rob a bank tomorrow and some of you would be screaming "Stop hating on Chris!" "You don't know the whole story!"
Danielle's picture

Two things: First, DJ Kash

Two things: First, DJ Kash did not get fired. Second, if what Chris did was appropriate, then his label, Jive, would not have called apologizing on his behalf. Sidenote: Why is this even news?
MizzB's picture

If you're so tired of him

If you're so tired of him this and that wtf do you **es run up in here whenever there's some news of him? If you don't support he don't give a damn. The guy is suspended or fired so...duh ***holes, look who was wrong...**** *** all!
Heaven's picture

and those tattoos look

and those tattoos look disgusting, they're not attractive whatsoever
Anonymous's picture

i'm so sick of this arrogant

i'm so sick of this arrogant idiot. and enough with the but he's so talented, he's not that great of a singer and he's much better off dancing there are other talented singers out there that didn't get the big break he did, he's not entitled to anything. this is what happens when people get instant fame and don't have to struggle for it
Anonymous's picture

Chris was there to promote an

Chris was there to promote an upcoming-concert. The proceeds of THAT concert: destined-to/for the Children of Haiti! That DJ was, at the very-least, "insensitive" as-to-the, 'plight and circumstance', of the victims of the worst natural-disaster, yet-seen in THIS Hemisphere, in generations! The program director should take/do the 'ONLY-responsible thing': terminate that DJ's employ, at said radio station!! That DJ was, at the VERY-least, insensitive; that radio station, AND that DJ, NOW owes the People of Haiti and apology! ...And if said radio station, program-director and DJ, EVER finds THEMSELVES in 'said-circumstance': ....."THERE, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, GO I!" X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

Yeah whatever to the

Yeah whatever to the haters.... He still gon me RICHER than you! SO eat a dick! And Rihanna HIT him as well!!! Don't think she was lil miss helpless...cmon son... If u have a crazed heffa beating on you, your're not gonna hit her back???? Oh please.... Man enough to throw a punch, be man enough to take a punch, keep your hands to yourself......smh And he isn't the first one to ever walk out of a studio! Alos he didn't "beat the shit out of her" stop exaggerating... she didnt even have a "black eye" and she had a grill... As Judge Judy always says...in a FIGHT = two people, someone always comes out at the shitty end of the stick! SMH ...On To The Next...KARMA!
Anonymous's picture

This high yellow jackass has

This high yellow jackass has a personality disorder. Thought he could beat the shit out of his no-talent-having superstar girlfriend, ride jet skis after wards, have his team bash Riri on the internet, release a dumb ass video apology looking like Chef Boyardee, give a stupid pointless interview wearing a blue bow-tie, throw a Twitter tantrum, tell the industry to "kiss his ass", release a message begging people to request his songs on the radio, party it up, flaunt his jump offs, use the word "censuses", and now THIS? Where the fuck is his common sense? His bitching & whining is getting annoying. Why does this dancing no singing, MJ imitating, little boy divo think his career should remain untouched? SMGDH.
Anonymous's picture

*applause* i'm so sick of his

*applause* i'm so sick of his whining ass. he continues to show his true colors with every outburst. he didn't need a pastor - he needs a psychologist!
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

Chris needs anger management,

Chris needs anger management, this is not the first time he's had drama at a radio station. His career will never be as large as it was before because he ruined his image. Thats why its so hard for him not because of the radio stations. White america has wash their hands of chris brown. Chris Brown is the 2010 version of bobby brown, lots of talent but wasted.
Michelle's picture

Thats the reason no station

Thats the reason no station play your song chris. Who does he think he is? Now they will never play his music and i don't blame them. That tape was not edit thats the real chris he flips out on people just like he did riri.
Anonymous's picture

Isn't he from Virgina? Damn

Isn't he from Virgina? Damn
E$'s picture

Whatever... Chris it's time

Whatever... Chris it's time for CHANGE... New album, new subject, new artistic direction, all NEW approach.
Yas's picture

I agree.

I agree.
Drea's picture

I swear this dude thinks

I swear this dude thinks someone owes him something. OMG, how long will he keep going off on people because he don't get what he want. Instead of promoting the concert to biult himself back up he wants to go off on the DJ? Chris has an attitude, point blank period. He is an unattravtive person, ugly ugly personality. I almost feel bad for him.
meme's picture

LISTEN u fools i agree with

LISTEN u fools i agree with ANONYMOUS down there lol you didnt get a chance to hear how long chris had been dealing with this DJs rudeness because the interview was edited. So i really want to know how u think Chris Brown is in the wrong for walking out I mean the guy was being cheeky .. talking bout 'which the tickets are still available' his tone of voice TRYING to imply that the tickets arent even selling ... even at that point i began to sense ignorance. BUT towards the end it got worse like im sure th guy knows what happened with RIHANNA and me must have heard Chrs Brown has been having a hard time lately with his music hitting the charts so for him to even ask that was obviously in spite. it was like he was expecting chris to belittle himself and be like ' yhyh my music is wack PLEASE PLAY IT' nooooooooooo even i wouldnt do that so that means im a DIVA ohh please loool you are all WAF and LAME ! I SUPPORT YOU CHRIS..#CARBOMB to all the hater :D xxx
virgobarbie's picture

I'm not even a Chris Brown

I'm not even a Chris Brown fan but this is too much. The DJ was obviously an asshole. The people on her commenting and saying Chris was a diva etc YOU ARE ALL ASSHOLES! He hit Rihanna over a year ago. She forgave him and has obviously moved on. Let the kid move on with his life. You guys are so pathetic. Americans are the most unforgiving people on the planet. (well not all but for the most part)
Anonymous's picture

this is not even about him

this is not even about him hitting rihanna. ITs about him building his career back up from the bottom and not thinking that he suppose to automatically get back to where he was prior to the assault. I feel bad for Jive, I just could imagine what they go thru with him. He is going to get dropped soon.
meme's picture

Okay i was NOT going to drop

Okay i was NOT going to drop a comment on this BUUUUUUUUUUT i will all u guys hating on chris brown need to go FUCK A CLONE... 1) you're all as ignorant as that STUPID DJ n u dont deserve to breathe the same air as me u all need to get educated because the guy was CLEARLY being ignorant,,, in his other interviews im pretty SURE he hasnt spoke to any other CELEBRITY and some people are saying he got suspended.. wats he gunna do next ? APOLOGIZE and r u stupid fools going to 'forgive' him ? YES. because we're all human blah blah blah 2) what chris brown did was NOT right but u guys are just as bad holding his mistake over him. wat appened to 'forgive and forget'. i mean come on... he still has a family to cater for and stuff like everyone else and you DO NOT know how hard hes tring to make amends as we dont know him personally so dont act like u kno his life story like u two are bestfriends 3) The DJ guy clearly has attitude problems and was just trying to make chris look bad. and look where it got him smh. No one deserves to be spoken to like that... the DJ knew he was in the wrong thats y he dint post the WHOLE intertivew but we still have stupid ass folks thinking they know it all and contradicting the whole thing because you dont. if that was me i wud have done more than just walk out i would have punched that guy in the face.... and im pretty sure most of you would do worse .. so stop acting like GODS GREATEST MOST PERFECT HUMAN BEINGS and give the guy a break
Anonymous's picture

why do most CB fans seem to

why do most CB fans seem to be functionally (and i use that word loosely) illiterate?
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture


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Anonymous's picture

That "interview" was edited,

That "interview" was edited, even the DJ admits that! That concert, that Chris came-to-talk/be-interviewed-about, wasn't-about-Chris! The proceeds ARE going to 'Folks in Haiti?' That DJ, himself, needs to get some "sensitivity training" - at the VERY-least. ....And he just-maybe ....something of a racist!! I'll say again: THAT INTERVIEW WAS EDITED!! ...Tasha said it; even that DJ said it ..."that-said", END OF STORY!!! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

How does he have anger

How does he have anger issues? Just because he storm out of a interview if you was an artist and radio stations wasn't playing your music you would be mad to. And the host try to come @ CB. I understand where he is coming from. And to all the people that always bring up the abuse its over and done. He served his time doing whatever. Leave him alone he is human and let him live damn.
Steffie's picture

Wow I guess the pressure of

Wow I guess the pressure of not selling is really getting to him. Not that I care or feel sorry for him. Also he's been in this business for how long and he still doesn't know how to handle a difficult interview with poise, push his product, get in-get out and call it a day? No he gets argumentative and storms out, what's up with those anger management classes Chris? Someone needs to tell him that he is not entitled to fame, celebrity status or anything at all really and that he will need to work for what he wants just like everyone else in the world. Sure he's talented but does he have any idea how many more talented, thirsty individuals are no longer nipping at his heels but far, far ahead of him?
Twilightey's picture

Chris Brown's got ANGER

Chris Brown's got ANGER ISSUES. The twitter rants, this type of shit, just make it all more believable that he really did abuse Rihanna in that car. Those angermanagement classes sure aren't working.
goodgrief's picture

excuse me why all the excuses

excuse me why all the excuses for Fist Clowns behavior? exactly how many opportunities is he supposed to get, & then abuse. Its always someone else's fault when it comes to Fist. Rihanna is in Paris doing a tour nevertheless, she has been once again dragged into his choices & distasteful behavior. Is that fair? Why must she continue to relive this beating? How long must she be acused, called names by his fans/stans & never retaliate. Its called maturity. If Fist was sincere re: the Haiti Benefit he would have suck it up & took care of business to make the listeners aware of his concert, not try to force a DJ to play his music. The TRUTH hurts. i agree with those who say he needs the radio stations more thatn they need him. Fist fans r the 1s to bring of the incident/mistake. It was a beating,biting,slamming. no a mistake. The beating had nothing to do w/his bitchass behavior at that radiostaion. Ur support is not helping him it really his hampering his growth. He was wrong POINT BLANK. he brought up his music,not the DJ. Did u one sided fans notice he still mentioned the Haiti Benefit Concert & said tickets were still available. of course not. ur to busy defending Fist arrogant behavior. Stop trying to force people to forgive this boy. It show his violent attitude has been approved by his fans & ur aggresive attitude.
negro please's picture

@negro please You definitely

@negro please You definitely have Anger issues. Let go and Let God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hapi's picture

In agreement.

In agreement.
goodgrief's picture

Chris looks damn good in that

Chris looks damn good in that picture... *fans self*
Anonymous's picture

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