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LisaRaye Talks Platinum Digging & A Day In Her Life

Holding no punches the former first Lady of Turks & Caicos LisaRaye went in on why her marriage failed, why she decided to do a reality TV show and being a gold digger.


We've got flicks from her "A Day In The Life..." featurette with Vibe. And her quotes about digging for platinum (instead of gold) and having no time for the blue collar man when you read on...


On being precevied as a "gold digger":

"People think that I’m a gold digger. I’m digging for platinum. I can’t do nothing with a Burger King man unless he own about 20 or 30 of them."

*Eyebrow raised*


And pics of LisaRaye getting ready for her "Wendy Williams Show" appearance:

On her marriage to Premier Misick:

"Maybe I didn’t give my relationship the time to get close. I let a lot pf people into the relationship. I didn’t make time to be a wife.


On why she decided to do reality tv:

"When I first decided to do a reality tv I needed money. It was a business decision."


More pics and her interview over at VIBE.




this is so sad! the willie

this is so sad! the willie lynch syndrome is STILL in full effect. its pretty insane for american blacks to go at carribean blacks, when #1 WE ARE ALL THE VICTIMS OF RACIAL OPPRESSION, and #2 WE ARE ALL DESCANDENTS OF THE SAME ORIGIN. there are VERY productive american blacks, AS WELL AS very productive carribean blacks. at the same time, you have shiesty grimey, trifling american blacks, as well as shiesty grimy, trifling carribean blacks. I grew up in east flatbush brooklyn, amongst black americans, jamaicians, panamainians, hatians, trinidadians, and the list goes on. and TRUST ME GRIMINESS COMES IN ALL FORMS! lets stop the generalization.
marc's picture

Lisa, does have problems. I

Lisa, does have problems. I think she suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. If she really believe she is an actress. Then she is really dillusional. She is very pretty but she needs to stop tonguing her daughter down. This behavior is really sick and disturbing and she evidently needs to learn how to please a man in the bed because evidently she isn't any good in the bedroom to let tiny ass Rocsi take her man. I mean Rocsi, what man would choose Rocsi over lisa unless Rocsi can actually satisfy a man and Lisa Raye is just worn out. PERIOD. Her daughter seems to be raised well but her daughter (KAI) shouldn't allow her Mom to make out with her. Kai, needs to sit Mom down and tell her to wake up and realize she's not 21 anymore.
KEEPIT REAL!'s picture

Fighting like dumb ass niggas

Fighting like dumb ass niggas over table scraps like massa still got your sorry black asses on lock. Caribbean, African American--whatever. We come from the same places in Africa and white people can't tell us apart anyways. Culture or no culture. We're still essentially the same because we are a family divided by slavery, the white man and Uncle Ruckus type niggas and only we can keep us divided and you dumb ass niggas are keeping up the good fucking work. Doing the devil's work. Fuck what you think you know. Y'all niggas could be reading a book instead you're fighting over who is better as if being black in America or the Caribbean is a blessing. Either way you look at it both groups are getting fucked in the ass by an unfair government/world. Instead of coming together and trying to do something progressive you want to fight over meaningless bullshit. We shouldnt even be claiming any allegiance to this side of the world. We should be in Africa trying to rebuild the greatness and self respect we once held so dearly. Kick out those blood sucking foreigners who are robbing our African brothers and sisters and us essentially of our natural riches and land. We should be loving and acknowledging our own kings and queens. But no, we want what the white man wants so we will continue to fuck ourselves daily while the world watches, points and laughs. At the end of the day no amount of Western education or money will ever be of benefit to us because it is not who we are, it does not represent us, it was not made for us. Keep it up motherfuckers...keep it up. Real black people are making a difference any way they can but you niggas are sucking some serious Massa dick and for what? To prove who sucks dick better? Read a book like The Miseducation of the Negro or How Europe Underdeveloped Africa and have a real fucking discussion. Bitch asses...
Electric Sunshine's picture

Your dumb ass wants all this

Your dumb ass wants all this BS king and queen crap yet we both know that My white ass can kill a lion with my bare hands before you can. Until you want to go out and pick up a stick and sharpen it and start hunting the wildlife. Shut the fuck up. its your worthless kind that opens your mouth about the motherland when we all know you have never even been there. Until you have go fuck your self. you give all of my green red black yellow and every other color of friends and family a bad name and you are a disgrace to the Human race. when all of your hate filled kind are dead that is when we will be able to come together as a human race and live and love one another. until then We all know why your mother was raped. It was because your mouth and your hate for life and the human race. hope your proud.
justin's picture

ummm since when did caribbean

ummm since when did caribbean & african americans are different from eachother?? WE ARE ALL BLACK PPL!!!WE COME FROM THE SAME ROOTS!! THE WHITE PPL JUST TOOK A PIT STOP IN THOSE MANY ISLANDS IN THE CARIBBEAN!!!COME ON PPL GROW THE F**K UP!! we are all the same...yall just live in the Caribbean & we live in america...POINT BLANK!!
infamous_dee's picture

Why do Black people PERIOD

Why do Black people PERIOD alway try to find a way to separate ourselves? African American vs Caribbean, Jamaican vs Haitian, Southern vs Northern, light skinned vs dark skinned...WE really need to find a way to love all our brothers and sister; because at the end of the day the all the "man" sees is a Black man/woman and your character will be the only thing that really distinguishes you!
kekelolo's picture

I completely disagree. You

I completely disagree. You are lumping us together when there are "cultural" differences in the Black community such as religion, customs and beliefs. White people are afforded these differences...Irish, South African, and so on. I understand your not wanting to be divided, but some of the differences should be embraced. I am from Cali and learned so much having a boyfriend from the Virgin Islands, we looked like we could have been related, but in reality had nothing "culturally" in common other than the shade of our skin.
Col's picture

You made some great points.

You made some great points. Your post was well said!
Anonymous's picture

Ladies, Ladies, where is the

Ladies, Ladies, where is the love? I am so sad reading this blog, why are we waisting time arguing over Americans vs. Carribbean people anyway--our history tells us we are all one. The sad truth is that on his way back from Africa, massa made a many stops on those islands so we are all originally cut from the same cloth. As far as Ms. Lisa Ray, she is a sad disgrace to Women in general and has set us back a few. I love and embrace all my people of color, I have traveled to many islands & Africa and I love what I see in every shade of brown! We are all unique and special and that is what we should embrace and respect. As far as I concerned I am no better because I was born in America, it was just the luck of the draw.
A wonderful shade of brown's picture

I use to love Lisa Raye and

I use to love Lisa Raye and neva seen Players Club to dis day. But when I heard her poppin off bout effin niccas for benefits dat threw me off. I could respect u more(not dat she cares, just mo) if you got out there n got yo own paper den fucked wit niccas for dat paper cause u made sure you were set and comfortable first with out depending on a man. Trust me I'm a firm believer dat yo man or sexual friend must keep you comfortable if wants to be with you but in the same note get u straight first den fuck with niccas. Cause can't no man take better care of me than me. I guess it's not just a physical thang but mental as well.
dat htown chick's picture


mlewclothing.com's picture

well... at least she's

well... at least she's honest.
dreamstate's picture

I'm sorry but I wanted to

I'm sorry but I wanted to hear Lisa Raye out but I couldn't... I started to listen to her vibe interview and the black woman bashing was too much for you... You, Lisa, deal with snakes and hollywood reality... That's not real.. All black women relationships aren't want you make it out to be... I'm not blind.... I know we as black people have a long way to go; however generalizing is unnecessary.. and it truly irritates me that you would use Paris Hilton and Linsey Lohan as good references to how women should show sisterly love... those are the type of women you aspire to be or is it their fame you want..
CelebrityHell's picture

For the ignoramus bitches on

For the ignoramus bitches on this site that are always dissing Caribbeans all of have to say to yall is " The Tea Party and The Republicans" they will show u how american u r in the near future. Funny enough y'all sit there and put down Caribbeans about coming to ur country and taking ur money. When last I check many of our grandparents and parents came to the US and took jobs that u AFRO_AMERICANS refused to do but sat ur asses on Social Assistance. When we started to buy houses and cars and own property U wanna spread ur hate. Well guess what i am a thrid generation Caribbean, and yes we took from the great American dream but we worked for it. We did not make excuses about the White man dis and dat, or slavery dis and dat. We worked, now we owned houses in in Atlanta and Florida and in the Caribbean. Me and my siblings are university educated and holding down good jobs. And guess what no fucking apologies or excuses here. Nonsense. And to this Lisa Raye bitch. She tries to come off like she has class but she failed. She is a typical d list black actress with no talent. I am sorry while I am at it it will serve this, yall wanna talk about Rihanna has no talent and maybe ur right but 90% of the so call black actors and actress are talentless that is why u only see most of them in wack ass black movies which are ussually the same predictable boring unfunny shit. ( SoulPlane) Then they be complaining that hollywood is racist , no they aint, yall cant act.
Anonymous's picture

I wasn't aware that African

I wasn't aware that African Americans hated people from the Caribbean. Where did you get this from? From your 4-5 bad experiences with black people? Grow up!
Lacey's picture

"university educated" Well

"university educated" Well you sure don't sound like your "university educated" "dis and dat" wth?? You sound just as ignorant as those "ignoramus bitches on this site that are always dissing Caribbeans", I guess that American Dream of a good education must have skipped your generation huh? Because if it wasn't for African Americans fighting and dying and marching and so fourth, then you and the other 1st, 2nd generation Caribbeans would not be reaping those benefits of those African American's labor, so don't get on your high horse and generalize my people, the actions and ignorant behavior of a few is not a representation of us all. I will not even comment on that 90% of African American actors comment, but why don't you add these classic black moves to your roster Caribbean Queen.....you can take that "Soul Plane" BS somewhere else. Imitation Of Life Eve's Bayou Women of Brewster Place The Wiz When We Were Kings What's Love Got to Do With It? The Best Man Lady Sings The Blues Mahogany A Time To Kill Sparkle A Soldier's Story Purlie Victorious The Learning Tree Miss Evers' Boys Malcom X Love Jones Lady Sings The Blues
BlaqCurrant's picture

Bitch please, u sat there and

Bitch please, u sat there and diss us saying how carribean people marry americans and then rob them and go back to their country and beacsue I responded u mad. Bitch correction not when we get to the mountain top we when we already there, but unlike u when shit gets serious we have a home to go back to. Chew on that bitch. I am out. U dont want none of this Ms Tia
Anonymous's picture

Anonymous, you are such an

Anonymous, you are such an azzhole! I hope when stuff gets real serious -you get caught in a "Natural Disater"- your racist azz can run, but you cannot hide(I never said anything bad about Caribbean People in the begining,I said I would not marry a non-American)!
Tia's picture

Bitch now u wanna back peddle

Bitch now u wanna back peddle u did say that we rob americans. And no Caribbean aint tryn to holla at ur uneducated, 5 kids/5 babyfathers ass, unemployed, foodstamp collecting ass. Kick rocks bitch
Anonymous's picture

Sweetheart, I am not on any

Sweetheart, I am not on any type of public assistance, but I am almost sure that your "Anonymous" azz is! I do not brag about my lifestyle (when you have it there is no need to brag)! Now you go kick rocks with your racist , trying to twist my words around ,welfare recipient azz!
Tia's picture

Well,well Well, As usual a

Well,well Well, As usual a Ms. Big Bad Ass African American Bitch coming to put me in my place. Bitch Please I am not impress. Funny how of everything I said in my rant u could only focus of my use of the venaculars " Dis and Dat" Nonsense. Try again bitch. Like I said Yall lazy and like to complain about everthing. Slavery was abolished over 300 years ago get over it. U dont want me to sound off on education, first of all the American education system along with the health care system is one of the worst in the world. Even communist Cuba's is better. And from the last stats that I saw most AFRO_AMERICAN children especially boys aint utilising the education system anyways so yall can as well allow more of us immigrants in to put it to use. Nonsense. So u can take all of that fancy, rhetoric u spewed in ur previous post and impose it on someone else. And again I dont need any referrals from you in regards to balck movies because i refuse to watch such garbage. And in regards to real black actors, Denzil, Angela basset, Cicely Tyson,Samuel l. Jackson. morgan Freeman, Louis Gosset Jr, James Earl Jones, Ruby Dee, YeahI stick to 10%. GTFOH
Anonymous's picture

You know wats HILARIOUS????

You know wats HILARIOUS???? The Caribbean "school system and tertiary education" is much broader AND advanced that the American one so sit the F*** DOWN. And the blogger Anonymous just used slang, ur guna try to hate on her for that?? You Americans and we cariibean people are all trying to worktowards our initial goal- to improve ourselves by making money any LEGAL way we know how. Unfortunately some west indians feel the need to move to the states to gte jobs there. And APPARENTKY some of y'all are incredibly MAD that we're taking ur jobs!!! Honey, its not cuz we somehow sttole it from you, it's because our high education GOT US THERE. And i still dont understand to the fulest extent WHY some Americans hate Caribbean people. What did we ever do to you?? Did ur man get caught up with a west indian girl and left ur sorry ass??? Did one of us take ur job? Did many of us move into ur apartment building, playing our loud calypso and soca music? Or even better, did one of us get that HIGH paying, esteemed job and living the good life while u just watch from afar???? I hope its the last one. A big-ass CARIBBEAN STEUPS in ur ass to all fools who have something negative to say about West Indian people!!!!!!! TRINI to d BONE!!
TriniFab's picture

TriniFab and Anonymous, both

TriniFab and Anonymous, both of your racist azzes started this argument. I said : I would never marry anyone that in non-American;however, I have nothing personal against none of you. Both of you are the real racists and you should not dis "African Americans" and because you have so much hate , I will try to stay far away from evil people like you(your day will come).
Tia's picture

African Americans do not hate

African Americans do not hate the Caribbean people(most of you seem to hate us)! We are happy for those of you that can live the "good life". TriniFab, please get your head out of your azz because this so called "good life" can eventually turn into a "rotten life" quickly.
Tia's picture

Blaq Currant, I back you up

Blaq Currant, I back you up 100% and I love all "people of color"; however, I will not marry anyone that is not "American". The truth is: a lot of people from all over the world marry "African Americans" and after they use us-we are thrown away(a lot of people use us and return back to their country)- be careful!
Tia's picture

You're so lost and sad.. God

You're so lost and sad.. God Bless you... I hope He shows you the light...
CelebrityHell's picture

Once you make it to that so

Once you make it to that so called "Top of the Mountain", I cannot wait until "Tea Party an Republicans" knock your stupid "anonymous azz back to the bottom. Mrs. Anonymous, stop fronting because a lot of people are on welfare(they are all not African American, they are people like your hipocritical azz)!
Tia's picture

Baby boo if u wanna start

Baby boo if u wanna start shit learn to spell it is "hypocritical". Guess the american education system failed ur dumb ass. Nonsense
Anonymous's picture

I guess that makes two of us

I guess that makes two of us Ms. Anonymous "Bi*ch! After I checked all of your statements, they did not sound perfect to me either! I never said anything negative about "Caribbean people", I said : I would not marry a non-American. Look around stupid, there are many non-American places around the world-Europe, Asia and Middle East are a few examples. You tried to twist my words in the beginning and say I did not like "Caribbean" people-joke is on your stupid azz!
Tia's picture

Keep taking the jobs-"Tea

Keep taking the jobs-"Tea Party and Republicans" will show your anonymous, ugly, big headed,sorry azz too- next!
Tia's picture

Lisa is just saying bad

Lisa is just saying bad things because Michael cheated on her withe "Rosci"! I feel so sorry for Lisa because Michael cleaned out her account and gave her nothing in return( if this were a "White Woman" the courts would force this man to give her some money). Nothing personal; however, I would never mess with a non-American man(they will piss you off and take your money back to their country)! I feel sorry for Lisa; however, she should watch what she says out of frustration.
Tia's picture

Y.B.F., stop trying to make

Y.B.F., stop trying to make my girl Lisa Raye look so bad! Media Takeout has a story about Michael Misick taking Lisa to court to get spousal support from her-Mr. Misick is not innocent either-both Lisa and Michael are wrong! When Lisa met Michael she had her own millions and he cleaned her account out ;however, you people enjoy blaming Lisa for everything(the people that run these sites have to be non-American). Mr. Misick should give Lisa some money after he cleaned out her account, but he is hiding all of his funds in the islands(this is why I will not marry a non-American man). A lot of these people from other countries come to America and take our money, but their selfish azzes do not want to give anything back-tell the true story about why Lisa is so mad( I would probably say a lot of selfish things too)!
Tia's picture


Anonymous's picture

This chick is beyond whack!

This chick is beyond whack!
LSK's picture

Well, I never had any respect

Well, I never had any respect for her. And, I never expected anything classy or empowering from her show or anythign she does. So, this is not news to me. The best thing to happen to the fine folks of the Turks and Caicos was she being thrown back across the Atlantic. She was a disgraceful first lady far from the level of a Michelle Obama. She is never going to find a man who will give her free reign of his earnings because they have now been informed by this stupid hoe that she is a worthless, penniless and mindless beggar out to get what he has worked hard to get. She makes us all look bad! Stop supporting people that bring down our average. SMDH!
Pink's picture

In reality, she's going to

In reality, she's going to end up miserable and alone. She's highly delusional about her status and career. It's really embarrassing. Maybe Tyler will throw her in a movie.
Anonymous's picture

What makes her think that any

What makes her think that any man is going to want her?!?! Seriously. She is going about this all wrong. Ok, your being honest but you need to learn when to keep your mouth shut. I think this will end tragically for her.
IfThisIsIt's picture

So-So true, I cringe watching

So-So true, I cringe watching her show, I am so afraid to hear what stupidness is coming next, and the sad thing is I had a little bit of respect for her before all this went down, but sista girl, the smart thing would be to make your money--keep you mouth shut and keep it moving! She better take a lesson from Starr Jones!
Michelle's picture

Platinum, platinum,

Platinum, platinum, platinum... Apparently Lisa didn't get the memo that platinum is REALLY worthless! This is why the value of Gold has sky-rocketed; a genius plan that has been enforced by unknowing rappers of our community. Lisa's platinum illusion was that she was marrying royalty and would be straight for life, the reality... The Lisa Raye Reality show. Ha ha!
Anonymous's picture

First off I love lisaraye an

First off I love lisaraye an she looks pretty in white y'all just need to stop hatin LOL don't no female want a broke n*gga I feel her on that what can he do for me LOL but follow me on twitter @_krazysexycool
Jwhet's picture

I'm torn...on the one hand, I

I'm torn...on the one hand, I applaud Lisa Raye for being truthful with how she lives. On the other hand, if you want love, we know money can't buy that. Like someone else said, what is she bringing to the table?? She's gorgeous. And.... Her father was a hustler who made some money. And.... Did he leave her anything?? She keeps bragging about being the first lady of a country and comparing herself to Grace Kelly. Um, the two of you were the only actresses to marry royalty; but so many other "regular" women have too. And... Who is gonna remember that she was once married to Premier Misick? Will they even mention that in the history books? IJS.
SoWhat's picture

This chick ain't

This chick ain't NOWHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE near a GRACE KELLY! BY NO means!!!! When someone names a best selling bag after her and calls her ICONIC then she is doing it!! lol I agree with you though on everything else
NO HATE!!!'s picture

My point is this...I get

My point is this...I get wanting financial security because most people do but my problem with Lisa Raye is that's all it takes to get her is the money. What sensible man, even a wealthy one, would want to take her seriously? It baffles me that she hasn't realized after this last marriage, that the man also has to have some character and integrity. That's even more important than the money in my opinion. She is setting a really poor example for her daughter and other young women who are watching her. You just can't base a marriage simply on money. It'll never last. She should know better. Just too arrogant. SMH
Anonymous's picture

Did this low budget broad say

Did this low budget broad say she doesn't have time for a blue collar man? GTFOH! And why is she still rocking her wedding ring and wearing white, ugh! Lisa Raye=Ignat Fail
YBF_reader's picture

So she aint got no money

So she aint got no money herself per her doing the show yet her man has to have money? And she wonders why she is alone? And divorced twice? What does she bring to the table? Looks? Thats it? Wow.
Anonymous's picture

Did she really expect her

Did she really expect her Marriage to last the way she carried on with a very Married Gary Payton for years, even after his WIFE confronted her. She got her KARMA back and then some....How does it feel Lisa? You Reap What You Sowe? She now knows Moniques Patons PAIN...Personally!
Anonymous's picture

She is the reason why a whole

She is the reason why a whole lot of black men who are blue collar workers that attend big churches in california new york chicago texas all big black churches can't get a fine wife out of the house of God due to the black church girls expecting millionaire money to be given to them as a token of marrying them and in ending this letter lisa raye is a whore hollywood baller slut and she better watch out for the AIDS virus because if she is looking for a money man she is stupid to think that he will only adore her pretty face also women do accept more money when a trick ask can i take off the condom lol lol lol lol so lisa show another example to balck young girls please bitch.
Dindustry's picture

For a second you sounded like

For a second you sounded like you'd actually been inside a church, until you called someone you don't know a whore and a slut. What do you think that makes you?
Anonymous's picture

We need to pray for this LOST

We need to pray for this LOST SISTA! To all of my young girls, don't listen to this old fool. LisaRaye will be nothing more than a man's jumpoff/mistress because she is putting herself up for sale like a prostitute. Men know when they are being used for their money and they will treat you as such....with NO RESPECT! (Look at her failed marriage. He knew she was in it for the money and fame and NOT his heart).It doesn't matter how pretty she is, a man will use you up and throw you away like trash, and THAT'S exactly what she is setting herself for.
Doin' Me's picture

Lisa Raye needs to get a

Lisa Raye needs to get a grip...all that "Platinum Digging" is what got her into that train wreck of a marriage. If she would stop chasing $$$$ and look at the human, she would have seen he was a total azzhole!
keepin it real's picture

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