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The Kat Stacks Tour-O-Foolery Continues...

And so it continues. Kat Stacks is back on somebody's computer camera airing out athletes and rappers. Why these dudes are still is knocking this chick down is beyond me. But her latest victims are Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson and rapper Chopper City.


Kat and her lack of phonics aired out Chad's phone number and talked about hitting up his mansion in Miami. She also aired out Chopper for the ish he was apparently talking about her. The vid when you read on...

If you can stand her voice, the ish becomes funny after a minute. Ok, no it doesn't. It's sad. But dammit I've never been one to turn away from a train wreck, so......


On a side note, groupies got sidekicks now?  Smdh....



she needs to go to aa and why

she needs to go to aa and why is her homegirl cosigning this dumbness, really this must stop ocho you dont read blogs you havent checked the net in the last 6 months? they need to post her a dont wantit picture everywhere celeb dudes go, avoid this bitch.
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Is it me or this bitch really

Is it me or this bitch really needs to disappear. Why keep posting her bullsh!t ass on here she trying hard to get her shine. And it will never happen so go back being a call girl and hush mouth whore.
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she is ungly as hell

she is ungly as hell
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We have to do better people.

We have to do better people. we just have to do better! some females ask why dudes treat females like garbage it is because there are garbage ass females out here like KAT STACKS the are claiming to be "real females" giving their pussy and their power away to the highest bidder....get it together that ish is so sad...this girl doesn't love herself one bit...I just have to pray for her child that has to grow up to see this damn foolishness....WoWzErS! and btw STD'S, HIV and Cervical Cancer are real GET TESTED!
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That is one tacky bitch! All

That is one tacky bitch! All of that mess is going to catch up with her really soon.
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Kat Stacks maybe sad and

Kat Stacks maybe sad and Crazy... What am I saying she is sad as hell and crazy as hell. But she is providing a public service. Maybe by putting some of these guys on blast some of them well stop fuckin' random hoes. All one nite stands aren't free. Sometimes you f the wrong crazy chick.. Something to think about boys...
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Aren't ALL hoes random!!!!

Aren't ALL hoes random!!!! Really now....that's one chick who does not need to write a book. I blame GW Bush for failing on this No Child Left Behind agenda. How about No Hoes Left Behind....oops segway into LT...just sayin... :) Natasha.. ya killin me today girl with these updates!
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I dont believe a damn thing

I dont believe a damn thing that comes out of her mouth.
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I feel so sorry for these

I feel so sorry for these chic, she has no MEANING in this life. And she thinks she is cute?? HOES ARE ALIVE AND WELL
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oh well.....thats wat happen

oh well.....thats wat happen wen u lay skanks.
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Flat screens get these type

Flat screens get these type bitches fired up? I wouldn't let that trash in my crib
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*sigh*.....if chopper is so

*sigh*.....if chopper is so broke, why did her sidekick and her f*ck him? i really cant process any of this.....
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damn.....it truly is a sad

damn.....it truly is a sad day when Supahead have more class than you. And I agree, AT LEAST Supahead could speak well. Damn shame!
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lol she looks like fraggle

lol she looks like fraggle rocks.
truth serum's picture

The things men do for PUSSY.

The things men do for PUSSY. I mean I cant get pass her voice let alone her look, I would have never ever ever, stuck my johnson in that. Now her ho-mie next to her, I guess she's a little cuter but still. WOW is all I can say. Cant knock the hustle. These sausages keep laying with her, then who am I to take aware her 15 minutes. Do you boo obviiously aint no body go check her. Isnt this like defamation of character. I would be ashamed if someone knew I knocked this. Damn, I feel bad for her Bdaddy. Oh well, just my opinion. Fair exhcange isnt robbery.
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Defamation of character only

Defamation of character only applies if the information is false..
Anonymous's picture

You doin ho activities With

You doin ho activities With ho tendencies Hos are your friends, hoes are your enemies With ho energy to do whacha do Blew whacha blew Screw whacha screw Yall professional like DJ Clue, pullin on my coat tail an why do you think you take a ho to a hotel? Hotel everybody, even the mayor Reach up in tha sky for tha hozone laya Come on playa once a ho always And hos never close they open like hallways An heres a ho cake for you whole ho crew an everybody wants some cuz hoes gotta eat too
kane's picture

This is entertaining on one

This is entertaining on one end however it is very sad...to each their own...I guess she is a proud hoe that owns up to her hoeish ways.
Nelly 's picture

If Kat Stacks looked like her

If Kat Stacks looked like her "sidekick" then I would be able to understand why all these men who can do way better are sleeping with her. But then again Mario is publicly dating Amber Rose's skeezer of an ex-girlfriend and Kanye did wifey Amber. Sign of the Apocalypse...
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Anonymous's picture

Wow.... I know the world is

Wow.... I know the world is ending... You mean to tell me females are PRIDEFUL to sleep around, smh.
LaVerdad's picture

PROUD????!?!!!!!!! SMH.

PROUD????!?!!!!!!! SMH.
Anonymous's picture

P.S. Tasha you may like train

P.S. Tasha you may like train wrecks but don't promote this skeez, if we ignore her she will go away....
j-willfromj-ville's picture

You are so right!

You are so right!
Angela's picture

she is proud of this crap,

she is proud of this crap, she got a video on her website talking about how chopper is ugly, but she had unprotected sex with him....AIDS is real people!!!
j-willfromj-ville's picture

The thing that confuses me is

The thing that confuses me is the "exposed" thing, how are you exposing these guys, for what we already knew they were doing (tricking & hoeing). Aren't you playing yourself for sleeping with them and getting nothing in return, but these dudes ignoring or either bashing you. This is just sad on sooooo many levels! And for the room full of idiots who she recruited, you're playing yourselves even more for latching on to her crusted over milk tit! Education is the answer, seeking one is the key! Bunch of idiots!
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Kat Stacks is soooo busted in

Kat Stacks is soooo busted in the face. Why doesn't she get a nose job to go with those plastic titties?
Anonymous's picture

okay at first I hated this

okay at first I hated this Kat Stacks bitch but now I really dont blame here. THESE STUPID NIGGAS KEEP FUCKING HER!! either shes lying (which she probably is) or these black men really ARE that dumb. smh..had this bitch been a few shades darker, her 15 mins would have been up 10 minutes ago..
International Asshole's picture

People are going to say your

People are going to say your comment isn't valid, and there's no reason to bring skin color into anything, but it is the truth. I seriously can't imagine her looking the EXACT same way, with the same voice and intellect, pulling all these dudes if she had Rudy's complexion. Hell, even Tearra Marie's. Father's, please stay in your daughter's lives. This could all have been avoided.
La Femme Nikita's picture

I agree! smdh

I agree! smdh
onmysh!t's picture

Her sidekick is trying too

Her sidekick is trying too hard to be put on.....AND I would be asking where her kid is at but, she doesnt need to be around her kid....
Shell's picture

Three words........HOOKED ON

Three words........HOOKED ON PHONICS. Those three words are your f-r-i-e-n-d-s Kat.
Summerbaby8's picture

HA! that would be too

HA! that would be too advanced for her! She needs that program "my baby can read" lol
Anonymous's picture

This chick is so sad. She out

This chick is so sad. She out there having random sex with all these dudes and dont have a dime to show for it. Anyone can get a person number. If you are going to have sex with these rappers and athletes atleast let them take you grocery shopping, buy something for you kid, or shopping for clothes. Maybe even a car. Nope you out there bragging about getting a wet azz and looking like a fool.
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BeBe's picture

U airing out ocho but u

U airing out ocho but u didn't get no money. Come on kid, come on u really look silly baby u do. And to the black girl dat she done dragged into this. Chris or whateva r u serious? I hate 2 c young black women who are followers,then follow a bag of trash.Geesh. I guess. Kat Stacks luv, dis is real talk from me to u. Get sum money out dem niggas before u so called expose them. What r u proving that u fucking for free? Are u serious? Ochocinco got money, instead of u using the number to get ur hustle on u "exposing"him,for what cuz he gave u his #OMG. I no u got a problem u need help luv. U don't c it now but u will idk cuz sum people neva learn.
gladi'mnotahater's picture

she needa go to school and

she needa go to school and read a book.
Bby qirl's picture

these blogs should have a age

these blogs should have a age limit cause i refuse to belive some of these comments coming out of a YOUNG BLACK FABULOUS WOMEN Mouth,LOL
TRUTHHURTS's picture

I agree...there are some

I agree...there are some emotional disturbed women on this blog
Anonymous's picture

@rated_X_33,Bitch shut the

@rated_X_33,Bitch shut the fuck up,weren't you the same ugly ass hoe hating on Allen Iverson's wife?Bitch,go suck a dick and stop hating on people because you're mad because your ugly as shit,you are a official mud duck with them crusty ass big lips,go kill yourself you ugly ass hoe.
HowCanSomething's picture

O My!!!

O My!!!
Anonymous's picture

Are you serious????? Bitch,

Are you serious????? Bitch, please choke on an uncirmcised Aids infested dick and die...take ya mama with you on your way out.
rated_X_33's picture

@Anonymous,Bitch die slow

@Anonymous,Bitch die slow with a dick down your throat you tacky ass project ass hoe.
HowCanSomething's picture

You guys are so

You guys are so immature...wishing death on one another over some post...can you create a life? so sad
Anonymous's picture

I'm actually not immature, I

I'm actually not immature, I just HATE when someone takes time out of their miserable day to respond to MY opinion in such a negative way. It's really not that serious, I mean we're on a blog. Don't lose any sleep over a comment that someone else made...have a good night.
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Natasha, you had the nerve to

Natasha, you had the nerve to post Wacka's mom as foolywang material...WTF is this supposed to be? This cum guzzling smut bucket ain't even close to YBF material, so the reason you continue to give this pathetic waste of life a little bit of shine is confusing to me. I didn't even waste my 5 minutes listening to the tranny face illiterate bitch. She fails as a hoe anyway, she fucked Chopper!!! Are you serious??? Bitch bye.
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