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T.I. Sits Down With Larry King

T.I. hit "Larry King Live" last night. He talked jail time, paranoia, Tiny, and what's next for Clifford Harris. Check it.




Dat Nigga Tip! He's very well

Dat Nigga Tip! He's very well spoken, I give that to him compared to other ppl....but I swear homeboy said he was marrying Tiny after his bid. Lol, a nigga will say anything before he gone; But when he free best believe he flippin the script!!!
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Honestly, I like T.I. and I

Honestly, I like T.I. and I think that he is very sexy and intelligent. He could freak me any day and give it to me from the back, yeah baby! ehem *shifting eyes back and forth to see if anyone noticed* But on a serious tip (no pun intended). I truly believe he is only with Tiny because she does not have the self-esteem to tell him off when it comes to making her own money. She is not married to him and has what 3 of his children and will run behind him at a moments notice. She does not have a backbone and telling by his response in the interview he has no intentions of marrying her. He wants to be free to do as he pleases with any woman he chooses. I honestly believe he does not want to be held accountable as a married man. If he does not commit to her he really has no obligations to her, financially or otherwise, only his children. Sorry to say that women like Tiny and Toya are blinded by the pretty words, dollar signs, and persuasive personality of the men in their lives. There's nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to be a stay at home mom and her man works to support their family just as there's nothing wrong with reversing the roles or both parents working. Whatever suits you best. But there is a problem when that person does not have the decency to commit to you after 3 kids and countless years of putting up with their bullshit. He does not want her to be independent. He wants her to keep his house while he gets to have his way with other women. She has yet to look in the mirror and say to herself--I'm better than this, I'm worthy of respect and if he does not want to make me his wife then he does not truly love me and does not deserve me. Hopefully I'm wrong but I have to call it how I see it.
Electric Sunshine's picture

This was such an intelligent

This was such an intelligent post and I totally agree with you. **And yes, TI can get it over here too. Signed, My Low Self-Esteem**. lol
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wow, i never really liked him

wow, i never really liked him but this changes things. He's more than just a rapper, I liked the part where Larry king was naming off the list of weapons in his home and Larry said, oh well, i cant name of all of em... lol. Team TI
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@t5000-so if he talked

@t5000-so if he talked illiterate and thuggish you'll be accepted amongst you own. I can't stand a Black person who always has something to say about how a black person talks. If you sound intelligent and proper we are only acting smart or white. Get a clue you need to broaden yourself and get your mind and self out of the ghetto. There are intelligent and smart Black people everywhere.
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and you're not one of them.

and you're not one of them. read your sentence again, rewrite it and then we can talk. you would support t.i.
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TI looks and sounds great.

TI looks and sounds great. Such obvious intelligence, owning up to what he did and why (to the extent that its anyone's business) and didn't even let Larry strong-arm him with his repetitive questions. I love that serious face when Larry asked if he owns any weapons now and the emphatic "No" *side eye with a smile* Okay TI, we believe you! @t5000, maybe they only sounded like big words to you dear and to all the people on here who seemed disappointed that TI is well-spoken and charming and was able to keep his wits about him to the point that you accuse him of being fake...I can only be sorry at what must be the sad state of decent males in your life that are about something.
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U probably want to screw

U probably want to screw that's why you think he's so great. kick rocks. he's stupid.
t5000's picture

T.I. has a million dollar

T.I. has a million dollar smile..his teeth are perfection. I think he did a great job and was very honest with most of his responses. I was really enlightened and wish him the best and many blessings. He showed us why Tiny is so crazy and loyal to him!!
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T.I. was lukin sooooo

T.I. was lukin sooooo CLEAN>>>>how cute is his lil smile.....
Barack is the man!'s picture

Larry can be so annoying with

Larry can be so annoying with the repetition...uughhhh...GOOD LOOK T.I You held your own and looked really good..God bless you and Tiny!!!!
Mrs George ..Babyluv...Wilson!!!!'s picture

I watched this interview last

I watched this interview last night and one of the big things I always look for is eye contact to see if the person is being truthful and sincere. Some of those questions that Larry asked him, I'm not sure if Tip was being all the way 100. I was weak when T.I. told Laryy to come holla at him when he was ready to drop a CD. Larry was confused and clueless about the ebonics and urban ghetto slang he was talking. Larry said "I'm sorry, what did you say?!!" DEAD!!!
Get it Together Black People's picture

To the stupid "anon" person

Keeley in Michigan's picture

t.i. in my opinion is

t.i. in my opinion is controlling...love me and let me live out my hearts desires...don t 'love' or possess me so that you know whats best for me...
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Why are people so surprised

Why are people so surprised that this man is articulate? I realize that most Rappers act like ignorant, uneducated fools, but that is an "ACT" they think that dumbing themselves down gives them street cred. What people fail to see is that most of the successful rappers are writers, you have to be able to write, tell a story of some sort in order to put out an album. I'm not talking about the bootay shakin songs, I'm talking real creators, such as Tupac, Biggie, Slick Rick, Jay, all of these artists are poets/writers with clear and coherent thoughts that they spit to a beat. So I'm not really sure why people seem to be so "shocked" that this man can hold an intelligent conversation and has a strong command of the english vocabulary.
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Anonymous's picture

nicely put!

nicely put!
yayyay's picture

I didn't watch it.. Larry

I didn't watch it.. Larry King annoys me. Love T.I. though.
Miss GQ's picture

I didn't watch the interview

I didn't watch the interview yet but I am a fan of T.I. and he is very intelligent. I always enjoyed listening to his interviews and how he tackle the so called "Hard questions". People make mistakes, but he learned from his and is trying to progress forward. You can't knock a person for trying to be possitive and do right. As far as him and Tiny is concerned, they love each other and it shows...that's all that matters. As far as Tiny claiming his children as hers, the biologicial mother may not allow that... it may be a respect factor in that case. I will make sure I view the video though because I'm sure it's worth the time to watch.
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loved that interview. T.I.

loved that interview. T.I. was honest and very intelligent. obviously people have no clue what its like to be a Black man in America and T.I. just might have gave them a small peak with out sounding uneducated and ignorant. very proud and haters please back down and support positivity. the King is back B$#&*s!!!!!!!!!!!1
Anonymous's picture

I cant stand him. Ever since

I cant stand him. Ever since I saw Tiny & Toya and realized how controlling he was I lost any respect I had for that dude. How are you gonna say you love someone but wont let them have a career or let them do what they LOVE doing. Are you f*cking serious? I wish a man would try to stop me from my career aspirations or furthering my career. Or the one time he got mad at her when she was just chillin with her girlfriends and she had to go back home?! TI are you serious? Your nothing but an insecure and weakass man! And I guarentee you that man isnt faithful to Tiny when he is out on the road traveling
miss infamous's picture

How do you know he's not

How do you know he's not faithful...the nerve of some people....you all make me sick with your negative comments and please keep it to yourself when you say you have a right to express you opinion. When your opinion is putting another down it means nothing...and he does not have to tell anyone when he's marrying Tiny I'm sure they are both keeping it a secret for nosie people like you and the pap's!
Out of The Lime Light's picture


YES HE IS CONTROLLING!!! I peeped that too on the Tiny and Toya show, like "FOR REAL, T.I.?" I'm sorry but Tiny is playing herself. I hope that she gets enough balls one day to tell him to kick rocks. Even last night on the interview, he couldn't answer the question as to when he was getting married. Tiny has been through hell and high water with him, pumped out 11-50 of his kids, stood by him while he went to prison, and he's STILL dancing around the issue?? He's on top of his career. What more does he need/what from her? NEGRO PLEASE!! Saying he wanted to keep that private, but that was BS because he couldn't even look Larry in the eye and say it with a straight face. Tiny better wake up.
Get it Together Black People's picture

She aint. He's been marrying

She aint. He's been marrying her since the LAST Nigga was president (Clinton) and she still hasn't caught the drift. Jail time, getting arrested as well, multiple children and even after his countless false hope encounters he's given her she still is keeping it moving. Some women can accept the "babymama/girlfriend" title, just as long as he's buying that Gucci and Fendi. I can't say what Tameka's reasoning is but I agree...........She gotta make some adjustments to her stance with her man Clifford. She older than him anyway, so why not have some kind of authority within your relationship. I aint saying takeover but damn she needs to unloose his control freak leash.
Aint' Datta Bitch!!'s picture

"why risk it T?" LMAO!!!!

"why risk it T?" LMAO!!!! LARRY KING IS A MESS!
a. michelle's picture

Jheeeezzz, that *nonymous

Jheeeezzz, that *nonymous lady way at the top is real salty. What did TI and Chris Brown do to you babe. People make mistake...get off ure fucking high horse
Anonymous's picture

Go T.I. ! - He's so

Go T.I. ! - He's so intelligent & so sexy. I agree Tiny is lucky, even though she's unattractive.
Anonymous's picture


SORRY! TI is NOT SMART. TI is a CONVICTED FELON. This is a PRESS EVENT. The man is not intelligent. ALL of those GUNS and you're already a FELON??? This "man" is a complete disgrace and I hope more people watch this interview and turn their backs on this CLOWN. The only REASON this THUG is not in jail is because he has money. Otherwise he would not even be on Larry King. I hope more parents watch and do not support him. We need to Push TI out like we did Chris Brown. Enough is Enough. This man is not "cute" his a bad influence PERIOD.

Get over yourself you sound

Get over yourself you sound like an ignorant airhead...ugh! You're probably dating a convicted felon yourself!
Out of The Lime Light's picture

WOW!!!! I wonder how many

WOW!!!! I wonder how many mistakes you've made in your lifetime. *sigh* I try not to get Biblical but sometimes you have to pull it out... Luke 6:37 “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven." SMH
Jay's picture

For all you negative women on

For all you negative women on here that are saying T.I. is pretending to me smart it's so obvious that you all are use to dating uneducated, thugged out punks. T.I. has always been smart and if you've followed him throughout his career you would know that he was a straight A student in High School as well and not just the 1st grade. Get over yourselves and find some pride. T.I. you done a wonderful job on your interview and its great to hear a young black man speak as intelligent has you did!
Anonymous's picture

Queni Pain youtube

Queni Pain youtube
queni's picture

I thought T.I.'s interview

I thought T.I.'s interview was good. He was honest and articulate. I probably would have added that the fact that the murders of Biggie, Tupac & Jam master J went unsolved with no one held accountable also influenced his decision to arm himself. Comin' from where he's from..... could he expect that the police would protect him & his family any more than they protected Biggie, Pac & J? If he didn't protect himself and was also murdered, would the police devote the time to finding his killers and hold them accountable? I'm not excusing the choice that he made...just explaining another possible reason for his rationale. Ultimately, it boiled down to fear and self-preservation. I'm glad he's realized the need to abandon that way of life and move forward in a more positive way.
She's picture

Hmmm, so you bought the story

Hmmm, so you bought the story that he was merely protecting himself? I NEVER bought into that story. T.I. was caught with a gazillion guns. He only needed a few to protect himself. WOrd on the street is that he was gearing up his boys to retaliate to settle a beef, but got caught before it went down.
REALLY?!'s picture

Maaan, TI is on it!! He held

Maaan, TI is on it!! He held his own with Larry King. He is an intelligent brutha and cute, too. Tiny is a lucky lady.
DivaD's picture

First let me start off by

First let me start off by saying I love Tiny & T.I. and I love the show the show is just not long enough and I will be praying for Tonya and her mother.
ms hearn's picture


Anonymous's picture

I love that T.I. spoke so

I love that T.I. spoke so intelligently, as well as the fact that he brought up the killings of Pac, Biggie and Jam Master Jay. He should have the right to protect himself from thugs. Very well done T.I., obviously the old man has no clue about "the life"...
DFW iRadio's picture

T.I. is a real country

T.I. is a real country sounding boy! His woman looks just like Miss Piggy on the REAL! L
Anonymous's picture

T.I.'s accent sounds

T.I.'s accent sounds great-stop hating and get off my boys di*k! Tiny looks fine(mind your business and find your nasty azz a man)!
Anonymous's picture

I wonder will there be a

I wonder will there be a pre-nup for him and Tiny????? Sometimes a woman only wants to know she can finanlly get the man to marry her and then when she gets that, the real her comes out.
Sorry but I had to do it's picture

I like the way Larry kept

I like the way Larry kept acting like he was tryna take the high road..by askin TI a postive question like..isnt it nice to have a women by ur side?..or sumthin like that....then he ask him how old was he when he first shot a gun!..or sumthin stupid like that. Larry got some s@ht wit him for sho....but movin forward..TI was if nothing else pleaseant to look at..and listen to!
SmellyRoses's picture

its somethin about T.I's

its somethin about T.I's swag. Lawd, he can get it!
imthashit's picture

Oooh tip how I love thee!

Oooh tip how I love thee!
msccann3's picture

Didn't know Tip was so sexy.

Didn't know Tip was so sexy. That was a great interview, he's very charming.
rated_X_33's picture

He really is charming!!

He really is charming!!
DivaD's picture

Rated X 33 ..... I so agree!

Rated X 33 ..... I so agree!
MeMe's picture

It cut off on the good part!

It cut off on the good part! I LOVE TI. @1500, he sounds smart because he is! Don't let the hood fool you. Alot of brothas are highly educated but live rough lives and have thick accents!
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I haven't watched the video

I haven't watched the video yet, but I did hear that he put the brakes on Tiny & Toya cuz he doesn't want Tiny to work. We all knew about that from season 1 when she was talkin' about havin' a man that'll give you anything you want, as long as you don't work. I guess that's fine for some females, but I'm with Tiny..I WANT TO WORK! Tip needs to chill out for real, she's not goin' any damn where. I think they're a cute couple, minus the "plumpness" in her lips & her pronunciation of some words. And I agree wit Ms. Thomas, Tiny never mentions Tip's other children as hers.
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