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Alternate Video For Beyonce's "HALO"

Looks like there was another version of Beyonce's "Halo" video.  This one is a bit more dark and convoluted than the official one that was actually released. This alternate video still stars Michael Ealy but has a different plot.


Read on to check it.

Which one is better?  The official vid...or this one?




You guys are clueless,

You guys are clueless, couldn’t be farther off. Let me help you out. Lucifer and Satan do not exist as evil spirits or balls of hostile energy beings. No celebrities, illuminati, or anyone with half a brain worships a devil. If you do, seek help immediately. Corporations put satanic/lucifer symbols and references in music for several reasons: –>They are catering to your stupidity, they know you don’t understand the Lucifer concept but you think its cool because it’s mysterious and adversarial to God. They do it TO SELL RECORDS to dummies. –>Lucifer can mean several things in music : knowledge & growth through duality, personal power, self-God-realization, service-to-self not others. But to people who don’t understand the concept think that Lucifer means: cool and mysterious and rebellious —>Bottom line: our world boils down to duality and experiencing the two extremes of everything. Good and evil, light and dark, etc. Big corporations know this and they are just producing music that contains the theme of our planet. THEY ARE JUST PORTRAYING THE MAIN THEMES OF OUR PLANET. They are doing it to keep you exploring your dark human qualities (power & wealth & hate of others). Okay so I’m going to explain Halo. This song was made to be interpreted many ways. One way for the Bible idiots, another way for kids & teens, and other ways. The big record companies do not do songs about Jesus because once they come clean that Jesus is God, then Christ Consciousness is born, a new loving society emerges, and no more scum corporations. Beyonce and Jay-Z get paid to do the satanic thing and the “murda murda Jesus” thing. They do not worship satan. Their image and theme is that they worship themselves and think themselves to be Gods. Corporations literally pay them to keep this Satan shit up THEY ARE DOING ANYTHING TO KEEP YOU FROM JESUS because they know that Jesus Christ is God and they are trying to keep Christ Consciousness out and scum corporations in. Here it goes. Beyonce is writing about her experience receiving channeling and communicating with Jesus (higher self) and vowing her true allegiance to Jesus. Celebrities attain this through using drugs. While on drugs, Jesus came to Beyonce and put halo of energy on her head because she chose to truly accept his Christ Consciousness in her heart regardless what she may do in her career. She was instantly forgiven and acknowledged for her choice of Jesus. It was not a physical halo but something of energy that Jesus manipulated and she actually felt it on her head. She finally 100% believe that Christ is god and received his pure acceptance and Christ Consciousness. Everyone can achieve this by use of mind-altering substances. Remember those walls I built Well baby they tumbling down And they didn’t even put up a fight They didn’t even make a sound ————–>These are the walls Beyonce built between her and Jesus by pursuing power/Self and her own God-status on Earth, and ignoring Jesus’ message. The walls she put up against Jesus have come down easy, the walls were instantly gone, any doubt simply disappeared. She feels Jesus. I found a way to let you in But I never really had a doubt ————>She never really doubted Jesus’ divinity, but she couldn’t experience the ever-elusive personal relationship with Jesus because all of our pineal glands are lacking the open connection to higher dimensions needed to access the soul/higher self. But by using mind-altering substances to expand her consciousness her brain and pineal gland are able to “let in” dialog with Jesus whose frequency resides in higher dimensions that surrounds the Earth. The higher planes are inaccessible by most because our pineal gland is not yet fully developed enough through evolution to communicate/channel freely with higher dimensions (where Christ Consciousness resides) without mind altering substances. Standing in the light of your halo ————–>Beyonce is submerged in the light (knowledge) of Jesus’ TRUE nature as a truly perfected soul. A God, our God. Jesus wears the halo as the perfected angel of God, the awakened “Lucifer” in all of us. As the story goes “Lucifer” sought power, God-status, and self instead of love and compassion. Jesus represents the soul waking from those low vibrating desires through incarnations and evolving to pure love by trial and error. Historically, this did not happen overnight, as Jesus is a soul (or rather a collection of souls – a group soul) who evolved after reincarnating countless lifetimes all over the universe. Beyonce does not believe or worship “the devil” and nor do any illuminati. But she paid to flaunt supposed satanic symbolism and gestures by corporations because her job is make people embrace their shadow selves, their inner Luciferian desires. And at all costs NOT embrace their Christ Consciousness. There is no single adversarial devil/satan that plagues us. But we are an infinite number of souls/beings who will eventually evolve to perfection by playing this game of duality and experiencing our own darkness for the sole purpose of confronting it, discarding it, and becoming the ultimate fulfillment of Christ Consciousness. I got my angel now ———–>Jesus is the perfected soul of pure love that Beyonce pledges her wholehearted allegiance to. Not any other. Never again to revert with her pre-awakened mentality that she emerged from while learning that love and compassion and service-to-others are ultimate in fulfillments. Never again entertaining the ideas that anything or any being comes before pure love. It’s like I’ve been awakened —————->Awakened, she no longer has trouble feeling and believing fully in who/what Jesus (Christ Consciousness) really is. She feels it inside, there’s no question, no mystery, no ambiguity. Every rule I had you breaking ————–>Pre-awakened Beyonce’s #1 rule was: I am a God, and there is no other above me. After realizing she is truly suffering by not being aligned with her truest highest potential of love and compassion she surrendered and relinquished her roll. Beyonce as a pop star cannot publicize her realization of Jesus Christ. If that happened, we would cease to view materiality/corporations/government as our “God” and begin living in full Christ Consciousness and a Service-to-Other (STO) society instead of the current Service-to-Self (STS). These entities do not want to give up their spot and want to maintain the STO society. It’s the risk that I’m taking ———->She is risking her future on Earth by embedding her true dedication to Jesus in this song. It could effectively cause a mass hysteria if Beyonce proclaims Jesus as God and announces her supposed allegiance to “satan” was not only metaphorical but a false hoax. Remember, it’s a hoax because there is no “satan”. There are only beings all over the universe evolving by experiencing the light and dark/light sides. For beings at our stage of soul evolution, our light and dark sides are just two sides of the same coin. Sure souls will ebb and flow in their experiences, but the final product of this cosmic process are souls evolved to perfection through countless incarnations. One of Jesus greatest tasks was conveying to us in layman’s terms the we are God’s in training and his perfected soul is the end product of our soul evolution. He is the proof that beings evolve to perfection that is achieved through knowledge that is achieved through experience from infinite incarnations across the universe. I ain’t never gonna shut you out ————->Beyonce will never turn back on her connection to Jesus. Once your raise your frequency by truly accepting that Jesus is the highest God to ever come to Earth who absorbed into Earth’s spheres at death and remains there waiting for us, it’s nearly impossible to reverse that. You’re body doesn’t forget to breathe because it’s an involuntary function. Once you absorb the pure truth of Jesus as God and the Christ Consciousness has embraced you, neither of you ever lets go. Everywhere I’m looking now I’m surrounded by your embrace ————>This is a reference to God being everywhere at the same time, and the realization that Jesus is with her constantly and with every thought, and always has been, believe it or now. She is not referring to her lover Jay-Z because he as a human is not omniscient. Where Beyonce used to question the world, question herself, and question life – her emptiness was replaced by assurance and a “knowing” that Jesus is truly God and his message of pure love and compassion is the literal road map to achieving Godhood. You know you’re my saving grace —————->Beyonce realizes she was so lost. She’s eternally grateful that Jesus, her higher self, revealed itself to her by showing her how to connect to higher dimensions and channel energy. These dimensions contained the highest vibrations of pure love, wisdom, and experiences in unlimited supply for the absorption of the soul by the pineal gland. The path to Christ Consciousness is achieved by accumulating infinite wisdom through infinite incarnations and gradually discarding your shadow-layers, and retaining every pure love experience, and emerging as God. You’re everything I need and more ————->Beyonce realizes that Jesus has filled her internal voids within and is truly all she needs because he is God, he is Christ Consciousness the most intelligent flowing energy through the cosmos. They are identical in their path of soul evolution, as we all are. She is a child of God who will be perfected as Jesus was. ————–>It’s written all over your face Beyonce begins seeing Jesus’ face to be so beautiful and she finally realizes that every picture of Jesus depicts him crying or with the most sorrowful sad expression. She finally realizes that Jesus did not come here knowing he was going to be crucified as the Bible stated. Jesus loves us so much that he came to Earth so very hoping that his message would spark a wild fire of love and elevate the souls here through individual experiences of love. He came to Earth anyway knowing he would be subject to human suffering and experiencing a physical death. Never did anyone imagine that our beloved God Jesus and highest evolved soul would be tortured to death. Paintings of Jesus depict a deep sadness because he is God, the highest evolved spirit, God who loves us, trying to tell us that, and we killed him. He was not able to achieve imbedding himself in every soul roaming the Earth, we killed him before he could accomplish that. But from the higher planes Jesus projected his sorry and sadness in the earthly art that has depicted him since his death. Why is Jesus so sad? Because people are languishing in pain, suffering, because they refuse to accept he is God and accept his message of pure love and compassion. He wants you to reciprocate the deep love he has for you. Pray it won’t fade away ————–>So here is where the song “HALO” really comes from. When Beyonce uses mind-altering substances to connect to her Christ Consciousness/higher self she raises her vibration so high that she is flooded with the strongest love for Jesus, and COMPASSION FOR JESUS, understanding of his true nature, his precious efforts here, and his suffering. She starts seeing everyone as Jesus, a child of God. Beyonce’s vibration continues to rise and she feels unconditional love and compassion for all of existence. It is at that time Jesus places a light, vibrating HALO on Beyonce like a crown. She knows Jesus has awarded her this halo for reaching such high levels of pure love with him even if only for a few seconds. In awe of Jesus’ ability to manipulate matter and perform what we call miracles, she asked him if the HALO was really happening to her. Warm waves of love are sent to her soul and Jesus reveals without words “Yes my child, this is real, I am really with you.” But as her pineal gland gradually loses its connection to the higher dimensions and she feels the HALO fading away, she is assured by Jesus that it will always be there even when she cannot feel the energy so intensely. Just as Jesus will be. This is real. This is what this song is allll about. Her experience with Jesus while using mind-altering drugs. Hit me like a ray of sun ———–>Sun = son of God = Jesus = loving and acknowledging the Sun as God and the Son of God. Everything is God. We are all sons and daughters of God at different stages in our soul evolution. Communicating with Jesus is electrifying as she receives a constant stream of Christ Consciousness energy flowing through her because she has finally agreed to receive this gift. It is the gift of “knowing” without doubt that the love that our God, Jesus, feels for us is real and everlasting. Burning through my darkest night ——–>Beyonce’s darkest night is her life and her existence without the full understanding of Jesus and his true nature as God. She was burning in pain from the separation from Jesus because her soul had not yet accepted Christ Consciousness as the true apex of our entire existence. Amidst her desperation she indulged in mind-altering substances to escape but did not realize their true purpose and power until Jesus hit her like a ray of sun in the darkest night and spoke to her. Jesus, the exalted God, spoke to his child that was ready to receive him, and she did never to lose him again. Jesus spoke using energy, feelings, vibrations, and waves of love not yet detectable/decoded by science. You’re the only one that I want ———–>Beyonce will never put any God before Jesus. Jesus is our God. Jesus is the highest evolved soul to ever come to Earth and he did so out of pure unconditional love for our souls and its evolution. Think I’m addicted to your light ———>Beyonce hates being away from Jesus and her Christ Consciousness connection transmitted through her pineal gland. She wants to be in full contact with Jesus every minute. She is in love with Jesus. I swore I’d never fall again ———->Beyonce felt extreme guilt when she finally realized that she rejected her beloved God so she could be the only God in her life. She promised she’d never put anyone or anything above Jesus and the pure love of Christ Consciousness ever again. But this don’t even feel like falling ——>She knows she will never fall from her evolved level of consciousness, but she has fallen in love with Jesus and his pure love energy. Gravity can’t begin To pull me back to the ground again —–>Beyonce’s consciousness is ascending more and more. Her soul and her vibrations are elevating higher and higher as her personal relationship with Jesus and the pure loving Christ Consciousness multiplies within her. She is vibrating so high with Jesus, she defies gravity.
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all of u will go down to hell

all of u will go down to hell who praise lucifer god give us a choice,what will we choose? money is a way for satan,money can make us forgot for everything.that's why there's a 'eye of horus' symbol in one dollar. God bless u who believe in him.
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she still putting out videos

she still putting out videos OMG, go away already!
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Shop K.

Shop K. Voler http://www.kvoler.com
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I really like this alternate

I really like this alternate version... it's a good contrast to the original, while still staying true to the song if you haven't seen it yet, make sure to check out Beyonce's brand new video for Why Don't You Love Me, it's really cool and different http://vimeo.com/11465235
Andrew's picture

i knew it all the

i knew it all the time...shame on you girl....i feel bad for you....sooooooooooo sooooooooooo bad!
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da dark den light 1 was

da dark den light 1 was POINTLESS n i NEVER down anything by bey
MessyChar504's picture

AWW DAMN! I missed it!

AWW DAMN! I missed it!
mmhmm's picture

catch it on youtube

catch it on youtube
Anonymous's picture

UGH!!! I'm so tired of you

UGH!!! I'm so tired of you Beyonce fanatics! I don't care what she says you KNOW a person by their fruits! It's no grey area, either you're hot or cold, yes or no, for God (Jesus) or against Him. What she says & doesn't say doesn't matter to me when I can SEE her actions CLEARLY don't line up w/ the CHRISTian girl she started out as! Bottom line she got turned out. *Take that take that!*
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Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Enough of the corny fake

Enough of the corny fake bitch. Please.
M.E.L.'s picture

I never believed the devil

I never believed the devil worshipping stuff because it just seemed to far out of left field. However, I will say that when Beyonce first started she (and the other girls) used to talk about Jesus, and would include a mildly inspirational song after all the booty gyrating ones on the album. NOW I bet she would never DARE breathe anything as controversial as Jesus' name because she would offend her White, gay, liberal, etc. type of audience. All I know is that the love of money will get you every time if you're not careful, and I think that girl has truly sold herself out for fame. Whether this illuminati is real or just persistent rumors by people who are tired of her, I don't know. But I know that you can't fill your head with all these empty pop songs about lust and money and sex without corrupting your mind and soul.
Anonymous's picture

Speak on it! *passes the

Speak on it! *passes the collection plate*
M.E.L.'s picture


Anonymous's picture

Beyonce and Jayz are both

Beyonce and Jayz are both whores for the white elites. This is how they get miliions of dollars. This is why Beyonce and Joe Camel has to work forever because they in debt to the elites.
Anonymous's picture

Ridiculous, unfounded

Ridiculous, unfounded statements like these are what make trying to prove the truth of their real dealings and involvements so difficult.
#1's picture

Why are these stans so

Why are these stans so stupid? Stanning for somebody who does care if you existed. If Beyonce cares about you idiot stans then she will be more honest about the type of person she is. Beyonce clearly show you losers by her action that she does not look black anymore. Beyonce wears layers and layers of foundation; so she does not want to be associated with anything black. Beyonce would be more honest about her so - called writing skills. Beyonce has not wrote one single song, and she will take credit from any struggling songwriter. You stans hype Beyonce more than she should be. And what is funny the so called haters are the ones who is teliing the truth about your Queen Beyonce. Keep posting your love for Beyonce while the so called haters keep exposing the real Beyonce.
Anonymous's picture

....But like Rihanna chants

....But like Rihanna chants in her song: "dumb, dumb, BE dumb, dumb, dumb, BE DUMB". Go ahead. :-)
#1's picture

@Mirabella. Based on your

@Mirabella. Based on your 1st paragraph I can't believe I'm even addressing you, but you are indeed lost in the sauce. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but you really should educate yourself on what's going on around you. With your words you simplify something way bigger and deeper with comments like "If I read one more stupid ass illuminati conspiracy theory that explains Bey's and Jay's success I'm gonna quit the black race. Them two ninjas work hard. Slave hard. That's why they have what they have. Anybody who believes otherwise can go eat a shoe in purgatory". Hmmm....Wow. Has Beyonce been busting her butt since she was a child to get where she is? YES. Is she uber talented and one of the best performers around? YES. Is she fly? YES. Is her husband one of the illest rappers in the game?? YES!! No one can take that from them. But this is not a "theory", it's just what they and many others are into. Just like their are Christians, Buddhist, Catholics...there are also ppl who believe in a doctrine that has occultic roots. PERIOD. Believe it or not sweetie, it's not a fallicy, it exist. There are ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO PRACTICE ALL TYPES OF THINGS! Have you ever seen the documentary "They sold their souls for Rock n Roll"? I bet you'd watch that and believe every bit of it because they are white rock stars and its more believable that they'd be into this sort of thing. BUT "NOOO NOT JAY Z AND BEYONCE and other modern artists. GASP! COULDN'T BE"!! Think outside of your "fan" box. Maybe you'll uncover some truth. Visit vigilantcitizen.com WAKE UP and learn about who ur repping and defending so ferociously.
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YOU IDIOTS, THIS VIDEO WASN'T RELEASE IT WAS LEAKED!!!!!! Do you know the differences?; Gosh People are so vile and retard.
Dani's picture

Devil Worship? If I read one

Devil Worship? If I read one more stupid ass illuminati conspiracy theory that explains Bey's and Jay's success I'm gonna quit the black race. Them two ninjas work hard. Slave hard. That's why they have what they have. Anybody who believes otherwise can go eat a shoe in purgatory. And stop blaming Beyonce for Kelly failures. Kelly is brings on a serious case of the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's like all the other beautiful but basic bitches: Ashitty, Keshia Cole (that's why she went and had her a baby and sat down), Amerie, T-Error Marie, Latoya, Brandy, Monica, Keri Hilson, Maya, Christina Milian (another baby), and boring ass Keri Hilson. You put these bishes in a time machine and the seventies and eighties will eat their cute but simple bubble gum asses up for breakfast.
Mirabella Tell's the Truth's picture

Lets who's the idiot when

Lets who's the idiot when Beyonce and Jayz lead you straight to hades. It is not a conspiracy anymore fool there is lot of evidence to prove my point.
Anonymous's picture

SoRry, but B and Jay can't

SoRry, but B and Jay can't lead anyone to Haydes. People lead themselves. If you believe they are so satanic why are you even posting on here. Maybe you should go and read the bible to make sure you don't go to haydes. Let God be their judge. If they are aint nothin you can do about it anyway and you're very unlikely to change anyone's minds. Name calling is a SIN! TSK TSK!
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@Bo$$l@DY......preach....preach......preach. Thank you for not being sleep on what is so blatantly happening before our eyes!!! Peace
Awake's picture

you guys are talking about

you guys are talking about bey and all the others celebs, do you guys know why they are so important in you guys lifes you are the ones are making them rich all of you keep buying their music stop buying their music and then you will see all of them will come down and be godly people, as long as people keep buying Bey music she is going to keep acting like she is white or more then what she is her family is making her feel like she is better then everybody, stop buying her music.
Smile's picture

Whoa not that serious! This a

Whoa not that serious! This a blog for entertainment purposes only. These are only opinions. All publicity to these celebs is good publicity. Bey is the hottest chick in the game. These celebs know it comes with the territory they just want us to keep lining their pockets. Truly smile:)
Lady K's picture

Hottest chick in the game

Hottest chick in the game more like the oldest chick in the game. Those laugh line Beyonce has show Beyonce's true age.
Anonymous's picture

Go die you fucking

Go die you fucking hater.....leave Bey alone, go spend your fuckin money in a poison n kill yaself
Eman's picture

Damn...you mad. Here's a

Damn...you mad. Here's a link for you: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_7pGqU4TYYUk/SrFKBEBZ6BI/AAAAAAAAAQA/EZ58lcXkRK...
M.E.L.'s picture

Looks like you're following

Looks like you're following your own advice by spending your money on poison...cuz if you did your research you'd realize the ish you've been listening to has a deeper meaning. Google vigilantcitizen hun.
The Anti 's picture


Anonymous's picture

People please wake up!! The

People please wake up!! The illuminati is so real and Beyonce and Jay both are a part of it. I used to love Rihanna, don't get me wrong but can't yall see that the reason her shine ain't stopped is because she's Jay artist "DUHHH" When she shine she keep money in Jay pockets. The industry is all about the dollar and doesn't care about real talent. Jay is a powerful man and he is able to help Beyonce shut other chicks down with money that's why she married him. She is a devil worshipper also. Not hard to believe with her mom being Creole from Louisiana. Voodoo is known well there. There's a New World Order going on and in the music biz, if you ain't down, then you get shut down. There's a reason Tupac said Killuminati. People need to stop worshipping these artists and pay attention.
Bo$$l@DY's picture

Why do Bey always come out

Why do Bey always come out with something new whenever Kelly drops something new!!!!! u are a horrible person bey!
Shadow's picture

Would I be wrong in

Would I be wrong in interpreting that her *bf* was a sacrifice for money? As you can see, she heard him screaming and being bitten by the dog... didnt like the sound (why she closed her eyes) but didnt use the phone box to call the police? she didnt even go near him when she found him?
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ummm i guess the questions

ummm i guess the questions was is this better than the original and I'm going to have to say no, they did the right thing releasing the one that they did because seriously i was waiting for this to make sense and it didn't soooo...yeah...
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I like this version better.

I like this version better. The other version felt fake like it was missing something.
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Love everything she does.

Love everything she does.
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To to you dumb Beyonce

To to you dumb Beyonce stans: Do you really know what Beyonce singing about in"Halo". Halo is a song dedicated to the fallen angel lucifer; but you stans praise this song like it is the ish. RESEARCH!!! Beyonce is a witch who will do anything for money. Beyonce is overrated and looks every bit of 40 years of age. How are you going look at Beyonce as a black woman when she clearly does not want to be a black woman. This is why I do not support Beyonce; she sold out the black community.
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Thank you. People don't even

Thank you. People don't even think anymore. It's not a coincidence when a song doesn't make sense, or the video doesn't match the song. These artists (Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-z, Kanye, Gaga, etc., etc.) are using symbolism to let the world know who their allegiance is to right in front of your faces. These artists think we're all dummies, and got us singing and dancing along doing nothing but furthering their cause, and deepening their pockets. Remember Beyonce's "Diva" video? She blows up a car trunk full of what? DUMMIES. Check out Rihanna's official web site. What do you see first thing on the homepage? DUMMIES. Literally. I wish y'all would wake up and realize you've been played.
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Back off haters....if devil

Back off haters....if devil worshipping is having a successful career and life then what is God (jesus) for? Check your comments, you are hating on someone that God gave a gift, someone that Jesus had blessed! You all are sick for hating on a successful sister...love your own dammit!
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Since when has Beyonce metion

Since when has Beyonce metion Jesus? Why is Beyonce parading like slut showing more skin than she was in Destiny's Child? Why is Beyonce married to a former drug dealer/ rapper who raps about pimping women, selling dope, and being a dope boy? Easy Beyonce sold out literally te haifer will do anything for money.
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Ur right, but God given gifts

Ur right, but God given gifts can be used for the wrong purposes sweety. Hitler had the God given gift of speaking skills, and he led a nation straight into the depths of hell with it. Don't ever confuse "worldly success" with God, there's nothing about selling sex (as Beyonce, Rihanna, etc.) do so well that equates to God.
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PPl act like Sony work for

PPl act like Sony work for beyonce. no Beyonce work for Sony sony make the decision of what get release and when. Beyonce have input but theh decision is Sony's they're the one who is putting up the money.
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