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VIDEO: Janet Jackson Kills The "American Idol" Finale Stage

Miss Jackson If You're Nasty hit the stage for tonight's live "American Idol" Finale. The contestants sang her song "Again" and she appeared on stage to finish it up. Janet and her fresh haircut and bangin' bod performed a montage of "Nothing" and "Nasty Boys" (in a catsuit I may add).


All you newbie "artists" with ass injections, butt pads, and less stage presence than a hang nail...bow down and take notes.  Vid when you read on...





I like the music of today's

I like the music of today's female artists.
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I just wanted to see Janet

I just wanted to see Janet Jackson Fuck the show and who won real talk man Janet looked to good in that cat suit my eyes were glued to the t.v.
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My girl represented in full

My girl represented in full domination on that stage...thats what you call an AMERICAN IDOL...They should hope to perform this well someday
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Janet also know how to show

Janet also know how to show the younger kids that not all shows have to have bold sex dances in them Janet keeps her shows pretty classes. Loving that hair on her WOW! I notice a lot of celebritys are cuting there hair. I think it`s nice because we as black wemen need to show our on hair but we wearing so much weave now. So good for you Janet we all love your hair and the fact that you can show it.
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Janet always give her all to

Janet always give her all to her fans she looks very good and love that hair cut I will get that hair cut for my self she sings so lovely Beyonce better hope that she look like that at age 40 because Janet always give us somthing new every year that`s what keeps her lookin fresh all the time A BIG UP TO JANET. GOD BLESS YOU.
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True Jackson FAMILY fan,

True Jackson FAMILY fan, bought all Janet records and videos, seen at least one show on every tour. She was phenomenal on AI...brought a DEAD show to life. What's interesting to me is the reluctance of the younger generation to just say "she's a legend" and let it go. They continue to throw up contemporary artists as better with no understanding that their artist of choice didn't get here on her own. I like the music of today's female artists but Rhianna and Ciara (especially Ci-Ci) are dangerously close to becoming like Jody Watley and CeCe Peniston who sold millions of records FOR A MINUTE and then became locked in our collective consciousness. Beyonce will be the one remembered as symbolic of the era. I, too, hope she chooses some real songs like on the first solo CD and stops that acting stuff....Try singing "Video Phone" without laughing! Just enjoy the music and I just wish reader's would get some understanding of the music business from the performance and sales side while I join Janet in New Orleans where she will light up the Essence Music Festival. Some of the comments about her behind and whether or not she used pre-recorded vocals reveal a lot of armchair critics around here. ESPECIALLY those comments that begin with "my momma said..." Ain't nobody with any sense paying attention to anybody's damn momma who isn't in the business! LOL
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2 all doubters,janet is a

2 all doubters,janet is a legend,I c soooo many female artists copyin her style its ridicules,the woman is 44 still got it goin on, been a fan since she was on good times,she has this swagger bout her that I luv,u go girl
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WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL

hoseanah's picture

Janet did that like she had a

Janet did that like she had a point to prove....Everything about it was flawless!!!!!!!
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Undeniably. Janet is CRUCIAL!

Undeniably. Janet is CRUCIAL!
ImSoKewl's picture

Janet Killled that

Janet Killled that sh********t!!!!
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OMG she sounds so much like

OMG she sounds so much like Michael, its ridiculous! I love her look, stage presence, aa well as her performance. I think for the amount of time given, she worked the stage pretty well... Its unfortunate she no longer wishes to make albums but I'm glad she's still out and about doing her thing... Go Janet!
YUP's picture

Actually it seems like

Actually it seems like everyone is shocked and proud of Janet including myself. Me personally I didnt think she had it anymore but I'm glad to kno she hasnt fallin off. For anyone to compare her to someone who hasnt had as much experience is foolish therefore there is NO reason to compare her to others...
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Anonymous's picture

the performance wasn't

the performance wasn't nothing to write home about but her body and that catsuit was... All I want to really know is "was Ellen hard or wet?"
Hotstuff's picture

I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one that thought "???? I have seen way better performances by Janet!" Granted...this was no where near bad but I just thought it was the caliber or performance she usually gives. Nothing extra. I think people are just glad to see her performing and taking it overboard.
Anonymous's picture

Janet Jackson is a bad!!!

Janet Jackson is a bad!!!
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Oh my! She sounds so much

Oh my! She sounds so much like her brother- Michael- WOW. If you listen her singing without watching her actually perform- it sounds exactly like Michael.
Ria's picture

Janet sista u killed tht

Janet sista u killed tht performance!!! & tht bootay! I always knew Janet had a bad body but dang! (No homo) I haven't seen a great performance like tht & so long besides Bey. Great job Janet!
YBF-Blogger's picture

her performance and presence

her performance and presence is amazing.love her rocking a short hair cut that is real =) YES! i love janet!
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Janet's ass should be

Janet's ass should be insured!
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Janet just straight killed

Janet just straight killed it! Just shut AI down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her performance was flawless and she looked simply amazing. Janet is just so damn fabulous. I love her strength and courage and am i admire her. Get it girl!!!!!
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dont believe the negativity.

dont believe the negativity. everyone on commenting on Janet's performance are fans. they are just sad people who wish they could be on stage and rock it out like janet. Why would anyone spend the time to look at Janet's performance, if they werent a fan. There are many artists that i dont necessarily vibe with. And guess what, i dont bother to make negative comments. I dont bother to watch videos of them on blog sites. Seriously, what is the point? With that sad. Janet is legend, She rocked it out!!! I loved every minute of it
Sean's picture

Her 1st song left me

Her 1st song left me speechless I can hear Micheal's spirit in her. The second brought back so many memories.
Anonymous's picture

Janet always had junk in the

Janet always had junk in the trunk. Nothing fake about that...Nicki M.
dahotwon's picture

I love Ms. Jackson. Her

I love Ms. Jackson. Her performance reminded me of everything that was great about the 90s.
Anonymous's picture

I love the fact sistas are

I love the fact sistas are starting to wear their natural hair. We have beautiful hair. We dont need weaves, wigs, and relaxers. Love it Janet!
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Janet is and always will be

Janet is and always will be the best female artist out there....PERIOD!
Anonymous's picture

Wow. Finally a performance

Wow. Finally a performance that can hold my attention for longer than 10 secs. Awesome!!
TheQueen's picture

i love how ya'll calling

i love how ya'll calling people out LMAOOO love janet btw! i wish i could see her at essence! i know it will be going DOWN!
holla06's picture

All you other bitches out

All you other bitches out there, sit the FUCK down an take notice! This is how it's done.
Anonymous's picture

What Natasha means ( in my

What Natasha means ( in my mind ) - We witnessed a LEGEND. What I Mean -No matter how you spin your spin, Janet Jackson is a legend and yes youngin's take note. I'm 39 years old. When I was in my teens and 20's I didn't have many people say like they say now, 'youngins take note' because we respected the artist from the past. We didn't say go away, we're tired of you, pointing out all flaws when we had them ourselves. It felt so good seeing someone who looked like me doing it! My parents made sure I got my fill of MY PEOPLE from the big screen, to the stage, to the videos - and we KNEW who they were. We celebrated the fact we kept a generational thing going with our parents and grandparents. When I check the blogs, even my blog and on the media scene with my online mag, many young people don't know history. They don't know the political to celebrity figures. You know they are either YOUNG or OLD and have hidden under a brick. Could it be because the parents were getting younger and no depth? I dunno. It's sad too because it shows a break down in the generation. Then to credit there are young people who really know their history of entertainers and such. If I said to someone now who is Mom's Mabely, Who is Sammy Davis Jr, Who is Rochester, Lola Falana, Rex Ingram, Diahann Carroll, Nipsey Russell, Carol Speed, Lelsie Uggams, Who is Patrice Rushen, The Movies: CABIN IN THE SKY, LOOK WHO'S COMING TO DINNER, THE GREEN PASTURES, THE RENNAISANCE ERA they would be like who? what? As far as Janet her presence, years in the business she can command an audience and she has a solid fanbase. If everyone new did not become a fan, her fanbase would be bigger than anyone out now. We as Americans can be so finnicky when it comes to our stars. This is why they do so well and are appreciated more overseas. Many have become expatriates overseas. Janet will always have that STAR POWER. Everyone comes with faults but she is here and yes killing it! The hairtalk --> note to the so called conscious so many ( not all ) people rock au natural -they can be the worse of people to be among. lol Your hair has nothing to do with who you are - your realness -the inner. Hair???? Never has, never will. That's Bamboozed, Foolywang Talk. Those who talk on black women wearing european this and that, take a chill. Other races rock extensions, whatev's. They wear it cause they want to/have to. Only one who cares are the superficial one. Most men don't care about weaves. Many toss around the jokes but they really don't care. Did you hear your grandfather ( if it applies to you ) checking your grandmother about her Sunday Wigs and Through The Week Wigs? All of us has someone in our family rocking the NOT THEIRS. lol We really have to come up ladies on that talk. As for me? I wear my own hair but if I want to rock out a blonde yaki, a indian yaki down my back that's my business. lol Those in the industry like myself - under hot lights, doing three radio appearances a day in various cities, video shoots lasting 15 hours, photo shoots, constant styling to pull the look together, you'd better wear a faux to keep your hair! lol Again enough talk on people's weave and stuff. White girls, indian girls so many are rocking extensions due to hair thinning. All the locs you see, most times it's not real either. Whatev's. There's enough room out here in the media world for everyone to have their admirers. If you really wasn't checking for Janet or anyone why comment? I don't comment on who I am not checking. lol I love seeing WOMEN WIN, celeb or non. That is a sign of a confident woman. Thank God for them! We should celebrate and yes I for one celebrate Miss Janet if ya NASTY. BEBE, Publisher
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I really appreciate your

I really appreciate your posting. I agree with you that there was no disrespecting entertainers regardless of the last time they made a record, did a movie, performed on TV or the like. Watching Janet on AI would have been a family event and the next day at school EVERYBODY would say did you see so and so last night or how awesome that was. It is a tragedy that all younger people can say about some one not of their generation is that they are old or fat or tired. Its fu*king (yes that mad) disrespectful. Like the saying goes youth is wasted on the young... with God's blessings and a lot of luck the young should hope to live to be 45 let alone still remain as beautiful as they are at 25. I see so many young people now that that look old as me and its sad because when they get to 40 they will really be TIRED!!! I say GO MS JACKSON... as your contemporary I am still in awe of you as I was when I first saw you on the Jackson 5 show pretending to be Mae West (WHO? If you don't know then you ought to Google it!!!) BeBe again thank you for a very well thought out and expressed posting!! Keep reppin for us old folks!!!
TootieB68's picture

& let the church say AMEN!!

& let the church say AMEN!!
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Mi Mi's picture

is it me or did she sound mad

is it me or did she sound mad like her brother
Anonymous's picture

Janet's a BAWSE!! Haters sit

Janet's a BAWSE!! Haters sit down and her body is just flat out crazy damn I miss the 80's we just music just doesn't give yo that feeling anymore..sigh
Claudette's picture

Good job Ms. Jackson, show

Good job Ms. Jackson, show all these young lady's how older women look, I'm in my 40's and I'm a 40+ model and look good that's right Ms. Smile if you Nasty....
smile's picture

She needs to have her stylist

She needs to have her stylist blend that front track in better.
Anonymous's picture

stop looking for the negative

stop looking for the negative and enjoy the fact she is a 40 something true artist doing a damn good job
alicia's picture

LOL some of you people are

LOL some of you people are just not happy about anything... ever. Janet could've been possessed by the ghost of Michael and busted out the MoonWalk and did the Thriller background and someone would still find fault in that. I will say she probably lipped parts of Nasty. But Again and Nothing were 100% live and she sounded great!! Don't get mad cus Janet can strut from one side of the stage to the next and have more stage presence in her pinky toe than most of these youngins in the game now. Janet is Legend, Janet is Icon, and she's always will be!
kid1's picture

There will never be another

There will never be another JJ. She is sexy with lots of class.
JP's picture

Janet's performance bought

Janet's performance bought tears to my eyes because one she looks great at her age and two, she made me miss MJ even more. Great job.
Ton_Teezy's picture

Haters please continue to do

Haters please continue to do your job. Janet showed everyone last night why she is who she is. Simply put, she is the greatest all around female entertainer ever to grace the stage. PERIOD! I dare anyone to name another female who holds/held it down better than Janet. And if you're thinking about typing Bey, Ri, or Ci, please go slap yourself and sit in the corner. Three decades in the game and still puttin' yougins to shame. Janet is THE BADDEST!
Anonymous's picture

Too funny LMAO. tell these

Too funny LMAO. tell these little girls who is boss! They just think they know. Love it.
Anonymous's picture

i love how all these ppl on

i love how all these ppl on here hatin on Janet hard...it really is a shame yall gotta find fault wit her performance when u know she did a good job...she dont gotta bust out some hot dance moves..she been there done that...she still got more stage presence than these younger performers...and @soulful said it best..these young ppl got no respect for performers like Janet. She came before all these minute performers now and she will be here long after. But keep hatin...cuz thats all it is is jealous hate.
Anonymous's picture

LOVE IT! She gave me

LOVE IT! She gave me goosebumps!!!
LIPZ's picture

Wow, that was an amazing

Wow, that was an amazing performance. I missed it live last night but oh wow, I really want to see her at Essence!!!!! I love Janet!!!
Tiffany's picture

So I'm supposed to be

So I'm supposed to be impressed with some walking around the stage and pointing? With some terrible lip syching to go with it, just because she's a veteran? Diana Ross don't lip synch. Patti don't lip sync. I refuse to be impressed by lip synch. But she does have an insane stage presence.
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