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The Real Housewives Of D.C. Are...

It's officially official.  "The Real Housewives of D.C." are hitting your boobtubes this summer.  Thursday, August 5 at 9 PM to be exact, according to Bravo's confirmaton.


And just as it was speculated several months ago, a YBF chick is in the cast.  She's Stacie Scott Turner, and she's one who seems would actually do us proud.  Unlike some others.  More deets when you read on...

There are 5 confirmed cast members, none of whom are typical A-listers, or even B-Listers, in D.C.  But I'm sure they'll make good tv acting like socialites. Here's Stacie's snippet:

Stacie Scott Turner, 42. She's the only one with much connection to politics: Husband Jason worked in Adrian Fenty's administration but left amid upheaval in the parks department. They've also hosted fundraisers. She's a Howard University grad and a Harvard MBA who worked in marketing at BET and other companies before becoming a real estate agent with Long & Foster. They have two young children, Jacob and Catherine, and live in a former church in 16th Street Heights that they renovated into a mansion. Jason's brother is a Paris-based hip-hop musician. Bravo's press release touts Turner's charity -- brand-new, by the looks of it -- set up to help teenage girls in foster care.

And, as you can see, Bravo actually let the White House crashers The Salahis on this show.  Sigh.  Read up on the rest of the Housewives over at The Washington Post.  Let the foolery ensue....




BORING!!!! What's up with

BORING!!!! What's up with Atlanta?
T-Rock's picture

If I'm not mistaken isn't DC

If I'm not mistaken isn't DC 70% or 80% black, so why are there so many white bitches when they are 100% of Orange County, NJ, and NY. Blacks are always taking the back seat, even with all of our so-called political power, and celebrity types. I personally feel that black Celebes are treated like shit by mainstream media. Also, blacks today have as much self-respect for each other, as we did sixty years ago. As soon as we make money, we go out and purchase ourselves some white trash as our mates; we use all kinds of rationale to support our decisions. All the while, whites are laughing their asses off at the darkies, still trying to be white after all of these years and centuries. When I read about the black females like Sanna Lathan and others black females, as soon as they get their pictures on the cover of a magazine, or on the TV, they can’t wait to get a white man in their beds. Black people make the effort of racist extremist ‘s historical battles, all most self-filling, that we are less-than human, and without white blood, nigg…s, are just sub-humans, shift-less, and useless.
artjazzRon's picture

B4 I being I am a

B4 I being I am a professional, 29 yr old, black woman who was raised in DC. While you're correct in your assumptions about the percentage of DC's black demographic, 69-79% of that demographic AINT DOING NOTHING WITH THEMSELVES TO BE RECOGNIZED IN A POSITIVE LIGHT ON TV. Not saying that whites are, but the bottom line is no matter how many black folks you put together in an area, the "others" will be in the spot light because they're the ones that control the media. I do disagree with your comment about blacks wanting to be white by picking a white mate lol - because there are just as many white folks in tanning salons, injecting silicone in their lips to get darker and plumper.
nonayabizznizz's picture

Can't Wait for the DC

Can't Wait for the DC Housewives. The Salahi girl is going to be the reason I watch this show for the first time.
Jennifer's picture

She may have too much common

She may have too much common sense for this series...she'll probaby get faded out like Eric Snows wife on Housewives of Atl (forgot her name...see what i mean? lol)
Anonymous's picture


OOOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOP to the Soror and Howard Alumna! I'm sure she'll make us proud!
DimeDiva's picture

i like it

i like it
film izle's picture


IfThisIsIt's picture

She looks like a nice lady,

She looks like a nice lady, but she doesn't look like she'll make for good tv. She looks like one of my college professors and if she's high class and the real deal, she won't be on there long. I hate to say it, but she looks boring. I mean the real house wives thrives on drama. She looks like the type of person who isn't into drama, but looks are deceiving. I think she's going to be tossed like the basket ball wife from the 1st season of the real housewives of Atlanta. They should do the real housewives Miami or Dallas...now that would be some hot drama.
Nickyk's picture

Now I know I DEFINITELY will

Now I know I DEFINITELY will NOT be watching! I love the RHO franchise (watch everyone except New York)...but seeing that they cast these posers Salahi's I refuse to tune in. And one sister made the cut? Big ups to the sis that did make the cut....she's educated and doing her own thing. I can't fault her for that...
Reading is FUNdamental's picture

A black woman / man, but

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Anonymous's picture

I cant stand that Salahi

I cant stand that Salahi woman...she 's a real disgrace!!!!!...what a lunatic/party crasher
Najee's girl.....'s picture

The thing that has made most

The thing that has made most of the Housewives shows successful is that most of the girls have some type of connection to one another. It makes it juicer. It doesn't seem that any of these ladies truly know each other. I don't agree with the Salahis family being on there, but I guess Bravo thinks that it will drive people to watch the show. I do hope they would represent my area to the best of their ability, DMV!!!
Quiana's picture

I meant Political and With

I meant Political and With this being a Chocolate City then to only have ONE Black Women on the show is BS! I will not be watching this Madness!
Jocasta 's picture

I live in D.C. born and

I live in D.C. born and raised and I can tell you now... Don't none of these scary looking bishes represent our city. Bravo is on some reall bull shyt to have these old aszes representing our fun, stylish, polotical city. You have crashers on the show; why not have someone on here who doesn't have to crash a party. Why not have a women on the show that had a political invite. This show is going to be some dog shyt!
Jocasta 's picture

Bravo is DEAD wrong for

Bravo is DEAD wrong for putting only one Black Woman on the show....BOOO to Bravo..DC has plenty of successful women of color--I am not watching this crap.
makeup's picture

WHAT???? Just 1 African

WHAT???? Just 1 African American woman on the DC housewives. The DC/Maryland/Virginia area has more successful black people than any other area in the USA. I'm just sayin!
Fashion_2010's picture

o.k. this is white america at

o.k. this is white america at it's best because the woman that trashed the white house party should not be getting a show what she really need is to do some time
ms hearn's picture

Stacie is such a classy

Stacie is such a classy person! She will hold her own on the show. Also, DC is a place where most people are well connected and work in politics. I'm sure it was difficult to attract any "housewives" that could risk exposing their private as well as political lives in a public forum/reality show.
Savvy's picture

I was upset when I scrolled

I was upset when I scrolled down and only saw one black women being as though the dc/maryland area has alot of successful black women.
Anonymous's picture

my thoughts exactly

my thoughts exactly
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Reason number 4080 I am happy

Reason number 4080 I am happy I did not fall into the you have to go to college B.S. All that debt she possibly accured and in the end she settled on a career that cost less than $1000 to pursue!
Anonymous's picture

Did you really imply that

Did you really imply that college is a waste!? Do you realize how many people fought and died for the right to education!? Becoming educated is not a waste -- whether you are in college, trade school, or grad school. College is so much more than just a means to make money. It's a place where you find yourself, lose yourself and learn just who you are. It's a place where the seeds of your hopes and dreams are planted so that you can fulfill these hopes and dreams. It's a firm foundation. No one's sole purpose in life should be to make money and if this is your sole purpose in life then you, my dear, have a sad life ahead of you.
Anonymous's picture

Um, actually, contrary to

Um, actually, contrary to popular beliefs in black society, college isn't around for the sole purpose of making money. It's (supposed to be) mainly about recieving an education, learning to have a global view, and getting cultured. I'm sorry you missed out.
HowardGrad's picture

@ HowardGrad

@ HowardGrad
Anonymous's picture

I don't buy it. with her

I don't buy it. with her Harvard MBA she can take her real estate business a lot farther than your average agents can (not attacking you personally because I get that everyone is different, but a Harvard, or any top 10 MBA, cannot be devalued).
bine's picture

I disagree. She only gets

I disagree. She only gets ahead with people that believe in those labels. Any real estate agent can get to the top by being persistent and communicating effectively. and those things dont have debt attached.
Anonymous's picture

I forgot to add that they

I forgot to add that they must know and continuously perfect thier craft also.
Anonymous's picture

I am not saying her degrees

I am not saying her degrees are worthless I am simply saying college is not the end all be all. I agree Education is the key not knocking that! But every field doesnt require one to have a MBA or PHD. Yes her education can help her sphere of influence for real estate but appearently not her common sense since she signed up for the Real Housewives franchise.
Anonymous's picture

ooohhhh I cant wait!!!!!!!!

ooohhhh I cant wait!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

They need a real housewives

They need a real housewives of Birmingham, Alabama
Anonymous's picture

I would have rather they do

I would have rather they do the Real Housewives of Miami
michele's picture

i agree, but i have a feeling

i agree, but i have a feeling that many people consider basketball wives the "real" housewives of miami.....sad
tisma's picture

Sadly...ain't none of them

Sadly...ain't none of them women "wives" either...except for one. It's the producers of these show that need to get REAL because you can't be a girlfriend or ho and still get the honor of the title of WIFE. Kinda diminishes the whole idea, don't cha think? Bravo and VH1 execs put WIVES in the title for shock value and to appeal to the conservative viewship (but they don't watch that smut anyway)
Anonymous's picture

Just happy in general about

Just happy in general about this!! I love D.C. as a city ,( one of my fav to visit!) and I am an original lover of RHO.. since the very first O.C. episode! Love the expansion and i cant wait to watch!
Nay's picture

I hope these black ladies

I hope these black ladies represent!!! THey should just be themselves. THere's nothing wrong with being broke or middle class. Just don't do like the ATL Housewives, showing off a mansion when you know good and gd well that it's in foreclosure or even worse doing the NENE: renting an entire lifestyle for the cameras. When you do a reality show, your reality comes out!
Lisa's picture

Washington, D.C. is 85% black

Washington, D.C. is 85% black and this is the most diverse cast they could get?????
Shademastr's picture

Are you living in 1962. DC is

Are you living in 1962. DC is only 55% Black now. Get real
GoGurl 's picture

...with that being said, this

...with that being said, this cast still isnt representative of the demographics in DC
HowardGrad's picture

As long as they keep ATL

As long as they keep ATL Housewives i'm good!
Fly Chic's picture

They stuck 1 black female in

They stuck 1 black female in their for ratings from the black community. I still want be watching!
Fly Chic's picture

omg i am so excited about

omg i am so excited about this show being a dc. #GoDC! WOOT! lol
PRECIOUS URE A DUMMY BITCH! @VonniMediaMogul MediaBrunch.com's picture

OK so my question is WHY is

OK so my question is WHY is it that in DC of all freaking places... aka Chocolate City.. is there only one freaking black woman???????? The whole dang cast should have been black except for a token YT just like Housewives of Atl....SMDH!
nycgurl's picture

I live in DC now and let me

I live in DC now and let me tell you it is NOT chocolate city anymore. White folks have TAKEN OVER!!! Maybe P.G. country but DC is chocolate no more....quite a shame too...
Sassy lady's picture

PG County isn't completely a

PG County isn't completely a chocolate city either...there are plenty of caucasians in PG county (check bowie, college park, berwyn heights, upper marlboro, etc.).
Anonymous's picture

and why is it a shame? Should

and why is it a shame? Should white people not be able to live in DC too! I am black and have lived in and around DC all my life, and let me tell you it is much better and safer now at 55% black then it was at 75% 20 years ago. Now thats whats ashame
GoGurl 's picture

That's good that they are

That's good that they are finally getting females that represent us black women instead of the ones that always wants to gossip and fight. If you love to shop then visit www.saxxix.com
Saxxi's picture

Why are they including that

Why are they including that Salahi trash? That bitch should be in Guantanamo.
Anonymous's picture

i agree with you

i agree with you
ms hearn's picture

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