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*EXCLUSIVE* Sheree Whitfield: Those Lawyers' Lawsuits Against Me Are Ludicrous!

After reports surfaced yesterday that "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Sheree Whitfield was being sued--again--by one of her divorce lawyer teams for failure to pay her bills, Sheree is denying all the accusations.


The YBF received an exclusive statement from Sheree's reps calling the lawsuits against her false and "ludicrous".  Read on for the statement....


Rep for Sheree Whitfield, BJ Coleman, tells YBF that those two legal teams are simply trying to piggyback off Sheree's notoriety:

"The recent legal allegations being made against my client Sheree Whitfield are simply ludicrous! Sheree Whitfield is not someone who does not pay her bills. She is a business woman, mother, and television star. Her integrity, honesty and moral values have made her the successful woman she is today, and unfortunately these charges seem to stem from greedy individuals who seek to capitalize on her recent fame and notoriety."

We were also told that while Sheree has paid over $200,000 of her legal bills by herself, her ex husband Bob Whitfield has only paid $60,000 of his. 

Sheree has said that those legal teams now coming forward are simply exaggerating and making false accusations.  The interest on her monies that are due will be paid once her ex husband Bob Whitfield pays her the settlement money.  Apparently, Sheree still hasn't received those settlement funds that were legally awarded to her.

We're told that Sheree buys things like Aston Martins and Birkins because she can afford them. 

The legal saga continues.  Your turn legal teams...batter up.



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sd3sdsd's picture

She-by-Sheree needs to have a

She-by-Sheree needs to have a seat, alll he way in the corner. "who has a fashion show w/ no fashion. How dreadful!"...hahahaaa
LaMar's picture

Bob aint got no money if he

Bob aint got no money if he did she would have gotted her money already. And if she paid these people why are they suing her. She hired them on the hopes of getting money from Bob and the attorneys were stupid for taking the case just because Bob was in the NFL. Keyword "was". And now that the law offices have not gotten their money they are trying to clear their books. The next step they will do is get a judgement against her and then a lien will be put on her until they come to an agreement. She can't go before a judge talking about i'm waiting on money from my ex, unless in the contract between her and the law firms it says that money will be paid upon getting settlement money. When did she become a television star? Child please!!!!!!
CJ's picture


WHO GON CHECK ME BOO????...lolololol
Najee's Girl......'s picture

she coulda paid she bills w/

she coulda paid she bills w/ that car she "bought" wth...she & her reps have so many lies. why wait for the settlement money to pay the lawyers when u such a baller??! LIES! she aint nothing but a wanna-be wife & a fool while doing it...
myMAMAsaid's picture

Wow - BJ Coleman's star has

Wow - BJ Coleman's star has really fallen since he was fired by Kimora.
The Real YS's picture

Right...because a law firm

Right...because a law firm actually gives a shit about someone's relatively non-existent "fame" and are going through all the trouble to put your sorry beggin strips ass on blast without you owing them some form of currency? Don't lawyers charge hundreds of dollars an hour just to talk? Sheree...you're triflin and you know it so clap your hands.
Electric Sunshine's picture

OMG....you have me dying over

OMG....you have me dying over here.
Anonymous's picture

"a television star" is a bit

"a television star" is a bit of a tall tale, don't cha think?
dreamstate's picture

Disappointed that BJ Coleman

Disappointed that BJ Coleman is repping her. I thought he was more discriminating
Yep, I Said It 's picture

I wonder if she has a sword

I wonder if she has a sword hidden behind that dress . . . reminds me of blade
JMO's picture

Now that's how you know

Now that's how you know someone has completely forgotten what it's like to pay their bills. They provided a service and she's made that they expect payment?! No wonder her ass got her house repo'd. How dare that bank ask for the mortgage payment every month....that's ludicrous
Lisa's picture

I seriously doubt two

I seriously doubt two different and well-established law firms would risk Rule 11 violations by bringing frivolous lawsuits, the loss of their license, and legal reputation to ride on her so-called notoriety for that little bit of money. Defamation is a terribly expensive thing. Her and her rep better have facts to support their statements.
Anonymous's picture

soooo you're in law school??

soooo you're in law school?? lol great point... if not, law is your calling
JMO's picture

Somebody just finished

Somebody just finished studying Civil Procedure, lol.
NikNak's picture

Civil Procedure Rules and

Civil Procedure Rules and Professional Responsibility Rules make it "ludicrous" for an attorney to sue their client frivolously! (Before you ask, no I'm not a law student--I'm a lawyer! LOL)
Anonymous's picture

Excellent point!!!!

Excellent point!!!!
mswells's picture

Great comment.

Great comment.
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Anonymous's picture

Broke ass & Phony ass....that

Broke ass & Phony ass....that ain't a good combo....
TheTruth's picture


THA TRUTH.................'s picture


Anonymous's picture

"Television star", ummm....

"Television star", ummm.... OKAY
Shreveport Shawty's picture

I was about to post the SAME

I was about to post the SAME damned thing! LMAO! "star?" The hell they talking bout???
Extravaganza Eleganza!'s picture

Isn't this is the chick that

Isn't this is the chick that said "Who gon' check me Boo?" on "national" television in a "professional" meeting....I just had a mind picture of her sitting down with the legal team saying--"where you gon' get the check from Boo???"
Anonymous's picture

At least one housewife from

At least one housewife from each city has lost their home, money etc except for those new york ladies (i.e Sheree, Teresa, someone from orange county)... when this recession is over, people's credit scores will be shot to hell trying to impress others. See you smart women at the top!!
JMO's picture

Its called "living above ur

Its called "living above ur means" AKA "keeping up with the Jones's" Dnt 4get nene was RENTING a home & Lisa had to "down-size"
Shreveport Shawty's picture

She can afford a Birkin bag

She can afford a Birkin bag but cant pay her bills? Another example of the twisted priorities of some black women. Too worried about looking like you have something instead of making sure you actually have it first. I bet she doesnt even own her house, probably renting. I hope she and her kids can sleep in that aston martin when the checks stop coming in.
SoulSista's picture

What a stupid statement--what

What a stupid statement--what does this have to d with being black? You haven't been in America long if you think only black women--or even primarily black women--are living above their means in this country. Fronting is the national pastime here.
Anonymous's picture

It's not just sistas who have

It's not just sistas who have this syndrome-we're just the only ones credited w/ doing that. Most of the women runnin' into the designer stores, getting Fraps @ Starbucks, maintaining fake tans, blonde hair and wrinkle free faces are what...WHITE!
imnotthatstoopid 's picture

LOL, true! They come in all

LOL, true! They come in all colors. Don't let them fool you.
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Anonymous's picture

Who cares, Sheree'! First?

Who cares, Sheree'! First?
Anonymous's picture

These people are

These people are broke...what's the surprise???
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