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BEHIND THE SCENES: Amber Rose Shoots A Swimsuit Issue

Amber Rose is covering Hip Hop Weekly magazine's inaugural swimsuit & summer style special issue.  And here's a couple shots from her shoot at the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach...

Modeling is indeed her forté.

Photog: Johnny Louis



Modeling is her fortè?

Modeling is her fortè? Really?
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don't care AT ALL for Amber

don't care AT ALL for Amber Rose but anyone who can tell me where to get those pink pumps is my new best friend
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love her! Hate if U want she

love her! Hate if U want she has every1 cutting their hair & looking beautiful!
cm's picture

I wonder if these IRRELEVANT

I wonder if these IRRELEVANT ass fuckers gonna get tired of asking "why is she relevant"?
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Amber rose started as a high

Amber rose started as a high fashion model then went on to doing a couple of videos... A S S Lint
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Love those SEXY ass shoes.

Love those SEXY ass shoes. Love Amber
Star's picture

2 funky lil pics ? Still hot

2 funky lil pics ? Still hot i personally like amber rose
me's picture


Deva's picture

I love amber rose. i hate

I love amber rose. i hate people acting like she is supposed to crawl under a rock just because she use to strip. i have a master degree in education and the reason i do not hang around "educated folk" is they keep their damn nose in the air like they are better than other people. some of the biggest sluts in the world are the chicks people think are classy. amber has not done anything to anybody. she is trying to come up. what the hell is wrong with that. Some of u would do the same.
niki's picture

COSIGN! It's funny because a

COSIGN! It's funny because a lot of famous athletes are whores (not just Tiger Woods and I don't know why they are knocking him for doing what just about every athlete does). It shows the double standard. A lot of these "classy" women in college or the work place are getting passed around like a damn hot potato but because they do it on the low they can fool people. Walkin around pretending to be virgin Mary. The dudes passing them around are the biggest whores but NOBODY will be hating on them because "they're the man" and they got lots of "notches" on their "belts" and apparently the more women they sleep with the more of a man they are. Men will fuck the whole neighborhood and beyond and then expect to get a virgin or a good girl when they get married because anything less is "damaged goods" but their goods have been to the doctor a thousand times and just about damn near fell off.
Electric Sunshine's picture

Word! But then you gotta turn

Word! But then you gotta turn that back around on the women because we will accept all that and fight the women instead of dumping his sorry ass. The way I see it, Amber is more virginal than Kanye. We KNOW he's been AROUUUUUND!
jer-z girl's picture

behind the scenes? with 2

behind the scenes? with 2 stale ass pics? okay! i want to see her on a runway, we already know she takes a beautiful and fierce picture effortlessly, let's see you werk during the fashion weeks.
Miss GQ's picture

how about give the "average"

how about give the "average" person a damn chance to model. all these young adults and older going to school and paying all these damn college loans to be designers, actors and everything else and can't get one chance to shine cause these celebs get first dibbs! its sad.
Anonymous's picture

Lots of people get signed by

Lots of people get signed by the "celeb" divisions of major agencies (even Gia from RHONJ, with her weird ape-hairline), but how much work do they actually book? When you see Amber Rose in the Sears catalog, then she is a working model. Until then she is a minor-league celeb making public appearances for chump change until everyone forgets who she is.
Anonymous's picture

I'm about to jack that bitch

I'm about to jack that bitch for those black shoes. *puts on black leather gloves*
Electric Sunshine's picture

I'm just so proud she is a

I'm just so proud she is a FORD model. she's is built like the average woman. I love it.
blaq's picture

I am FAR from a fan of this

I am FAR from a fan of this chick, but you haven't seen many average women if you think they are built like Amber Rose. She is thick FOR A MODEL, but the average American woman is a 14-16, and Amber Rose ain't that.
Anonymous's picture

The only thing I could go

The only thing I could go about with Amber are those black heals. Those ARE the biz.
Anonymous's picture

I don't understand why people

I don't understand why people should say positive things about her or say nothing at all. She's a publicity whore who's only publicity now days is from bootleg black gossip sites--I'm sure she is grateful for any comments directed her way. She knows it won't last.
Anonymous's picture

All she is doing is getting

All she is doing is getting her hustle on can't be mad at her for that, if Kanye likes it I love it she is not hurting anybody.
Anonymous's picture

I would like to know how

I would like to know how anyone in her position would handle it differently? Would not date Kanye for fear that you stripper-past would come out? Doubt it. Would you turn down offers from magazines and modeling agencies because you really don't belong? You would not! Would you pretend to be something you're not (not an ex-stripper/not bald/not...black)? If you did we'd find out and call you a fake. What would YOU do different?
jer-z girl's picture


Loves Amber! www.shesmyhusband.wordpress.com
KimRob's picture

although i have the same body

although i have the same body type as she does and i would say modeling is not her forte. with that height and body type she's never going to be featured in high end magazines so can we please stop calling her a model
Anonymous's picture

Didn't Ford or somebody sign

Didn't Ford or somebody sign her? Hasn't she appeared in several fashion shows, at fashion week and in many magazine spreads and cover stories? That kinda makes her a model. Nobody said she was Top Model. Anything she does that doesn't involve a pole is a step up. I'm glad she's doing better.
jer-z girl's picture

You would think doing

You would think doing something legitimate that people would encourage you. But I guess it's better to just knock somebody for being themselves and being honest. People would prefer if you were fake than do what they can't do. Which is being true to themselves by being honest about who they are. Even if they don't measure up to society's standards. And I could care less about society's standards--I'm BLACK and I'm a WOMAN--that's two strikes in societies eyes but BUT PURE GOLD in mine. I love me the way I am. People love to pretend to be what they are not. She has yet to be accused of that. She's being accused of wanting to do something with her life because she happened to be in a place where she was given the opportunity. Which one of you would turn down a chance at a better life and to be able to do what you want to do. You're offered a modeling contract by a prestigious company--just by association NO RESUME REQUIRED and you don't quite fit their standard of beauty yet they think you're beautiful the way you are. Plus you can make way more money than you are now. I mean she chose to make her own money instead of just marrying Kanye, getting pregnant by him and then divorcing his ass. She could have done worse and she didn't. Nigga it's fabulous and it's a fuckin recession and I have debt. I get to keep my clothes on (most of the time at least). I would sign the COVER PAGE of that contract. Some of y'all are trippin too hard on her. Your hatred keeps her relevant. I don't know about y'all but I straight up ignore people that don't even matter because I don't need to compromise my self to make other people happy. Get a fat paycheck and laugh all the way to the bank.
Electric Sunshine's picture

This is ALL a bunch of

This is ALL a bunch of "educated bullshit". Please. You're "preaching" a message of substance, associated with justifying the reasonings of a HO and her comeup level. Don't sit and type saying shit like "at least she didn't marry Kanye, have a baby - but decided to make her own". Really? Kanye MADE her, and he will finish her, there will be NO laughing to the damn bank. That's a programmed myth people have rode on for years - HO's get whorish results, no more or less. They don't finish on top, they finish ultmately at the BOTTOM and sometimes LOWER. ANd not every women would JUMP to "this opportunity" in the same fashion as AMber DID, so don't ride that card. What she's obtained is NOT "eing in the right place at the right time" but being a USER and gold digger. These tactics DONT END WELL. But do continue to make excuses throwing alot of high profile GARBAGE that only sounds right in there. I guarantee, in a few weeks or so, Amber along with anyone else crackin' the same LEVEL will get what they've REALLY worked towards. And it won't be a LOL to the bank.
Candance's picture

First of all, there are a lot

First of all, there are a lot of hoes out there in the world and most people don't know they are and they are successful. Some people know who they are and they are still successful--so what's your point about a hoe's come up? Most of these hoes are men too and they get a pass for simply having a dick. Secondly, I've seen many people in and out of the media spotlight laugh all the way to the bank--it's very much possible. Diddy does it time and time again. Third, A LOT of models have been discovered just walking down the street or in the mall and have jumped at that opportunity. One that I have met that was discovered walking through a mall was Yasmin Warsame -- she's not the only one but feel free to Google it. Lastly, you claim whores get whorish results (whatever that shit means) and they finish last. Last time I checked Jenna Jameson makes millions, Diddy makes millions, Lil Wayne makes millions, Jay-Z makes millions, Hugh Hefner makes millions, the majority of men in high profile jobs that make millions and they're ALL whores. So your hypothesis is mostly false. It's the women who usually get burnt because only men can be whores and be accepted. I'm not preaching anything to anyone. I'm calling shit how I see it and how it is. Not every female would jump at the opportunity but MOST females would jump at the opportunity to be a model--who are you fooling? People will be who they want and do what they want. NOTHING I've said is educated garbage. It's garbage to you because you simply don't like Amber or don't like the truth. It's definitely educated but definitely not garbage. I respect people that admit and accept who they are and be who they are. I don't have respect for people who think that they are the fuckin morality police and think they know but have no idea. A lot of fake people are running around in this world pretending to be a goody-two-shoes simply because it's a good look. God is not deceived though.
Electric Sunshine's picture

I would say that I’m getting

I would say that I’m getting tired of hearing about her but I’m going to let someone else say it instead.....
Miss. Jay's picture

She looks pretty, but the pix

She looks pretty, but the pix themselves aren't spectacular. She's done better in the real magazines than here. Hip Hop Weekly ain't looking for couture people. Geesh! Her sandals are the bizness & the shade game's always on point. Werk! I don't necessarily agree with her path to stardom per se, but I'm not judging. HOW isn't as important as long as she's got the brain the MAINTAIN. Most times women rather tear each other down than build each other up. *smh* I'm not mad for an opinion, but when you constantly berate, it speaks loudly as a reflection of self. #justsaying
The Truth's picture

Mr. Kanye Captain-Save-a-Hoe

Mr. Kanye Captain-Save-a-Hoe did more than saving her life...if this chick is getting spreads in magazines! Honestly, other than being a stripper and a beard, what has she done? If it is so damn easy, let me make a call to my cousin June-bug's baby momma's husband sister's cousin daddy who momma had a fling with the daddy of the cousin of the Editor of Vibe! I want a swimsuit spread! Sheeesh.
Get YOUR Ducks in LINE's picture

Amber looks hot as usual.

Amber looks hot as usual.
cosmanot's picture

Am so tired of seeing her! If

Am so tired of seeing her! If you love to shop then visit www.saxxix.com
Saxxi x's picture

People would rather see u

People would rather see u doin bad then know u doin better than they lame asses..as long as u don't take the path that u obviosly turn your nose ^ @ then relax...u think she's a bad role model..get involved..in big brother big sister...volunteer your services 4 the positive...instead of hatin..bc u wanna be in miami gettn paid...or simply rescued from your miserable pathetic lives that u feel the need 2 bring a woman down that's not goin out her way 2 hate on u.
point the h8rz out's picture

while i wouldn't say these

while i wouldn't say these exact words, I will second your comment. If a person doesn't like Amber for XYZ reasons, just don't say anything at all... www.citizette.com
Lizzy's picture

Her body & skin is amazing.

Her body & skin is amazing. Those legs go on forever...
Sherm's picture

I dont think she's that good

I dont think she's that good of a model. She's always making the same silly ass faces.
Dez's picture

I dont know why people keep

I dont know why people keep hating on this girl she is making her money! you go amber I like the pics!!!
For Real!!!'s picture

Okay, you chicks will big up

Okay, you chicks will big up ANYTHING.
Anonymous's picture

While you guys are hating

While you guys are hating like you know her, she's making her money and doing her. Hmph. Nice pics, though. :)
PB's picture

This chick is doing the

This chick is doing the most...seriously...you can always tell when they trying to hard...real modeling is natural talent...not forced...To the Amber stans...they way this young woman got her claim to 15 minutes of fame...is exactly what's wrong with young women today...NO SELF RESPECT...please wake up and aspire to more than sleeping your way in front of the cameras...your in your last days...stand for something and stop falling for anything...
Anonymous's picture

I don't think you said that

I don't think you said that LOUD ENOUGH!!! What needs to be realized is not the fact that "she's making money" but the fact as to how she's obtained it. It mean NOTHING if it's been done the worng way. No one will take that seriously. Indeed, it's a sad day...and YBF is slipping like a wet cat on a plastic sleet of paper, smh. YBF is becoming Young, bullshit and For real?!
Candance's picture

Well then nobody in the

Well then nobody in the entertainment business deserves success because there is a "casting couch" situation more often than not. The thing I don't like is that if she was George Clooney's girlfriend she'd be ok. Clooney's ex was a Vegas cocktail waitress before he was with her. Where was all the hate on that situation? Oh, I forgot we only hate on situations that involve "us".
jer-z girl's picture

You would have a valid

You would have a valid point...if men were not clamoring to wife up whores and hood rats...instead of becoming the type of demeaning woman these so called men would want...how about becoming a woman of SUBSTANCE...and making these men rise to occasion to be with you...if you lie down with dogs...you wake up with fleas...hollywood casting couch and all...hope that didn't go over your head...Good Day
Anonymous's picture

"...Young, bullshit and For

"...Young, bullshit and For real?!" lmao!
JMO's picture

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