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Matt Barnes Goes IN On "Basketball Wives", Calls Them "Hoes"!

And the "Basketball Wives" reunion fallout has begun.  After last night's dramatic and scrappy reunion show, Gloria Govan's--one of the "Basketball Wives"--fiance Matt Barnes has taken to Twitter today to go off on his fiance's co-stars.


Check out Matt calling certain ladies' "hoes" and blasting them about their antics.  Plus Evelyn and Jennifer's rebuttals--including blasting him about cheating with some model on Gloria while she was pregnant!

Matt is going off saying all these women are just Shaunie's "puppets".  And he blasts them for their "hoeish antics":



I mean...damn!  Tell 'em why you mad Matt.


Jennifer's rebuttal:

LOL @ her using YBF's word "foolywang". 


Evelyn's rebutttal:



And Shaunie's rebuttal:


What's really hood here?







Shaunie shouldn't be trying

Shaunie shouldn't be trying to say anything anyway. She was married to Shaq's accountant when Shaq knocked her up.
Lisa's picture

did he really have to call

did he really have to call jennifer a camel though? even when he looks like a light-skinned gumby? c'mon now
JMO's picture

Didn't you get the memo?

Didn't you get the memo? Jennifer isn't white/high yellow with a pointy nose, so black "men" have to compare her to an animal.
Anonymous's picture

lol so sad... my bad, I

lol so sad... my bad, I forgot ... thx
JMO's picture


HOLD UP..................GLORIA and MATT AREN'T MARRIED???????????????????????????????
HOTNESS's picture

That's what I'm screaming!

That's what I'm screaming! The way she fronted on Royce so hard on the show, she should be slapped! lol!
missunderstood's picture

This drama is so

This drama is so YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! I luv it. Not a fan of anyone but Imma roll with Matt on this one even though i cant stand his wife.
HOTNESS's picture

What a b*tch move Matty Bwoy!

What a b*tch move Matty Bwoy! If there were no truth to him cheating then why is he running his yap? thou dost protest too much Matt, Gloria needs to sweep in front of her front door b4 she goes talking about the other ladies on the show. If she needs to preach to anyone it's her whorish sister Laura because she's the lowest of the low. Matt sit down somewhere please because Shaunie's right no one knew who u were b4 the show so you should be thankful for the recognition douche bag!
Kass's picture

He would by hiding something

He would by hiding something if he didn't say anything according to you guys. He's in a lose, lose. Young hoes, I tell you. What's between Gloria's sista and Shaunie is between them. Not gloria and you don't check the other female in a situation like that you check the man end of story. And maybe it's karma because shuanie was involved with a guy who worked for shaq and shaq just basically ended up stealing her from him based on his status. Shyt comes back around don't forget. So for her to be crying and carrying on is quite funny to me.
Anonymous's picture

Why is the show called

Why is the show called "Basketball Wives"? Shaunie is getting a divorce. There is only one married women in the bunch. It is a farce............ And he just retired..........
Only One Basketball Wife's picture

Everyone keeps asking that

Everyone keeps asking that but I think it has to do with the quick change in cast. they had to replace some of the girls before the show starting filming. This was not the original lienup. I think they were married and I guess the producers just decided to keep the name with the replacements.
Stacey's picture

Yup. 2 chicks are married

Yup. 2 chicks are married Gloria and Jennifer and Jennifer hates her man.......but loves his money.
HOTNESS's picture

Honey gloria is NOT married

Honey gloria is NOT married jennifer is the ONLY married wife.
Naive = Gloria's picture

H I L A R I O U S!!!!! I

H I L A R I O U S!!!!! I don't usually call men punks but he is a PUNK ASS NIGGA!
Keepn it Real!'s picture

These are women in their late

These are women in their late 30's acting like girls in Junior and High School. Some people never grow up. I think they all want a piece of Matt.
Hello's picture

Whenever the others would

Whenever the others would tell Gloria about their experiences with their cheating men, the look on her face said it all...SHE BELIEVED EVERY WORD...and she was worried. Trust me, she knows her man is no good. Loved the season...will watch next season. Like someone else said on here...it's my "guilty pleasure"...LOL
Anonymous's picture

I'm sure "G" got paid for

I'm sure "G" got paid for being on the show, so Matt should be thanking Shaunie! lol
Anonymous's picture

Love Shaunie and BBWives. The

Love Shaunie and BBWives. The show is very entertaining. Gloria and Matt are looking for attention, she was dropped from the show. She and Matt should just move on already. Go on and plan their wedding, if that will actually happen.
Anonymous's picture

Gloria called Royce a

Gloria called Royce a "twitter crazed cheerleader". Soooooooo, what does that make her man?
Anonymous's picture

good point!!

good point!!
JMO's picture

Matt only told the TRUTH And

Matt only told the TRUTH And I gotta problem with Shaunie quoting bible verses with her current & fmr lifestyle
Kat Stacks Got Pimped Slapped's picture


HOTNESS's picture

oh my goodness! JUST SHUTUP!

oh my goodness! JUST SHUTUP! MATT JUST SHUT UP! these ladies are not hoes! how are they hoes??? just cuz u got nothing to say about them u immediately go towards calling them hoes! shame on you!
Emily's picture

MATT WHO ?! Classic sheeeeeet

MATT WHO ?! Classic sheeeeeet !
Anonymous's picture

ALL of these clowns are a

ALL of these clowns are a bunch of lames x 10! I dont care how much $$ these fools have. What a joke. Anybody with a lick of sense wouldn't want their lives put on blast like that. What cracks me up is these women are on a show called Basketball Wives but they spend every moment dogging these men. Can someone help me understand this grade A bullsh*t? That goes for him calling them hoes because REAL men wouldn't engage in anything petty.
Truth.com's picture

Matt Barnes has way too much

Matt Barnes has way too much bitchazzness. Way too much.
MsG's picture

Big Ups to gloria i think she

Big Ups to gloria i think she a cool chick and all the other chicks are jsut dumb i mean how is the show called basketball wives and its only 1 wife up there what kinda shit is that!
junior's picture

can anybody answer me

can anybody answer me this??? WHO THE HELL IS JEN'S HUSBAND??!!!! i recognize clyde drexler before i even remember that fool....
myMAMAsaid's picture

what's taking them so long to

what's taking them so long to get married?
Vivid's picture


myMAMAsaid's picture

I don't understand why some

I don't understand why some men rather have several beautiful women than keep the one that truly will love you when everything is gone.
Anonymous's picture

who is Matt Barnes? lol not

who is Matt Barnes? lol not even a superstar...
Anonymous's picture

People crack me up with this.

People crack me up with this. Who is Eric Williams? Antoine Walker? Michael Olowakandi? These are the ballas Jenn, Evelyn and Sandra are/were with. If you don't follow the NBA, you wouldn't know any of them. At least Matt Barnes is IN THE LEAGUE!! Are the other 3??? The show is fake and childish, but entertaining and Matt Barnes needs to STFU! Twitter fights are so high school.
SoWhat's picture

girl please... it was a

girl please... it was a sarcastic comment bout Matt Barnes. Doesn't make him any better than these chicks on this TV show..league or not. There are sorry asses anywhere..including NBA, peace
Anonymous's picture

He's hilarious thats all I

He's hilarious thats all I have to say lol && he doesnt care about all that hes backin up his girl & from the show hey it is what it is. I felt bad for Gloria she was in a weird position and she was attacked for something she couldnt control. They take shots at her and he take shots at them for her w.e. && yall dont know their situation lettem be WHO CARES about all of these people I didnt know none of them existed other than Shaunie. So w.e. just entertainment ignore him and keep it pushin. hes not gonna lose his job off of this nonsense. Oh && Susie && Gloria yall were the best ones on here. =)
Anonymous's picture

First of all, only one of

First of all, only one of them is married.ONE. Old GIRL isn't married to Matt and she already has two kids. TWO! How can you dog Royce when your sister is a "hoe" I mean how many in your family will marry a ball player. Is her family the "go to" baby mommas of 2010? I mean really! Also, I'm glad these men date this next to nothing ass chics. The women I know have jobs and an EDUCATION.Although Jennifer has one-she needs to use it and leave her hubby. He aint checking for her at all and that is no life to lead. She wanted to go to Law school, she needs to get on it because she is not guranteed a "pay day' with him and she has no children.Move on-
COco's picture

Gloria constantly said she is

Gloria constantly said she is always on her family's side, she should have said on the right side. She thinks her family can do no wrong or if they do it doesn't matter to her.When she grows up it will.
Anonymous's picture

That is the most ignorant

That is the most ignorant thing she could say. Because she is basically saying if they run around killing people she is still on "their side"....that's just stupid. No other word for it. I understand not wanting to talk about your sister. But admit when someone is wrong (family or not). If she slept with a married man she is wrong...plain and simple.
LIFE...SMH's picture

Amen. Thank you!

Amen. Thank you!
Anonymous's picture

Who are these people again?!

Who are these people again?!
miss infamous's picture

This show is such a guilty

This show is such a guilty pleasure, lol. Can't help but watch the foolishness. On another note, it's a little sad how these cheating men make it bad for all the NBA players. I have a little hope that they are not all cheaters. I think it's sad when people are all thrown into a box together. "Guilty by Association"
LIFE...SMH's picture

I refuse to believe all NBA

I refuse to believe all NBA players are cheaters. I think many players fall into temptation, its not worth losing the woman that will be there for you if u ever lost ur career or fame.
Anonymous's picture

U can't be serious. Do you

U can't be serious. Do you really think that when these ballers play half of their games away from home with hoes, strippers, groupies waiting in the hotel lobbies - they are thinking "I don't want to lose what i have at home"??? That's the same ish Kobe was preaching until someone accused of rape years ago and then had the nerve to try to call Shaq out on his ish. Come on - let's be real. That is the reality of dating/marrying a professional athlete. Either deal with it or get out of that lifestyle. The choice is up to the women. They know the deal by now.
Stacey's picture

what the hell was that

what the hell was that bullish that Matt B wrote??? i can't understand any of that mess. Bottom line is.........the ladies would have looked 10X better if they did not say anything but the truth of the matter is that all of them have a lot of growing up to do. Their daily dramas are so immature and ridiculous. They live in this little ignorant bubble- that includes arguing, crying and thinking about groupies WAAAAAAAAY too much of the time. At this point, I hope the only reason any of them would consider doing a second seaon would be to promote their businesses. I am in my late twenties and Jennifer conversations are equivalent to what girls converse about in a college dorm - with the exception of the Eric drama. EVERYONE on that show needs to GROW UP!!!! It is shocking that these women are about to be 40 soon!!! MATT BARNES - SHUT YOUR ASS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stacey's picture

Well Gloria does need to be

Well Gloria does need to be asking herself some questions: If she really has it better than ALL of her other castmates then why is she just a baby momma like the rest of them?! Matt WHO?! If he leaves, she's gonna get whatever the judge feels like giving her dilusional ass. If Eric Williams leaves, Jennifer Williams get HALF, half of everything. Women kill me throwing stones from a glass house. Men who like it put a ring on it. Don't get it twisted Gloria. You are on the same level as the rest of them. The minute he is on to the next one, you'll be back living you old humble life.
Lisa's picture

First off, I didn't even know

First off, I didn't even know who he was until this show. Secondly, ANY so-called man who calls out a woman is in the wrong. And using twitter to do that?.....#HAVEASEAT!
PB's picture

Chile, he gone lose his

Chile, he gone lose his job...twitter beef is lame as f**K!!!
Gabie 0_o's picture

Dude is going to loose his

Dude is going to loose his job anyway bc he's not good at Basketball. Anytime you go through 8 teams in 9 seasons with 6 ppg average.......He needs Twitter beef to be relevant otherwise he's just Matt Who?!
Lisa's picture

Wow, I didn't know

Wow, I didn't know that....that's pretty damn bad. He needs to start focusing more on his career before it's over...smh
LIFE...SMH's picture


I HATE WHEN SO CALLED MEN DISRESPECT WOMEN!!!!!!!! IT'S A CLOWN MOVE for him!!!! When so called men like "Matt" start to become catty like women it makes you question everything about him. He actually called them "hoes" as if hes been with one of them or want to? Bye Boy! Gloria & that nasty attitude can handle herself, she's a dripping, greasy wet hood rat just like her whore sister.
Mi Mi's picture

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