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Matt Barnes Goes IN On "Basketball Wives", Calls Them "Hoes"!

And the "Basketball Wives" reunion fallout has begun.  After last night's dramatic and scrappy reunion show, Gloria Govan's--one of the "Basketball Wives"--fiance Matt Barnes has taken to Twitter today to go off on his fiance's co-stars.


Check out Matt calling certain ladies' "hoes" and blasting them about their antics.  Plus Evelyn and Jennifer's rebuttals--including blasting him about cheating with some model on Gloria while she was pregnant!

Matt is going off saying all these women are just Shaunie's "puppets".  And he blasts them for their "hoeish antics":



I mean...damn!  Tell 'em why you mad Matt.


Jennifer's rebuttal:

LOL @ her using YBF's word "foolywang". 


Evelyn's rebutttal:



And Shaunie's rebuttal:


What's really hood here?







Is this supposed to be in

Is this supposed to be in english?? I can't even decipher what Matt is saying outside of calling someone a hoe. www.citizette.com
Lizzy's picture

It really is NOT cute for a

It really is NOT cute for a bunch of illiterate adults to expose their ignorance like this in public.
Anonymous's picture

Let the church say "AMEN"! I

Let the church say "AMEN"! I couldn't comprehend most of what they were saying. I know twitter is limited to so many characters but this is just ridiculous.
MyOpinion's picture

I did agree with the previous

I did agree with the previous comment that Shaunie should call Gloria sister, if they all were friends and cool, and I was accused of sleeping with one of my friends husband - I would call her. Shaunie is right, she shouldn't have to call her, out of respect for whatever relationship they had, she should have called Shaunie. Shaunie isn't the one being accused of having the affair, Gloria sister is and if I wasn't having the affair, I would want to clear my name or at least save what friendship I had with my friend. Since she didn't call or say anything it leads me to believe she was sleeping with Shaunie husband. For Matt to say to the other girls, don't get into Gloria head, please, he sister is the one he needs to be worrying about not the girls. NO one cares about Matt Barnes and in my book he is still nobody. Shaunie tried to bring the basketball life of wives to life, everyone may not agree with how the show was, but at least she tried, hopefully the next one will be better, but right now, this is what american is watching, reality shows with drama, no drama, no show, obviously american likes it because she got a second season.
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ok! i think you need to read

ok! i think you need to read the text messages laura and shaq was sending each other than decide if she should call her our not!
jj fantabulus's picture

A real man would just sit

A real man would just sit back and laugh about it vs. going around commenting on childish shit. They all need to grow-up and act like adults vs. some high school kids with talking behind the back mess...... It’s starting to get old.....
Miss. Jay's picture

Your so right. Why is he even

Your so right. Why is he even responding to them in that way. Come on, this guy is 30 yrs old in his prime, playing for his 7th NBA team. Is Orlando really going to offer him more money???? Well have to see about this one. Gloria's talking about his image for his team that he might not be on next seasonl.
Anonymous's picture

I have to say that it is very

I have to say that it is very sad that these women are very lonely, low self esteem women who from what I can see started off as what they call "groupies" and now they are just lonely depressed women w/money who husbands/boyfriends who didn't marry them: cheated on them and now they are disgruntled and U knw hw the saying goes, Misery loves company and they all are miserable...Gloria might be angry, but what else is she supposed to do, throw her sister under the bus for somebody who in their words don't like her anyway...Man, this just proves that money doesn't buy happiness, they may have the material things, but are very sad and lonely on the inside, they all need JESUS!!!
kittycraylove's picture

I couldn't have said it

I couldn't have said it better myself...Matt should have just taken the high road...and left the petty crap they spewed on the reunion show alone...and to me Gloria took the right road not embarrassing herself on that reunion show...BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER...Gloria is closer to her sister than she ever would have been to the other ladies...one thing no one never noticed is how Suzie was in the middle of everybody's mess...with something to say or telling them what to do...and Jennifer and Evelyn just followed suit listening to this chick's noise...Suzie is the most miserable of them all and she succeeded with the exception of Gloria...to bring all the other women into her misery...and they all looked like complete a**es...and yes THEY WERE ALL PAWNS IN SHAUNIE'S LITTLE GAME...cause as you can see Shaunie never aired the majority of her business on the show...she left it for the weak-minded fools...Good Day!!!
Anonymous's picture

You are right! Shaunie is

You are right! Shaunie is sharp she got the simple headed wives to air out their dirt while she acts like she is the Queen B. You can tell they are attention whores and she got them where they fit. Its a shame on how they are all miserable..i always shake my head when am watching.. i still watch too.like someone said earlier its indeed a guilty pleasure for me.
I love BZL's picture

This nigga has a 6.4 ppg

This nigga has a 6.4 ppg average and has played on 9 teams in 8 years! LMAO. I hope Gloria realizes she is marrying a dude with very shaky income. I am sure Orlando will drop that ass in a few weeks anyway. A grown man arguing with tricks on twitter?? SMMFH.
JJ in LA's picture

Actually Matt Barnes has made

Actually Matt Barnes has made a little under 18million over the duration of basketball career. That ain't nothing to sneeze @. 6.4 ppg or not
Anonymous's picture

Preach. I could tell by Matt

Preach. I could tell by Matt Who's house that he's one income level above the towel boy. The houses in those gated communities in Orlando cost 300-400k meaning that anybody who makes up to 100k can buy one. He need to focus on his ppg. I could even get 6.4 and I'm a 5'4 female HAHA
Lisa's picture

Correction: Matt is renting

Correction: Matt is renting that home he's living in. He's still trying to sell the home he purchased in Scottsdale, AZ. That right there was a stupid move, why purchase a home on a 1yr contract.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

I have never been used.

I have never been used. #Justsaying. #MattBarnesWHO?
Matt Barnes Dictionary's picture

LAMES.... they should know

LAMES.... they should know better. They marry these women based on ________ and these women marry these men based on _________. Y'all get what y'all deserve!
Yas's picture

MY TWO CENTS: that reunion

MY TWO CENTS: that reunion was pure ignorance. first of all, NONE of them, but one, is actually married to an NBA player! maybe the show shoulda been called BASKETBALL EXES & WIFE & FIANCE. *confused face* idk...they all sound like sh*t i heard in high school... comments such as: "b*tch are you jealous of me?" < wtf "you was in vegas with whats his name..." < wth & shaunie's classic comment after gloria told her to call her sister her damn self: "why should i call her?!" < b*tch cuz u the one all hot & bothered about it! YOU CALL HER! they all sound ignorant. & the fact that all either had a baby by a player, dated one or whatever the case just sounds to me like they were once some BALL PLAYER CHASING GROUPIES TOO! get over yourself ladies...NObody peepin' for you and who tha hell knew ANY of them on a real tip prior to this show..even my image of shaunie was officially tainted with this show. ugh! on that note, WHO CARES matt blasted them on twitter. people do it all the time. ALL OF THEM invited non-sense in their lives by blasting their business on TV & matt [like anybody else on twitter] has the right to their opinion...
myMAMAsaid's picture

Precisely why Jennifer's ol'

Precisely why Jennifer's ol' slew footed a** won't leave her husband...she is about as bright as a 60 watt bulb...and if her husband leaves her she will have no clue how to survive without the money...and NO KIDS...to claim child support...At least Evelyn had sense enough to open a business before she kick rocks when Antonio's money ran out...
Anonymous's picture

you are so right about it all

you are so right about it all they act like there so rich and like there husband r big time ball players Royce ass is inmature no money at all jus a fucking cheerleader....Jennifer is dumb as hell why the fuck r u even married 2 this clown and he dnt even respect u at all they dnt even live together....SHAUNIE needs to grow up and get over the fact that she got cheated on be a women and take care of them damn kids and stop starting shit...Evelyn is bitter as hell no life at all and susie is jus a WTF...............BITTER ASS WOMEN THATS ALL
Rachel's picture

Kids or not, when you are the

Kids or not, when you are the ex wife you get an alimony payment that is supposed to pay for the same lifestyle you had when you were married. And since Eric cheated, Jennifer would get even better alimony.
Lisa's picture

Its all so hilarious, but I

Its all so hilarious, but I loved Shaunies rebuttal though!!!!!!!!!
Najee&#039;s Girl's picture

Why do his tweets matter, he

Why do his tweets matter, he can't even spell. #dead
Anonymous's picture

Now that is a girl move on

Now that is a girl move on his part...I would not be surprised if he is cheating on his wife.
NurseJ's picture

all of them need to grow the

all of them need to grow the fuck up, seriously...what the fuck
Tikka's picture

werent most if not all the

werent most if not all the wives groupies b4 they became wives....but they mad other women trying to do the same too
i like my tea's picture

SMH @ the foolishness that is

SMH @ the foolishness that is Matt Barnes....
Team Matt Barnes Who?'s picture

All of these b*tches

All of these b*tches (including him) sound like a bunch of b*tches (including him).
Sherm's picture


YEP, I SAID IT AND WHAT?'s picture

To much drama for me. Who

To much drama for me. Who cares. If you love to shop then visit www.saxxix.com
Saxxi x's picture

I used to love Matt Barnes

I used to love Matt Barnes when he played for Golden State, I really can't stand him now. This is just so lame to be fighting with females on twitter. You do not see any other NBA players talking/twittering about this show, for a reason. Gloria is no angle, and neither is Matt. She is from the Bayarea and dated a couple of players before she got to Matt (a groupie), and went through women in Sacramento (where is from) like it was nothing. Dwight should have him removed from the team for being an embarrassment.
Anonymous's picture


http://www.corporatethuggin.com/tag/michael-olowokondi/ Basketball wives and their husbands... Jennifer owns flirty girl fitness??
???'s picture

First of all this guy can't

First of all this guy can't even spell. I don't care about the drama and I'm not picking sides, but if you want to write shit about people at least make sure your spelling is correct. I guess that's why he's a basketball player, no brain cells needed. . .
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

yeah but Gloria's protecting

yeah but Gloria's protecting his image! LMAO, he's making her look like an idiot
so real's picture

Grown ass man getting

Grown ass man getting involved in this mess??? He cheated!
Anonymous's picture

Gloria is a babyma, Her

Gloria is a babyma, Her sister is a babyma who may have slept with a married man......Matt WHO...Shutup!
cammie's picture

First of all, every last one

First of all, every last one of these women (if that's what they want to call themselves) are fake, EXCEPT for Gloria. Evelyn, you weren't married to an NBA player, you were engaged boo, big freakin difference! Royce, you had his baby..why are you on the show?! Jennifer, from the looks of things on the show you need to worry about your own marriage and not someone elses. Furthermore, I think it was very ignorant to talk trash about Gloria because she wouldn't go against her sister. Yes, her sister is very wrong if she cheated with a married man, but to think that she should pick sides is ridiculous. If any of the girls had a problem with her, they should have not been around her. Many walked around like their stuff didn't stink, but looking at the bigger picture they all need to get their lives together....and stop hating on Gloria and Matt. Just because your NBA player cheated and left you pissed off and wounded, don't throw salt on someone elses marriage. That's not cute or classy. Let it go!
CoverGirl's picture


Anonymous's picture

I thought they weren't

I thought they weren't married...just engaged. And how is she passing judgment on everyone else when right now she is just a baby mama? It would have meant more if he was ready to put a ring on it BEFORE those twins. Lastly, I wish people would stop taking everything so literally. The show is called 'Basketball Wives' cause they couldn't call it "Women who've dated, been engaged or married to Basketball players". Even if they aren't wives, they go through the same BS that a women in a committed relationship with a professional athlete goes through. That is the point of the show....
Anonymous's picture

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angelinedail's picture

let's be real here. no one

let's be real here. no one goes into a relationship "knowing" their mate is going to cheat. otherwise, WHY DO IT?! so, there's nothing wrong with her believing he'd be faithful to her. each and every one of you have been in a relationship and if u even fix u lips to say "i knew he'd cheat one day", you're dumber than she ever could be for still choosing to be with him!
Anonymous's picture

C'mon, you a damn fool if you

C'mon, you a damn fool if you think a basketball player not gon cheat. Way too much ass being thrown at them daily for that to be true.
Vivid's picture

he seem like he is guity of

he seem like he is guity of something to me, if your are not worrying about it why are you so angry...blank stares...nobody was hating on Gloria, the ladies seem like they wanted to embrace her but she is the one that came in with an holier than thou attitude of how "they can learn something from her" umm bish please you are A BABY MAMA not a wife, matt wasn't at the alter so both of them need to stfu. this whole entire cast is childish and lacks class
binks's picture

How the hell can Matt call

How the hell can Matt call the women on the show some hoes when hoes run in his baby momma's family. Who is "MATT BARNES? " what team do he play for? do they sell jersey's with his name on it ?
40isthenew20's picture

after reading his Tweets, I'm

after reading his Tweets, I'm starting to think Matt should be on season 2 with or without Gloria, he's messier than any of these girls been all season, "Shaunie's acting brand new because she couldn't keep her man"..."should drop the O'Neal"' sounds like a women scorn, I would have had more respect if they both would have just acted like it never happened and moved on.... 'mad you couldn't keep you man... like you dry snitching on Shaq too.... MAN UP MATT!!! you really should be ashamed of yourself
Anonymous's picture

"should drop the O'Neal",

"should drop the O'Neal", what an a**hole, that's her children's last name. Shaunie will do what the F she wants, and Shaq should have thought of that when he was whippin out that small-ass d*ck for any chick. Matt's more of a bitch than any of the females on the show
so real's picture

Idk, these women do seem

Idk, these women do seem extra bitter. Matt might be cheating but I feel like these women would want it to be true just to bring everyone down to their pitiful level. They have so little self respect that they marry... oops I mean sleep with/almost marry/get knocked up with men "knowing the game" and they can't handle that someone might be happy with their lives. Even if Matt has/does/will cheat on Gloria they are still just some hatin as bitches. I would stay away from their asses.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

I don't know about you guys

I don't know about you guys but I like the hot mess this show generates. lol. Sit back and enjoy because its pure comedy to me... but um, who the heck is jennifer's husband? and the other white chick's husband? ALL THEIR HUSBANDS GET A BIG "WHO" EXCEPT SHAQ, ANTOINE, AND DWIGHT HOWARD!
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