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EVENING FOOLERY: Sex Tips From Thug Misses Khia

In case you were looking for a way to spice up your evening tonight, THE Thug Misses has got you covered.


Check out the foolywang material--and TMI--that Khia offers up to aid you in your sexcapades...

Honestly, the "tips" are all that out of the ordinary. It's just, anything along these lines coming from her, it just has a foolywangish vibe:


1) "Plain sex is so boring. Get all dressed up [for him]. Roleplay is the ultimate. Everyone’s into this threesome thing, but there’s no way there’s going to be another woman with my man because I’ma beat you and drag you. So ladies play different women so you can keep your man excited. Try different wigs [or] dress up like a maid. I love fishnets and having sex in heels. Guys always go to the strip club because you bitches are boring in the bedroom. Turn into the stripper for your guy. If he comes home and you got those heels on and it’s late, he knows what time it is. You know I got a pole in my house—I got a portable pole (laughs). Have on something sexy and just seduce him. Go to portablepole.com, it’ll pop up."

2) "Don’t be scared to bring candies and toys into the bedroom. Some guys are jealous of dildos because of the size, so what I did to kind of ease [my ex-husband] is introduce him to jumbo candy canes that they give at Christmas time. I like that better because number one, it doesn’t look like a penis that’s bigger than him, so he won’t be jealous. Plus, it makes the vagina taste wonderful and the peppermint makes it tingle a little bit when he blows. It’s good when he’s giving you head; it looks fun and kiddie-like going in, so he’s not intimidated."

3) "Blindfolding is also good, and handcuffs too. You can get all kinds of games where you roll the dice and one side says ‘blow me, kiss me’... I like all that kinky stuff. But you better not whip me!"


Oh Khia...



This is one ugly bitch!!

This is one ugly bitch!!
iclady413's picture

YES... A divorcee is the

YES... A divorcee is the exact person that I'd take advice from SMH
Aye, Listen Up's picture

or honey!!..and then a

or honey!!..and then a massage with baby oil!!!
College Girl's picture

Khia is just always looks

Khia is just always looks nasty. just looking at her i feel like i can contract a disease. yuck. if she so much of damn sex connoisseur why dude is her "ex" and they no longer together. some women just full of crap
Anonymous's picture

More advice: Touch the back

More advice: Touch the back of your throat with a Q-tip once a day to improve your gag reflex. It works! I'm just saying...
Anonymous's picture

she must have stock in

she must have stock in Monistat cause she tryna give yall a yeast infection...lol
dee's picture

get real fellas...i would eat

get real fellas...i would eat n beat Khaw with a candy cane or not....she is hood hot n ghetto sexy. i don't make it a habit of putting down black women like most of these black hating niggroes on this board that still look up to a white version of what is beautiful. Too many wannabe "black barbie" ignorant sisters. You cannont be barbie in any form nor should you wannabe. You young minded ladies need to open up your mind. You sooner get a yeast infection from smothering the gina in too tight thick denims than a candy cane. Wash your coochie and you will be just fine. Yeast also comes from knocking the pH balance off from too many sex partners (unprotected raw doggin it). A candy cane eaten will have the same affect if you consume too much sugar from all sources......ei............. red kool aid. get a sex life ladies cause while you tellin ya homegirl this is nasty........she gettin it in with ya man with a candy cane in her box for him to savor. What you won't do with yuor man your best friend is already doing with him cause she is soooo nasty in the good way.............like Khia.
sexualeinstien's picture

@sexualeinstien: First of

@sexualeinstien: First of all, if you're going to call yourself an Einstein, spell it right, dumbass. Next, if you're going to attempt to defend someone, make sure you can spell THEIR name right. who the hell is "Khaw"? i'm not going to argue with you about your white-hating crap, although i agree that you shouldn't want nor try to be Barbie. You sound like you sort of know what you're talking about on yeast infections until we hit the "ei". I think what you were attempting to get is "i.e.", which is latin for "id est", which means "it is". Unfortunately, when you put it that way, what you said means that the only place you can get too much sugar from is red kool-aid. What you were looking for is "e.g." which is latin for something else, and basically means "such as...". So before you try and use an abbreviation, make sure you know what it means and how to use it, you sad, sad piece of shit-influenced, trash music-addicted garbage. I can't even understand half of what you're saying, and your abuse of punctuation just serves to further irritate me. Shut up and learn some grammar. No one thinks you're "hood" or "fly" because you talk like an uncivilized urchin. Shit, i'm only 16 and you're pissing me off. I really shouldn't be wasting your precious time while you're flipping burgers, but one last thing: Khia is an UGLY bitch. Her eyebrows are like giant semicircles, she looks like she has down's syndrome, and her face just reminds me of a pig (especially her nose). She's a hypocritical slut who comes out with a song called "respect me" after she finishes telling everyone how to get eaten out. WTF?? How you could idolize someone as disgusting as Khia is beyond me, but i'm happy knowing that one day i'll be much, much farther than you up the socio-economic ladder. Have fun with you "hood" trash music and dreaming of having sex with that pig who goes out naked. She doesn't even have to have her cell phone stolen for people to see her saggy tits!
Khia makes me want to throw up's picture

Those are some real words.

Those are some real words. There is nothing wrong with Khia a real woman!
justsayin's picture

Seriously... LMAO!! This has

Seriously... LMAO!! This has got to be written by Khia herself. A candy cane..... Um yeah right!! You will get a yeast infection AFTER taking the antibiotics for the BACTERIAL INFECTION you are sure to have. If you want something with taste, go to the ADULT toy store and get something with taste that is DESIGNED for your kitty cave intstead of for your sweet tooth.... She looks nasty and that is probaby why..... she probably has diseases from doing dumb ish like that. And what type of broad are you that your friends...., let alone BEST FRIEND would even entertain the thought of freaking YOUR man.... lmao!!! Only a mud duck- hoodrat-esque, "khia-esque" chick!!!! I am "Freak in the bed, lady in the streets", you and "khia" are one of the two..... but not the combo that would "keep" a man. Some men may keep a "secret" rat in the closet, but what man have you seen claim "Khia"????? hmmmmmm
Anonymous's picture

handcuff?? mmmm gotta be

handcuff?? mmmm gotta be careful with that one, this man let this woman handcuff him, next thing you know a surgical team came in and removed his kidney
xiha''s picture

5th ave or Queens, ghetto is

5th ave or Queens, ghetto is ghetto, since it is mental state, behavior as oppose to location, baby mama, baby daddy, high school drop out, drug addiction, drug dealer, alcolism, being arrested, felon conviction, sounds famliar? So, finacially challenged does'nt necessarily mean ghetto and finacinally enchanced doe not necessarily mean not ghetto ............. ya dig?
xiha''s picture

*gag*.. just threw up in my

*gag*.. just threw up in my mouth a little bit.....
eri's picture

Public Service Announcement:

Public Service Announcement: Okay, so I confess, I considered doing this with my guy after I read this post, cuz I don't want him cheating on me with Khia and bringing me an infection that spreads from my p^$$Y to my crack to my neck up my back. So, I googled it, and I found a post on Yahoo Answers, probably Khia, and the candy cane broke. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091205211336AAA6yDd
Sweet Potato's picture


Anonymous's picture

lol! Khia you are crazy...and

lol! Khia you are crazy...and I like your style.
Anonymous's picture


Najee's Girl's picture

Its a shame when photo shop

Its a shame when photo shop doesn't help.. I still smell her breath.
angeliasoc's picture

you can also try

you can also try strawberries, CAKE...yes cake!! had birthday cake eaten off my cooch before & it was greeeeaaattt!!! haven't tried the role play yet...but have def handcuffed my man while i licked & sucked him all over! ;)
Anonymous's picture

The fact that it's coming

The fact that it's coming from her is the sickening part. She look like she stink down there. Having a mental picture of anybody doing anything with her is...ahhhh...you know...JUST WRONG!
jecca111's picture

IKR....I've been asking

IKR....I've been asking "Who's fucking her??" every since "my neck, my back" came out. That bitch looks like she smells like newports and whiskey!!!!!!!! lmao!
Anonymous's picture

She is definitely a hot mess

She is definitely a hot mess but keeping it real. If you love to shop then visit www.saxxix.com
Saxxi 's picture

Um...candy canes in the

Um...candy canes in the vajay-jay....I'm sure that's a yeast infection waiting to happen
513hotgirl's picture

yeast infection OR bacterial

yeast infection OR bacterial infection! no ma'am imma have to pass on that recommendation! lol
Anonymous's picture


jecca111's picture

umm...how about some dental

umm...how about some dental tips... cuz those teeth...O_o
idreamoflabels's picture


Najee's Girl's picture

this lady is nasty.....she is

this lady is nasty.....she is a hot mess. keep that ##it in your own bed room.
Anonymous's picture

Ladies....PLEASE forget the

Ladies....PLEASE forget the candy canes!!!!While your dude is down there "tasting your wonderfull juices & your pepperminty twat" all you're doing is baking bread (ie YEAST INFECTION) and who the hell wants to deal with that!!!??? lol I mean I'm just saying!!!
Nin642's picture

Ever been to a sex store?

Ever been to a sex store? Everything is flavored and sweet or minty and tingly... butterscotch candy works wonders to play "hide and seek" (got that from the Coldest Winter Ever) - it's THA TRUTH!!!! You just gotta wash your twat babes!
missunderstood's picture

Personally, I prefer

Personally, I prefer popcicles!
Anonymous's picture

am i the only one that wants

am i the only one that wants to know who the hell in their right mind would go down on khia???? eeeewwwww- kippers
Anonymous's picture

Looking at her makes me want

Looking at her makes me want to vomit.
Bronze duchess's picture

Yall some fuddy dudds on

Yall some fuddy dudds on here. aint shit wrong with what Khia is saying. I am pursued by so many men married, whateva their case may be. Why because Im sexy and i know it. But I belong to only one man and yes we do role play and such. Yall gotta know how to please your man beause he will stray. And for the simple minded ppl talking bout Khia's EX husband did it ever crosss yall mind that maybe sex wasnt their problem but they split up for other reasons?
SIMPLY PUT's picture

Aint nothin wrong with what

Aint nothin wrong with what Khia said. Homegirl is telling the truth.
Take me as I am's picture

NOTHING will stop a man

NOTHING will stop a man /women from cheating but i know my man appreciates what i bring to the bedroom,lol & he say this to me all the time, you give me what i want sexually why would i go else where,lol i mean men anin't cheating cause you can't hold a convo,lol but to each thier own. some people are freaks & some are prudes,lol
TRUTHHURTS's picture

@ truthhurts i so agree, i

@ truthhurts i so agree, i like what u said.
DOO BETTER's picture

She is joking right!

She is joking right! Candy?!!!!
Shamrock's picture

Umm no...why would that be a

Umm no...why would that be a joke?
Lacey's picture

Why would you stick a sticky

Why would you stick a sticky ass candy cane up your pussy? You can't just be shoving any old shit up there! Like c'mon for real?
Dime Diva's picture

The bag is designed to push

The bag is designed to push out a whole live human being so it is not as delicate as you may think. Experiment a little or your man will experiment a lot elsewhere. We usually knock things we do not understand. Sexual mores within our sulture "black" keep you from enjoying the kind of sex white people and more progressive blacks such as myself enjoy. You still have some lame brothers afraid to go down and lick the kitty... they are caught up in believing it means you do not know how to slang the pipe. That is pure bull. It just means you got moer tricks in your game than a brother that has weak foreplay or none at all. I not only go down, but you gotta stop me from eating you out of house and home. Ice cubes in a mans mouth to give a different sense to his tongue...........yes pepermint to cause that cooling effect so you can last longer to huge multiple ground shaking orgasms per event. You would not believe how deep and mind altering something so little can do for the new level of intimacy you and our man will enjoy as the result of sharing new things. In the rare chance you do get an infection............they make a whole line of products to address this issue......... Having three or four rounds of good unprotected sexual events in a night with your boo will cause that same infection even without peppermint because it knocks your ph off balance. Enzymes in semen used to dissovle the cell wall of the oocyte cause this imbalance..not peppermint...............man those college courses in microbioogy, chemistry, anatomy and physiology have paid off.
sexualeinstien's picture

I am glad all those classes

I am glad all those classes paid off for you, but let me tell you what has paid off for me and my kitty.... PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!!!! Four rounds of unprotected sex does NOT, I repeat NOT cause an infection down there (granted both partners are clean). And you said that there are meds if you do get an infection. So let me ask you this my "PROGRESSIVE (too hilarious) black- Einstein" friend..... Are you also saying that it's okay to have unprotected sex with someone who has a curable STD, just because there is a "whole line of products to address THAT issue"? Yeah, those college courses in microbiology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology REALLY HAVE PAID OFF!!!!! LMAO!
Anonymous's picture

ha ha lmaooo some ppl have

ha ha lmaooo some ppl have some tough p***** i guess lol
DOO BETTER's picture

Lol, my sentiments EXACTLY!

Lol, my sentiments EXACTLY!
Toni's picture

I feel dirty after reading

I feel dirty after reading that. I feel dirty not because of the advice, but because it's coming from Khia. Sorry, this is the last person I want sex tip from. Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!
Mabel's picture

well sorry i will just be

well sorry i will just be that boring bitch. because i just cant be keeping up with the roleplay thing all the time. plus doing all that aint going keep him from cheating, so whatever! if he wants cheat he will regardless to what u do. lol i hate to seem negative, but thats just how i feel about that. but too each their own, whatever floats your boat lol. i am not judging!!
DOO BETTER's picture

For the record......just as

For the record......just as playing in the street increases your likelyhood of being hit by a car...............not playing in the sheets increases the likelyhood your man will look for the fun stuff elswhere. No one with a steak on the grill goes out for a bologna sammich............yes "sammich" low grade meat cannot make a sandwich..............just a sammach. Now I do like a good gutter slut in the bedroom. Lady in the streets....freak in da sheets. What woman appreciates a boring man in bed? None. So why would you not believe in the power of a good woman bringing the heat and fire to an act so wonderful as sex between lovers. No you don't wanna do it all with a jump off.....but your man is supposed to be worthy your best just as he is supposed to be able to do that bunny hop with you....reverse cowgirl.........stand up inverted 69....... chocolate syrup dripping all ova yo bawday. Either that or it will be......tweak nipples................kiss kiss............put it in.............23 1/2 strokes...............routine night after night after night after night after nigh ad infinitum. Who want to eat the same ice cream each night at the same time with the same spoon out of the same bowl on the same spot on the couch watching the same episode of law and order? That would bore you to cheat. Mix it up. keep it fresh and unpredictable and he will come home wondering what is next with his dynamic exciting woman rathering going..........oh no....her we go again.......tweak nipples.......blah blah blah. Now if the problem is that you really do not like the man enough to care about pleasing him like oh well ...whateva.................then by all means.........carry on.
sexualeinstienaleinstein's picture


DOO BETTER's picture

Instead of a candy cane

Instead of a candy cane peppermints can also be used to. Some of yall are some closed minded bitches. Your man probably getting it in with somebody else because of the things you won't do. Step your game up!
5*thickchick's picture

Ummm...candy canes in your

Ummm...candy canes in your lady parts, or any sugar for that matter, will lead to yeast infections. That's not sexy.
AsphltFlwr's picture

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