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Chris Brown: I Didn't Fake It!

Four days later, people are still talking about Chris Brown's BET Breakdown.  After rumors hit the internet streets that his own bodyguard gave him "tear inducing eye drops" before hand, Chris Brown's rep denies it. 

Chris’ stated today that he simply “was moved by the opportunity to pay tribute to his idol.”  He got caught up in his emotions, understandably during his "Man In The Mirror" performance. 

I'm usually the first person to spot fakery from a mile away, and it never crossed my mind for a minute he was faking.  Chris has said from the time he first hit the R&B scene years ago that MJ was his idol.  And that particular song has so many parallels to his own life at this time.  And it was his very first time on such a public stage after being dragged over the coals (whether you believe he deserved it or not) for a year and a half.  Is it THAT hard to believe this dude would have an emotion or two?  Damn.

BONUS: Speaking of this big debate on Breezy's return, check out what I had to say about it in VIBE's Blogger's Circle.



- chris brown is not faking

- chris brown is not faking why would he be faking for money iactually think he did it because its him apologizing for all the mistakes he did with this confused bitch rihanna so if you wanna get techinical he already got a couple stacks from his recently underground mix tapes " in my zone " and " fan of a fan " ft tyga . so thats a done deal with all that crying for money shit hataz . so so like he say in duces " all that bullshit is for the birds you aint nothing but a voultar ' DUECES ! - Michael Evans
Michael Evans 's picture

The performance was HOT! but

The performance was HOT! but Chris Brown had to be faking this is how i feel about it Shit soon as Man in the Mirror comes on he burst into tears come on now.
Sharp Tongue's picture

ok now im geeting tired of

ok now im geeting tired of yall fake ignorant people . leave my husband, yes i am sticking up for him because i love him so much and im one of is biggest fans but also because its the truth what happend to him is in the past and you need to get over it. no the incident wont be forgotten but he paid his dues and he apologized for it. how can you tell chris that his emotions where fake he loved michael and that was his idol even people at there own homes where crying and michael was not there idol are you gonna tell them there faking no. yall are just trying to gain up on him for his mistakes witch i think is un true but its not right. now a whole bunch of people who just dropped him and gave up on him are just a bunch of two faced people all i know is that i stuck with him, i love him, and im a true fan. love you chris.
Anonymous's picture

by the way im channon smith

by the way im channon smith
Anonymous's picture

Yes he was indeed faking it.

Yes he was indeed faking it. It's all about money people. Don't be duped his pockets have been hit and that is why he faked it for points. He needs to go away and grow up and keep his punk azz hands to himself
Shevont's picture

How many of you have been in

How many of you have been in a church choir and you rehearse a song over and over! When that Sunday come and for some If you have been there you know that no matter how hard you try to hold it in you still break down. This may have been Chris Brown's moment! Chris you have people that love you and will keep you in our prayers! You did a terrific job!
Anonymous's picture

The performance was great!

The performance was great! But the drama with "Man in the mirror" straight fake! He had to practice this song he had plenty of time to break down before he performed on stage if he was REALLY feeling emotional!
Anonymous's picture

actually i think that

actually i think that practicing a song is completely different from performing in front of a huge audience. give the kid a break already.
Anonymous's picture


I COMPLETELY AGREE! practicing is wayyyy different then actually performing. for instance i praise dance and we practiced it over a million times but that def didnt stop the emotions from flowing when we "actually" performed and me crying my way through the last part of the dance. its much different when u have people watching you because now ur not just doing it for ur self. ur doing it to touch lives. so emotions def flow with out a doubt. people stop hatin!
iAMWHOiAM's picture

I was so touched by His

I was so touched by His tribute to MJ. He did a great job. I donot believe he was faking. I believe it came from the heart. Chris you were really good. Thankyou, MJ would be proud.
mrscherelle29's picture

i absolutely loves him to

i absolutely loves him to bits! hot ,flaming bits! those finger tips are moving me to tears!! CHRIS BROWN RULES! BIG TIME!
natchah's picture

he didnt fake nothing. people

he didnt fake nothing. people do have feelings ya know. hes not a tin man.
ohyeah's picture

Welcome back Chris...you

Welcome back Chris...you never left in my opinion. 1. Continue making good music. 2. Watch out for blood-thirsty Joe Jackson (Chris Brown=new cash cow) 3. Pick your pants up off the ground. Thank you!
Anonymous's picture

love breezy no matter what

love breezy no matter what people say
FabChick's picture

Chris was a really big fan of

Chris was a really big fan of Michael's since he was a little child, when his mom was a big fan of his. I know Chris didn't fake his crying. =)
EmmCee's picture

Leave him man..d time wen

Leave him man..d time wen michael jackson ACTUALLY died..he didnt get a chance 2 perform bcoz of all dis shit dah was goin on...now dah he finally gets a chance..ppl r fukin h8in nn tlkin shit..jus leave him pay tribute 2 his idol fukin hell, he aint killin newun is he? kmt
Lisa's picture

^^^^ WTF did you just type?

^^^^ WTF did you just type?
The One's picture

REALLY! that's just sad smh

REALLY! that's just sad smh come on here, this is the worst one i've heard. Come on, if you're gonna make up some shit at least make it believable smdh!
Anonymous's picture

People need to leave this boy

People need to leave this boy the hell ALONE!! The whole Rihanna incident was soo last year..he's only 21. He made a mistake,and apologized already like how many times..sheesh!! is he supposed to kill himself????
Anonymous's picture

no he doesn't have to kill

no he doesn't have to kill himself, but at least take a damn break and show the public he's doing something constructive. how about taking some time off to work on his issues or to do some charity work for domestic violence victims or abusers, instead of partying all the time, screwing models and forcing himself down everyone's throat.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

What the hell it's his job

What the hell it's his job and he has to work......Do you stop working when you do something wrong....cuz you are not a saint....or are you saying you are....He who has no sins cast the first stone...
renee's picture

I think that's what they want

I think that's what they want him to do. People just can't let things go. Have you notice that they are dragging him through the mud just like they did MJ. Its a shame that these celebrities can't live their life.
MizzBranNu's picture

all of you are missing the

all of you are missing the point. whether he was faking or not is irrelevant. the tribute was suppose to be for and about MICHAEL JACKSON. chris made it about himself. he deliberately chose that song to get sympathy. the fact that he was being manipulative is obvious because not only could he not dance to the song (which was the WHOLE point of choosing him for the tribute), but he doesn't have a strong enough voice to do the song justice. so instead he just cries through the whole thing? give me a break! how gullible are u people?
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

Give me a fucking

Give me a fucking break.....It was about mj.....and his emotions were sincere.....and the songs were not chosin by him but mj's family who also chose him to do the performance, because he was the perfect one to do it......again he who has no sins cast the first stone...and since we all have sinned who are we to judge chris brown. I know you have sinned cuz ur sinning right now...
renee's picture

First off people make

First off people make mistakes, have you never been wrong in your life? Of course you have and you moved past it right? I mean give him a damn break, and who really knows what happen that night between the two of them? There are three sides to every story! His, hers and some where in between lies the truth! Ether way the shit happen but no one is down her back asking why he had bruises From that night! She has happily moved on with her career and is living with another man I mean damn is he suppose to be depresses forever? Fuck what yaw (haters) saying, he killed that shit and ain't another human thus far been able to duplicated Michaels moves as well as Chris has Reguardless what this man does people will continue to hate. If he disappears for a while people will say he is running from the public and is ashame. Let the man live I mean damn we all human and make mistakes only 1 man has walked this earth and been completely perfect! He is consistently repenting for his sin so stop casting Judgement on him and let him be!
MissSoSickOfHaters's picture

Hmmmm I think he paid tribute

Hmmmm I think he paid tribute to MJ VERY well. No one know why he was crying. Considering this is the first time he's be able to honor his idol wouldn't it be a shocker if he was actually shedding tears for MJ. Get a life people!
The One's picture

ur a bit of a hater chris did

ur a bit of a hater chris did a good job..even if u dont agree wit him cryin nd makin a sceen he still danced his ass off no need to be a hater now..
Anonymous's picture

Wow...is all got to say. You

Wow...is all got to say. You just like the rest of them. I am pretty sure he did not pick that song and I have seen others sing Man in the Mirror and of course can't nobody sing it like MJ, the point is it was a tribute to him and they chose Chris to do it. Just let it go already.
MizzBranNu's picture

oh please! chris and/or his

oh please! chris and/or his PR team chose that song to kill two birds with one stone. unfortunately chris and his issues overshadowed the most important thing - michael jackson.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

you definitely have issues of

you definitely have issues of your own you need to resolve....I will pray for you...You and only You need to check you....Ms whogoncheckmeboo....pls get a life....Cuz chris is going to continue to do his thing and there isn't anything you can do to stop it......
renee's picture

-_____- you way did way too

-_____- you way did way too much analyzing. give him a break. he did an amazing job and DID michael jackson justice. SMH what happened to believing the best in people. YOU SERIOUSLY NEED PRAYER!!!
Anonymous's picture

spoken like a true stan/sheep

spoken like a true stan/sheep that will fall for anything. i generally do look for the best in people, but i also know when i'm being manipulated and played for a fool. apparently u don't. the choice of that song made it so obvious what he was trying to do.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

In regard to the statement of

In regard to the statement of Chris choosing the song as a manipulation tactic: As one of members on the board who plans the talent and lines up the event list for the annually broadcast BET Awards, I have to correct you. During tribute segments, the artists do not have the last say in what they will perform. They are certainly asked if they feel comfortable with the songs chosen for them, and if they don't then another one/more suitable one is found. Please don't allow your cynicism and jaded views of the world to trick you into believing that these stars are not people and are void of emotion. The only choice he made was saying "yes" to the invitation to perform. All else is between him & the God he serves. Blessings
AnonymousTalent's picture


FabChick's picture


Anonymoustia's picture

I'm just glad God is not like

I'm just glad God is not like man! Sad that most of the unforgiveness in the world today is from so called Christians.
Anonymous's picture

i kinda felt it was

i kinda felt it was heartfelt. after all mj was someone he looked up to. remember hes only 21, singing that song was very close to his own situation. the question is who chose that song? i felt that song choice was to prove something
Flow's picture

Niggas are just retarded,

Niggas are just retarded, keep ganging up with the white man to bring another brotha down, its cool for rihanna shes accepted cause shes close to white, but while they forgive their own they find it hard to forgive ours, when its plain to see that cb is clearly remorseful.......Always quick to judge, that why our race will always be at the bottom of the food chain......
Anonymous's picture

"that why our race will

"that why our race will always be at the bottom of the food chain......" if you think so, thats fine. but for the rest of us and even the white man, our race IS the best. and its sad that you let white people change that opinoin of black people. if our race was at the bottom would we have this website?, BET?, Obama?, Rosa?, Beyonce?, Jada?, MLK?, soul?, hip hop?, motown? and most importantly would every other race (especialy whites) be tryin to constantly copy us? Please don't let justin bieber, Elvis and every other white that got their game from blacks keep tellin you different.
get smart hun^^'s picture

LOL, how is Rhi-Rhi close to

LOL, how is Rhi-Rhi close to white? Ignant!
The One's picture

Some of you people are

Some of you people are ridiculous. He made a mistake and is very empathetic people DANG. He is human and I'm sure he feels remorse. He is obviously still hurting...let it go people!
Anonymous's picture

For the person who said that

For the person who said that I may want to research before I comment; I did and to date the only time that Chris Brown has spoken about Domestic Violence was when HE was being interviewed about what HE did to Rihanna. I stated that Chris should use his VOICE to speak with the youth about Domestic Violence and how it affects the victim and well as the perpetrator, which he has yet to do. Since he is a convicted abuser, he can definitely relate and can possibly be a "help" to those who are also abusers or victims. I think that this would have helped him to regain some of his fan base; it would have been more productive than crying!!!!
nicki's picture

COMEON PEOPLE what the hell

COMEON PEOPLE what the hell is wrong with yall he was soooo true just give the boy a seconde chance i LOVE BREEZY and still a fan
FabChick's picture

i wish all of you hater up

i wish all of you hater up here just stop with all of this bullshit because you couldn't done the mj tribute so why leave negative comments about chris brown whether you guys like him or not he is here to stay so get a life ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people
sweetpea's picture

I don't know if it was fake

I don't know if it was fake or not but you guys kept saying he could've fake it because he was on stage but didn't he go off stage when the stage went dark and he changed to do BillyJean.And another thing if Rhianna would have cried when she did an interview or something yall would have she was milking it or faking.
Anonymous's picture

Rob Lowe was caught on video

Rob Lowe was caught on video tape having sex with a 15 year-old girl when he was like 30. I don't even think he went to jail for that. He was ostracized by Hollywood for a while, but now it's like it never happened. I was watching In Plain Sight the other day and the character said "Holding onto anger is like holding onto a ball of fire. While you wait to throw it, you get burned." We have to let this go.
jer-z girl's picture

NOBODY wants to go into the

NOBODY wants to go into the "ugly cry" in front of people. Either Tasha Smith has put in overtime on acting classes with Chris. or he broke down. Why he broke down is the bigger question to me. I still get emotional about MJ and I don't have a career imitating him. Also, the song "Man In The Mirror" was so right for the moment. He had to feel the lyrics. And it was his first appearance in front of a national audience since that night. All these things combined had to be on his mind and heart. While I abhor his prior actions, as long as he doesn't re-offend, at some point I/we have to let it got and move on. Roman Polanski drugged, raped and sodomized a 13 year-old girl in the late 60's. He was tried and convicted, but skipped before sentencing and never came back. Since then, he has made numerous films including one that received an oscar in 2008. He is just now facing consequences. He doesn't deserve our forgiveness because he never paid for his crime. Chris faced the music and paid his debt to society. If WE are good people, we have to forgive him and move on.
jer-z girl's picture

"faced the music" how? by

"faced the music" how? by cleaning up some garbage on the side of the road? umm, i don't think so.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

@Jer-z-girl 9:40 am-July 2,

@Jer-z-girl 9:40 am-July 2, *10 --- And you can best-believe Hollywood is rallying around Mr. Polanski! His fellow "Hollywood-Star-havin' Walk-of-fame-friends" are-out-in-full-force, supporting Mr. Polanski. They-all-got-together signed-letters, and joined petitions; from, Studio-Executive Harvey Weinstein to Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson and many-many others --http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118009265.html?categoryid=10&cs=1 ... "Protect-THEIR-own," -- they will! And let us NOT forget "Charlie 'I'll cut-a-bitch' Sheen" or "Mel 'Lethal Weapon' Gibson" for-who just-recently, "revelations-are-surfacing" 'bout his "knocking-the-teeth out-of-the-mouth" out of his wife - NOT-ONCE, BUT-TWICE ...!! Yup, that-very-same 54 y/o 'Mel Gibson', who starred in the 'Lethal Weapon' movie-series, and-who-can-now-be-heard spewing "racist/lewd remarks" at-said-wife, mother of his 14-month-old daughter! ... And yes, it-was-said Mel Gibson, who-just last-year, when stopped, for a possibly DUI by Law Enforcement, was seen and heard launching into an Anti-Semitic diatribe. ... And so, the hypocrisy, double-standard and racism continues! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

He annoys the hell outta me

He annoys the hell outta me and even I didn't think he was faking that funk...LOL.
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